Artists Mad About Closed Species

Artists Mad About Closed Species

I think it's so the all these artists just overreact about everything dude just relax this relax and have fun with life why is it so hard why does everything have to get to this shutting people and canceling people why does it always have to get to that just relax after my video about adoptable z– y'all wanted me to talk about closed species I got so many comments asked me to talk about closed species so here you go closed species yay [Applause] there are many topics of discussion within the art community on the internet whether it's on deviantART whether it's on YouTube whether it's on tumblr anywhere you go everyone's always arguing and fighting with each other and trying to cancel each other constantly for the pettiest of reasons and one thing that brings about a lot of that is closed species a closed species is when an artist creates a species they claim ownership of that species they can set their own rules like they don't want anyone else to draw any characters of this species they don't want anyone else to use this species without permission or without paying or so on and so forth and basically they create a species and claim all ownership to it you know the same way you'd claim all ownership to a character you make they claim the entire species the concept of this particular type of animal so I went to buy discord and I asked everyone I said hey what do you think about closed species give any stories involving closed species put it in this new channel and in Maine if in a video you can join my discord with a link down below but let's take a look at some of the responses that we got I was just chillin you know I heard about the nimblest species or whatever and I checked it out not my exact story but one of my friends tried to make one where they were still open and got turned down because they had a bad of reputation put on quote the only bad thing art-related they had done was trace art and that had been years ago my friend is now banned from the nimblest species and all the mods data's lol Wow I mean I honestly I've heard nothing but horror stories about closed species I've heard nothing but bad about closed species artists taking extreme control of them and this exhibit right here oh whoa oh whoa his friend was not allowed to make a character of this close species silly because this person had traced art in the past which in the art community on the Internet tracing art is like equivalent to committing not alive to someone that's how you avoid YouTube's D monetization so as I'm sipping on this beverage right here hmm Wow this beverage is encased in this mug that has a very familiar face on it well if only there was a way you could purchase this mug using the link down below peek-a-ru SSL com you can purchase this mug or this design on shirts and there's also a version that just says PK rather than this so you can actually wear it in public that'd be kind of cool but you know I think people like to hold grudges for way too long people like to take things that are not really that evil and make them out to be like the most evil thing in the world it's the broken window theory and it's playing out here on the internet with people like this where you trace art one time you can never have fun again you can never participate in anything again even though tracing art is honestly not that big of a deal it's really not that big of a deal right if you trace art once it's not that big of a deal if you trace art and you have tons of followers and you pass it off as your own or you trace out and you try to sell it as your own then that's a little bit different but you know a kid making a mistake who cares it's not that big of a deal the broken window theory is when you make little things out to be like the most evil thing ever it's like punishing someone for breaking a window way more than that crime deserves like way more and I think that's what's happening here with this person who traced are being punished way more than they need to be it just shows how bitter these artists are that own clothes species that own clothes species we'll get into that in a second just make a species you don't have to make it a clothes species see this is what I'm saying if I made a species myself I would want other people to make their own characters in that species I want my species to grow and thrive and be popular I wouldn't want to suppress it it's like it's almost a counterintuitive almost making your species clothes seem snobbish to me I agree it is very snobbish it reminds me of like it reminds me of Karen's I used to work at a grocery store in a rich part of town and everyone who all my customers were all Karen's they were all Karen's and this behavior that I see in the art community is not just with closed species is with adoptable Zitz with everything they all act like Karen's this they're the type of people who would go into a store and say um can I speak to a manager the only difference is is that they lack social confidence so in real life they would never actually do that but on the internet when they're behind a screen and behind you know an anonymous pseudonym they can say whatever they want but in person they'd be too scared to do it welcome back to reading more of those in just a second but let's take a look at some examples of closed species but they look like tsunami original species adoptable wow it's an echo human it's literally a human with ears and and you're claiming ownership over that concept absolutely not here's another one same thing it's just an echo human you can't claim that concept as you're going that's been around forever you can't just claim that and say that you own this idea it's not you can't do it if you want to own this character you can absolutely own the character but the idea of a human with ears and an animal tail absolutely not here's another one Misty puffs it's a dog it's you cannot claim dogs as your own species it's a dog raccoon species it's a human with a tiny little weird tail you don't own the concept of humans you can't it's a human this is a human you cannot own this and lastly this one is just straight-up a human with no no distinct details that isn't a human you cannot own this it's a human and of course crown prince comes in with a lovely lovely mouth but here mouths must be located on the butt facial features like scars and freckles belong on the foot if it has wings the wings have to go on its face now you have to pay me if you want to draw a mouth on a butt mmm good