Hello there! So you may have noticed some things are a bit different. I am finally in my new art space, this is just a whole art space dedicated to filming and I- and I’m so excited! I have a load of cool stuff over here that you can’t see on camera but if you would like to see that and you’d like a studio tour when it’s all completed give this video a thumbs up and if it gets to like, 12,000 likes I’ll do a studio tour for you very very soon. But this is my most highly requested video because I have actually never copied art hacks from Troom Troom. Um, and then their question- questionable thumbnails make things quite interesting. One of my personal favorites is this “13 Drawing Tricks and Hacks You Should Know” video from a week ago. When I watched this video there was no foil marker in the video whatsoever, so this first hack involves a big paint brush that you then paint a very creepy looking face onto. I personally have always wanted a… creepy faced paint brush in my room. So I thought instead of painting a really creepy little face on there, I would instead paint the Wilson face. The little fibers of brush hair kind of reminded me of the little leaves that Tom Hanks stuck in the top of his head. So uh, that’s what that looks like so far as you can see. Aww, he looks a little bit cross-eyed and constipated but, *short pause* he’s okay. I’ll add him to my shelf. Okay, so this one I’m very excited for because I have seen this on Pinterest before and it’s just a really cool way to hang your like, acrylic paints and have it as, like displayed on the wall. Um, I don’t really need to do this but I kind of want to do it cause I think it looks cool. Ooh, this smells weird, it kind of… it kinda, it smells a bit like a cheese rice cake or like sweet corn. Is that a weird description? Probably. And essentially what you do is *pause* have a second person to help you, so you take… *longer pause* So here’s our binder clip! Here is our pin. So I’ve got some of my favorite acrylic paints here. I’ve got my binder clip, so I’m just gonna use to clip that onto there. And then essentially it just hooks on, like that. Look how cool that looks! I am fully going for this. I mean I, I… I have wanted to do this cool idea for so long and it’s just a good excuse to finally do it. Ah, that looks so cool! WILSON!! You could probably like, probably space these apart with a measuring tape, but I’ve just moved, I don’t have a clue where there is a measuring tape. *Music* Ugh, this stinks of sweet corn, I don’t like it. Tada! Look how cool this is gonna look when I actually hang it. So that’s what I found randomly on a Lego Troom Troom video, and basically they took a bunch of crayons, cut them up, and put them into a silicone mold. Then they put them in the oven to melt them, and basically, once that was done they let them cool, took them out of the silicone mold and basically made a brand new crayon which in my opinion, is actually a really fun and cool idea. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any cool Lego man molds, but I did find a mint bunny silicone mold, which I’m gonna- I’m gonna make some bunny crayons today. My only concern is there is no way that one crayon is gonna fill up this entire container, so I’m probably gonna have to mix a few different colors to make- ohh, that’s a video idea. Has anyone done that before, like melting all crayons together and then making one giant crayon? It’s probably been done hasn’t it? Okay, now I have hand cramp. We’re gonna make two crayons today because we can’t fill this pan up. For the sake of making a really cute and fun crayon, it’s not worth it. It just takes so long to do this. Right, so now I have my two containers filled with crayons, I am gonna go stick it in the oven, melt it, and then I will be back to show you how it looks. Okay so I put them in the oven, they were on for 300 degrees Fahrenheit for about five minutes or so, I then put them in the freezer not long after to make them a solid and we’re gonna try them out. Oh, he broke dammit!! So they look a bit odd, um… *awkward pause* yep, but… they work like regular crayon, which isn’t really a surprise because I thought they would but, if you want to make kind of a broken shape, or like a less intricate shape than this, I think this would work really well. That one’s actually really impressive. Is my laptop gonna bloody take off or what? So this next hack is for people who only own one color of pencil and don’t own any regular like, school pencils whatsoever. Essentially you can take a… one color of pencil and if you need it to be gray you take a lighter, you burn the end and make it gray. So for the sake of being just like they were, I’ve got a pink pencil here, I’m going to draw a… let’s- let’s go crazy here and draw a circle. *sarcastically* Oh no, I only have one pink pencil. What? What? *Drums