Before The Person :: Relationship Goals (Part 1)

Before The Person :: Relationship Goals (Part 1)

What we bout to start a series, that’s about to be awesome. I Think this is one of those things that God wanted to happen in this timing. I’m talking about relationships and We titled this message relationship goals because we know that’s something that is in popular culture And we see different things all the pictures that that we saw earlier people say oh that’s the kind of relationship that I want and that’s what I Want from my life eventually and all these things so I thought it would be appropriate for us to do a series about relationship goals and we’re going to start from the beginning and we’re going to go all the way through this thing you do not want to miss the Next six weeks because this series We’re going to talk so real some stuff has not been said in a church you’ve ever been in before But we’re going to say that right here. Oh Because I really do believe that relationships are Being defined more by Pop culture and what the world says then what the word of God says and Because many people don’t teach it with balance and with understanding and with wisdom it just seems more easy To go with what everybody else is doing, but I really do believe that God is going to give wisdom and revelation through this series And I am ready for us to start being an example of what relationships should look like these happiest hours No, no, but honestly when people think of relationships. They don’t look at the church When they think about relationships they don’t think about Christians When they think about relationships, they don’t think about God’s people And there’s a reason and honestly if we be real real about many believers have failed that relationship Many people save sanctify love. God something clapping all day and die lonely Preach to the Nation’s have no Friends. I Mean if we’re honest with it Many of us have had more sexual relationships than we have had cars You get a new one of those every three to five years Let’s be honest because if we’re not then we never ever get to see we think that’s normal and What I came to tell you is that some of these things that we’ve been doing that I’ve done okay? So don’t visit all he done came back. He judging up no I? Did it but it was because nobody told me they never showed me they never laid out for me what is the biblical model of Relationship, how are we supposed to go out normal I suppose Si for America. I know I’m supposed to be in a monogamous relationship I know I’m supposed to date court. Have a front what which one? tell me how show me how Show me what the word says about it. So we don’t do all of that in this series today is an introduction because I’ve been stopped up spiritually for five weeks and This one practice could be for hours easy, but it’s going to be 40 minutes this morning amen and so I want to just kind of set the table for what this thing looks like a man Why don’t you get out your notes and and get up your bibles right now? I want to look at this from just the terminology relationshipgoals everybody say relationship goals Say it one more time like you many relations Okay, so how many would say they have some relationship goals like there’s something that you desire and related people scared to lift a handed Like I don’t know Okay, how many people have some relationship goals friends family? Married you have goals in your relationship. I really think a lot of people understand the relationship part of it They understand that they want to be connected with somebody they understand that they want to walk and talk with somebody But the goal part, I think is a little Misconstrued or a little distorted and I want to look at the definition of gold, okay? A goal is the result or Achievement towards which an effort is directed? So effort has to be directed to reach a goal It’s the aim or it’s the end now I look at this because no matter if you’re single, you’re married you’re divorced. It’s complicated You’re a stalker. I don’t care what level of relationship that you are in right now God wants you to have successful relationships this whole series is so that you can win at relationships But many of us don’t have our Aim Directed when it comes to relationship. We take whatever comes We do whatever is comfortable But we don’t have aim and if you don’t have an you cannot have a goal you cannot have relationship goals if you’re not aimed in the direction of what God has for you and I saw a video earlier this week that Kinda accurately depicts. What most of us look like in Relationship I want you to take a look at this real quick Target is over here Now as funny as that is isn’t that what many of our relationships look like I? think he might be the one I Thought that was my business partner I really want to hang with this group of people and we’re not aimed at anything so and we’re blinded by what culture says and so we shoot at everything and What happens is people and things get damaged when we do not have clear aim in what God wants us to have in relationship? Many of us are products of people shooting and trying to have relationship without proper Aim? proper goals Things that were the standard for our lives that were set by God so I want us to go to the beginning today because it’s one of those things that I start to look at that a Target needs to be standing still and if you’re using culture as The barometer of what relationships should look like that’s a moving Target like Relationship says marriage looks like this in one decade then it looks like this and another decade It’s we’re supposed to be like this. This is what deigning now We have Netflix and chill you don’t even have to be committed to anybody to cross the line