Best glue for paper crafts – Which glue to use for paper crafting – 5 Top glues tested and reviewed

Best glue for paper crafts – Which glue to use for paper crafting – 5 Top glues tested and reviewed

Hi guys and thanks for joining me today.
in this episode of glue. So I see a lot of posts on Facebook primarily of people
wanting to know which is the better glue for paper projects, so and everybody has
their own favorite brand, I was using the scotch primarily for the entire time
that I’ve been paper crafting so I thought why not see which glue is better
for me and I thought that it would also help out a lot of people that did also
have the question on what is the best glue. So I have five different glues here
and these were picked from you know like I said I saw a lot of posts on Facebook
where people were asking for favorite glues and these were the top five that I
saw repeated, so we have the art glitter glue which is here this is a four ounce
bottle it came with a tip and a little pin to go on the top so it was a fine
nose tip this bottle was $14.49 off Amazon we have aleene’s tacky glue this is a
three ounce bottle this actually was purchased at the dollar store for one
dollar we have the tombow which is .88 ounces and that was seven dollars and
73 cents we have the Lineco which is a neutral pH adhesive and that one came
is a four ounce bottle as well and that was seven dollars and seventy five cents
and we have the scotch tacky quick dry which was four ounces as well and that
came in at five dollars and fifty two cents so I’m gonna go ahead and try each
one of these and so for today’s project what I thought I was going to do is I
created the or I downloaded these tags these are tags from dreaming tree and
I’ll leave a go ahead and leave a description or a link in the description
box below and where you can purchase this I did enlarge the file quite a bit
so that you can see there’s more glue surface forest to be able to test this
out on and on the bottom of each one I did write the name so this would the art
would go at the art glitter glue and so forth the aleene’s would go with the
aleene’s and so i did that so that we can keep track of which glue we used on
which project so I’m gonna go ahead and get started and we’ll go ahead and start
gluing these these do also have some decorative flowers that I’ll be gluing
on as well but I’ll speed through that part but for the most part we’ll go
ahead and I will try out each glue on each of the tags here and see what the
consistency is and how fine the glue comes out and then overall how well it
holds and basically if what it looks like when it’s dry you know is it glossy
is it matte does it dry clear etc so I’m going to go ahead and open the bottles
and then we’ll go ahead and start with the art glitter alright so we have the
art glittered blue here it says it’s designer dries clear adhesive permanent
water-based non-toxic and dries acid-free so I did go ahead and put the
little tip on top a little fine tip and sometimes I want to just test out my
glue to see what it’s like and that does come out pretty nicely so let’s go ahead
and try this I’m going to apply it to the back of my card base or my tag base
here let me get out to all the areas and it is coming out pretty good
a little bit a little bit thin and more watery than
the Scotch that I’m used to but not bad just something I gotta get used to
overall it’s doing very well though I’m easily able to control where the glue
goes I do like this tip on here as well I can get to that corner to the tips of
these flowers without putting too much glue all right that looks pretty good so
let’s see I’m gonna put this on the card we’ll see if it spreads out or how well
this works so let’s put this on another thing I like to about using liquid glue
is you can move things around so with this glue I am able to move it around a
little bit which is good I was kind of concerned so we’ll see how the other
glues do as well but this was able to move around the glue went on pretty well everything looks good on this one make sure I get it all lined up properly all right give it a final press there we
go I got a little bit of glue here came off which is good all right all right
that looks pretty good to me so far I don’t see any buckling or warping of the
paper it looks pretty good pretty good there’s nothing I don’t see any glue
marks on the back that looks great so let me know I’m just gonna go ahead on
this one I’m gonna finish this off and glue on the flowers I will not going to
do that for each and every one but I kind of just well I had you here wanted
to show you how this went together super quick super easy so let’s put a little
bit of glue on here and this guy goes here like so and then we have another little flower
put some dots on the back of it I do like that tip that tip works really well
and that one’s going to go here and then one more and this one is going to go
here and I think this is really cute because what I plan to do is sometimes I
send gifts to somebody and I don’t really want to include a card sometimes
I figured I would just write on the back and I’ll put something to cover what we
wrote here but so far so good so I’m gonna put this one aside and we’ll get
the next clue alright so for my next glue I’m going to be using the aleene’s
tacky and I pulled the cap off and I notice that there’s a plastic piece here
so I’m going to see if I can cut that with my scissors and yep sure can it’s
already starting to come out so let’s see how this works okay not to that I was a little afraid
with that type of cap because it’s definitely not going to be a fine tip
but let’s apply this and see what we get all right it’s actually considering the I had to
just cut the tip off it’s actually finer than I expected a little bit more
