Artist's Moving Vlog | Long, drawn-out, and boring account of my moving fiasco!

Artist's Moving Vlog | Long, drawn-out, and boring account of my moving fiasco!

crickets today I don't think your guy like today very much it's moving day we where is it gonna be here soon I can't get the camera to focus sorry about that that hey guys today is moving day as you guys might have noticed my last update I am moving to Austin and today the movers get here so I've been back in for three weeks I'm not sure how it's not all done yet but I was up until 3:30 in the morning it is 8 o'clock 8:15 something like that now so I still have a lot to do I need to run to u-haul to get some more boxes and I need to finish packing up the rest and see little things in the apartment or big things rather I ran out of quick boxes the movers are supposed to get here between 12:00 and 2:00 I'm really hoping for that later end of things it's really funny before I was hoping to get here earlier so we could just be done with the day but now I need as much time as possible so I had some amazing that friends helped me yesterday my mom came over it was Mother's Day on Sunday so I should be done but I'm not so anywho I wanted to go ahead and record at this vlog this process I don't do vlogs very often as you guys know but this is ok is it necessary to walk through every blinds on the windowsill while I record this I thought it'd be fun to record this vlog and not only to show you guys what's going on why I've been the scene on the channel but also for a keepsake for me and I've never moved across the country before halfway across the country whatever you want to call this 1700 mile move from San Jose to Austin so I wanted to share a little bit of that with you and I probably won't see you again until after the mers get here I'll reflect on the day but but that's not going to do I have to run to you I'll get some boxes and you pick up some breakfast because I don't have anything in my kitchen and I will see you guys on the other side kitten says hi but also to make sure the movers go away quickly she obviously doesn't like what's happening so much for two o'clock or 12 o'clock because the movers called me at 9:00 and said that they were on their way which was very shortly after I finished recording that last little clip I was in route to the u-haul store to pick up more boxes didn't get to pick up breakfast I came straight back they gave me a little leniency gave me an extra half hour so I would have packed up some stuff that was in the entryway that they literally couldn't walk past and get into the apartment so that was eventful uh-huh very very stressful I was definitely breathing like for like an hour because I was just moving so fast my feet are completely shot somehow I broke one of my like my big toenail it's like cracked in half so that's fun I don't even know how I did that and so my living room actually doesn't lived I mean it is definitely moved out of but it doesn't look too sparse at the moment because my couch is still here my TV is still here my TV stand is here there's shelving like there's things like that and I need to list them all on Craigslist tonight and tomorrow so that people can come pick them up and get them out of here so that I don't have to move them all the way to Austin and get a kind of fresh start on those types of things crickets doing okay my second spin me around to see her she was locked up okay I'm gonna say hi she was locked up in the spare room while the movers were here and only trying to get out a couple times but mostly just sat hopefully quietly I walked in at the very very end of it she was sleeping in the Sun so that's good she is definitely taking everything in but she seems like she's taken in stride okay I have a friend who's already helped me so much so thank you Cherie so much who's coming over shortly to help me get rid of just there's still a massive amount of stuff in this apartment in terms of things I need a throw away or get rid of or any of that other stuff so she's gonna help me sort through that and then between today and tomorrow I'm just gonna be packing at my suitcases I could take two suitcases with Southwest so I'm gonna pack those to the brim and take smoked cricket stuff take my clothes take some sheets them I've already ordered an air mattress and a rug to be delivered to my new apartment because those are the two things that I needed when I arrived along with crickets new litter box god I need to fix this anyway that's the update it's been a day and I'm just gonna try and rest until my friend gets here and I'll give you enough dating a little bit hey guys um so you haven't had an update for a little while the last couple of days have been really really stressful just a precursor this these are tears of joy I'm not used to this whole logging thing about even looking at the right spot on the camera but I was sitting here packing up the remains of my room and to try and get everything that I can in his suitcases for tomorrow's flight wait I got when I got a notification on PayPal for my friends one of my friends the other day told me after my going-away party that some people wanted to pitch it I don't think I'm ever gonna get through this that's what my friends wanted a patient to help me out with the move and everything and and she just sent over more than I could have possibly imagined I was thinking you know $20 here there but it's a really sizable bow and – anyway friends who are watching this photo just thank you I know this isn't the face some of that looks happy but it just means so much to me to have such amazing people in my life it although I've never recorded anything like this for the channel before I just wanted to pick up the camera so that those people who helps me out so much good kind of a reaction to that I wish I could be with you