Band Advice: Hiring Older Musicians

Band Advice:  Hiring Older Musicians

hi again everybody Dan here tonight I'd like to talk about older musicians since my band we play a lot of oldie songs from the 50s and 60s and 70s and we're all older guys I'm 55 the other guys are 50 and 58 that's the sweet spot for guys that I want to hire a lot of guys that are under 50 don't really know what we do that well usually and guys that are older they know it but the problem with guys I find a lot of the time is people over 60 or 62 they just lose their flexibility and I've had a hard time trying to find the last member of our band a bass player that can learn the song correctly and learn there are many parts ain't sing it's really hard to find those guys and what I what I'm getting is guys that are over 60 60 to 65 they they have a tendency to lose their flexibility I mean they just they get to the point where they just don't want to do the homework they don't want to put any effort out they get frustrated easily and these are guys that are usually retired and they just they don't want to put the effort out because at some point in every person's life you get too old you just get too old to learn new things you too old to put work in and you get inflexible and unwilling to rise to the occasion I could be wrong but I'm having a real hard time finding a guy that's that could do that job that's why I prefer guys under under 60 and and hopefully I won't lose my flexibility want to get that age but that's how I guess double saying you can't teach an old dog new tricks come from because old musicians they just get set in their ways and it's really frustrating trying to find a guy that'll do that'll do the job I mean that's older so there may be ones out there I have yet to find him but if I could I'd be very happy so like I said if you're trying to find someone to learn material and put him work try to get somebody younger you know under 50 under 40 especially if you're George on yours different you play new music try to get the youngest guys you can find that are willing to put the work and effort in some people won't put the work and effort in anyway because they're just too lazy but I mean guys that really want to make it succeed try to find younger the youngest guys you can find because they don't help you out old people can really be a drag because they like I said they don't put a lot of that fur out sometimes anyway thanks for watching everybody and have a good night

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