Artists Are Uptight About Skin Color and Its Funny

Artists Are Uptight About Skin Color and Its Funny

ah I can't wait to browse Twitter today and see the is that oh is that Meza is she lighter skinned than usual that's it that's it see how that looks fuck that looks awful Oh Oh maybe let me let me get a little extra let's test it out probably looks really bad booyah boy hey guys hey hello I can't Boop this microphone anymore because all the way behind me it's all the way on the other side of me isn't that just isn't that just wonderful got a new table got a new desk got a new everything right right yeah so yeah everything is a little different now I hope you like the new set this is got the little portrait of my boys and then you got a we got a play button up there that you guys gave me I appreciate thank you you guys gave me that play button I didn't win it myself thanks to you from the bottom of my heart thank you here to introduce the welcome to artists news welcome to the new art news haha play PewDiePie's intro and then try to make some knockoff piu news video because I guess that's funny today we're gonna we have another topic to discuss I say as I walk away from the camera and the microphone today we're gonna talk about a little thing that I saw on twitter twitter Twitter's a beautiful website if you ask me in my opinion twitter is a beautiful beautiful place and right now Twitter well not right now as I'm recording this Twitter is in kind of a little heated State they're little they're a little mad a little woo they're like burn their little girl at them and a lot of artists right now so as you all know I know you guys saw the e3 actually no you probably didn't because I didn't see it but I know about it because it's because um there was a Pokemon character that was released called like Nyssa uh I wanted to make sure I got that right Pokemon character named Nessa was introduced a african-american a black character you know I like the design honestly I think the design is pretty cool it's certainly very over sexualized no but um designs actually pretty neat nifty I don't see any issues with it I mean it's got a nice color I don't have much to say about it we're not here to critique the the character itself we're here to talk about what people have been complaining about and that's something that they call whitewashing you know what that is I didn't know what it was either apparently whitewashing is when people take a black character and draw them as a white person right I mean it's kind of what you'd expect you take Nessa and draw as a white person because you think they look better white and black or maybe because you're just racist I don't know people don't like that people are mad at them people are mad about that so how dare you draw Nessa white I mean I could I can kind of see where they're coming from but at the same time I don't care I'm not a black person so I can't really speak up on behalf of a black you know community so I'm not gonna really speak on it it's not really my say I just I don't give a shit I don't give a crap but hey there's not really much I can say about this uh other than the fact that like it's a very controversial topic right now yeah it's it's fun to sit back and watch as a viewer it just makes me more afraid to even draw let's see look right if you like a character being black when they're white or you like a character being white instead of black then that's your opinion preference and that's fine there's no problem if you see it but there's no problem but if you see it as or make it racist when then you're the problem hashtag Nessa Nessa hashtag whitewashing I could somewhat agree with that kind of statement definitely can see the point of view that they're coming across here but yet again it's such a such a polarizing kind of topic that I would kind of be very afraid to even take a delve into because it becomes a little too political and politics is not even talked about on my channel I drew this on a pettiness because I call it out people whitewashing Nissa and someone came at me like I don't know what black people look like on a white background wall and also assumed I only cosplay and I can't draw a little so activate petty artistic powers and there's people who would be like white Nessa is best Nessa you know Nessa is black is a joke and then obviously that just looks like a troll why are you so why are you so set out to make yourself look special for liking a white version of a character I just think it makes you look kind of stupid make sure looks kind of ignorant but hey if you like it then Who am I to say you can't do something just that you look kind of silly sometimes these people are coming out coming on and saying oh my gosh how dare you draw an SL white but actually she they didn't draw Nessa white they just drew Nessa with a unique color palette that's and that's another funny thing if I could find the example I'll put it up right here some some Eastern artists – drew you know Nessa with a certain kind of pastel palette that kind of made Nessa looked like a white girl when really it was just the palette that made it look like a white girl when really what the palette says otherwise there was a time when someone was like here I fixed your character hey you drew her black I mean you drew her white aha take that now you're going to hell then the artists was like hey that's not very nice take this down immediately I think they look silly I think they look really dumb like they don't know anything about art when a when a color palette clearly says hey this character is black according to the palette and they go no it's too too to light listen here people listen here you got people have different why would you call someone racist when all they've done is draw someone a little bit lighter than usual it's a difficult topic to talk about this is just I'm here to report the news I'm here to I'm here to report isn't that just great well I I just I just think this is hilarious okay I think this is funny look at this is it's insane the amount of stuff people will argue about over art politics has always been in art in some form or fashion but like this is Pokemon it's just a Pokemon care you know I mean there's let people do their life I guess I don't give a shit don't do anything that'll hurt anybody you know hey here's another thing I found on Twitter that really really really shows the the length that the internet will go this a little bit of a maybe maybe probably a little racist piece I don't know we'll see but when I saw it my jaw dropped because I didn't think a human being would have the capacity or the butt or the gall to draw something like this especially since they're such a good like it looks like it's a really well put together piece and it was used to make something so yeah so I don't even know the word to describe it's just kind of like ooh I don't even you look at you go I don't know what to say right I don't know what to say about this piece is it racist is it not it looks racist but is the guy racist it's just one of those like whoo let's not look at that kind of piece oh it's just a mess everything's in the mass is so funny uh I don't mean to hate on the art community but sometimes it can be kind of funny it can be a little silly you want my take on it I don't care I don't care if you draw nests of white or black I just think you look kind of silly if you drawing this a white even though she's black that's really my opinion you look kind of goofy you look like a clown but I'm not gonna tell you what you can can't do so this is a hot take really really hot take see if I even get you know see you there's no point I'm just kind of sitting here like that that's fun oh fuck it's like wow okay this video is a hot take very hot take say I put this on Twitter or some shit yeah it's not good enough oh we record it so in short get this fucking shit off my timeline


  • Spoctor says:

    Hey guys. Got family in town, uploads might slow down a bit. Don’t you worry I’m still working.