into private areas Y’all came to be fake this morning What I came to do is dispel the enemy that hides in darkness and to bring light to every person that’s listening What God wants for every single one of us is for us to have relationship? but we have to have a goal that is aimed at something that is stable and Let me submit to you that the only thing that is unchangeable unknown being unwavering is the word of God See, Isaiah tells us like this in Isaiah 40 it says that that that the the grass will wither and the flower will fade But the word of God will stand ever lasting And so I’m just asking you for six weeks, I know That you have the cardassians have taught you a lot about relationships Like I know And I and I know that you have blogs that you listen to and people but I’m asking you for six weeks can we let the standard of relationships be the word of God and Can we see? what possibly may happen in our hearts our minds and our lives if We would follow a biblical model of relationships instead of our Feelings when it comes to relationships is that okay? Okay? So let’s go all the way to the beginning genesis, okay? Let’s go to Genesis because in Genesis is the first time that we see relationship, okay? I can’t really go into it right now because that’d be a whole nother message But before there was ever a person there was already relationship The father the son and the holy spirit, they were three equal personalities in one there was already relationship That’s why when when they came at the beginning, they said let us make man in our image That was a conversation that was relationship that was happening But I just want us to focus on us for a second and I want to show you something I was talking to my friend Charles this week and and we started discussing Something and we found something really really cool in the bible we found the first time That God said it’s not good I Mean the very first time you know you tell your children. I know no, that’s not good you Tell people uh don’t eat that That’s not good. We found the first time God said it wasn’t good, so Let me help you paint this picture Genesis Chapter 1 verse 3. God says let there be light creates light and he says it’s good Okay, then we go to Genesis Chapter 1 verse 10 and he makes water and land and after he makes water and land. What does he say it’s good, okay? Y’all help me then he makes vegetation broccoli spinach kale All of those things and then he looks over and says that is going to make some good soul food, and he said it’s good Then verse 18. He says let me go ahead and make a differentiation between day and night. Here’s the sun Here’s the moon and then he looked over and he said it’s good now y’all got to help me preach. This he said it’s Okay Then he made the sea creatures willie nemo. He made everybody in that moment He looked at all of them, and he said it’s good then he made the wild animal animal Simba Pumpa Timon he made all of them, and he looked back, and he said it’s good Look at Genesis Chapter 2 verse 18 then the Lord God said After he made man. It’s not good Now hold on we’ve had six days of I mean perfect I Mean good, it’s good everything’s good and And after he makes man in His image in his likeness ben. He looks up at now he’s God all by himself Doesn’t need nobody else who would know it’s a mess-up I mean who actually was there to say you messed up like how how? How did he even get to the place that it’s not good unless he knew something about us that we didn’t even know So then the Lord God said it’s not good for man to be So he said I’m going to make a helper who is just right for him My first point today is God wants a relationship for you like Some of y’all came in here it’s like that’s all don’t come to church because I just don’t like people and I just Really don’t understand why guy every month everybody say hello and everybody wants to be in my face And we need to greet our neighbors, and I want to work from home And I really want to take online courses because I don’t want to meet people and all this listen. That’s not god’s intent for you God created you to be in relationship with others and all the introverts are like I hate this church, but this is This is what I want to tell you, but it’s a mate on the inside of you that God created you to be in relationship and not that he’s just like that’s a good option. He said it’s not good It’s not a good idea for you to set up a life that is Guarded gated by yourself isolated because it’s where the enemy comes to attack When you’re isolated in your thoughts, you’re isolated in your relationships. You’re isolated in your dealings. That’s where the enemy becomes your best friend But he’ll suggest he’ll whisper and he’ll tell you who you are That’s not who you are he will begin to convince you that you can’t and you really can do You know the enemy’s native tongue is lie So if you ever hear anything that goes against the word of God guess what it is a lie But how many of them do we believe? How many of them do we? Accept and we let them take root in our heart, and then they grow into things that stop us from reaching purpose and destiny And what God is saying if you have somebody around you they could plug those things on be like whoa. What is that? You’re not fat. You’re just husky Don’t believe the lie of the enemy But just think about why can never and I will never and I won’t and you just need somebody around you to help And so I just wanted everybody to know which is not really where I want to stay today But I just need you to understand that God wants Relationship for you somebody just say that God wants relationship for me That’s healing for somebody no. No you need to say it again. God wants relationship for me He does want you to have a