guys and thank you for all your love and support [Applause] so I am a hot sweaty disgusting mess um we just got to our new place I hurriedly checked and got my keys and rushed to the luggage out of here so I could get crickets little situation all set but then she decided she really didn't want to be confined anymore and decided to wonder where'd you go pick it chitty-chitty she did not do well on the plane she did not care for it at all and typically when you bring a cat to a new place they really recommend that that's been a really small space as they can get your bearings but she immediately just wanted out of that walk-in closet so that'll be your safe space but she also wanted to check out everything else you hey everyone it has been a super super long day I'm just trying to relax on my new carpet courtesy of Amazon thank you for your shipping policies Amazon I realized I don't want me tarish than many apartments on my furniture gets here so that's problematic but anyway Cricut and I had a very long day she did not do well on the flight at all unfortunately um she was covered and head-to-toe urine stench so when we got back after doing some basic grocery shopping and I went back out and got cash shampoo in a towel so we could give you a bath and she didn't love it but I'm very lucky that she's still forgiving so it's been like an hour since the bath I've had a bath my hair's like tea and well I had a shower anyway and we're just both trying to get dry I'm ready for a friend to come over and I just tossed it say hello I think that's gonna be it for today and I'm just gonna try and recover and recuperate some energy maybe I'll take you on a little tour before the perfect it's fully furnished I was gonna do that before there was anything furnishing that but I was just had to hurry too much of a hurry to get her settled I'm making sure that she felt comfortable in getting everything up and running so I'll see you guys next time good morning everyone its motor is going for the first time since we've been here which is a good sign sorry that the lighting is a really really bad and I wanted to give you an update and this is kind of the only place in the apartment right now that I have a backrest which is my hair matches and any hope of getting cricket and the shot if she decides to come back up here but I just look for 11 hours which even though I have chronic pain I don't typically sleep for very long and I'm usually like 7 to 8 hours a night which is a good night versus you know bad night but 11 hours is pretty excessive so I must have been real tired and I definitely feel like I'm more ready to take on today run some errands pick up some necessities and yeah I think today it's just gonna be kind of catching up acclimating I need to do some online stuff change on my address that is and like my ordering systems online I think everything went fast that I know I moved and I'll take you along and show you any of the interesting myths but we'll see how it goes she's still pregnant that makes me happy so my plants arrived that I shipped to myself and before leaving for Texas and hopefully everyone arrived in fact alright I finally got everyone under wrapped and it looks like we've we've made it with minimal casualties a couple things here or there I'm gonna have to go to the store to get some potting soil from saved half of these mm-hmm that were shipped bare root so that means that I took all the soil off of them and put them in a little bag a little paper towel to keep them nice and moist and we need to repot them so I don't know if I'm gonna be able to do that tonight but I'll try and film it tomorrow sorry I'm super bad vlogger I didn't show you most of what I did today because I forgot so my pallets that I shipped to myself arrived today as well these are ones that didn't fit in my suitcase and I also got my new peel box today so I'll go ahead and link that down in the description below so that you can send me a little postcard or card if you want to test out the new services I think cricket was saying you have to send her a postcard too or maybe just cook it just just some postcards to cook it what do you think getting you want some mail crickey there's at your new favorite place hey guys so I think I win the award for worst father ever most of the last two days I just like haven't even thought about picking up a camera and I'm gonna entirely blame that on the stress of the move which I know you guys will understand but everything that I've been doing all the errands and I'm running and they've always been under a time crunch because crickets been here in the apartment I don't want to leave her for too long I'm just like a rush out get everything I can rush back and forget to pick up my camera in the mean time so I will try and do better as we move throughout the week I should get less stressful yeah what's up you want to be in the shot I don't think the cameras properly expose treat you being that close yeah cricket has found her new there at like perching place which is in the window and the Masters you can look out when I open it just a little bit in the morning before it gets too hot and in general this place has really bad lighting it's really really dark so yesterday one of the things I did my goodness yesterday one of the things I did is I went to Lowe's and picked up some daylight bulbs for all the other rooms in the house this one I decided to go ahead and just play into it I know if you can see that it's just me bright I got some teeth light bulbs from the master bedroom it's already really dark in here I'm going to be setting up like a little chi gong corner so like a little meditation corner a little bit later on once I get some furniture so I think I just lean into that whole idea and make it like a really calm serene place I might decide to change my mind later I