thicker than the art glitter glue doesn’t seem as liquidy it seems a
little bit more thick more glue consistency that I’m familiar with at
least alright that looks like pretty good to
me so let’s apply this guy on let’s give it the test the move around test this
I’m able to move it around slightly as well which is good alright a little bit
of glue came out a little bit of seepage but I think I must have no I did put
some there so I just gotta push that down there we go give it a good push
down all right and this glued very well to I don’t see
any I don’t see any sometimes um thinner paper so I’m using American crafts ac
cardstock which is eighty pound textured and I don’t see any of the glue marks
coming through through the back which is good I don’t normally on this paper
anyhow but this definitely is not showing through and it really a lot
didn’t really come out you know I did get pretty close to the edges there’s
some spots but nothing major so so far this is not warping my paper either so
so far so good on this so let’s move on to the next one all right so now on to
the tombow mono mono multi a liquid glue and I just took the cap off and already
know if you guys can see it there’s I really just took the cap off and it’s
kind of blobbing out the top so not sure if I like that kind of pulling up there
a little bit kind of stopped but it was much so when I first pulled the cap off
and I just unscrewed the cap it’s got a screw cap so let’s put this on and see
how this guy works this actually is coming out very fine as
well actually a little bit more finer than the fine tip a lean are um I’m
sorry the fine tip art glitter that I got the extra fine tip for this is
coming out a little bit finer which is so surprising to me I especially when I
took the cap off I kind of expected it to glob because the way it was pulling
up at the top there but this is actually finer than a art glitter fine tip so all
right we got this glue guy this glue on this guy let’s apply this let’s see what
we got it’s allowing me to move it which is
perfect nothing really seeped out or used out
when I pressed it together which is good give it a good firm push make sure all
the edges are down hmm came out really nicely too I don’t
see any glue marks on the back it doesn’t seem it to be warping or
anything that looks really great as well so let’s move on to the next glue all
right one thing to call out using the tombow mono multi glue is that there is
a warning on the back that says exposure may cause allergic reactions it contains
natural rubber latex so if that is something you’re allergic to please be
aware if you are going to be using this alright and now we’re on to the line Koh
which is a neutral pH so this also says it’s permanent adhesive it dries clear
and remains flexible buffered for added protection shake well and apply at room
temperature okay I did not shake well let’s shake well all right so let’s take this cap off and
this cap reminds me of the Scotch that I use it has the same type of nozzle that
you will see in a second so let’s apply this on here and see what we got it and
I think I have to poke a hole in it because it did not have a hole in it
so now we’re ready to go all right so we’ll glue this on and
hopefully you guys can see this now that I’m doing this I think maybe I should
have used a darker color so that you guys could see the glue hopefully you
could see the glue in the video this is coming out more like the scotch is that
I’m familiar with it’s kind of it’s not as smooth coming out as the other glues
that we were just trying not bad but it just comes out a little different
doesn’t really glide on like some of the other glues as you can see it’s more
spotty so let’s put this on and see what this one glues
like this one gives me the flexibility to move it there we go there’s no seepage that no weeping or
seepage coming out of that let’s push it down really hard and see some dirt on my
fingers I don’t see any warping or glue showing through any of those sometimes
you know like we were talking about earlier sometimes you’ll see that glue
design glue design in the back but I don’t see any this glued down really
well check our sides looks good alright so
we’ll move on to our final glue and our final glue is the Scotch tacky glue this
is the one that I’ve been using for the whole time that I’ve been paper crafting
and I like it so let’s put this on so that you guys can see this this is coming out really like I have a
clog in it and I’ve had this happen before with this glue and I all of a
sudden it’s like within the last few months I’ve been having issues with this
glue so we’ll shake it up again and punch another hole in it we’ll see there
it goes all right and now it’s coming out too
fast all right that’s an awful lot of glue so
we’ll lay this down and from experience I know I have lots of room with this
glue put that down this doesn’t usually use out or seep out
for me but it did there so I don’t know if I just had a little bit too much
because I did kind of have a lot of glop there and it did a little bit there as
well sure our sides are all sealed up all right so I’ll go ahead and I’ll
apply the flowers to this and then I will meet you back and we’ll review all
of the dried pieces alright so let’s go ahead and review our glues so the first
one we did was we use the art glitter glue with the the fine tip on the top
and this one came in it is a 4 inch bottle but it did come with the top and
the price was 1449 off Amazon and I will link all of these on Amazon in case
you’re interested and so the glue dried clear I don’t see anything shiny
actually you don’t see anything on the back this one did really well it came
out nicely it was fine tip I really like the way this came out I just don’t like
the price tag on it to be honest so let’s go to our next one alright so for