best friend Even though the last woman left you high and dry No, he wants you to have a safe place. No, I’m I’m ministering healing to somebody right now God wants you to find a pastor or a leader that can guide you and help? I know the last one huge g up and didn’t appreciate you at all, but God wants relationship for you He wants you to be in a marriage that works That is surrounded by love honor respect and fun the first three I know But my God is a redeemer Our God is a redeemer. So whatever was broken. Whatever was messed up. Whatever was jacked up. God says I’ll take all of that. If you allow me to and I work it for your good So God wants relationship for you okay? So as we start looking at that. I know you know this but ecclesiastes 4 9 says that two people are better than one so We’ll just leave it there you can read the rest of that on your own time But I just want you to realize that two of y’all are better than you Who are you linked up with who has God linked you up with? Because when you find those people you’ll be better Okay, Lord. I have to read the rest of it. Okay for they can help each other succeed Who doesn’t want that two are better than one? Because they can help each other succeed if one person falls, how many people have fallen at some point in your life? Me more than I want to admit But listen if one person falls the other can reach out and help Maybe I’ll talk about this next week but you can tell if your relationship is from God just By the qualification does that relationship help you? They miss me you can tell that if this fool you messin with It’s supposed to be in your life if this relationship is Helping you We tolerate more relationships That are taking away from us that are stealing our pieces that are ravaging our joy that have us up Emma Oh my God. I think he’s gonna break up break up with him He is not helping you She’s not helping them our friends. They are fly. They are fake they are not Helping you So so it doesn’t take a word from God if the people you around keeping you stuck to your chains They’re not if you’re praying that God will remove symptoms of the people that you hang around they’re not helping you and God wants every relationship in your life. He was one of your goals to be that the relationships help, you succeed okay, so God wants a relationship with you first and Then he wants a relationship for you with others, and I don’t know why in church I it’s one of those things that is just like one of my pet peeves gets on my last nerve that Everybody Act like relationships are like Bobby boucher is Mama the devil. You ever seen the Waterboy and She says everything is the devil You some of y’all ain’t seen that movie you’re not going to get it but but she thinks everything is the devil. Yes Foosball that foosball is the devil so you meant football girls are the devil many people make you feel like relationship with others especially relationships with the opposite Sex are the devil They’re not the devil, but relationships where the purpose is not known Open the door to the Devil and So I came to the conclusion that if we know the purpose for relationship Then we won’t allow for the cracks That let him into our relationships, and so I want us to look at this Because I think that God designed in order for your relationships to be successful. I Think that he laid out. I mean because my God is really good he wants us to win He wants us to succeed at relationship, so I think he laid out in order that every relationship That we ever have whether it be friendship whether it be marriage wear it be business partners Whatever it can succeed And he gave it to us in the second chapter of Genesis and a lot of us just skip over it So I want us to read this passage of scripture we’re going to read Genesis 2 verse 8 then we’re going to skip down to 15 and then we’re going to see God speak to us this morning It says genesis chapter 2 verse 8 it says been the lord. God planted a garden in Eden it was in the east and There he placed the man underlying placed The Lord placed the man he had made underline made Verse 9 the Lord God made all sorts of trees. Go up from the ground trees that were beautiful and that produced delicious fruit underlined the word produced So he placed he made he produced in the middle of the Garden He placed the tree of life and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil jump down to verse 15 He said now he’s going to give us the reason that he placed man in the Garden the Lord God placed the man in the garden of Eden To tend and watch over it. So just underline tend and watch But the Lord God warned him you may freely eat every fruit in the Garden except everybody just say except Just bow that just draw a circle and some arrows Except the tree of the knowledge of good and evil if you eat that fruit. You are surely going to die Then this is where we find. I want everybody to get this now in progression I skipped ahead and gave you verse to verse 18 early Earth It is not good for man to be alone all this was said And then this is where this verse comes in then the lord. God said you know what? It’s not good for a man to be alone. I’ll make a helper who is just right for him the title of this message is before the person I Think there are five things that God wanted to give all of us before he gave us the person I Think he just outlined for all of us That there’s some things that he wants to deposit into our life before anybody partners with us See because what we do many times is we look for people to take the place of what only God can give us and He laid out a really clear foundation, so I’m gonna run through these and I hope I mean I hope you grab one of them and just catch it and be like my relationships will never be