have no idea if my plants are gonna be able to survive this I'll kind of show you where I have them set up now but you see how it goes so this is my entryway and just as like a precursor I have every light in the house on right now so I'm sure the camera will adjust for exposure but it's it's really not bright I'm sure you could see the grain here so right when you walk in my front door you have the living room off to the front and left of you right now I have some boxes in front of the fireplace so that cricket doesn't get in the fireplace she's never seen a fireplace before and then I'm doing what I can to get my little plant babies some light because it is so very dark in here I repotted everyone last night after going to Lowe's and getting some soil this here is my newest acquisition this is a zz plant and I wasn't going to make any plant purchases right away anyway but this little Zizi plant was potted in this pot in like a very very rootbound wanting to get out and I was only ten dollars and Zizi plants from what I've been able to find are usually more than ten dollars of that size anyway so I went ahead and picked up put them in a little terracotta pot here I've got some humidity gauges you can see a nice 76% humidity inside I'm gonna have to get some dehumidifiers or the bathrooms I'll show you that in a second and over here is my patio that right now all I have on that right now is crickets stinky carrier from the plane that I need to clean and then if we turn back around sorry for all the mess and boxes and whatnot and my furniture obviously still has not arrived we've got the kitchen over here which is a lovely assortment of plant food Tupperware cleaning supplies etc etc yeah you want to go see the studio if you can hear that lovely noise that's coming from the master bedroom ahead of us outside the window to the left the AC is broken for my neighbors that I have no / so that's been fun to sleep with in here I've got a laundry closet so space for a washer in the dryer here is the hall bath it's pretty small and dark yesterday they were in here for hours because there was water dripping out of my ceiling so that was fun in addition to that there was like mildew over here that was not there when I was here a month ago taurine and the paint is like peeling off the walls so a fun thing I learned is that ventilation is not required in Austin which I don't understand and there are no windows in this bathroom and there's an event like for when you take a shower there's nothing that you can turn on so that's just so perplexing to me I think it's a requirement in California we don't even have humidity so I don't know all right across the hall here is the studio which doesn't look like much now but hopefully in a couple of weeks we'll be up and ready to go so I've got some paint swatches on the floor right now and this are gonna be super up go in here I just moved some plants in here this mornings they could get some more wipes because this is the biggest window in the house the sliding door here there's a nice-sized closet this is gonna be where I put all like my packing ship beam product things like that and Cricut I actually should take back what I said earlier about her loving the window in my master she does love it but she hadn't been in this room before last night and they love while I was replacing the light bulbs up here and she came in and just got obsessed with this room she keeps walking around and when I close the door she likes its data and meows it's pretty adorable I think she just likes the window she likes to be able to stay out patio itself is not very wide but it's pretty deep and there's a little tiny utility closet on it and aside from the master bedroom that's pretty much the whole apartment I'm not gonna take you in the master bedroom just because it's a mess right now once I get everything a little bit more organized and nicely arranged I'll take you back so I just got a knock on my door and I wasn't expecting anything so I'm guessing that maybe one of these or both of these came from my Amazon wishlist and thought I might like to open them up on stream this one is for you this is so big to try and get on camera but I believe this is a cricket new cat tree that may have been sent by my patron Terry him and I go ahead and look for the note inside she says there's not something over for cricket I had very specific instructions to read this to you okay it says dear cricket I know this move may be confusing for you but just remember home is where your mom is I hope you enjoy your new space come here they can't see you over there cricket Terry got you a new play bed thank you so much Terry this is gonna make her feel so much more at home I think he said I wasn't supposed to arrive until like Monday at a Saturday though got here nice and early and I will work on putting it together cricket and Matt done building it yet it's not even attached I think that means she likes it Terry say yours hey guys once again I forgot to start vlogging before I went into the plant shop but I did take some footage inside the plant store so I ended up taking up three plants today one was on my list though I have wanted ever since I started researching houseplants it's called a rattlesnake Callay Thea so these gorgeous green and speckled leaves and then the undersides are purple and it's just absolutely gorgeous it's kind of hard to take care of so I'm hoping that I don't kill this one but it was just so beautiful I couldn't pass it up the other two I got are both Hoyas and this specific type of play wasn't on my list but it was such a beautiful healthy-looking plant that I decided to go ahead and get one this is called a crinkle eight oh yeah because there are like little crinkles on the leaves and they soon there's usually eight of them and then there was this other completely