job Crown Prince II this is a joke by the way if you don't get it I have to I feel like I have to explain jokes now cuz people don't understand anything anymore crown prince is not for real this is a joke he's joking or she or whoever whatever gender this person is I mean I don't get the point of making it a closed species but I get the point of wanting to be credited for the creation of the species see this is an interesting concept here I get it – like if I created a species I'd probably want to be credited for it if someone uses it however that becomes a weird thing when you think about Pokemon because do you credit whoever created the the Pokemon that you're drawing because Pokemon are basically closed species is what they are it's weird there's like a double standard there once again there's there's so many double standards in the art community do you credit the creator of the species because just crediting the Pokemon company you're crediting Nintendo is not crediting the individual artist who made that Pokemon so is that is that morally incorrect to do close species are stupid and caused too much drama there's many I dislike I have an OC that has a long scarf like arms and well they kind of look like a fox guess what it looked like the stupid scarf Fox's clothes species now the name already annoys me but I was attacked and rated for having a scarf bucks when they were closed species and I wasn't allowed to make one well this house II wasn't even a scarf bucks he just looked like one I guess but no one believed me so I had to end up deleting my OC post just so the hate could stop because of the white knights that wouldn't stop sitting me not alive threats because of an OC I had that looked like a closed species geez these artists are savage dude they stop at nothing you can buy the smug down below figures oh my god there is no length that they won't go to to absolutely destroy you if you do anything that they think is morally wrong oh like having a box of scarf arms scarf Fox what do you do if someone does that you send not alive threats it's a little bit of an overreaction possibly I was gifted to make a character for my friends clothes species around two years ago it was some short human issue with ears and a tail more like a bunny neck oh to be honest eventually me and that friend fell through because I got busy with school and she didn't feel like I paid enough attention to her she ended up revoking my right to her species completely and ripping that character for me to use for her own personal use Wow talk about yet another overreaction from a salty artist I see this a lot it's usually with really young artists which there's a lot of it's like you allow someone to use a character and then as soon as you stop being friends like I'm taking it back it's just it's just petty and dumb acting like little tiny babies is what everyone is acting like the art community is so toxic dude it's so toxic now where it really gets interesting is the legality of it is this legal can you actually own a species is that even possible anyone can draw a dog nobody owns dogs okay but then these close species on deviantART you know you can claim ownership up okay but what about things like unicorns is that a closed species whoever came up with that first going by the logic of closed species should own all rights to the unicorn species right and no one should be allowed to make a unicorn without permission what about Pokemon our Pokemon closed species if you draw a Pokemon are you breaking the law now I'm not talking about drawing Ash's Pikachu the character I'm talking about drawing just a generic Pikachu as part of the species is that breaking the law I'm not sure that the concept of a species can be owned by someone a character absolutely but the concept of a species I'm not sure about that here's a general deviantART Ripper as the title suggests I got the opportunity to ask a lawyer's opinions regarding fictional species the lawyer stated that if the creator's can be identified the works is then eligible to be protected under copyright laws this means that creatures and characters from legends like Griffins and Hercules for example are in public domain however specific depictions produced by identifiable artists like Disney's Hercules do fall under copyright laws interesting that's interesting but here's the thing here's a very important life lesson for everyone watching this YouTube video right now just because a lawyer says something does not mean that it's necessarily true because there are laws about everything there's millions of laws there's well I don't know if there's millions but there's there's hundreds of thousands of laws in the US government and no one lawyer knows all of them in how they all work what who is the lawyer that you talk to here who is this lawyer what do they specialize in do they specialize in cases of not alive commit committing not alive do they specialize in copyrights because then they'd be qualified to talk about this or do they specialize in you know music copyright because there's a different type of copyright from digital art copyright there's so many different types of lawyers just because a lawyer says that something is true doesn't necessarily mean that it is probably it is because lawyers know generally about most laws but if they don't specialize in that specific field I wouldn't trust that lawyer a hundred percent I talked to an expert a lawyer who works in that particular field I mean the best place to get legal advice is rented this car slash legal advice off-topic discourse in the furry community about closed species in copyright law what's real and what's not by default the first person to sketch Mickey obtained all rights to reproduction mimicry and transformation the moment they put pen to paper this is pretty close well you've called closed module oh I don't know what that word means a few exceptions for fair use in order to turn the Mickey IP into an open character the author would need to draft a license similar to CC by indeed however unless they registered their mark with the government they could only sue for actual damages likely to be zero unless they have a strong a history of commercial sales basically everywhere I've looked it seems like this is just a big gray area no two legal experts agree really exactly with how this works there's not really been any cases of this because close species is such a dumb concept it's so stupid it's only something that the art community could come up with is the idea of a closed species because