the same What’s the first thing that God desires to give you before he gives you a person he desires to give you a place Not just your 400 score apartment. That’s not exactly what I was talking about okay, but but but what I am saying is God desires to place you in A place where she knows purpose can happen in your life Okay, now let me help you many of us desire to place ourselves Especially in my generation I have so many people that come up to me and say I’m about to move to here About to move to La I’m doctor move to New York. I’m about to move to Dallas. I’m about the mu2, Oklahoma City I’m about to move I’m about to move. I’m about the move they’re searching for a place And they’re searching for people to validate the place that they’re in But what what God gave Adam was a place that he didn’t have anything to do it He said God created Eden and he placed him See what you think is the coincidence is God’s placement for you? He placed you in that family they crazy, but there’s some things that God had to teach you There’s some things that he had to develop on the inside of you There’s some things you had to build up a tolerance Against for the purpose that he has called you to and we fight the place so hard oh Come on. Y’all we fight the job that God placed us in oh I’m coming in to y’all now We fight the people God placed us around We fight the church he planted us in Well, they don’t do it like that. They don’t play my songs they don’t do what I knew I like the more like And they want a little woo, and I decide I don’t know and God said maybe you’re an answer For something that’s supposed to happen that I see up ahead, but you’re fighting the place that I push you know can I talk to my college students for a second he placed you at the school year at Yeah, I know all your other friends went there, and I know all your other people went there But God he’s the one over promotions. He’s the one over access granted or access denied, and he placed you You may not see it. I don’t didn’t see Why she was in that place when he got there? But this is the most beautiful thing the second thing that God reveals in a place is purpose See it said that he put him in eden to tend and work the vegetation the land See what people are missing is they’re trying to get a person they’re ignoring the place and so they don’t understand their purpose God got you in that place on purpose But if you’re always denying the place, I hate this job And God saying I’m trying to reveal purpose at that job only I know you only make $10 an hour But I’m trying to reveal who I called you to be There’s something at this level you gotta get I know it doesn’t keep working here But you got to get it right here Because if you would embrace the place God has placed you you’ll start embracing the purpose why he puts you there? And guess what this is all before a person so God Takes Adam before Eve He plants him and eden he I want y’all to get the the strength of the word I’m saying he placed him This was not an option There’s some situation. God puts you in That it seems like I’m just between a rock and a hard place Why am I here has anybody been at that plate like why am I keep? And the only thing that I I can come to the conclusion of is that if I’m here and it’s uncomfortable. It’s for my growth because uncomfortability and growth are like oil and water they don’t go together, so when you’re uncomfortable, and you can’t stand the place you are god’s trying to pull back purpose in your life and Adam Started working in purpose before he ever got a person So what I’m saying to you. Is that why you’re looking for him or looking for her God’s trying to reveal to you. Why he has you her? That’s my ebonics. Let me say it right While God is while you’re trying to Figure out what’s going on with him or what’s going on with her. God is trying to show you why he’s placed you here and until you stop fighting Having people in the places that only God can feel She will always be disappointed with where God has you always So the first thing God gave Adam was a place then he gave Adam a purpose And then I want you to see this other part And this really to me is awesome because um this kinda is an indicator if God’s in your place Or your purpose he gave provision That’s so so. I want y’all to see it cuz some of y’all. Don’t believe me He gave provision verse 9. He said the lord. God made all sorts of trees grow up who made him grow up So if you have to go and position yourself to provide for what God has called to do. It’s not him He supplies where he calls us to It’s the point-blank period of walking by Faith, but God only funds his ideas Some of y’all. Just got your access denied to your plan well God I thought this was what’s gonna happen and I came away with this after I listen to Oceans, and this was the plan that you gave me and I only fund my plan I’ll listen to you pray about yours But I only provide for mine so If you’ve been in a season for a long time And you’re trying to provide for that it just seems like there’s never enough And my God is not going through and it ain’t like I’m always right here You may need to go back and check and see if you’re in the right place That you’re fulfilling purpose Because God makes provision Growth wherever he is and Remember, this is all before a perfect So so so he gives him What’s the first one a place? Then he gave him purpose and then he provided provision now watch this then He gave him identity Let me help you he says he says in verse eight he placed the man that he made he had made and If you go back to genesis 1:26, we find out how man was made? He was God said let us make man in our image to be like who the world Kanye and Kim Whoo-hoo, he made us to be like him So if your identity who you