gorgeous hoya that has these really cute little speckle but leaves on it and it was just a really beautiful plant so I got that one is that there were so many others in the shop that I wanted actually another Callay Thea that was on my list actually a little bit higher than the rattlesnake clay Thea was I'm a little bit more common and however those points didn't look quite as healthy is that rattlesnake slay Thea that I got so I did decide to get that one instead and I'll go back on another time since the other one it's more common they should have it and I'll show you that in a future video if you guys want to see it maybe a future off-topic plant to or something but for now I'm really happy with those I need to go to Home Depot to pick up some paint samples so I can decide what color to paint the studio and then I'll probably shower after that hits or a hot and really human so I'm just trying to decide on a paint color for my new studio and now it's pretty subtle but the one on the right I don't know how well the camera will pick it up it's a very subtle very very pale light green whereas the one on the left is a little bit of a warmer white so I'm just trying to tell you what would go with the floors a little go with my desk and my studio and everything I'll wait for them to dry and share them with a friend in the morning and we'll make our decision and go from there hey guys so my patrons helped me to pick out a paint color the other day we had to postpone it a little bit I'm feeling well but I'm with my friend Cheryl and we just picked up paint at the Home Depot and I'll keep the paint color surprised until we get back but that is what we're going to be doing this afternoon so we'll see when we get back up so we were trying to decide between these two colors I originally thought that I wanted the walls to be white to just be nice and crisp but then we found this other color that's like a really serene very very pale green and those are the two colors that my patrons voted on so the reveal I mean it looks like it could be the color but it's green so we did go with the soft green and I know some of my patrons were really concerned about the color balancing my camera does not do well with green but since this is such a pale color I did some test runs on this nice big swatch here and it didn't seem to affect it so hopefully it'll be okay worst-case scenario if it's terrible I just buy white paint cover this one in particular but I like this color so much more I think it looks better the trim it's not as catchy as the white and I'm excited to get started painting all right everyone so we are finished in here it is a nice subtle shade of green they can hardly tell looks almost white almost gray that good things by something that huge thank you to my friend Cheryl who helped me do this I could not be done without you to know we'll all be sealing more I can't reach over my head and everything and I'm so happy alright so we're gonna go try all right and make sure you think her in the comments burpees I'll see you guys so you remember how I said I was like the worst vlogger ever well I think it's been three days since I've turned on the camera I just it's been so hectic I completely forgot that I was supposed to be showing you guys anything so I apologize for that we left off I think with me and Cheryl painting the studio which was on a Wednesday it's now Saturday on Monday last week I went to look at a car dealership I don't know if I mentioned in the vlog yet that my car died right before I left California so that sucked and I couldn't drive out here I had to fly and then I had to deal with the stress of trying to find a car when I when I landed here I've been in a rental this nice cushy 2019 rogue so I've been really enjoying it but I needed to find another car and I had actually already been looking at rugs before I left California and so it was really funny that they put me one in one for my rental anyway I spent Monday up at a dealership in North Austin and they didn't quite have what I wanted so I went down to San Marcos which is about a half hour south of where I live and they also they had what I wanted exactly what I wanted but it was about two thousand dollars out of budget so I had to settle for something that was a little bit more reasonable which beggars can't be choosers I'm very very grateful to have found a used car that is gonna work well and I'm excited so so today is the day it is Saturday morning on Thursday we sign all the paperwork but they had some work to do on the car and I had to get all my finances in order and so we're headed back down to San Marcos to pick up my new used car I don't know why I'm even attempting to wear a sweater here it's only 9:00 a.m. but I'm already sweating I miss kind of layering clothes I'm so used to that in California um but it is cooler than I had been before and I think there's a storm coming later this week so I'm glad we're going down to San Marcos today and I getting this settled now so I'm sitting in my new car now my new used car and it's been raining a bit which is why the windows are a bit foggy there but I'm headed back up to Austin hey guys so I am at Lowe's looking for washers and dryers and for the first time this week I remember to get up my phone in a store another big purchase are looking at here my unit has washer dryer hookups Peniel washer/dryer I'm getting to the end of my laundry supply so we're looking at the sea of washers and dryers and this is one that one of their clients specialist helped me to locate it has a really easy open top nice big base thing and then the washer also has a really easy lift on it so and excited and try it and go ahead and purchase this yay Memorial Day sales dang I like red and splotchy today yikes I think hey we are at Starbucks finally it is Monday Memorial Day and I did a