the next one we used ugly aleene’s original tacky this was purchased at the
dollar store for $1 and it’s a three ounce bottle and I think for your money
that is a great great price this did really well there’s a little bit of
bowing here not really anything that major you might be able to see it from
this side I’m trying to get it get that so you guys can see that but that is a
really thin area right there but that’s the only place that I see
that there’s an issue is right there but overall I don’t have any gloss or shine
coming through there’s really no warping and for a dollar I think that actually
is really nicely got some schmutz there but I think that was just from the table
it’s not from the glue I’m kind of impressed for a $1 glue that did fairly
well very impressed now let’s move on to the tombow Wow one of the things I did
not mention was the tombow does have two sides it has a fine tip side as well as this thicker side with like kind of an
applicator on it and the other thing because it is tombow mono multi the
multi part comes with it is a permanent adhesive in the sense the way we used it
but if I was to apply this and kind of like smooth it out so it’s a thin thin
sheen or just a thin layer and let that dry then it is a removable removable
adhesive so I’ve seen a lot of people use that to make like masks removable
masks when you’re stamping because you can apply it and then remove it similar
to a post-it so let’s take a look at this again this one there’s no warping
really I don’t see anything shiny everything’s holding together really
nicely so I think that one did pretty well too and again that was the tombow
mono multi and this is seven dollars and seventy three yeah let’s say that three
times seven dollars and 73 cents and purchased on Amazon the only drawback is
it is a point 88 ounce bottle so for that price you’re not getting very much
all right now we’re moving on to the line Koh again this reminded me a little
bit of my Scotch the way the bottle is with the
bottle tip but it actually came out finer than I expected
again I don’t see any warping or buckling of the paper it looks nice I
don’t see any glue marks or anything on the back there’s everything glued really
nicely again this is the line Co and this one was seven dollars and
seventy-five cents and this is a four ounce bottle so this one did well also
and lastly we’re going to look at the scotch
now the scotch I had issues with the bottle clogging and coming out and then
he first it came out fine and then it came out gloppy it did dry clear I don’t
see any gloss on it but I do know from experience that this does have a gloss
if you get extra outside you will see a little bit of that so this one again was
purchased from Amazon for five dollars and fifty two cents for a four ounce
bottle so that’s a little bit cheaper than the other ones with the exception
of the aleene’s but again overall it did a good job I was actually considering
this as my go-to glue I kind of like the other ones a little bit better because
of they come out a little bit easier so I may be changing my favorite glue so
for one last thing I am going to apply some glue to the back of these just so
that you guys can see what if that you do get some on the paper what it will
look like just in case there is some spillage so I’m gonna go ahead and put
just a little bit of dab on each one of these and then I’ll meet you right back
and show you what they look like dry alright so the glue has had time to dry
and all these glues pretty much dried about the same rate so let’s go look at
these in order of the way we did them so we have the our
glitter glue here and I’m gonna try to tilt this into the lights if you could
see any glare this one still is drying I’ve kind of let all these sit for about
an hour this still has a little bit left to go but as you can see it is a little
bit shiny but and it kind of feels like it’s got like a glossy finish to it too
so you kind of can feel that it’s a little bit smooth alright so the second
one we did was the aleene’s that too is a little bit glossy this one’s bumpy
because I really wasn’t smooth when I applied the glue to the back but you can
see there you go you can see that that does also dry shiny so the next one we
did was the tombow and that dried shiny as well the thing with the tombo as well
is it is sticky because like I said it’s mono multi so it’s gonna have a sticky
it’s got like a the adhesive can be used over and over again so that is something
to be aware of if you are like me and you apply glue haphazardly it some of
the things that if the glue does use out it would be sticky in areas then we use
the line Co again that one is shiny as well smooth glossy finish like the other
ones and lastly the scotch and that is glossy as well so all in all I think all
of these glues really did exactly the same thing
there’s no warping on any of the cards there’s no glue showing through the back
and they all dried rather quickly without any bowing or
anything you know anything major so I really think it all comes down to
whatever glue that you’re comfortable with or whatever tip you’re comfortable
with I really did like the tip of the art glitter glue although it was the
most expensive out of all of the glues but I was really impressed with the
aleene’s as well because it was the cheapest of the glues it was the least
expensive and I think I got really good results using the cheaper glue as well
so there you have it those are the five glues for today again I will have links
in the description box below on where you can purchase these on Amazon and
until next time please don’t forget to rate comment and subscribe I really
appreciate it if you if you do have any other suggestions please leave them in
the comments below alright guys thanks and have a great day bye


