Avengers Writers Reveal the Hidden Endgame & Infinity War Secrets! (Nerdist News w/ Amy Vorpahl)

Avengers Writers Reveal the Hidden Endgame & Infinity War Secrets! (Nerdist News w/ Amy Vorpahl)

this episode of Nerdist news is sponsored by Borderlands 3 the Avengers riders reveal everything that got snapped out of infinity war and end game we're here at the borderlands 3 museum of mayhem and we're breaking down that Avengers and game writers panel at the finale of Avengers endgame when Tony Stark booted up his own Infinity Gauntlet and reminded the entire world that he was in fact Iron Man one last time order was restored to the MCU everything that vana snapped out of existence five years prior was blipped back in a heroic act of self-sacrifice or so we thought because this week we learned that there was so much more torn out of the Infinity Saga than we could have ever imagined and it was done by the only people in the MCU with more power than Thanos the writers Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely the scribes who began their relationship with Marvel nearly a decade ago with Captain America the First Avenger lived themselves onto the Hall H stage at Comic Con on Friday to discuss what it was like to tackle the two biggest superhero movies of all time and write a fitting conclusion to 11 years of filmmaking in the process they revealed a lot of what goes into the secret sauce of Marvel storytelling as well as a lot of what doesn't go in Marcus said that when it comes to writing Marvel is not a panic based company that means writers are granted the trust and the freedom to explore ideas they like and also get rid of those at any point if they don't seem to be working and when they say at any point they really mean at any point one of the most surprising revelations of things that were cut from the two movies was that Professor Hulk or Smart Hulk was actually supposed to make his first appearance at the end of infinity war in the original script Bruce Banner finally overcomes his mental wrestling match with the Hulk on the Wakanda battlefield and triumphantly explodes out of the Hulkbuster as the professor Hulk hybrid to kick call obsidians ass but that scene wasn't just written it was actually filmed remember that early trailer for infinity war that showed Hulk charging into action with the rest of the event it appears that wasn't the studio planning fake footage it was actually supposed to be in the film at that point but eventually everyone decided that it through the pace way off as Marcus explained it was completely the wrong tone for that moment in the movie it was this moment of victory while we were headed toward defeat so at the last second the script was rewritten and reshot with banner in the Hulkbuster suit and professor Hulk's intro was saved for endgame but that was just the tip of the iceberg when it came to some of the crazy stuff that we came really close to seeing in the infinity saga at one point producer Kevin Feige got really into the idea of putting some of the more psychedelic elements of the Marvel cosmic universe into the film in one version as Stannis and dr. strange came to blows Marcos explained Doctor Strange blew Thanos's mind and sent him through the mindscape this ended with Thanos at the feet of the Living Tribunal a cosmic entity from Marvel Comics who is a three faced judge of all realities and helps maintain order across the multiverse eventually they cut it probably because it was a little too bonkers for the story they were telling but it does sound like it would be fun if you were watching it under the right influence however not as much fun would have been the much darker version of endgame that the writers toyed with apparently there was even more time-travel shenanigans in the script at one point but it didn't exactly result in more back to the future type hijinks instead there was a scene where Thanos returns to the present timeline with 2012 Captain America's severed head in his hand as proof that the Avengers standing up to him is ultimately futile pretty quickly it was decided that the scene was too morbidly dark and audiences weren't subjected to the sight of America's ass losing his head Thor's journey and infinity war was also a bit different the idea that he needed to get Stormbreaker was always in place but originally he was going to have to fight a giant serpent to get it but eventually McFeely and Marcos decided they wanted something a bit more character based and a bit less Chamber of Secrets which we're happy about because that decision is what probably eventually led to one of the most greatest team ups in the MCU Thoren rocket of course it's not just big ideas that end up in the trash bin sometimes little ideas are lost too like a scene where all the missing Avengers eat pizza together after getting snapped back into existence sounds like they were trying to get back a little of that shawarma magic from the first Avengers however this freedom to experiment also led the writers to some weird ideas that did end up saying in the movie like the decision to kill thanos in the first 20 minutes of endgame we spent a couple of months going what do we do as this guy McFeely said so in a moment of frustration they decided to just freaking kill him which turned out to be one of the biggest unexpected surprises in the entire history of the MCU they even revealed that they may not be done with these weird thought experiments just yet when asked if there's currently two Captain America's coexisting in the MCU the hero we've been following since first Avenger and the Zadi who's been going on Cabos cruises with Peggy Carter all Marcus could say was there are varying theories I am very entertained by that theory so are we Marcus so are we but what do y'all think is there anything you wanted to see in the Infinity Saga that got the boot which movie do you like more endgame or infinity war and what weird stuff do you want to see in their future films let's discuss thanks again to Borderlands 3 for sponsoring today's episode the original shooter looter is back and bigger than ever with four all-new vault hunters and over 1 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  • Alien Hunter46 says:

    Did chobot skip comic con???

  • Devin Salerno says:

    My god, the thought of thanos having to face the living tribunal blows my mind, kinda wished they did that

  • NeedleHair says:

    Where did you get your outfit? it's so cool!

  • Sol Konstrukt says:

    as of endgame I give no fucks what they do./. As a Nerd will go back to comics..

  • Sol Konstrukt says:

    I will say this Marvel had a great cast with iron man and avengers and guardians of the galaxy..To kill off the main attractions was dumb..

  • Sol Konstrukt says:

    Spider man far from home just showed the vacuum of the loss of Iron man RDJ presence .. Now we are told phase four will bring a failed fantastic four to the scene..as to even be a fan base for it..

  • Sol Konstrukt says:

    We all know that iron man was killed off because of money and contracts.. Without Iron man RDJ . We have no Avengers. Now we are getting ready to see a failing of Marvel..

  • Sol Konstrukt says:

    In my Mind
    Joss Whedon and company  would of done a better Job ..

  • Stuck in Paradise says:

    Genius hulk in did thanos snap

  • Archon Rye says:

    That Living Tribunal scene. Please give it to us 😀

  • Sergio Díaz Nila says:

    Oh, I expected the avengers killing Thanos immediately. It was sort of implied by the trailers, everyone was using Black Widow’s hair to establish a timeline, I thought that was misleading. So then listening to another youtuber, he said they were going to fight twice the first time they got their ass handed to them then they try again the time travel. But one of the trailers showed Thor walking out of Thanos hut disappointed, with head down, and that was to me what it clicked, they kill Thanos but he did something so they can’t use the stones probably he hide them in time and that is why they have to travel. And the other trailers just fit right into it.

  • Shiva rawat says:

    It's over now. Now stop it.

  • Casey says:

    Endgame by far

  • Jacob Wille says:

    I love Amy videos ❤

  • Joel Sunnex says:

    Hulk brought eveyone back, not Iron Man.

  • morenauer says:

    Fuck Randy Pitchford.

  • Rich hobo says:


  • Arlo Pear says:

    I know some are upset that The Living Tribunal were cut from Infinity War. But where they had them placed in the movie, shoved into the middle of the Battle on Titan would be just too clunky & disrupt the flow. Don't get me wrong, had they kept it in it would've been cool but I still would've called it forced fan service. So the fact that they took it out is totally understandable

  • Helm Media says:

    I wonder why everybody's faces were blurred at the beginning… The fact that bystanders didn't sign a release or whatever never seems to stop the other red carpet and crowd based videos.

  • COSMICKING says:

    The living tribunal tho 😭

  • aditya paul says:

    Thanos held captain America's ripped off head?! Wtf. That'd be crazy

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