couple of live streams earlier today it was only intended to be a patreon one I accidentally went alive to the channel and that little clip is probably deleted once I upload this vlog what it was just me checking in with you guys let me know I was alive and then I said I was gonna go do some artwork at the local coffee shop and I sat around for like four or five hours instead so I'm here now anyway and my glasses are straight up like soggy from the humidity and moisture in the air it's pretty hot in the car I can't record with the a/c on because noise but I'm gonna head on in I'll show you some artwork and hopefully lost them you who's that kitten happy oh my gosh I'm so excited I have been waiting it for this for a long time I was holding off purchasing one for myself just because they cost a bit but I finally bit the bullet and it sure cost a lot less than name brand so I'm gonna hope that the internet reviews did not steer me poorly and this is the equivalent of a Roomba it is an off-brand robot a vacuum cleaner the reason I wanted this so so so badly is because I could get is because well on her and – with my chronic pain vacuuming is a really big problem for me in this new place I finally have hard floors they're vinyl but they're still hard floors and so I am really excited to have a little robot vacuum that can clean up things on a regular basis that I'll help me out so that I don't have to also do vacuuming with my back the way it is so let's go ahead and unbox this guy oh wow he's bigger than I thought he would be I was actually just at that Bath and Beyond earlier today because I had to pick up some sheets they are supposed to deliver my belongings on Friday and I've been using the sheets that I have here since I got here so I went out bought new sheets that could be totally clean and fresh and ready so that I don't have to worry about it the day that everything gets here and oh and when I want to do at the end of the day is class so go to the laundromat earlier I washed my clothes I've had here as well we're back together I got sidetracked earlier because I was really excited about those sheets but what I meant to say earlier when I mentioned that Bath and Beyond was that I saw a Roomba in there for seven hundred and ninety-nine dollars and this was only like 225 dollars so thank you Amazon thank you euphy we're gonna go with you thief and right now he's just charging I don't think you can see in this terrible terrible lighting I think you're just seeing the reflection of the ceiling it has like a really nice shiny finish on top of it that has like some nice like pattern like streaking on us it's not just solid black I know what is this huh so we're just gonna let him charge up because he's not ready to go yet and I will come back when we can do our first cleaning cycle so I have been running a bunch of errands this afternoon and then when I walked by I stopped dead in my tracks when I realized the light had turned from orange to blue we are ready look at him go it's so cute make it what is that you today they finally get to put together my bookshelf which would be the backdrop for all my videos moving forward at least when the cameras focused at me so I have been really excited to put this together Amazon it can be two packages one contained all these wood piano seashells they're real wood they're not particle board or MDF or anything and then I also have the framework back here along with lots of parts and whatnot I won't think about what's really neat about this particular order and you know this when I work but I'm used to seeing add mentions in shipments just that you have something to put those together but they also gave me a screwdriver which is super nice and courteous it might just moved here don't have my toolbox yet so you're just doing this unit once it's up if you see it and like it up a little link in the description below so you can find it – it was pretty affordable for what it is I'm excited to put it together I might have enough adjusting in the instructions if I want to stay in a ton of my mountains so you're supposed to install the entire thing fly on the ground and then lift it up I know that I cannot lift these by heavy wooden boards plus the framework on my own so I might try and install them a little bit differently and see if I can in the mouth and have it still be sturdy if not construct at all and the movers will have to help me and stand it up tomorrow when they get here but hey finally then the versions are getting here tomorrow so all around there's a lot of excitement going to be happening in the next 24 hours so let's go ahead and get started are you gonna help cricket I would appreciate your help nope we're just gonna go stand by the window [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] well it's all done I feel really accomplished it didn't recommend to people especially for physical ailments that's always scary University but I'm happy the way it turned out we modified and the strategy of putting another went a little off instructions but it turned out okay yes some of you were probably like holding your breath but we never hurt myself but I made sure everything I did was within my range I need you not to tighten up all the bolts right away and so that we get everything right you need to be before we tighten it up and otherwise I think it's pretty cool and it's a little bit darker than I expected it's darker than the floors next will be fur I think the color of my floors but hopefully once it's all styled goodbye air mattress so I don't recommend sleeping on an air mattress for three weeks oh but if you do I really like this model it's really sturdy it has an auto fill and an auto unfilled also so it's pretty cool the cord sits right inside of here I'll put the link in the description below and the price wasn't even too bad on