fingers on table* What do I do? Oh, I know! I could take this brand new lighter that I just bought and burn the end. Don’t try this at home. OH! Oh dear. Oh dear. Okay. Oh my god, okay. Don’t do that. Don’t do that. Don’t, it’s wood. That was a stupid idea. Did it ruin my pencil? Yes it did. Yes, yes it did. I think this one is probably my favorite, um, they’ve- oh more fire! More fire. I don’t know if I trust myself. They’ve made some slippers with bubble wrap; *sarcastically* they’re gonna stay on aren’t they? Okay, okay. Okay, oh! *awkward pause* So I think I need to stick my hair up for this one. Gonna cut some shoe shapes out of bubble wrap, make a matching size… *Loud crash* Something fell. So we have… This is so dangerous. Nobody try this at home. I mean it’s, and it’s not; it’s just melting the plastic! It’s not actually melting it together!! So we’re making a mitten, not a shoe because I’ve burnt myself and I can also smell plastic. And we’re going to get some paper and just stamp it to get a pattern. So we’re gonna brush this paint onto here. *Music* So now we have our little mitten, it kind of looks like Squidward *stammering* Tin, Tentacle… TENTACLES. No. So if we just like, can you see? Just… Oh, okay! I mean, it looks cool. You could just literally cut out a piece of plastic and just do that and get the exact same effect. So this side was me with my hand inside the… mitten sock bubble wrap as you can see, and this was me just stamping it on as it was. Actually, you can see there’s not really much difference, so that’s what we’ve got. Just use bubble wrap on its own. This one I just thought was a really cool idea, essentially they’ve taken a kitchen sponge, they’ve stuck it into like a cup, and then they make like, a cut into it and put some acetone inside. I mean, I’d probably use like white vinegar or something but basically it’s supposed to help clean your brushes off if they’re kind of drying up. So I have to sponge the damp sponges from before because they put solution on it for some reason and that doesn’t help me. So now I have lots of like, areas to smush my paintbrushes into and then we’re just gonna pour it- *pause* like that. I still smell THAT CORK BOARD! So I have a dry paintbrush here as you can see. I feel like this is not a good idea, it’s just gonna destroy the fibers in my honest opinion. Let’s say, try this with white vinegar, might help, might not. I feel like this will also mess up the bristles. Look, look at this. Can you see, the bristles are like all over the place now? I mean it might not- it might not help with dried paintbrushes, but it might work for non- this one is no-go. It might work if I soaked it but I don’t want to soak it. So I just took like my used paintbrush here that’s not dried up, if I put it in here… *Music* I mean, it’s still not really cleaning it up any better than water does on its own so I would definitely say don’t stink your house out. Because water does exactly the same. This is just not really doing anything at all. And it’s just gonna ruin your brush fibers so zero out of 10 for this one. So this one I’m probably most excited for, it’s the very last one and it looks fun. It looks stupid but it looks fun, basically she has a tub that she fills with shaving foam (not a waste at all). And she then takes some acrylic paint, puts it on top and then uses a fork to stir it in, to give it a pretty pattern. After that she takes a piece of paper, puts it on top and then she’s got a really cool… pattern thing. I mean, maybe I’m wrong, but I wouldn’t have thought that’s the result of it. Maybe it is, I don’t trust it. I mean I could be wrong. Maybe it does look like that when it dries. So I’ve got some shaving foam… *Shaving foam spraying* It doesn’t sound very happy about it, does it? *Acrylic paint being squeezed* This sounds in pain too. Gonna use some blue cuz why not? Right. Okay. So now we’re gonna stir it. So it looks quite cool, right? I mean it looks quite neat. Uh, got our sheet of paper and we’re just gonna like… this gives me stress because of the mess that could potentially happen. Okay, Yeah, that didn’t do a very good job. I need to try again. *Music* *Paper peeling off* Oh no, I’m bringing it all with me. *coughs* Okay, okay. Covered in shaving foam now, but it kind of worked. So that is everything for today! Thank you so incredibly much for watching, I hope that you enjoyed the video. This is probably the messiest one I’ve done so far so, this is great. Thank you all so much for suggesting that I make this video, if you would like to see me do more or you have any ideas for what you’d like to see me try next, let me know in the comments down below. And yes, thank you so incredibly much for watching, I hope that you enjoyed the video, take care of yourselves and I will see you in the next video. *Music*


