Attorney Claims Chris Fehn Is Just A Hired Musician, Wants Slipknot Case Dismissed

Attorney Claims Chris Fehn Is Just A Hired Musician, Wants Slipknot Case Dismissed

epicentre may 10th 11th and 12:00 2019 Rockingham North Carolina tickets are going fast and we're only weeks away do not miss one of the biggest rock festivals in the world featuring performances by the Foo Fighters Korn Rob Zombie tool Bring Me The Horizon Evanescence 311 Killswitch Engage and so many more do not miss a once-in-a-lifetime lineup tickets are going fast get your tickets now by clicking the link in the description of this video we're continuing to follow developing story between Slipknot and their now former percussionist chris fehn who has filed a suit against the band claiming that they wouldn't give him access to their finances and that they are forming LLC's around the country and he's not sure what type of revenue they are gaining from it and if that money is being dispersed equally to the members of the band now it is Chris's position that he is involved in an equal partnership with the other members of the band and that he has somewhat of a controlling interest of the group with Cory Taylor and clown just being placed in good faith leadership's for the group of course we've had Tripp law on the show the attorney representing chris fehn who has told us that chris fehn feels as if the band is refusing to let him see those financial records and they want that to be made available to them so they can determine whether or not he is due any compensation if you'd like to see that discussion with Chris vanes attorney you can click the card up on your screen now now moving on we have a big update in the case in which there has been a response from the Slipknot camp mainly their business manager the attorneys for Robert Shore filed an affidavit on his behalf and he has a full response to the claims being made by chris fehn of course we're not attorneys here take this with a grain of salt this is just an opinion and we are not legal experts here but we're gonna try to make the most of it as we can some of it is in plain language there's a lot of legalese there but we are going to try to make the most there is some plain claims made in this document that you can clearly make sense of and we're gonna get right into it here you have on your screen the affidavit which was filed in New York state court today and it says Robert Shore being duly sworn to poses and says Rob Shore and associates is a duly created and active New York state corporation that renders music business management services and then blah blah blah blah blah he says I found at RSA I'm an RSA employee I am also the president of RSA it's an independent distinct corporate entity that / all acts of such independent distinct corporate entities including maintaining bank accounts maintaining employees paying them withholding taxes filing tax returns paying rent paying insurance premiums etc they do a lot for bands and bands have complicated legal situations does he routinely interact with all RSA clientele as well as others who may be associated with the clientele they are clients of RSA and the interaction is on behalf of RSA the process being applied to the entities conducting the business of the musical band professionally known as Slipknot to the extent I've ever undertaken to an act on behalf of Christopher fain it was or would have been in no capacity other than an RSA employee so what he's saying here is common with people who run businesses that when people make legal threats against you they tend to do so in a personal manner but the reality is they have to file those claims against your business they can try to sue you personally but that is something that is very difficult to do when you have an LLC or a corporation there are protections in place that prevent people from being able in the first place to sue you so they're obviously you're here asking for at least Rob Shore to begin with to be removed from the equation and they have to go after his company which is different than his personal finances and then on top of that they're saying no you're also gonna throw out Rob Shore and associates because we didn't do anything wrong either we're gonna get to that now this is a really interesting part here this is something that was really not previously known and is certainly different from what chris fehn said in his documents that he believed that he was involved in a partnership with the band they performed as a partnership they made equal decisions and then Cory Taylor and clown were responsible for basically putting those plans into action and now we're gonna see a little bit of a preview of likely what Slipknot is going to say if their business manager who handled all their financial documents is to be believed he's saying that quote mr. fain performed with Slipknot and received a fee for doing so he is not a shareholder owner or member of any business entity he names as a defendant in this action so that is an explosive claim here that chris fehn was nothing more than a hired gun despite the fact he was in the band for over 20 years they're saying that he was hired as basically a touring member and and not someone who was you know creating music with the band and that makes you wonder what the status of the other members of the band are who are the controlling members who are the owners of the band he says I have been involved in the music management business for decades and have had operated RSA since 2008 I talks about what services he provides he says he's never been sued by a client and so on and so forth we're gonna go to another document here where he sort of talks about Corey and clowns role within the band as well now next up we're gonna point you to this document that was filed in which Rob Shore and his business through the attorneys of course named who they believe are the controlling owners of Slipknot they say that defendants Michael Shaun crane and Corey Taylor are founding members of the musical band professionally known as Slipknot all remaining defendants are entities through which the band's business is or was conducted they're saying that that essentially everyone else in the band except for Corey and clown are not shareholders they're not owners they are being paid for providing a service and that service is to perform in Slipknot and this is becoming an increasingly common thing in the band world where you have members of a certain group that are essentially being paid to tour with the band and that is it that is a common practice in the music industry this may make some people mad but that is just a matter of fact there are people who own portions of bands this is you know this this is something that may upset people but gorian clown if they do own the band and this was something privately known it wouldn't be something that they would come out and publicly say hey just so you guys know we we own the band the fact that people don't know this about Slipknot is actually a good thing you know the question is is worthy other members of Slipknot mislead you certainly don't see at least at this point other members including past members of Slipknot filing any sort of claim saying that they were being misled about their status in the band but it does appear that that that Chris believed that he was in some sort of a leadership or ownership position and that he was a stakeholder in the group but this is not what the business manager for the band is claiming it is completely understandable that Cory and clown would assert themselves as business managers and and and founding members of the band I don't think that any Slipknot fan would would believe that there were any other members who are doing more business related matters for the group or that they aren't the faces of the band at this point now you could make the argument several years back that you had you know Joey being an integral part of the band it's unclear what his status is v still has some sort of ownership stake from this document it doesn't appear that that is so and again there are people who are no longer in bands that still receive you know portions from from their time in the group that is something to but from this point we haven't heard anything from Joey about that and so it's likely that that situation is completely resolved it just seems at this point as if there was some sort of a miscommunication where Chris believed he was something in the band and unfortunately that was not true and it's gonna be a difficult thing for him to overcome disproving that because there are many people out there who do believe that Cory and clown are the leaders in the band and they do seem to do the most at least publicly in the band not that there aren't other people that are big contributors to the group but you also have people that are big contributors to companies that don't own the business you know I'm sorry but sometimes the fourth wall is broken down and people have to find out things that are uncomfortable about businesses that you just have to understand if you want Slipknot to continue to be a thing if you want your favorite bands to continue to be a think there are partnerships in place there are business documents in place sometimes that give other people more ownership and and sometimes there's only one guy who the band so it's it's a difficult thing to understand it makes a lot of people angry but it certainly isn't unprecedented that you could have two guys or the sole members of Slipknot people tend to conflate the the gimmick and I don't say that in a negative way but you know the the the aura of Slipknot the aesthetic of Slipknot the story of Slipknot as it pertains to them as an entertainment property with the fact that they also have to run a business this was something similar that we saw with the members of Ghost you had Tobias come out and say I'm the leader of the band in fact in many ways this is almost the exact same situation we have these other members saying that you're you have at least here one other member who's suing and you don't even have multiple other members and he's saying that he's entitled this and and you look what happened in that case of course this was in another country – by us up to this point now pending on appeal he has been recognized as the sole owner of the band so we're just gonna have to wait this one out it's a difficult situation to look at but when you do look at it there is an argument to be made that quarry and clown are members but of course Chris is entitled to you know make his case and and hopefully he can see the finances you know but again we're gonna keep an eye on this thanks for joining us here at Rock feed thanks for sticking with us it's been difficult last few days making some renovations here in the studio to roll out some exciting updates in the show format that we think you'll enjoy so alright thanks so much for joining us be sure to subscribe with notifications on so you don't miss out on breaking hard rock and heavy metal news stick with 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  • Rock Feed says:

    Just want to clarify something that may have been misstated in the video: we don't know for sure that Corey and Clown are the ONLY owners or stakeholders of the band. For the purposes of this legal document, they are merely referenced in response to the claim filed by Chris Fehn. I just want to be fair to everyone involved. We don't know for sure yet whether Corey and Clown are the sole owners of the group.

  • Luke Highwalker89 says:

    its the buisness… its the moneygame…. its the same shit like the wu-tang clan had to deal with

  • Lace 7 says:

    This is disgusting, Chris gave his life for the band. On a human, friend level some ownership should be shared. Greed and Capitalism is not a good thing, workers should own the means of production. Two should not get everything just because they started it, when 7 others worked equally hard

  • Inked says:

    Slipknot is Shawn's band always has been always will be. How do people not know this he made the band and how the heck did Chris think he was a part owner? Clearly since Paul died and Joey left Corey has been brought in as a part owner or whatever… No other member has ever had an issues with money ownership or anything then you have Chris, think that says it all really.

  • boznia says:

    Hired musician? He was a founder!

  • Jonathan Ellis says:

    The whole situation sucks, but honestly I haven’t enjoyed anything they’ve given us after All Hope Is Gone. The band seems to be crumbling at this point, but I’m sure they’ve all lined their pockets pretty well (especially Corey and Shawn) and they’ve definitely given us some classic albums (1-4) so I’m not too sad that it’s coming to an end. Could have been worse. And if Chris actually is owed anything I hope he gets it. RIP Paul

  • Kodiak the Karnivore says:

    Didn’t know what to think at first, but that statement alone makes me feel like Fehn’s lawsuit more than likely holds some weight

  • delvan del says:


  • eddy ed says:

    Its simple corey leaves the band loses big stock… Corey stays the band is worth something. He knows this and wants to be treated as such. Hes the most undisposable member. Egos suck wish they can work it out. I still miss paul and joey

  • Lucky Joestar says:

    Corey’s not an original member. Anders Colsefini was vocalist for two years before Corey replaced him.