it I there so hopefully I can use this some people come to visit me here in Austin alright the bed has been put away and now it's just time to wait for them to get here keeping with the theme of the rest of this move delivering his absolute garbage if you guys remember the movers got to my place early in San Jose so I didn't have time to pack everything so there was a bit of a panic with that whole situation and then they came to deliver today almost three weeks later great delivery window by the way and almost all of my boxes have very substantial damage to them not sure in what world delivering someone's moving boxes like this is acceptable the movers that were delivering my stuff continued to put heavy boxes on top of boxes marked fragile and glass and ceramics and like I get that some of this type of damage is because there's not enough paper in the box I understand that so if there's anyone who deals with moving and you want to scold me for that I understand but then there's other boxes that straight up had puncture marks in them luckily I think everything in my high-value boxes hopefully arrived intact I still have to go through everything make sure it's all there but they at least took care of those boxes if nothing else I can't find the specific box that had the giant puncture mark in it at the particular moment but I promise you it's here somewhere the silver lining and all of this is that I finally have a bed to sleep on so yay for that Oh another thing that the movers did when they got here or not when they got here specifically but when they were putting together my bed I had my laptop on the floor it's a heavy one it's the one I use for streaming and I had a pile of artwork sitting next to it off out of their way they didn't have to go over there at all this is all stuff I had here before and they set it on top of my pile of artwork so a lot of that got damaged it meant to so I'm having a super awesome day I hope your guys's day is better let's let the kitten out of the closet my dear you are free have you enjoyed it in here probably not but at least you were safe from all the moving I know this has been where Cricut has been staying in my walk-in closet since we started now I can finally move everything out of there but her food back in the kitchen I moved her cat tree in there just this morning so she'd have something to sleep in while the movers were here but I'm gonna go ahead take a break trying to wrap my head around everything that just happened this morning and I'll see you guys later one more thing I forgot to show you is that I was so freaking excited to be able to get back to work and my desk does this now so that's fun my other desk is broken entirely I knew that it was gonna arrive this way the legs weren't super solid so so to do any work whatsoever I either it to set up my dining table and set up camp there or I just have to buy new tables I don't like either option really but I will try and figure out something here the only two things in the world right now that I am feeling grateful for all right little nugget and the fact that I have a bed to sleep on tonight the rest of it I'll just have to deal with huh so I just found these on the carpet underneath my bed that go to my bed that'll be fun so today was completely overwhelming and rather than jump right in to continuing to open boxes for the rest of the day I decided to hook up my computer to make sure that it functioned it's on my dining room table right now because as you saw the desk is broken it took a while to get set up I was plucking the monitor into the motherboard instead of the video drive video video card see I know computers my sister Jenny and her husband were able to help me with that so thank you to both of them and then I just played at my favorite video game for a few hours I haven't played here's the storm for three weeks and so I was just feeling like I needed to blow off a little bit of steam so I did that and then I wrote a letter to my patrons and to my family and friends I'm gonna take a shower clearly because my hair is sopping wet now and it's pretty late but I have a little bit of a renewed sense of optimism for tomorrow rather than looking at it like oh my gosh I have to unpack all these boxes it took me a month how am I ever gonna do it I think I'm gonna treat it like it's Christmas and like I just have the biggest pile of presents ever and just go to town and do what I can do I think I'll need to take a trip in the morning just to pick up a couple of organizational like baskets and shelves but that's the game plan excitement Christmas morning I'm packing all the presents and getting things back to normal as quickly as I can hey guys so it's been a couple days since I recorded I'm not necessarily gonna apologize this time it's not that I forgot to turn on the camera it's that I was in like a pretty severe bout of depression after that I didn't say move day I had a really hard time with it coping with everything on my own I know I have an amazing support system online but I used I didn't want to talk to anyone I didn't have the mental capacity to talk to anyone I just couldn't keep anything straight I couldn't form words I couldn't talk about what had happened I just think I needed some time to process and handle and deal with everything that was going on so today is Tuesday and everything was delivered on Friday I sent most the weekend slowly unpacking / checking things but mostly trying to relax and bring my stress levels back down to bring my depression into check and today I went up to visit my friends that lives north of Austin and had lunch with her and that was really fun and then my other friend Cheryl who helped me paint the office which is over there she was just over helping me hang some new artwork so let me show you guys that real quick so the first piece