Battle Scene (Vikings: War of Clans) – Polymer Clay Tutorial

Battle Scene (Vikings: War of Clans)  – Polymer Clay Tutorial

Hey guys and welcome to another Polymer Clay Tutorial! Today we are going to create this Viking battle scene from the mobile game Vikings: War of Clans. Welcome to the second video for this week. Well, normally, I upload once a week, but after I got in touch with the people behind Vikings they agreed to sponsor this video and I am happy to create this crazy Vikings fighting scenery and I think it is the longest tutorial maybe also the most detailed, but this is for sure I could use a lot of old clay right at the beginning for the stand. The video is divided into three sections. The first one would be I show how I created the stand and after that we take care of the two fighting Vikings. For those of you who don’t know the game yet Vikings: War of Clans is an amazing free-to-play a massive multiplayer strategy game with more than 20 million players that takes place in the grim Northern lands where Viking warlords fight over every piece of precious territory. Download the game using my links below in the description and it is available for iOS and also Android. So for almost every mobile device out there. Later, I will tell you some more details about the game, but for now let’s focus on the creation on the stand and you have already seen that I mixed this great colour for the rock for the stone look of the stand and I tried not to mix it that strong that still some of the patterns of the mixing colors could be seen and that it really looks quite natural for a stone. Yeah, and now there will be a second layer with a bit of mud and also green which would be grass of course and a little bit of grey. And after mixing that these colours we have a very thin layer of well this colour and this would be the base layer for the plants for the grass we are placing afterwards and also make sure to place it around the stand. When I was right at this point, I didn’t know and I had that much confidence that this stand would look great after finishing, but somehow I went on and on and I created this stand and I’m really happy about that. Well now we are mixing the green for the grass and put in a little bit of ochre that the green isn’t too strong, because otherwise doesn’t really look realistic. Placing the thin layer of green onto the stand onto the rock and of course also around the stand we are covering the floor, the ground. I just told you that Vikings: War of Clans was played by over 20 million people and that was fascinating for me that in the loading screen of the game you can actually see how many people are playing. And this one was growing the number and I thought this would be just interesting. Haven’t seen that before. So taking my scalpel and creating the texture of the grass on the ground. This was a lot of work. This is why I speed up the video. And now we can place some tiny details in the front area. These are some nice stones. And even tinier stones and while decorating the landscape with stones I thought about even mixing in some real materials like real stones and even sand for the ground. And I didn’t know where to get sand. And then I remembered that our older son was playing in the sandbox a lot lately at my parents-in-laws. And look at that, this was a real good place to find sand. So now I decided to go with some further decorations and details which fit the Viking setting. This is a shield and also two spears sticking in the ground and the flag. So we are placing the metal pieces. This is just silver clay and I mixed in some black in order to get it more. To get it like well, it’s an ancient look. I can’t describe why I mix in some black. I think this looks nicer than a shiny silver or the Vikings and now adding very very tiny pieces of green clay. These are grass pieces and we are ready to go into the oven. Freshly baked Vikings stand! And also two spears we are sticking into the ground and after that, this is the cross later I will add some wrecked fabric to it that it looks like an older flag and I even made it a bit longer. And well now we can remove it from the plate and now we will focus on the characters we are creating and I’m going into the game. And look at that we can go to the barracks and I choose… Chose choose chosen? I took this one the Slayer Because he was looking so angry and I liked that he had two swords. The second character we are creating is Hawk is an archery guy and look at the mask I mean really look at that mask. Now let’s start creating the Slayer first. This will be the one Viking which is jumping or falling I am not sure about that and I started with the skeleton. And this is just regular wire because this one is thinner than my regular aluminum wire. And I started coating with the skin color and just modeling and creating some details the muscles and after that, we can put in some brown clay and also, you want to notice that I didn’t mix it too strong, so there’s still some kind of a pattern inside and it looks like natural leather. I think so. Yeah, so the Vikings creators spend a lot of love to all the details and they were inspired by the real-time PC strategy games of the ’90s. We all played. Well at least me It was the time where I had no PC and I had to play at my parents’ computer. And it was age of empire, stronghold and I think also the very first Warcraft. And well, the Vikings creators made a super polished mobile game and then that one I think really stands out, not only because of the 3D graphics and the smooth gameplay. But because of the really really great artwork when you scroll through all the troops for example you see what I mean. And I tried to get this into my creation as well and although my scale is smaller than let’s say my Fortnite creations, Fortnite skins. I wanted to include as many details as possible. So this is also another leather piece and some fur. How to create fur with clay? I went this way and I think it really looks nice just adding the last details and we can place this clothing piece around his belly and some red stripes. This is some kind of a war belt buckle. Although I created these tiny tiny pieces with silver clay I decided to paint it with acrylic silver. It’s an acrylic silver pen and afterwards after oven hardening because this one is way more glossy and shiny and in the final version just adding some jewelry. In the final version you’ll see what I