it's so stupid and dumb I once had a friend that made a species that was literally just a mixture between a deer and a fox called the docks and she just kind of smashed them together and treated them as if they were groundbreaking creation even though drawing animals and antlers in the animation meme community are sort of aesthetic thing or whatever she allowed people to make their own with credit even though it's legitimately just a fusion of a deer and a fox and those people probably already existed yeah that's the part about close species that is really dumb is when you just shove two animals together me like this is my species no one else can use it they never got to not alive threats with me but yo I was kicked out of three private groups and to discord servers because I refused to take down art of something that looks similar to their species no hard feelings oh I think it was a toxic community to begin with sounds very toxic yeah you draw something that looks similar to a creature that someone else drew ah you're kicked out mm-hmm no longer friends with us what a nasty person terrible person you are I think it's so all these artists just overreact about everything dude just relax just relax and have fun with life why is it so hard why does everything have to get to this shutting people and canceling people why does it always have to get to that just relax well that's just a few years ago when I was still in school I used to draw a lot of weird stuff and whatnot abominations I call him so I posted thinking hey maybe I'll make this into a character after a day and I come home from school I log in and I noticed a note and a few more notifications unusual I use her girl called bill because I literally have no memory of their username and junk sent me a long poorly written rant about how I was trying to steal their species I didn't know what it closed species was at the time so I was entirely confused the kid must've been pretty livid because he said something along the lines of I will have you bend and have all of your stolen character taken away and something along the lines of if I find you I'm gonna get you honestly since I was younger and haven't really gone into much drama before like that I was little scared some of their followers left comments on my post about how I was a bad person and I hope someone beats you up all the childish Kitty stuff sounds like adults in the furry community oh damn peanut butter and jam God um we're at the point where adults are behaving like children you know what I'm saying honestly I feel like it was an unnecessary overreaction I hate when people are just so like humble about this like I feel like it wasn't innocent it was it was unnecessary and it was an extreme overreaction there shouldn't have even been a reaction there should be no reaction other than oh this is great just because something looks similar does something else that someone else drew does not mean that it's stolen so if you've ever wondered how to make it close species here's how you do it how to make it close species this is a common question I see people asking so it's about time to make a general reference for it the first step most people take when designing a species is of course the species itself okay you have to come up with lore as well all right okay you set up a group where people can come and talk about your species like a discord server or something like that okay now here's where it gets like ridiculous master list it's a very good idea to have some sort of master list for your community this is a record of all your adopts and the users that own them so basically you have to keep a list of every single person who has made a character within your species it's like big brother you're trying to control everyone else who is interested in this species you have to have a list they must be on the list or else they've stolen your character oh my gosh or your species and then there's also rules here common clothes species rules don't play the species as yours don't change the design or make it not the species anymore don't make your own without permission tell the species owner if a design is sold or traded rules checklists Terms of Service a plan to enforce Terms of Service mods optional you know I think everyone is like way overthinking everything here you're making what is such a simple concept so incredibly it's exponentially way more over complicated than it should ever be and it's just creating so much confusion and that's what leads to all the drama is the confusion because people don't know what's happening and then like you treat anyone who breaks these rules as if they're an evil villain which is not true at all it's everyone's just overreacting being way too protective of their species that they own it's just a big mess it's a big mess there's too much it's ridiculous for all the people against clothes species rant first of all you are entitled to your own opinions everyone is you don't have to like clothes species but that does not give you the right to steal them for the people who tell me that clothes species limits their freedom or creativity no it does not in fact it gives you more freedom freedom to create your own ideas without having to copy someone else that sure is creative freedom if I've ever heard of it well you're also like literally putting limits in place to limit what people can do you're literally limiting people by saying you cannot make this character unless you get permission from me first or pay for it I don't know how that how that all expands your freedom it's literally limiting your freedom so look with this into a real world perspective personaiiy goes to work at a job every day person B comes in and tells person a is bus that dated person A's job when they obviously didn't and person B is demanding the money for person A's work that is pretty much what you were doing when you steal a clothes species well but if you think about it like this the real world does work like that it absolutely does when you're hired at a company your boss takes credit for all of your work and then your bosses higher-ups praise your boss for the work that you did you're being paid for your labor it literally does work like that the real world does work like that people higher up take credit for your work you make some good points but like this is just it comes off as like I'm in sixth grade and I'm mad and I'm gonna yell about it it doesn't come off as like productive this is it's just it's just nothing is being said here I like all the comments