• Nathaniel Jackson says:

    These documentaries are always eurocentric and a lil racist… good info on Durer tho.

  • Andrew says:

    Durer is timeless.

  • Todd Merrell says:

    It's like Warhol on steroids, 450 years earlier…

  • Todd Merrell says:

    I actually appreciate the fact that they stole whole chunks of Philip Glass's Koyaanisqatsi score. It works really well for this…

  • Todd Merrell says:

    Just remaining alive at the time was a blessing, an indication, a sign from God that you had a great job to do, for all of humanity, for us all, forever…

  • no name says:

    For some reason I was very attached to Durer's work when I was a teenager. Now I understand it was attraction of self-confidence that is so full in his work. He must have been very arrogant guy. By the way why it was needed to use fake German accent for Durer's work? Mispronunciations make it hard to follow: Durer's student Hans Baldung.

  • MSR 2703 says:

    Is the narrator American? He has an American accent.

  • James anonymous says:

    george george !!!! the Allies bombed the shit out of Nuremberg because there were factories
    manu. parts for Subs & Planes. That's what that Austrian son-of-a- bitch did for the
    3rd Reich,the German Folk, or maybe I should say "Turd Reich". Get it asshole !

  • sarah Owens says:

    My favorite artist, nobody was as dark as him

    German pride

  • Thomas Bingel says:

    Very recommendable! The German Leonardo da Vinci!

  • Ismael Darszon López says:

    Please someone tell me what music is playing at 13:07

  • missatrebor says:

    A brilliant documentary about Albrecht Dürer one of my favourite artists. Thank you mr. Koerner for also drawing our attention to Dürers watercolours, when I look at the one of Segonzano in Valle di Cembra I realise where Cézanne got his inspiration. It is truly an impressionist work. These watercolours are not mentioned in the books I own about Dürer nor have I ever seen one in an exhibition about Dürer.

  • george george says:

    Trust the BBC to weave Hitler into a documentary about Duerer, a medieval painter. Also faking a German accent when reading letters by Duerer is a ridiculous gimmick.

  • Carol Hegarty says:

    How about adding closed captioning YouTube? I can't believe this video doesn't have it.

  • cowglow says:

    8:10 prepare to be disappointed

  • pipi sosetica says:

    I feel the title to be misleading. It's a Durer documentary, not a Northern Renaissance one.

  • Cornelius Maximilianus says:

    He almost said Albert Einstein instead of Albert Durer at 58:10 lol

  • Cornelius Maximilianus says:

    This guy is fantastic

  • Christian Sutter says:

    I found 1 of 3 and sent it to a place where only vodka lovers would find it.

  • dontzenyourselfout says:

    …the narrator is a total tosser
    what conceited intrusion
    into Dürer’s life & art
    vanity vanity all
    is vanity

  • Ryu Rudá Raoní says:

    apaixonado pela belea de Durer

  • Aakash Sharma says:

    in 1493AD Durer wrote "i'm sexy and i know it"… Greatest melody ever wrote in that period.

  • Aakash Sharma says:

    8:32 wtf dude….creepy

  • Alexandre Costa says:

    As a Durer´s admirer since my early youth, when I see or hear a new program or movie-documentary about him, I remain very cautious "cela va sans dire". But it´s just fair to admit the quality of this documentary flies high as a kite – good, moderate, incisive. Thank you.

  • Garland5 says:

    Absolutely fascinating interpretation of the self portrait 1500.

  • Threetails says:

    Oh Albrecht, Albrecht Dürer, Du reitest durch die Länder
    Oh Albrecht, Albrecht Dürer, Du Held mit Deiner Band
    Gefürchtet von allen Bösen, geliebt von allen Guten, Guten
    Du Dürer Albrecht, Du.

  • john ortensio says:

    this guy must be german

  • Andre Tucker says:

    They didn't include Tucher coat of arms. I wonder why ha

  • LittleSky770 says:

    Dürer published Apocalypsis cum Figuris (The Apocalypse with pictures) in 1498 and the most important image was the four horsemen of the apocalypse.

  • TechGuy322 says:

    oh ya daddy

  • Michael Sullivan says:

    Fantastic documentary.

  • Robert Giles says:

    Durer's print called Melancholia has a figure that was later used as a model for an iconic cemetery angel.The original seems to be the one in Rome's Verano Cemetery but there are two of these sculptures in Oakland, California. In my video you can find them. One appears right at the beginning. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lc9iL2cv5Is&t=58s

  • Ana Luiza says:

    52:33 It is about time to have this notion that melancholia is inherent to artists. Too much emphasis is put on the dark side of artists and some of them are depicted in a way that their problems overshadow their work. I never read or watched anything about Van Gogh that approaches only his art. His biography is more known than his paintings, drawings and sketches. Some people go to far trying to apply psychological theories on his work. It is quite disgusting.

  • Grand Master Cynthia Masters CierraCynthiaCapet says:

    the drawing of virgin snd child.. face on the back… aren T WE so.. sexy.. modern day … bEauty love DA VINCI.. BEAUTY

  • Gabriella says:

    I'm so glad I have German in me

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