what's up everyone its Anna also known as that Star Wars girl and today I am going to be talking about bat woman and the writers of the show now we all have seen the teaser and the trailer if you haven't I would highly recommend going and watching those first before watching this video so that way you have context behind what it is I'm gonna be talking about now for those of you that have watch it you know that it is very politically driven like they want to shove in your face that hey that woman is a lesbian this character is a lesbian and also a men are bad we need to prove that all men are evil and that women are inherently dominant and that this tiny woman that has absolutely no muscle on her body can take you know a complete full grown man multiple full grown man and you know a hand-to-hand combat with no weapons whatsoever and she has no problem going in to her cousin's house ripping off all of his Batman accessories Batman you know his bat suit his weapons everything all of his tech and then going and making the proclamation of I don't want a man getting credit for a woman's work when a girl you literally just stole everything from a man so don't give me that bullshit and then we have in the teaser where there there's a homeless person who doesn't look at all homeless which again big critique of mine I know a lot of people thought that I focused too much on it but it was very very frustrating when I myself have lived in big cities I mean I spent five years of my life in San Francisco you want to go see homeless go to San Francisco because they are everywhere they get shipped over from the East Coast and they get dumped in cities like LA like San Francisco and there's a huge homeless problem and even where I live now there is a really big homeless problem you want to see homeless people yeah I can tell you firsthand that is not what a homeless person looks like so and then in that teaser trailer oh what what is the whole point of that teaser trailer oh yeah again show white man bad man bad woman perfect and everything that she does let's stick it to the man that is basically the plot of the trailer now you would think that writers writers want to make characters that can be you know universally loved that Boal can connect to when you watch Forrest Gump you might not have a lot in common with him like me I'm not a man I didn't grow up in the south I didn't have the disabilities that Forrest Gump did but when I watch that movie I go on that journey with Forrest Gump and my heart breaks for him I'm happy when he is happy and I want good things to happen for Forrest Gump because I'm emotionally invested in this story when I watch movies like Blade it's freakin cool great character I don't have anything in common you know I don't have vampire abilities I'm not a badass like him but guess what it's an intriguing character and you want the character to succeed when you watch Star Wars again I like anything in common with Luke Skywalker but I'm rooting for Luke Skywalker the whole time I know a majority of people aren't like Yoda you didn't live on Dagobah you're not a Jedi Master but we like Yoda we're invested in the character we want to see Yoda succeed guess what that is because of good writing because these characters we have emotional investments in and we want to see them succeed with Batwoman all she's being used as is a plot device now it's not very ironic that uh the two people that are writing Batwoman are both Kate they're gay people you know Greg one of the writers there's Greg and there's Caroline greg is a gay man his husband plays for the LA Galaxy he he just I think it's I think he still plays for the LA Galaxy I don't really follow the other uh Portugal and then Caroline is a gay woman her wife is a post production producer at NBC I believe and so they both have you know their experience Greg worked on he work at let me try to get this in chronological order I believe it was Dawson's Creek then he did Green Lantern then he did all of the CW superhero show so we already know how he starts off and how his shows continue get very very political from what I've heard because I've only seen like a few episodes of Supergirl but as you go through you can go watch young rip of 59s videos and just how horrendously awful Supergirl is because it's just politics that are being shoved down your throat and it's it's basically unwatchable heck I've heard from people that loved arrow that it just got hard to watch the flash it just it's it's repetitive you would think that it has good writing and it doesn't and just I think I said Green Lantern yeah the guy did Green Lantern you know the Ryan Reynolds one so uh we can see how this guy starts off now I'm going to show you a couple clips from Caroline as well as Greg and we were going to learn a little about them so let's do Greg first and then I will follow up with Caroline so let's see something about Greg I've written a number of scripts when I came to Hollywood eight or nine of them and passed them around to friends and nobody ever really called me about them or cast them on to anybody and then I had saved up enough money to write sort of one more script and I ended up writing this thing that became the film the broken hearts club and it was just about a group of young gay guys I'd always loved the film diner and it really was sort of my ode to those kind of movies as coming-of-age stories but about what it meant to be gay in the late nineties in West Hollywood so as you can see this guy's own friends don't want to give him a callback saying uh dude your script suck but on the other hand if even if his writing is bad I can understand with the people that hire the writers I think those you know the directors the producers all behind the scenes and do all that stuff and I can understand why they would want to bring in someone that's gay that can write a gay character so that way they because they bring a little bit more to the table than you know somebody that like me for example somebody is it straight that doesn't know what the struggle is like for someone that has this secret that has to deal with coming out to family that might not accept them and I mean the only experience I have is with you know my gay friends and them telling me their own experiences but then that's just secondhand information getting passed on whereas somebody that's a writer can actually you know put that emotion behind a character so I think that's a smart move if that's going to be a big part of your plot that