that we put up is this big piece over the fire mantel which I'm really excited about as an artist I tend to try and support other artists if I'm buying large pieces of artwork that are not in my style or small pieces of artwork they're not in my style but this particular piece I found in the Bath & Beyond and I know it's mass-produced but it does have like this raised texture that was done by hand it was different on every painting and the the painting is just beautiful and it brings me so much joy I do wish that they had like signatures on them or ways to find the original artist because it's just so lovely but I'm really glad to have this and all my man till I was able to unbox and things today including this bottle here of Amarula was one that I purchased in South Africa when I went on my trip there so I brought that back with me and then they're just like little trinkets here and there this is a swan egg from one of the animals that used to be at the zoo I worked at a very very long time ago and then I've got some my plants around here nice macrame holders that I don't think you guys have seen yet put those up a couple days ago I finally got a lamp well I didn't get a lamp I had a layup and unpacked a lamp but I've liked in here so that's exciting I was also able to get some things up in my entryway to hang reisel bags on and my keys so they're not screwed across the floor so I'm excited to have this up here there's still a lot of work to do but I just wanted to kind of check in let you know I'm feeling better and that I am slowly working that through all these boxes trying to sort things out it's finally couch delivery day they're coming in with it soon it's gonna go right back here and I'll finally have a place to say I finally have a couch it was pretty easy for the delivery that is popped in put the feet on but I get so long we were good to go and I ended up getting this couch from Ashley home furniture store I don't I think that's what they call it and it is in like a very light turquoisey blue color it was going a little bold usually I'm a very beige person like the rest of this place but I wanted a nice pop of color and hopefully it'll fit in nicely once everything else is in here so the forecast still is reading as partly cloudy here in Austin so I don't know if you can still hear in the video but it is completely storming outside but luckily this little bug doesn't seem to care come on come on dinner doesn't bother you that's good to know yeah I know you're not a big fan of cameras Thunder no problem like cameras all clothes are scary so known for a while that when I moved to Austin that I'd want to get my hair cut I've been growing it out for a really long time I really like all my long curls but I am moving to Texas just in time for summer heat so I've already been pretty sweltering I have my hair at most days and it doesn't make any sense to have long hair if you never wear it down so I went ahead and went to the diva curl website to find a diva curl curly hair stylist if you're not familiar with curly hair stuff there's a different technique for cutting curly hair that you do it dry and make sure that the shape is right gotta you gotta and I'm pretty shocked Austan supposed to be cheaper than the Bay Area right but haircuts aren't apparently all the haircuts here from a diva stylist from what I can see are over a hundred dollars well over a hundred dollars plus tip and I just don't have that kind of money right now so we are gonna do it ourselves I know this isn't the smartest idea in the entire world I have cut my hair before on several occasions it's never looked terrible so this is gonna be a little bit different than other ways that I've cut my hair where I've like gone around my entire head and just done it that way I found a video for cutting a curly hair called the unicorn technique so we're gonna start there see how it goes and trim it up hopefully it works that so hopefully this goes without saying but I obviously did not do the diva curl technique by cutting my hair dry and all that I can't see around the back of my head my shoulders wouldn't allow for that anyway but I did the best I could I trimmed up a little bit here and there after I pulled my hair out of the unicorn thing and I'll wait for it to dry shrink back up and then make fine-tuned adjustments from there so it's not short by any means by most people's standards but I did take several inches off that this isn't much as I was comfortable doing it right now we'll see how it looks might get shorter later or I might go to a salon and have them fix it if it doesn't turned out very well so it's been a couple hours my hair has dried and it has shrunk as expected and I'm glad I didn't go any shorter because this is definitely short enough for me right now you can definitely tell what a professional did not cut this but the good thing about curly hair is that kind of blends together and it's not super super noticeable I'm like it would be if you had straight hair so that's pretty good it looks nice on this side if I parted this direction on this side it's pretty obvious that I've got like that chunky layer in here and then it doesn't blend out very nicely so we'll see how it goes I have a pair of the scissors that I've been using are like professional quality scissors so I have them on hand if I need to trim up anything over the next couple of days and hopefully this can get me through until I can afford an actual proper haircut hey everyone so it is the weekend and my patron and good friend Jacqueline came over from Houston to help me do some unpacking we got the kitchen done today which is really exciting and now we are doing a little bit of art stuff so I'll prop you up on the table and let you take a look while we're doing that I'm recording over your shoulder just that's very little such I don't