  • Chloe Rose Art says:

    I've never had an art "space" before!! I have filmed every video and done all of my art in my bedroom before so to have this little space is really great. It's still a work in progress as I had to remove a lot of shelves (it's actually a closet but nobody needs to know that shhh) and spent the week painting. I'd love to show you all soon!

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  • 4321 Platypus says:

    Troom Troom is assuming that school-age kids not only have zero gray pencils, but have a lighter to burn the end of their pencils with

  • Shadow The Wolf says:

    The hack with the paint and shaving foam actually works I did on Easter craft with my class last year with it it works and it’s very messy it probably didn’t work for you since you didn’t use a plastic box and the ruler to scrape the stuff off but it’s ok

  • Maggie PRATT [07N15M] says:

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    The shaving cream one is something I’ve actually tried before. It works better if you have stiffer paper. I used card stock and made cool Christmas cards for my family.

  • Gacha Ally Draws says:

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  • Gacha Ally Draws says:

    My local baby shop,(I can't think of any other name.. It sells baby stuff. Like diapers and bottles.) On e*** l*** day, sometimes comes outside and does that last "art hack" on your list. It actually works pretty well.

  • 200 subs please says:

    My mum used to make me and my brother heart shaped crayons when we were younger! I always loved them and they were so cute and fun!
    Trick for if u want to make ur own crayons!
    Put some coconut oil or any type of oil inside of the mold and it will come out smoothly!

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    My mom used to take all the broken crayons from her school at the end of the year and make each kid mixed crayons with the silicone molds. It's fun

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  • Xpouii - says:

    I used to recycle old broken or tiny nub crayons to make “tie dye” crayons in silicone molds like that. I melted them at a lower temperature for longer. I think that helps them not to bubble up like that. And I let them cool in room temperature which I think stops them from getting too fragile.

  • Mettatonyx says:

    She kinda reminds me of Ann Reardon

  • Erica Weiner says:

    At one point when my sisters and I had a lot of broken/stubs of crayons we separated them into main colors (blues, reds, greens, etc) and we melted them in a cupcake pan lined with cupcake liners. They had a really cool marble look and ended up in the shape of a fatter Reese’s cup

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    That bubble wrap "hack" makes me think "this is what Boo would do while dressed as a monster in Monster Inc.". Yep.

  • Dorcas Winter says:

    The crayon thing definitely works! It’s brillant. I felt so bad for her cutting them – the easiest way is just stick them in a small zip-lock bag and bash them. Also if you just let them dry normally and peel them out gently they don’t break. Perhaps the mould was stiff from the freezer too.
    ALSO – those hack videos using fire are so friggin misleading and dangerous 😂 I think the idea they are trying (or should convey) is that you don’t directly apply the flame. But your just using the heat off of the flame to melt things. Like what you do when you want to soften up eyeliner pencils.

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  • Rowan Greenwood says:

    I did the last one once. It does work, but I used a baking tray with a plastic bag over it, food die instead of paint, and card instead of Paper. Also I used a butter knife to scrape off the excess I stead of cardboard

  • Julius & Productions says:

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    The shaving foam thing? Come on. I don’t know where you’re from, but basically all 5-6th graders have done this. If you want to do this again, DO NOT PRESS IT DOWN AGAIN. That’ll just ruin it

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    “This sound’s in pain too”

    Me: wild laughing for no reason at all

  • myra leblanc says:

    i did the shaving cream art hack in school for a project and it took a couple tries to get the hang of but it does work !

  • Lady Jewell says:

    Shaving foam works, but easier and better with food coloring or/& inks. Use various wide tooth combs and picks (Dollar Tree has a pack of 5 for a buck, usually) to get wavy lines, a skewer or toothpick to draw, and an old or dollar store cookie sheet for the foam.

    So, less is more with the drops of color. Too much and you get mud, like pretty much any media. Lay the paper on and press lightly but firmly starting at the top and moving down the page. I like to do it until I see an even ring of foam pushing out around the edges. For pastel colors, pull off in a few seconds and wipe foam away quickly—I like to use a small shower squeegee or paper/shop towels as they pick up nifty color designs for multimedia art. For darker/richer colors, let paper set at least 15-20 seconds, pull up gently, then lay on the back side for an additional minute or two before squeegeeing off the foam.

    Works great on just about any paper, even darker colors like navy and brown. Not so much on black unless you use metallic inks. Alcohol inks work ok, but kind of melt your foam faster, so this is one instance regular inks (or liquid watercolors) work better but cheap food coloring looks pretty awesome. You probably should wear gloves if you are worried about how your hands look. 😉

    I like to do several pages of foamed paper at a time, then squeegee the foam from each into a ‘junk’ art journal, and let it sit while I do my next set. You can even rub small amounts of the foam into the paper. It changes the tooth of the paper, making it feels softer.

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  • Wrath Berries says:

    So something I just noticed! A lot of my teachers used to do these kinds of projects, and like, way before troom troom or 5mc made videos.
    My physics teacher had us make little name tags with the shaving foam method (but he used food coloring, which worked alot better) and my father, an Art Teacher, had the crayon thing as one of his side-crafts (not a major project, just a mindless fun thing), blew his damn students minds.

  • Jennifer Wood says:

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    With the melted crayon thing, when i was a kid i would end up with all these tiny and broken crayons so we'd put the bits all together into a baking tray and make these cool multi colored crayons. I had a lot of fun doing it and as a kid i didn't really care about whether my crayon colours were all consistent so it was a fun way to put together all my leftover crayon bits. 🙂 So i don't know if you use them often but its a fun activity nonetheless. 🙂

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    I know this is an older video and you likely won’t see this comment, but the crayon “hack” is usually meant for people who have a lot of small crayon ends laying around and don’t want to waste them or struggle to use them. Most people melt several colors together to make a color changing mega crayon.

  • Brandi Munguia says:

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