  • M Anthony says:

    Great video, I use the green bottle glue..I love it drys super fast.. plus it’s cheaper at Walmart about 5.00

  • mitsim says:

    I happen to use the Lineco, and purchase it at Blick Art store. On-line the 4 oz is only $3.42. I buy the Quart bottle , which is $17.35, which translates to $2.16 for 4 oz. This does not come with an applicator top, so I use a couple of different dispenser bottles, one being the Fineline Applicator 18 gauge tip. Thanks for all of the info, Mike! I'd been curious about a couple of these glues, so my curiosity has now been quelled, and I'll stick with my Lineco.

  • Beverly Meaker says:

    Mike, Thanks a bunch for this video. I'm especially glad you pointed out the Latex Allergy issue with Tombow. I like to do crafting at schools, and Latex isn't allowed so that was very good to know. Aleene's has a large number of adhesives on the market–very good family business–you really lucked out finding it at Dollar Store! As for Art Glitter Glue, while it is pricey, the amount needed is so minuscule compared to other glues a bottle lasts for ages. I have an eight oz. bottle that I've used constantly for a year, and it's only halfway gone. Love it!
    Another good product is Ranger Multi-Medium Mat, available from Amazon. Dries totally mat–buying the 3-oz. jars is more economical and buying the empty, fine-tipped bottles (found on the same page) so you can refill from the jar works awesomely.

  • Deanna Pelky says:

    I have used Tombo for the last 6 years of crafting/card making and have never had mine come spewing out the way yours did plus i leave mine upside down all the time. I purchase mine from Michael's for $3. something…….much cheaper than Amazon or where ever you purchased yours for $7. something plus shipping. Also there is a little yellow square eraser that you can purchase to remove dried glue from your work… comes in very handy. Thanks for the demonstrations with the different glues!

  • Jocelan Perry says:

    I use the art glitter glue and I find it last longer and that makes cheaper

  • Tereasa Nagy says:

    The comparison cost of the Art Glitter Glue is not really accurate. First you bought a small bottle off Amazon. If you had bought a bottle off another site, she sells it in big refill bottles cheaper that i refill my small bottle. That alone brings the cost of my small bottle down. Second, you bought it with the tip. Yes, you need the tip on your first purchase, but after that you keep using the same metal tip, the cost of the glue goes down if you had considered those variables.