have to use it if you don't want it's mostly just my messy apartment [Laughter] so before Jacqueline went back home I wanted to go ahead and bring her to my favorite nursery that I found here in Austin we're at the great outdoors so let's head on in and see if we can find a little plant for her to take home with did you find one you like we are going with these lipstick black pagoda very nice so we found it jack on her little lipstick plan that she's going to take home with her and I had so much fun we had a blast she helped me unpack my kitchen and get everything situated so and it's hot I mean it is so hot I feel like I'm gonna melt where you get her back to an air-conditioned car and I've been here what 20 minutes I've been outside alright so I just got back from the nursery Jacqueline is on her way home but right before getting don't go in there alright before we went there I got a very cool important delivery or that I have been waiting for for a couple of weeks that is right my new washer and dryer are here so you guys saw me shopping it for these a couple weeks ago well in the same video but for me it was a couple weeks ago they are finally here I have no idea how these delivery people got them in here it is a tight tight fit for whatever reason whoever was designing this apartment decided that would be a good idea to put a door that folds into the hallway between the room and the front door so it was a little bit of a little to get them in here it'll be nice and close to go from the washer to the dryer since there's barely any space between them but I am so excited to do my first load of laundry in my brand new adult washers and dryers all right I haven't read the manuals yet I think that's all the settings I need I'm just going to try out the washer with my load of like towels and things that were clean before I left but sitting inside these boxes they've gotten a little bit musty so I'm gonna load on up and let you know how it goes oops that's what I get for looking at the camera instead of the compartment sorry I'm not sure spinning does anything if their water and Suns in there but you do you don't let me tell you how to live your life sounds like a spacestation I've really never been happier to do laundry in my entire life I couldn't get to my washer fast enough but it's sing us a little song it was so cute just so little room in here but I'm just gonna go ahead and put some dragger balls in the dryer for those of you guys not familiar with these these are thick made out of wool and they help to do the same thing a dryer sheet would do so it helps keep the static down while helping ear things dry faster and softening them up a bit and they're friendly because you can just keep reusing them over and over again hi cut it this time so there is a massive storm coming through tonight my friend Cheryl called to warn me and letting me know that it probably be worse than what I've seen so far there's been fender and lightning lots of rain pulled my plants down onto the ground luckily cricket doesn't seem to care at all which is surprising but welcomed you don't care about lightning and thunder there's some pretty huge thunder although it does sound like it's further away that it was a few minutes ago that one was closer so the desk is here and up and constructed I haven't filmed for several days just kind of intentionally taking some time getting everything sorted taking a break all that good stuff yeah but this is my new desk it's from the company Jarvis or Foley comm I upgraded for my last one which was from a less reputable company that did not have as good reviews this one is super super super sturdy and goes up and down just like the old one did but better so I can bring it to standing height when I am working and be nice and set and then Cheryl also help me flip over my art table I got the legs but on the other day and it still needs to be refinished I started to stand it before I left San Jose and gave up I'm figured I'd do the rest here so I just need to refinish my desk get everything situated and then we will be ready to go back to work I know it still looks like a pigsty right now but soon this will be at my very lovely new office and studio and I cannot wait yesterday I also put up my little inspiration wall here of my friends artwork another artist that I have collected over the years I'm super excited to have this all hanging up it's a little hard to show here we go if I stand all the way on the other side there you can see it there probably about 5 and a half a foot long strings of twine with little tiny clothes pins that are super cute and so it's right across from where I will be sitting and working on my arch so have a nice little look at that I also started organizing inside the closet again I know it doesn't look like that no but I have three little doors on the bottom there open shelving on the top and some casing here for packaging orders I'm not gonna do a full tour in this video because that'll be its own video and you guys I think that brings us to the end of the vlogging experience so just pop it in the frame here real quick sorry you see grimy looking after putting together those desks for several hours on a very hot afternoon but thank you guys for watching this blog I hope you guys have had fun seeing when I'm up too for those of you who don't like blogs you're probably not still watching but if not we're gonna get back to regular content real soon I'm gonna restart the rant my brand series will have some other content I'll take you on a studio tour and yeah I'm excited to get back to work so I'll see you guys all soon thank you guys for watching and thank you all for your support during this crazy crazy move I'm glad the end is finally in sight until I see you next time happy painting you


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