mean. Now the two shoulder patches and there’s a tiny tiny outline with golden clay. The same is also for the golden color of the clay. I used the golden pen afterwards as well because this one gives the creation a bit more shiny golden effect, which you just don’t get with the clay. Maybe I should have gone with the transparent polish. Now creating the hands and this is a really great technique to create very very tiny hands and I think this one looks really realistic. About the game Vikings has just gone through another massive update finally adding new shamans and I even thought about creating one, but then I saw these two guys the Slayer and also the Hawk and I fell in love with these two guys. And they added kingdoms. I think this is the best time to join the game, especially with the new update creating the face was so so difficult. Normally, I don’t have to start all over again, but with this head I had to start again because the first version just looked so ugly. I tried to include the eyes and this was of the big mistake because when creating in such a small scale and you don’t nail it when creating the eyes your character just looks weird and ugly but not this nice guy. Now we are working on Hawk and the base layer for this bad boy is silver with just a little bit of… What did I say, silver? I meant gold with a little bit of silver inside. And after creating the base layer, we can work on the boots, which are black, except for the toe part so we put in some dark silver clay, as well. I’m not 100% sure if all the details are in the right position, because I only had this great artwork of the Hawk character and most of the time I made up the armor parts and the clothing details where you couldn’t see them from the artwork, but this worked out pretty well, I think. There’s even some fur on the knees right under the knee protection and I use just some black clay for that with a silver outline and the knee protection is ready for skating? Ready for war. Now some black and red gives us this nice piece of clothes for Hawk. And now we work also on the belt buckle he is wearing with a silver outline and we will also add a little bit of golden clay. And this is the silver armor I just added. You didn’t see that one. Another red belt on top and even though I painted with acrylic golden pen afterwards, after oven hardening I decided to include some very thin lines of golden clay, as well. Another thin line of silver clay for the shoulder patches and now this is the most difficult part. Let’s work on the head of Hawk with two big dark holes. And this one reminded me of a mask from World War Two for example. Can’t tell you why. Now the horns are a bit crooked and the hole in the mask is for his hair for his massive hair from his beard It’s Viking’s beard. Now we are also creating the hands with the same technique we used before And in this hand goes the bow and now we just create the bag for all the arrows. I’m sure there’s a special word for that, but I call it arrow bag. And it goes onto the bag. Now I’m curious, now I’m looking out the word. Just give me a second. Bow quiver, okay. So this is the bow quiver which is covered by another piece of fur and we’re adding some more of silver clay. Just some more details to the arm protection and well, now we can place this one this guy onto the plate. And I’m using this tiny needle for the chain mail he’s wearing and we are ready to go into the oven, but we forgot to create the weapons. And I start with two swords of the Slayer there’s a regular sword the left one and the right one was a bit more difficult to create with a bit more details. The bow, of course way more detailed than the two swords. I will add a line after oven hardening and just created some arrows to attach to the creation. And this is the last working step. Oh no, forgot the feathers for the arrows. Also the other side as well which we will glue together after oven hardening. So this is the banner of the flag on the stand and I try to cut it as if it is really old and wrecked and I really liked that one the look. And that’s it for the clay part. We are ready to go into the oven! Freshly baked Slayer and freshly baked weapons and we start assembling and painting and gluing. And this is the silver pen I was talking about earlier. Just drawing all the tiny details which I was afraid to create with clay and it works great. Silver outline and also for the knee and arm protection as well and now I need some brown clay for the tattoo on his stomach on his chest. And I even used the color to make the fur a bit darker and also for his head His bald head. And now we can glue the two swords into his fighting hands. Now let’s also glue the flag to the flag holder. And put these two aside to work on Hawk! And he looks so cool. I would choose him as my Jarl. In the game you are actually the Jarl and the Jarl of your town and it is your duty to develop your own different strategies for times of war, but also come up with diplomatic solutions during times of peace. And well you have to do whatever it takes to ensure the prosperity of your army, and also your town. Yeah, and this weapon can be pretty helpful. This is the bow. And you see what I mean? Well all these golden parts this would have been way too difficult to create from clay so, I think this is not a big problem that I painted so much afterwards. Even the fur looks way better with a little bit of a white. And now we can glue the bow into his right hand the arrow into the left. Just working on the chain mail and of course we have to make sure that he has plenty of arrows to shoot, to shoot at his enemies for example the poor Slayer, whom we will add in a minute to the scenery. Oh, poor guy. Yeah, I thought about sticking an arrow to his chest, but then I felt sorry and decided that it should fly past him. Yeah, as a creator, you play God. Guys I guess that’s it! What a huge tutorial. Please let me know what you think about this creation and write it down in the comments. Help support my channel for free download Vikings: War of Clans from my links in the description and catch 200 gold and protection shield bonus. Join my Vikings clan ClayClaimClan under my nickname ClayClaim, of course. I guess that’s it for today. Thanks a lot for watching. Have a great weekend and take care guys. Bye! Yeah, what happened to the flag? I think the clay is a bit too thin.


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