owning a concept is stupid I can slap flowers on a fish and call it a species my concept is not something you can own it's simply an idea see I agree somewhat to an extent I mean you can totally own a concept it's called intellectual property but you know in terms of closed species it's a very gray area no matter what anyone thinks in the matter you revoke your human being status if you attack the rate or even threaten another artist for having made a closed species for personal use or otherwise attack anyone with even a similar idea seriously you if you do that that's abusive and not remotely okay in the cult-like way I've seen little minions four artists do this is just horrific very great point very good you do not seem to understand the concept it's not that we are against close species is that close species cannot exist to begin with if I draw a green dog with the top hat I cannot close green dogs or top hats yes I own my green dog with the top pet and anyone drawing my green dog with a table at is in fact infringing on my rights and the law if I copyrighted it you cannot copyright the idea of a green dog in a top hat thus i cannot forbid people from drawing other green dogs with the top hat nor can i sue them if they do insert whether you like or dislike closed species does not matter those species do not exist to begin with I love it I mean I I agree but also at the same time not really it's weird like I agree in most cases this is probably true especially because a lot of closed species are just literally it's just a dog it's just a dog you can't copyright a dog for like what about Groot from guardians of the galaxy Groot is a species but if you draw a Groot are you infringing on Disney's copyright probably I don't know I don't know how it works that's why it's such a gray area because no one seems to know the answer but I certainly do enjoy when people put overreacting artists in their place like this just stating the facts like you need to calm down and stop being a baby and relax and think about reality like it really is stop overreacting this is why everyone hates artists there's they're just dumb they like to overreact all the time to everything go on moral Crusades when they're the ones acting immoral planet Maya I don't know how to say that is a closed species that does force you to pay $100 for a character you have to pay $35 for a chance to get ate and make your own and you are probably not even gonna get one I just feel like having to pay $35 to enter a raffle for the chance to win a make-your-own is kind of immoral and like gambling maybe I'm just pulling this out of my it you're paying $35 for a chance to be able to draw a certain species the artist is not drawing it for you you still have to draw yourself and you have to pay money to be able to draw their own species that's ridiculous you're you're paying money for chance to do it not even a guarantee that is scummy this is like loot boxes it is like gambling this is a real thing if you go here it's a real thing you you absolutely have to pay $35 for a chance a chance just a chance to make your own it's disgusting it's it's amazing I also asked everyone on Twitter what they think about closed species you can follow me on Twitter linked down below and peek-a-ru SSL they limit creativity due to fear of infringement and create species monopolies not only are they unhealthy for artists the practice is also immoral I 100% agree Ripper responded by saying close species do not limit creativity it's quite the opposite when I have my design to be so similar to another I'll think outside the box to make something better it's not immoral to monopolize your own creations it's how artists even earn a living I completely absolutely disagree with everything that you just said they're both species absolutely do limit your creativity because you are literally placing limits on what you're allowed to do with the species you're literally limiting what people can do with it it does not give them freedom to use the species you are limiting creativity it's not immoral to monopolize your own creations I agree but not as species and hold your own character yeah but an entire species I think it's immoral absolutely it's a species it's not your own character but that's just my opinion seen so many original species that were literally either just hybrids or animals with random spikes wings etc from experience I can say that a lot of those creators not all will get extremely toxic if any of your characters have a tiny bit of similarity to their species it's like everything that I'm seeing about close species is just completely negative like no one's had a good experience with closed species I recently got into a close species group on da because there was a make-your-own event going if I hadn't found out about it there's a high chance I wouldn't have gotten a design I love the character I have but I don't see myself shelling out any money to spend on a closed species design when I still have student loans to pay some species can be really interesting with their lower end designs but most don't really interests me especially if the rules are extremely restrictive never had someone ask for design bag but I think it's crazy that some creators will do that if you aren't actively using your character or make changes to them yet some artists will literally take the design back in like revoke your right to use the character which is completely illegal because you're not using character because you changed the character that you purchased you're allowed to do whatever you want with cuz he purchased it's ridiculous it's crazy artists are insane dude they're insane why is the art community so messed up I think close species are really stupid in my opinion I think they're really stupid there's just so much drama for no reason it seems like a lot of the artists who have closed species are little babies you know the SIP on that tea which you can find in this mug that you can purchase down below tea here uses all calm what are you often let me know in the comments below if you enjoy what you watch today please consider becoming a patron it's just two dollars per month every little bit of support helps me so much I love my patrons you're all so amazing they're all listed on your screen right now this channel would not be possible without without patrons there's a lot of rewards on patreon go check it out you get videos early exclusive videos once per month exclusive live streams all that stuff go check it out link down below these 41 [Applause]


