BBC Coast – Scottish Artist Joan Eardley

BBC Coast - Scottish Artist Joan Eardley

the green North Sea is famous for its black moods when ferocious storms battle is sure and sometimes they feel the fury in the tiny village of Catalina a little lane of hoses pouch is high on the hillside out of the C's reach but Carter lanes most celebrated resident didn't shelter from the storms she embraced the region water Alice is following in the footsteps of a famous artist I've got a photo here Valon painter working intensely on the shore you can see her facing the sea which is boiling around the rocks and she's wearing her oil skins with paint pots around her feet and some brushes over here and this is a very big canvas which she must be having to stabilize against the wind and let her meet her like propped up now the artist is Joan idly and the photograph was taken of her just here at Cataline Joan idly was one of Britain's most important modern artists and she had a long love affair with the short gasoline this little cottage was her studio in the 1950s and 60s locals call it the watch II the watch he was James vantage point on the see that sue captured her heart to explore the attraction I'm off to meet a young artist he's also fallen under Catalans subtle spell Anna King continues the tradition Jane early started women artists coming here to paint hello Anna hey hello how's it going good thanks you're feeling inspired that's nothing yet yeah it's lovely face take care of Jane facing out to sea and painting with really stormy sea I think she painted everything around Catherine Hank she kind of got done or every inch of the village and the sea and everything in fact if you want to have a look at some paintings you can see that's the safe through all of cottages there oh yeah that's a view that's it that's rope on top of the hill isn't it bit of a deal days from today with snow on the ground it seems like quite a wild place it seems it seems that Jane actually really liked that I mean these paintings of you I wanted to see there you see yeah it's the wildness of it thing to see there is actually coming over this jetty isn't it no you're really so crashing through they pulled it Jane herself it first Gesu headline lake her paintings in a tired over but it was more the opportunity of getting to stay in the watching the ricotta job there there's there's nothing to do except paint and make art so that's pretty good for getting work done the watch he works for many artists the potential of this special place was first spotted by Joan early in the 1950s there's something about this space that inspires canvas after canvas and it's not hard to see why this is a view that Jane Adly would have been very familiar with I've got a recording of her voice here that I'm going to listen to you when I'm painting and in the Northeast I heard Lee ever move out of the village I hardly ever move from one spot I do feel the more you know something that the more you can get out of it that is the Northeast it's just past waste vast seas vast areas of cliff well you've just got the painting Jane addley painted the violent seascapes of Cataline time and again a love affair that an obsession she asked her friends in this little coastal village to watch for approaching storms so they could call her in Glasgow and she could jump on her motorbike dashing to the coast ready to paint straightaway but she was racing against time in 1963 June put on an exhibition of her work in London and it was critically acclaimed but tragically just as her fame was blossoming she herself was dying she'd been diagnosed with breast cancer early that year and by August she was dead she was only 42 years old Joan early was cremated and her ashes were scattered here at Cataline but she left us a precious gift not only to her pictures survived the Watchi the studio joan loved is here for artists to discover for themselves what it was about Cataline that's so captivated joan for me it's the extraordinary


  • jnixa1010 says:

    She is freaking good. Underrated, honestly

  • james donnelly says:


  • james donnelly says:

    i   remeber  joan  when i  was  a young  boy  me  and  my dad   cleared  her  studio at  chocrane  street in the nineteen  fitys  she   gave me one  of  her  painting that i still  have  today 

  • Lin Mathias says:

    Would love to spend some time in the Watchy. Inspirational

  • Gail Sibley says:

    Fabulous! I too am inspired. On my next trip to Scotland, I'll be visiting Catterline.

  • Ruth Andre says:

    I have been so inspired by this video and Joan Eardley's paintings. The gift came to me at just the right time. Thank-you.

  • glasgow1234 says:

    @SuperTuityFruity Have a wee look at my other videos and you will see how many people support Scottish independence. People from all over the world support independence but the majority of people who don't come from England. Now that doesn't mean i hate England as some english people think Scottish nationalist do, i just recognise the truth as it is….

    Independence for Scotland and England and Wales and Tibet and Catalonia and Palestine and any other nation of people in the world.

  • glasgow1234 says:

    Thumbs up if you support Scottish Independence !

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