  • Mateo Davidson says:

    These guys treat their members worst than KISS. Joey Jordison was the most talented. Corey is a backstabbing egomaniac leftist fuck. Maybe they'll have to do like other bands: Chris's Slipknot; Cory's Slipknot.

  • Lisa Baron says:

    I'm so happy he's out of the band he complained so much about the other band members not treating him fairly

  • Zionist pigs says:

    99% of the comments = 1 band member leaves with beef = Band is getting ruined and it will end. You are not slipknot fans you are Chirs fans. You will never know what really happened. Info will never be 100% complete out in public. Retards.

  • Matt Hydra says:

    The irony being the attorney is desperately trying to put out the flames with comments like this, instead they are pouring gasoline on them since it makes Slipknot look like a huge con.

  • taproot12 says:

    Chris Fehn is a goddamn treasure. First they fire Joey, and now this? I lost all my respect for this band.

  • pete says:

    Well then I want slipknot to end…..a bunch of hypocrites

  • 8bit Flea says:

    Slipknot needs to end it after this album

  • J Fagan says:

    Slipknot trolling so hard 😂 y’all gonna feel real stupid when chris performs tomorrow

  • RVCAXD says:

    Chris fehn got left behind

  • LtCmdrMaximus says:

    I mean dude he sort of is I want prof of what he contributed artistically to put him in this position to feel like he should be making the same as the ones carrying the band like fuck Chris got greedy and that’s that.. if Cory had a problem w it you know it’s legit bull shit he is never a bullshiter nor lier anyone who wants to challenge that must not understand Cory or the band as a whole.

  • Fernando Flores says:


  • Heavy Metal Warrior says:

    I love slipknot always have from a young age, joey being kicked from he's own band was just the beginning. Also corey goes behind jim's back and gets him kicked out of stone sour, then we have all this BS with Chris being a so called "hired musician" smh, which leaves me to believe and I know I'll probs get some hate here but it's gotta be said, how many of those tears when Paul died were nothing but crocodile tears, I'm kinda losing respect for certain members of the band or should I say "The duo that make up slipknot" I think we are witnessing the end of SlipKnot as much as it pains me to say so. This is when money overtakes so called "brotherhood"…

  • Willpower says:

    it's just a fuckin business , ppl get hired and fired like any other business , and all these kids being fooled

  • Willpower says:

    man fuck slipknot , the song people = shit is about themselves ,and fuck outta here with that we are brothers shit fuckin hypocrites , they're all about the money that's all

  • Dariusz Pauls says:

    slipknot is going down after paul gray 🙁

  • about the Metal says:

    Betrayal is a sick act and payback will find the guilty

  • SAW says:

    Slipknot management will lose this suit. Hired gun my ass.

  • Courtney Elizabeth says:

    This just goes to show that they never gave a fuck about Chris(sadly). And some of you fans are begging Slipknot to let Chris back. That just shows that some of you "fans" dont give a fuck about Chris, just the idea of the original lineup. If you cared about Chris, you would not be wanting him to go back into a band with people who never cared about him, always treated him like shit. And hurt him so badly.

  • taz iscool says:

    I dont if it tru but apparently Chris was never a full owner of slipknot I don't where I heard it

  • hm78cfalls The Youtubian says:

    Ego and tears.
    Used to be metal and beers..
    These are the days of slipknots lives..
    Must be something in the face paint?
    Seems to get absorbed through the skin causing the KISS syndrome aka Sand in your greedy vagina! Lol.

  • mike persinger says:


  • Steven Skeens says:

    this is soooo not metal.

  • Mar Cruz says:

    Chris Fahn ✔️👍
    Corey Taylor 🔴👎

  • Poppa Jacks says:

    Feel bad for Chris 21 years only for them to say he's a hired musician that's disrespectful

  • 380stroker says:

    Corey and Clown will be the demise of this band. The money got to them. Corey turned into an Anti-American SJW communist. Let the knot burn

  • Solar DNA says:

    Come on guys, we've seen this before in Civil War. When someone like Thanos comes along they'll all band together again to save the universe.

  • DK.1 DK says:

    If he's not part of the band their ownership then why is his name on the albums as songwriters ??

  • CR7TheGunner says:

    I bet you Paul wishes that this is all staged to follow the whole "next album will be Iowa levels of heavy" bc when they made Iowa, there were issues of members hating each other…

  • TannerLewis says:


  • HowardTheDork says:

    Thats how they treat "family"… Imagine how little they give a shit about all the nameless fanboys

  • Jon Bryant says:

    Why are they all of a sudden falling apart?

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