  • SoopKun says:

    I was in a game development discord server and i suggested making a cyborg wolf for the game (its an animal rpg) and someone had told me it was too similar to a "Protogen" and when i asked why its a big deal i got fucking CRUCIFIED by a sea of like 13-15 year old furries calling me disrespectful or an idiot. The closed species community is honestly a bunch of people who are insecure about other people using similar concepts to them and they straight up harrass anyone who wants to be apart of their community without coughing up an insane amount of money.

  • Dubstep_city_ 7 says:

    I forgot you existed

    Yikes lol

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    Hey it's Twast, one of the people who got their message featured. About the person who took back her character from me
    She was 22 at the time. I was 15. 😂😂😂

  • CherryWaffles says:

    I mean I have a species but I but I don’t- do that- closed species are annoying. My species is fine to draw and have an oc of if you don’t claim it at your own idea. I won’t send death threats- but I’ll ask to stop. I agree with everything in this video honestly. Closed species are annoying af and no one cares if your lavagoat is closed you heathen, just draw and stop being bratty

  • Ciya Bloodland says:

    So I have a ex who made a species and had several closed species but he loved demomic and albino types and so he would attack anyone who wants more than one albino or demonic type oc from his species and then attacked the person both in group and in pm if they asked for more than one even if the oc had other colors along with the demonic and albino oc………..let’s just say I’ve lost all faith in loving their species because I’m the type who simply loves demonic ocs and albino type ocs

  • Pusagi says:

    Ngl most of these species aren’t even original.