  • just a slytherin hades child says:

    This stuff is so fucking dumb. I've been in arguments with a bunch of people attacking me cause they made a white character black and i called them out for it. And then we have this. Where they didnt even make the character white only a tad lighter and the internet is attacking them just as much. Do people just not see how hypocritical that is.?

  • blindey says:

    Just do whatever imo. Isn't that the point of art to be creative and stuff? Rule 63 is pretty neat sometimes for instance. And things in different styles and whatever. I wish everyone would lighten up. And that one pic of the monkey!nessa was drawn super well. My brain immediately snaps to ugh, that's racist. Maybe it shouldn't though. I mean if the person isn't intending to be and stuff. But if they are, then damn. It feels like it's a joke, based on the tweet attached…I am in favor of more anthro versions of people, in a geneal sense at least. X3

  • DroneRaccoon says:

    My opinion is the morally correct opinion, and to prove it, I'm gonna RIP other people's art and re-colour/edit it without permissions from the artist that originally drew it.

    It's not theft if I deem your opinion to be wrong.

  • Avi Lovewell says:

    Remember when you could draw anything you wanted because it was your imagination and nobody can tell you what you can and can't draw? Yea, good times

  • awsomegamingpotatoesandwich says:

    My logic is if you can make a white character black, then you can make a black character white. As long as no racism is ment with the appearance change then it should be fine. It's stupid that there is such a double standard, especially for something as express as art.

  • Allia Montes says:

    God there is to much drama

  • IQ 984 says:

    As a black person, I have this to say: nobody cares about this shit except progressive white people who don’t actually know what progressive means so they put certain races on pedestals to make themselves seem more woke. Haven’t seen a single black persons talking about this like it’s a problem yet.

  • Sky says:

    oh Spoctor,

    Twitter is always mad. At everything.

  • Star Pop says:

    As a black artist I personally believe lighting and choosing lighter colors for art is completely ok but taking the character and completely turning her white would be slightly ok it’s just the way you take it some people are scared to draw darker skinned characters exactly because this reason just let people be and deal with actual racism.

  • Emerald Gamer says:

    7:51 This is most likely a 4chan style joke, nothing serious.

  • Millicent Schächter says:

    Twitter: WHITE WASHING

    Me, a nigga: Can y'all chill… Like.. just a little bit?

  • ben Bartels says:

    Lovely video, well done

  • 編集aku says:

    I'm black, I don't care.
    7:56 is a racist piece of art, that offends me.

  • BillieDoodlez says:

    people will go apeshit about white washing but when people do the opposite, nobody complains 😬

  • alfredo sauce tastes good says:

    i keep staring at the laptop. yum!!!!!!

  • glov.toni. says:

    idk man. i get how stupid it sounds, but as a black girl, people like me don't get much representation. so when we get a black character, it's kinda like "aw sheet dawg!" but then when people take away those black characteristics it's like "aw sheet dawg."

    i think this shit is stupid as fuck though. idk why everyone is so obsessed with race.

  • ImAnAlbatroaz 12 says:

    You can make anything any color you want. Fuck anyone who thinks otherwise.

  • Saoring High says:

    I think most people complaining about this are white and were racist in the past or are still racist and are looking for a way to redeem themselves somehow. They treat the black community like we can’t protect ourselves and as a wise man once said…

    “Dats racist !”

  • TheRagingInfernape says:

    It's like the time some drew Garnet from Steven Universe as a white person, but in that case it was blatant that it was whitewashing

  • Eclipsingg says:

    0:18 Aren't they always?

  • shubrii says:

    Artists: making black characters a shade lighter is racist!!!!!!!!!!!!! stop whitewashing!!!!!!!!

    The same artist: anyways guys here’s my art of the my hero academia characters black even though they are Asian!!!!!!!!!

  • Sunset Canary says:

    There are ppl who tell artists off for drawing a black character if their white and now they’re complaining artists are drawing a dark character slightly lighter than usual (it makes sense to draw her slightly lighter, but just eh if they draw her white delicately but that’s your own decision)

  • MadamCrystal says:


  • Chako Tako says:

    This is the reason my gf deleted half of her social media apps

  • Ew Edgy says:

    Literally my face the entire time -_-

  • Wingsoffreedom :v says:

    I want more boop with the nose

  • Kozslavenka 2 says:

    One person kept drawing all characters from legend of zelda black but kept complaining about Nessa thing. When i told them that its quite hypocritical i got blocked and one fan defended her by saying "Changing a white character's race isn't the same as making Nessa white"


  • rosenrot234 says:

    Why the hell can't these people focus on actual racism involving real people? Lazy fuckers only focusing on fictional people

  • DoreikuShirouki says:


  • Trash Trash says:

    … Anyone here have seen the Cookie Run Fandom?

  • Mixiwa ! says:

    Any of yall remember the Catra Whitewashing situation? I remember people freaking out over edits using light filters and… someone drawing Catra with ginger hair

  • Maya Atkins says:

    I’m black and if someone drew me as white I would literally nit care less?? Unless it was actual racism.

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