Artist & Sketchbook | Greece Travels

Artist & Sketchbook | Greece Travels


  • preciousgem says:

    looks so fun! hope u had a great time 💞

  • Tidalwave Princess says:

    I have no inspiration to do art lately, I don’t know what it it 😣 I want to get really good like Katie but when I make art I have nothing to do with it, or I don’t know what to draw. . .

  • G Kaur says:

    Wow i love this 😍
    I'm so happy u doing this while u traveling.
    I would like to do this one day 🙇🏻‍♀️
    Love the little watercolour kit, where can I get one?

  • D Campbell says:

    Absolutely fantastic Katie. Thank you for sharing with us.

  • Cathy Bradshaw says:

    Wow to be able to take real life scenes and put them to paper in such a beautiful way is a true art. You are amazing

  • Mouna M says:

    Is this morocco or greece !

  • Sage R. says:

    I agree with the rest. Your video is beautiful and very calming to just watch and listen to your voice. I really needed this today! This counts as my meditation for the day 🙂 BTW, even my crazy-ass parrot was asleep next to me while watching this…can't thank you enough!

  • Crysa Ioa says:

    You visited my country!Wow!And you went to one of the best islands!

  • gypsy inside says:

    Very inspiring

  • HappyMolly says:

    Thank you so much for putting in so much effort to share your talent with us!!!!
    Question: I followed the link to the palette you used. But it is quite expensive and comes with more colours than you use in your travel palette.
    Did you pick certain colours to bring with you to Crete? Or is there a smaller palette from Mjello? I can’t find one. I’m desperately searching for a good travel palette! Yours seemed perfect as it had enough space to mix colours.

  • Elisabetta Orosei says:

    Your sketches are SO beautiful! You're getting better and better:)

  • D Kue says:

    Do you make oil paintings from your sketchbook when you get home?

  • Shobha Desai says:

    super duper…like always…lots of love Katie

  • stefi ifets says:

    Gorgeous! Thank you for your inspirational videos🤗

  • Calista Renee says:

    This is probably my favorite video of yours! I love how you describe the scenery so clearly and with so much description! How you enjoyed your wonderful trip to Crete, Greece! 🇬🇷

  • meghan rangel says:

    Katie! I forgot how confident you make me feel about wanting to pursue my creative aspirations. Thanks.


    Wellcome Katie in my country…in my island!!!

  • Maggii Mora says:

    Omg it’s beautiful there

  • Андрей Ч. says:

    Красота !!! +++++

  • VimRo Nature & Art says:

    Hi Katie,as always love your Artwork! Each of those paintings bought out the essence Of the place 💓💓💓

  • Jessie C says:

    Your art is truly inspiring. Thank you for sharing.

  • Eleonora - Lydia Choursoulidou says:

    Those are some really beautiful sketches! I'm really happy that you enjoyed your visit to my country. If you liked the colour of the sea so much, then I would recommend that you should visit the Ionian side next. Maybe one of the islands. My suggestion would be either Kerkyra or Lefkada.

  • Nossaki says:

    Beautiful video! You inspired me a lot to visit Greece one day. Thanks for sharing this amazing landscapes!

  • Dawn Anne Davis says:

    Oh Katie you see things so differently and can translate that to colour on the paper in a way I don't think I ever could , I'm going to Halkidiki next week and you've inspired me to take some paints and a sketch book and have a go , thank you ❤️

  • jim mak says:

    This is beautiful/ everything u do is beautiful. I've been watching your videos for some time now and hey are amazing

  • Traveller BabaG says:


  • Debbie Avoux Studio says:

    Oh wow! What an amazing trip. I’ve always wanted to go to Greece. I need to start painting and sketching on location like this! Just beautiful Katie. Thank you for continuing to inspire me. ❤️

  • Rebecca Muir says:

    It looks amazing, I hope you had a great time!!😙 I have got a pack of big 16×20 canvases and I don't know what to paint, I was just wondering if you could make a tutorial or even talk about it at the end of a video. I can't find the right inspiration and I would absolutely love if you could help me (I am very interested in painting flowers and seascapes) and I paint in acrylics. You are an amazing person and you inspire me. Thank you so much xxxx😙👍🏻🌹

  • infernal snow art says:

    Love your dress ❤

  • Leslie Clark says:

    Omg so beautiful so jealous and make me want to paint

  • Anshul Singh says:

    You inspire me to paint!

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