this is a gay character and this is you maybe that when you have the superhero stuff yen sometimes you can do the story where it's a superhero trying to balance you know their personal life you can look at movies like The Incredibles where mr. Incredibles trying to balance his personal life from him and mrs. incredible they have kids now they have to deal with that so if you're trying to do something like that where Batwoman okay not only is she going to go and be that woman but maybe she has personal relationships maybe you're trying to show that her and her father had distance between themselves because of her coming out and it's alienated them but now they have to work together and fight it and that it that causes tension that could be interesting that could be an interesting plot device because even though there are straight people that are going to be watching it every single human on the face of the planet can relate to having an issue with their parent and having to overcome that issue with the parent and so even though this is not an issue that every single person has experienced everyone can relate to having a type of issue with their parent and having to overcome it and everyone can watch that and as human beings relate to that character on some form or another that would be a very smart move but something tells me that that's not going to be the direction that they're going to take and it's just going to be politics shoved down your throat which we can see from all of these shows that this guy has written for pointing an example is Supergirl if you want to see something that's pure sjw nonsense you can go watch that or you can go Raj young Ripa's videos where he talks about that and now let's talk about Caroline now Caroline got her foot in the door because she was going to college in New York City and when she was in college 9/11 happened and she was one of the first and only people to get footage of the towers getting hit and collapsing and this is I mean I even have a hard time talking about I wasn't even there but this is an incident that affected not only America but the entire world and when I go when I think about that day yeah I was very young but I remember it and I remember just the horror and not not just from watching it on the news but seeing it from everyone around me and not knowing what was gonna happen and what was going on and just that shocked and confusing it really shook the world and for her to experience that like I couldn't even imagine being there with a video camera that close to it and so she had the footage and since nobody knew that this was gonna happen there isn't any you know very high def videos of it but she filmed it and because of that it was used in documentaries and she did you know multiple interviews talking about it and I can understand as a you know as somebody that's trying to make their career as a writer but you were always remembered for that one thing that you did and for her it was completely by accident she just happened to be I don't like to say at the right place at the right time for this because nothing about that was right but in her case she was there she had the camera and she was able to document this important part of history and it is important and I'm going to talk about that but after we watched this clip because I was very shook by the things that this woman said it's just still so surreal ten years later Caroline Drees is all grown up a successful writer and producer in Hollywood but she acknowledges she's already made the most compelling television of her life it took kind of 10 years for me to understand why this footage is special people I think want to remember the details clearly and to hold on to it because I know how significant it was sometimes I think you know it would be nice to have not filmed it to just have run and at what time kind of erase all the details and just move on a little faster now this really strikes a chord with me because to say that you just want people to forget about what happened about the attack on innocent people and you know the murder of innocent people just to make a political stance that disgusts me to my very core and to I can understand somebody saying that these are nightmares that I've had you know for the past ten years and that I want to move on I don't want to remember this I can understand you know wanting to move on from that but if we let history just be forgotten if we don't learn from the mistakes of the past what stops us from you know letting people come into power that will you know make these mistakes again in the future I don't think that that's right Adam and for her to say that it really struck a nerve with me because how disgusting of a sentiment King you were there you watch it you watch people jump out of buildings to their death instead of staying there to die there and you would think that somebody that's experienced that wouldn't you use this traumatic event that happened to you and use that for your writing because I wasn't there I wasn't in New York City I was just a kid when that happened that's check a nerve with me I remember when that happened so if you were to use this like Batwoman is in Gotham a city similar to New York if you did something that you know terrorists are coming they're trying to bomb Gotham or they they're trying to crash in too you know buildings maybe they're trying to crash into Wayne you know the Wayne Building uh you know City Hall or something like that and have that woman come and stop them and save them and maybe one of the plane hits but maybe she stops the second one do you know how much that would resonate with people you know much how much people would love that character after watching that because we weren't able to save the people in the towers but what if Batwoman were able to do it and you know that would be some kind of you know Odin like gratification to this character for a city for doing something that we ourselves weren't able to do because we didn't know that it was happening so I mean you could use that you know how much that would connect with evil how much that would resonate with people that would like a nerve and I feel like that's something that writers want to accomplish they want their works to be remembered forever they want their characters to stand out they want their stories to stand out why wouldn't you use that life except you know yeah I don't want to say incredible but I mean you know that that life experience that you had that you know was