  • Memory the bear says:

    People who make closed species are disgusting.I mean like if you make a new species ok but having a closed species really?!

  • Chii-noe says:

    I have my own closed species- they’re humanoids with their own features! But do I act like a child and say, “iF YOU MAKE A HUMANOID CHARACTER THAT MEANS UR MAKING AN ADOPT OF MY CLOSE FSPECIED MAKSKSKKSKSJSJJDJSJNSJSHSHJSB !!!!!!1!1!1!1!!1!1!1!1!1!” No, no, no! If done right, closed species can be fair and have a very fun and loving community! But yes this video is a PREACH ❤️😔

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    So I joined your discord and felt so welcomed you have a wholesome fanbase

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    Hybrids 👏 aren’t 👏 an 👏original 👏species. ( or closed )

    I hate how some ppl act like they are! Like anyone can mix 2- however many animals they want it’s a hybrid !

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    I’ve never heard of this until now, Jesus.

  • Arubay says:

    I feel like this "closed species" thing is the equivalent to/of playing spore.

  • Daddy Tatty says:

    The owner of the closed species Nimbliss and their followers had attacked me. Pm me if you want some more tasty info because this 15yro child draws furry porn for adults and yet when I call them out on that I'm suddenly the worst person. I made almost all the art for nimbliss and the website but because of this fiasco I have asked they not use literally any of my art. Almost all my ideas were stolen and I was attacked constantly.

  • Quinn The Bat says:

    I have a Nimbliss, And Im Friends with the Mods & Creator, They Just recently Closed them.

    That’s all I have to say

  • Minnesotan Freedomist says:

    I must just say that isn't very freedom of them.

  • RuruTheCutie says:

    Well the only closed species I am fine with being closed are primagens, they were made as personal characters for someone and their fiancé. But after the furry fandom fell in love they were harassed heaps until they made primagens into a closed species that you could buy (for thousands of dollars but whatever), and they also created protogens so people could have similar ones and so that they don’t get harassed as much.

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    closed species make me uh mad

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    dogs are a closed specie and jesus is the owner, ask for fucking permission

  • RuruTheCutie says:

    I asked my mum for that yiff mug. She said yes. 🙂

  • Ropax says:


    Protogens are the biggest offender of this they litteraly blacklist people ect just because they didn’t follow the rules on a website that hasn’t been updated in years

    I seriously don’t understand

    And if you have anything protogen shapes your called out for it and then blacklisted

    If I wanted to be un-blacklisted I could enter the fandom through another fursona

    It’s stupid. I understand the personal value of closed species but just seriously make a public version and put only the rule “it can’t look like my personal species”

    I am so damn lucky I haven’t personally experience a closed species horror story but I swear to god my heart goes out to everyone in this video

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  • Lavender Dash Farms says:

    I've created a few species, and the only thing I ask is let me know when you make one and just put "Species Created by (my user name)" in the description. Seriously people, calm the fudge down. STOP being an single minded can of tuna and stop making closed species.

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    I understand that people want to be credited for there actual species but I don’t understand closed species

  • Art In a Can says:

    I totally understand this, and all your content Parker. I am a young artist and I so agree with you. The community is very petty and is quite annoying. I don't understand how DUMB people can be. It is SUCH A SHAME how common sense is NOT common at all. Also all your other videos I agree with and understand. Map creators, animators, all people, are all stupid and dumb. I also super enjoy your humor. You're doing great and keep up all the stuff you do on YouTube!

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