B-ART vs MB14 | Grand Beatbox Battle 2019 | 1/4 Final – Reaction

B-ART vs MB14 | Grand Beatbox Battle 2019 | 1/4 Final - Reaction

yo yo yo what up two parts is your boy boys if they building with another video hope you are okay guys yeah I think you can hear a low below sounds but it's too hot you guys that might be AC I'll try to remove it but no our box will be so much alright today I'm reacting on another requested video fill me so many requests for this but I'll thank you guys so much for watching the videos you guys I think people who watch reaction videos are the most like good people in the world because you people know where the original videos are and most of you already watched some videos but you still show up what's the reactions and how fun how good is that you are the real funs over alright be adverse is MV 14 can be 14 has been like Amy 14 MV 14 so in the next few days I'll be at was pumpa know you yeah yeah it was too hard to see it very fast so had to remix it hello it's special to be up versus MV 14 grand beatbox battle 219 final 104 okay you ready guys it's time time time I'm loving my birthday the matter know what to do sometimes that I feel says she to feel the same way I do fortune to go first we have our judges we have our battlers one more time boy [Applause] it is on [Laughter] [Applause] Oh yeah [Applause] this is what I prefer oh okay okay okay [Applause] that's DOMA a Detroit so meantime I want to find out who got in Vega one day oh yeah [Applause] what's that Hey but how crazy they are oh good Wow Wow [Applause] now with the battle be art MV 14 if you enjoyed the battle yeah I'm gonna go so much Dallas and I seem vital we go to the judges to figure out who's moving on to the next round alright this side MV 14 this side could be art ladies and gentlemen you already know what to do a sentry you don't see the two one crowd yo they're both crazy bro the EQ wow you know when I'm watching this sometimes I make up on predictions gonna win this battle but whatever the timer prediction is wrong so I cannot say who'll win the tournament because it's too much here I'm like what is going girls guys teach me beatboxing I want to be a beat boxer trust me this is something amazing but the energy in this thing is too much he's gets put in too much they say I think a lot to take out your opponent but how do you do that common sense bring the game back again take the funds dead forward is your boy Boston for watching the video guys it's so so beautiful to do this videos every single day I feel like yeah I should do every single bit so what I'm gonna do if you jump make sure to subscribe because we had dream this video every single day no missing day you feel me alright this I'm loving my birthday and I don't know what to do sometimes I feel says she to feel the same way I do


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