in that pivotal time in history why wouldn't you use that to make your story to make this super here that you were writing the best that the world has ever seen and then on top of that not only did does Caroline and Greg both have you know previous writing experience but again they both bring that extra you know chip on their shoulder to the table that they are both you know a gay man and a gay woman that know what it's like you know as gay people to you know that that journey that you know coming-of-age story and they could add that to the character and give her so much depth and you know we live in crazy times I don't like to talk about politics on my channel but do you know how much it would mean to people if the world got behind this character that they're really pressing the fact that she's gay so I'm gonna roll with that and really emphasize that and show it and have the entire world unite and connect with this character and how powerful these two P these two writers all the opportunities that they have in their hand and they're not going to use it hey Superman was an alien the whole world stands behind Superman Batman his parents were murdered in front of him he had this traumatic thing happened to him the world stands behind him everyone has something bad happened to them in their lives that you know it adds more depth to these superheroes and their lore you want to say okay well maybe something that they're they're going to write from the things that they've shown that Batman got kicked or a bat woman excuse me got kicked out of the service because she was you know they caught her that she was you know making out with another girl and they're kind of get persecuted because of their sexuality okay so so show the awful things that happen to you know people that are gay growing up when other people cannot accept them just because they don't agree with you know their lifestyle choices you could show that and then you could show how she's able to overcome it how she doesn't let the horrible things that happened to her in the fad the past affect her and have her turn to the dark side and have her instead become the superhero that saves everyone that would be incredible why don't they do that ah the show hasn't come out yet so I'm sincerely hoping that these people with for at least Caroline I I don't know about Greg's like life experience as far as the Internet all of my searching I haven't found anything as traumatic as you know him getting live footage of 911 happening but for Caroline for her as a lesbian to be writing this lesbian character with the life experience that she has she has the opportunity to make one of the most ground breaking in character superhero TV shows with the experience that she has and all I've seen so far of it is that they just are more interested in pushing politics down our throat than telling an amazing story I would 100% love to see this in depth you know dark story about how this girl was born she knew that she was different and that she you know was a girl that is in a world where you're told you're supposed to like boys but instead she realized that she liked women and then her story growing up all the struggles that she faced maybe she had maybe one of the main plot points is that her father didn't accept her and we see the father in the trailer and how you know now their relationship is better but maybe there's something that they're struggling with and so not only do you have her trying to be a superhero but then having that relationship with her father as well as her romantic interests that that would add so much dynamic why won't they do it I don't understand all we get his politics and they have such an opportunity to do something great and it just doesn't seem like they are going to and it's very disappointing and I mean I'm gonna do more research on these people so expect more videos on them but just from the time right now it's not looking good and these people have the you know the platform to do something great and it sucks to know that just everyone in Hollywood is more interested in pushing politics than telling actual stories that have depth that have you know emotions that have that edge that brings it over the top but like stories like Star Wars the original stars the George Lucas Star Wars like stories like Forrest Gump like why won't you do that blows my mind but uh everyone I hope you enjoyed this video if you did go ahead and give it a thumbs up if you didn't that's okay too and if you haven't already you know please subscribe to my channel make sure you click that little bell that way you get notifications when I do other videos and livestreams and until next time everyone have a great rest of your day and may the force be with you because we are really really really going to need it bye everyone what's up everyone it's Anna Austin is that Star Wars girl and I have an Etsy store so if you have ever wanted to own a print of my artwork this is the place to go as you can see I have a lot of recognizable characters from horror films to heroes to Star Wars characters some of the notable characters I have on here are Darth Vader which I did a couple livestreams pranking so you can own a print of this painting I also Luke Skywalker the binary sunset version one of my favorite scenes in the original New Hope movie I have Darth Maul which Rey parks himself actually complimented me on Instagram and then last but certainly not least ahsoka tano so if you want to own any of these prints go right on over to my Etsy store again that's the art of Anna that Star Wars girl or ki swg for short thank you everyone and have a great rest of your day what's up everyone I have a peel box so if you want to send me some mail go ahead and set it to Anna that Star Wars girl or TSW G for short at p.o box number two eight one seven one santa ana california 92711 have every day everyone thank you so much


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    That's completely different to saying she just wants people to forget the whole thing.
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    The fandom menace talks a lot about how the faux-feminist SJWs perpetrate a false narrative about this, that and the next thing and here you are, doing exactly the same thing, attributing her with saying something that she quite plainly didn't say. I like you, I like your channel and I (usually) like what you have to say. Please be more careful in future.
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