think you are your character your personality? All of those things are being defined by anybody else, but God You have a mis view of who you’re supposed to be And this is the enemy’s number one tactic for you is to have you not know who you are The enemy is not scared of a faker He’s not scared of somebody who’s posing to be somebody else. He’s not scared of a fake a Counterfeit he’s scared of you finding your purpose know of who you are not caring what anybody else is doing her obeying God? Flat-footed and standing and who you’ve created you to be And why then is the age of this world always trying to get us to compare to what somebody else is? Because if I can throw you off that your genes aren’t tight enough Or you don’t have a house like this or your ministry is not big enough Or your family is kind of ugly So don’t post pictures about them and all of these other different things that we are always comparing and trying to see it gets us Off of our identity let me tell you this one story that I had seen some guys who were preaching and they were successful and where I thought I wanted to be and I’m not going to say who and where when how? But I saw this one preacher in this outfit that I thought was cool, and I was struggling with my identity See God had already called me something, but I wanted to change my name I Wanted to start looking like somebody else, so I went to the store where this person allegedly Got this outfit from and I forgot that I got thighs and a booty and um and At the time I had a little more of a gut Put on the largest size in all of these items and looked in the mirror and I literally felt like an idiot looking like cuz I knew who I was but I had put myself in the position thinking I could look like somebody else and it made me look like an idiot I Looked at myself in that mirror trying to suck everything I I was so tight y’all my core my legs my everything else understand. I still just look like a sausage And what I realized at that moment. This is a very small example But what I realized at that moment is that I can never be completely comfortable in the identity of somebody who’s not me I? will always be trying to curtail and Be and God, this is a beautiful thing you don’t have to guess what your identity is He’s giving you an identity You’re a king’s kid You’re joint heirs with Criteria There is nothing that is impossible for you because of christ who lives inside of you you are the head and not the tail You are above only and not beneath when you walk into a room Mountain start to move either you believe it or you don’t either you’ve accepted Somebody else’s identity or you know who you are in Christ. I did somebody to stop accepting But somebody who didn’t know their identity told you How you don’t believe somebody who don’t know who they are so? That’s why I go back to the thing that doesn’t change I Go back to the word of God but I heard this one saying that if you don’t know who you are or If you don’t stand for something you’ll fall for anything y’all y’all heard that one the problem is that most believers have not been in the book enough to be able to find out their Identity so people tell you who your identity is on Facebook instagram? Business meetings and all this other stuff and you take on that perception and God says don’t believe a lot Don’t believe it. I created you like that on purpose that little kourt I’m going to use that to change people’s lives a little thing that everybody’s telling you is just a little you’re just a little oh What’s wrong with you? Just a few burritos sure it’s abajo combo That that’s the thing that God wants to use to touch more people who are missing some burritos. They understand what I’m saying God wants to use all of you He wants to use every part of you, but you have to know your identity is confirmed and affirmed in him And that’s that’s what God gave to Adam before a person Okay, so so let me tell you the last thing we got four of them okay. So what’s the first one he gave Adam? he gave him a place then he gave them and Then he gave them then he gave them and Then he gave them parameters oh oh Look at it. He said verse verse 16 but the Lord God warned Him You may freely eat? Not now freely eat. I love you. Dad that is I could say anything. He said he showed you telling me Gimme Say it Y’all TV and feed right here put forever now watch Watch watch watch. He said you can freely eat of the fruit of Every tree in the Garden, but what but watch what what? except Now what most what the world will tell you is how can a loving God? Why would a why we’re gracious love means? all-Powerful, God That may make there be lemon what what why why is there an accept because he loves you and Any good parent knows that if you don’t set limitations on your children They’re not going to hurt themselves on purpose But they’re going to hurt themselves Because of what’s around we got gates in our house because I got a three year old in a two year old We understand what I’m saying and many believers are spiritually immature and So without parameters now just think about it every tree except Like this wasn’t like there’s only two trees Like Beyond this time. I’ll say it wasn’t just this tree or this tree and as I went on well I really he said every other tree but he gave them parameters and He gave him parameters before a person because if you don’t have a standard if you don’t have a standard before you get in relationships the relationships will create the standard that you live by and Why so many people are hurt by relationships is because they did not listen to the parameters that God gave for purity for accountability For being honest and open we didn’t listen to the parameters and so we get into the relationship Can we let that