Artscape Gibraltar Point – Artist Residencies on Toronto Island

Artscape Gibraltar Point - Artist Residencies on Toronto Island

I even wanted to lock myself up for a few years now and now now's my chance it was at one time a long Peninsula coming off the Scarborough Bluffs and then in 1858 a hurricane came and blew the eastern wind out and we became great big studios anywhere else in terms of studios within the city limits this is this is the place you know and anybody who wants to get something done in the relative quiet and stuff but over the years it's gotten pretty popular and that's good because we want to see this place survive it's been an incredible place for me to meet so many different artists working in so many different forms it's a functional communist this way the Eagles are constantly moving through so no one's here for long enough to drive each other crazy and I could always go to the kitchen to have some company but then sometimes I come in here I couldn't work for hours and there's absolutely nowhere to go there's no stores and go for a walk on the beach you're meeting strangers that you never would have come across otherwise some like really magical moments happening and I had a dream that I had a beautiful studio right near the water and I phoned up Lisa and I said you and him have an open issue and she said as a matter of fact somebody just cancelled yeah and maybe takes me like 45 minutes from my house I ride my bike here and it's it's really nice especially once you're on the island side it's such a nice I like the key music as part of my routine that's part of my getting to work I feel like I'm here for a reason and just the act of coming here feels very intentional I heard about Artscape two days before I actually moved here which was amazing and I heard a lot of stories so I was so happy to just be here and get a studio and and we're lucky enough to be here and paint and experience

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