  • Pam Bilodeau says:

    I used to use the scotch quick dry adhesive for all my projects until I discovered Turbo Tacky glue by Aleenes you did not try that one but it drys as fast as the scotch and is about $2.59 – 2.99 at walmart

  • Crafting with April says:

    the 4 oz art glitter glue from art glitter is 8.95, it is water based it will dry clear if you check it tomorrow with the amount used. you shouldn't see it at all.

  • Janie - The Craft Princess says:

    I really like that you did the comparisions. My favorite of those you shared would be the Art Glitter Glue because I like the fine tip,…but I don't like the price. My favorite glue I have been using forever is Beacon 3 in 1 and I think I will have to do a review on it and then send my viewers to your video so they can see these. It's good to share comparisons and reviews in case people didn't know about some of them so it introduces them to knew products. Thanks for this 🙂 Hugs…Janie

  • Paula Meyer says:

    Thank you for this review. The prices of Amazon as expressed below may be higher than where others can find it, but for those that hate to shop in public places (me) Amazon is my go to. But you present a very clear argument for getting to the Dollar Tree. I will have to check there next time I am out and about and in need of glue. 🙂 Thanks Again.

  • Sandy says:

    Great comparisons of all the glues, Mike. Thank you! I bought the Art Glitter glue and I am still trying to get used to it. I am having a difficult time. It does work well, but I just think it is a bit watery for my taste. I have difficulty using it with my textured papers for 3D projects. It works better for me for designs without a lot of bends. I tend to use Scotch Quick Dry or Aleene's Tacky Glue (including Quick Dry version). When I need a finer tip, I just use a Fineline Applicator for Scotch. I have not found a great fine tip for Aleene's yet. I prefer using Scotch with the fineline applicator rather than the bottle. I prefer using Aleene's Tacky glue or Beacon Fabri-Tac when I need a little more wiggle time to move the paper around. Sometimes Scotch just dries too quickly. Thanks again for the great video!

  • The Nickel Nook says:

    Thanks very much for doing this, Mike! Some of the prices of those glues are outrageous prices here in Canada! I've switched from Scotch to Aleene's because of it! I find it works much the same, and allows me to buy more paper! lol :o)

  • Georgia Hruska says:

    Your comparison was interesting. I use to use tombow but now I like the new glue pen from Gina K. I also like double sided Be Creative Tape.

  • Cassie Travo says:

    Buy the Art Glitter Glue from Maymay Made It-best price.

  • BA Haubach says:

    I really like art glitter glue and think it is worth the price. I did Not know about the Latex in the Tombow glue so thanks for that tip

  • Swag the good Weekend says:

    Good job dad

  • Mike DezinesbyEM says:

    Here are the links to the paper craft glues:
    Art Glitter Glue:
    Aleene’s Tacky Glue:
    Tombow Mono Multi Glue:
    Lineco Neutral PH Adhesive:
    Scotch Quick Dry: (packaging changed on this)

  • Catherine Jackson says:

    very informative.

  • Susan Davenport says:

    Whatever liquid glue I use, the top gets clogged. I have switched to glue sticks for this reason. A bit of Press-n-Seal over the top of item/s to be glued and a glue stick on the back and . . . Presto!

  • karenlynn1956 says:

    Thanks for the info. I did not know about the latex in Tombow.

  • Kasandra De La Rosa says:

    Extremely helpful thank you for taking the time to make this.

  • isappb AG says:

    I am an avid At Glitter Glue User. One thing I have discovered over the years is that I use much less glue to do the job so the price is not so bad when you consider that. Less is more with this stuff. It is also great for gluing on trims, metal findings etc that I had no luck with other glues holding. Very helpful video.

  • Linda smith mccormack says:


  • Audrey Joy Rollins says:

    Art Glitter glue is my favorite❤️

  • Lynn Lajoie says:

    You could use at least half of what you used of the art glitter glue. Stuff is amazing. Glues metal too.


    Hello, can you please tell me what will be the best glue , I need to glue peaces of cut out news paper on the back of a black vinyl jacket ( like fake patented leather ) you see what I mean,, please let me know , you thing if I use Elmers glue its ok ? thank you ,,,

  • BeatlesFanSonia says:

    That was interesting. I have used most of those glues. Right now, I’m using the Tombo because of the two sizes of applications.

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