define what this feel good don’t it feel good to you. Thank you for giving me? Lan nine months later, why Because we we did not have per limp and watch this and two are better than one at everything even messing up, so If I don’t have a standard and I get with somebody that don’t have low standard guess what we got to do Create a hot to mess. Do you understand what I’m saying okay? But I want you to understand that these five things God gave Before he ever gave a person and I hear some of y’all first corinthians 10 This is just need to add this for you paul helps us he say well. I’m allowed to do anything But not everything is good for you And you say I’m allowed to do anything under grace under under the curse that has me unless fear But then he says not everything is beneficial The real power of living a mature Christian life is when you know you can and you don’t have to like like like like the real power of being Secure because I know my identity and I know I’m in the right place, and I know I’m moving in purpose And I understand what I’m doing before a person. It’s that I can do whatever yeah, I could go dream Yeah, I could go. Yeah, I could go talk to them. Yeah I could start up some relationship online with some random person in New Zealand But I don’t need a rule anymore to tell me that Because I’ve been freed By the love relationship. I have with God But some things you only learn when they first start off as parameters My daughter knows now not to run into the street because we set that parameter Now that she knows how to look out for cars and watch out for stuff now I’m walking if she said that guy oh, no, no Hold my hand See what I once taught her. She’s now reminding me Because the the wall of a mature believer is you set those parameters? and then you walk with somebody even somebody who’s even younger than you in the face and they remind you of the Parameters that are set to keep us safe Now hear me all of these things God gave a person and what we think is that people can take us to the place we want to go and People can give us what we need provision and people can tell us who we are Identity and people can give us purpose and people can set our parameters, but there is only one person who? can real and has everything you need and that’s God I Want to show you this? As we leave you just think about all the relationships you have in your life You think about people you come in contact with this little orange ball represents people? like how many times we go to school and we meet people and they tell us our genes aren’t cool and the teacher tells us that we learn a little funny and we have a brother that picks on us because Cheese has a problem with his own identity and then we get a little older, and then we like allow people To tell us, you should go to this school And you should be around these people and you should you should stay around him a if you want to really succeed You should you should be around them and then we we come into our adult lifes And we look at what we should have by 19 and what we should have by 20 Come on some of y’all are those like I’m 24. I should about how I should have a car I should have kids come on. How many of us have looked at our lives and said we should be here Why? because of what people have said and You start to look at your whole life and you start to see what others are doing and you look at Instagram? And you look at Facebook and you see and you know people leave but what happens is this is our vessel and What’s filling us is? What other people? Have told us We should be If this container represented our lives in those five areas the place We’re supposed to be our purpose provision Identity the parameters we’ve let Society the world others fill us up but then when I look at the word Second Peter 1:3 it says by his divine power By God’s Divine power God has already given us everything we need I Want you? I want you to see those two words everything we need for living a godly life Of as am I cuz I know they’re still stuff. I’m struggling with let me tell you when he gave it to you when you received All of this by coming to know him See pastor mike I got all these people’s opinions. I got all this other stuff. How do I get this out by coming to know? before a person if You get to know the creator He’ll begin to feel all the areas that are filled by people’s opinions attitudes And relationship I see some married people. I do not know these steps before I married her So Mike. I’m sitting here and I see Somebody I laughed too hard Let’s straight. Look straight. Okay. What I’m saying is All you have to do to see God Start to move things that have been in your life out is Spend more time with him How do you do that Faster Mike through the word? Finding out your place your purpose your identity the parameters by prayer Talking to him letting them talk back to you by accountability and small groups. Hey, we’re signing up for these b Groups today, not just so we can have friends We’re signing up for these V groups because the bible tells us. This is how we get healed like some of us are dealing with real issues and James tells us to confess those things one to another pray for each other and That’s how you get healing some of y’all. Come up here every Sunday for healing, but if you got a community group, you’d get healing If you get real healing because it’s not in need just laying my hands on you It’s in you being able to release that and you see in God’s church not the organization, but the organisms Surrounds you in love and help you be free. I’m encouraging every person today. I don’t like people I’ve never signed up for a group. It’s not good Okay So I dare you to get in a small group Because when you allow more God in can you bring me? that the pure water of the Lord Now just put that one down. Thank you. So this is this is what living water looks like God I’m just going to start reading my word every day and It doesn’t feel like anything’s happening It doesn’t feel like anything changed It just feels a little juicy on Sunday but real dry throughout the week, but Anything that is worth doing is worth doing continually and So that’s why you have to get the discipline and you know there’s some point that the things in our life That have been defining us it starts to be overtaken see where my identity was from people it starts to become Defined by God for what happens when we are better than we used to be and We stop letting God pour into our life What we look like is lukewarm So I can post anything on insta stories because I don’t have my identity required and it’s my birthday so I can go while out and And you know I’m I’m financial stress so I can drink because this is what I do to release But God is good. Hey all the time and all the time. God is a and he may delay But from afar, what’s more visible? well From back, I mean if I was to take somebody to the end of the parking line say, what do you see? They may not even know there’s anything in here All they would see is these orange balls The same way that they see our inconsistencies and I are being hypocritical then they see our flesh and What God says you don’t have to feel judged by that? just keep pouring me over it just Just keep coming to church just get into small Gupta just allow me to overtake you and Overrun everything now watch This is my favorite part. This is my favorite part I said this is the favorite part this is my favorite when the lies come back They only can stay on the surface look see Rick when you’re filled up with God When the enemy comes to lie to you that you’re not something and you can’t do something and you will never be I don’t care how much I try They can’t it can’t stick I Came to encourage somebody Allow God to put you in a place allow him to give you a purpose allow him to define your identity allow him to be your provision allows him talk set your parameters and Allow him to fill you up Because when he does it Nothing the enemy throws at you will be able to take root somebody give God praise in this way Come on. If you’re going to allow God to filled you up. I want you to give God a praise in this place hallelujah hear me Y’all be seated hear me healings happening right now all over this building There’s some of you that that you’re understanding why? God has not been holding back the relationship from you He’s the bible tells us that he’s merciful and patient He wished that no one we lost So he’s not been holding it from you. He’s been holding it back for you. Oh See God why am I 35 and 40 and I’m not he’s been holding it that business partner. You’ve been trying to con To be your partner. God said no no no no no because they have some things in them That I don’t want to become your identity So until you let me fill it up. I can’t release them to come because they can come when you’re filled Because whatever they try to drop it stays on the surface and you get a friend or a wife see my wife is the ones You know like what is that? know that your attitude ah You don’t dress like that. You know you don’t do that. See that’s why it’s good for you not to be alone But somebody else can come in and be like no, I’m not them but that only can happen when you’re filled I want you to understand that we’re going to talk about dating in sex and marriage and all those other things, but My last point is that if God’s not enough? no person ever will be Like like if he doesn’t feel because what we do myles monroe said I say it all the time Where the purpose of a thing is not not? Abuse is inevitable May I submit to you that many of us have been trying to put people in the place of identity purpose Parameters, and so they get abused and you get disappointed Because they were never meant to go there He gave all of these things and then said hmm now that I’ve filled all of those places. Well, it’s not good With all of that, it’s not good for you to be alone and So he made a helper just right Frank I’m here to encourage you that there are people friendships relationships business partners that are just for you You gotta allow him to fill it up first father. I pray for every person Under the sound of my voice forgive us. God forgive me God for allowing people to fill the place that only you can feel God I know we have all of these relationship goals, but God our first goal should be knowing who we are in you God, I just thank you that you are giving us The ability to be okay with the place. You’ve put us in How do we understand God that you have a purpose for us? God, and we will know our identity and you as you make provision for us God, and we listen and obey and observe the parameters that you’ve given us father. God I pray for every person who this word is really trying to penetrate their heart and pull back Lifestyles that they’ve accepted. God. I thank you that you do the deep work, holy spirit You’re the one that illuminates and changes us from the inside out. God I’m asking you to do it in me and I’m asking you to do it in every person as listening God, we trust you we believe you and we thank you father God that you’re going to fill us up come on Somebody just tell God fill me up fill fill me up father feel my identity feel my purpose fill me up God, and we will be sure to give you the glory honor and praise and thank you When the people or the person comes, but father let us be content in what you do in our lives before the person in Jesus name amen Let’s give. God some praise in this place


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