BeWARE Con Artists In Town & Talking With Vocalist Raphael Nganga

BeWARE Con Artists In Town & Talking With Vocalist Raphael Nganga

verse 3 tea has been served everybody thank you so much for making it here with us and we are just so happy you're here because guess why today we have bought some amazing stories and some of them are gonna catch you off guard others are going to make you mean what but either way we are here to talk about them together so make sure you're on the hashtag Ebru let's talk and SMS I'm four zero nine to zero my name is Lydia km my name is Dana de Grazia and my name is Naomi one boy yeah braving the heat number one burning I'm really not again everyone around me knows that I'm literally on fire 90% of the time yeah honestly how have you guys been almost me I feel like today has been like a slow start okay you mentioned that yeah my energy hasn't been I called the way up as I say every time I get on this table and I know that I'm just talking to you guys you're there listening yeah uplifts me and my energies back I feel like I feel like my energy is correct the great halogen Lydia had a I love Lydia's energy I feed off of Lydia's Leah and know I'm good to you guys know I'm still part of the five a.m. Club so what's interesting thank you thank you what is interesting is you know that law of unintended consequences it's like I have so much energy in the morning now and so then when it gets to the evening I'm all I'm doing is like I wanted to yoga again I'm just looking forward to the next day which I guess in retrospect is probably an amazing way to look through it great yeah yours instead of you know looking at the evening is like no I'm a cup of five just know somewhere that Lydia is an email me and you my girls are proud of me and at the end of the day what more could I ask for than the people I love loving me back right but you guys like lady I said these stores are absolutely crazy one of which involving a dog a hot dog I mean every time we come on here we have a story it's usually involves someone saying something they shouldn't have and the tweets and the netizens and the coyote coming hard at them and the latest victim is our very own women representative esta pasar ease now because it's been the MPs have passed this bill which increases their allowances a lot of people have been you know arguing back and forth on Twitter as far as you know why do you why do you deserve this what have you done so one of our netizens asked I suppose iris you know it's been two years what have you what institutional changes have you brought about to which um Esopus arias had like some very choice words um and she responded she said oh my god what can find him what would I expect from a two-year-old if you expect me to fix all because you elected me you expect far too much amid all the confusion I can't fix what you yourself don't aspire to fix next time you vote think twice think issues now let me tell you I feel like as a representative of the people there's a better way to communicate the message that as much as I would love to do this these are my limits or as much as I want to change the entire Nairobi I can't do it on my own but to it to be that you know like you know you're expecting too much for me just and that's what you've done and we can at least assess what you have done as opposed to it's all too much for me I definitely I agree with that but as a women rep and like you have a see basically like we've seen so many MPs and all these people in on seats like and they're doing nothing except getting counting counting their money that's all they're doing they're counting their money but what have you done and me I found this disrespectful the way she responded to the question I found it very disrespectful like cuz she's like oh basically you're a child sit down did it it uh no it's very disrespectful just like name what you have tried to do like show us what you have done show us what you're trying to do because I can guarantee you in 2022 she's not getting reelected hmm yeah it's not getting real a you know that's that's the problem I mean you guys know me I'm I always want to be on the woman's side right I always want to be there and so part of me is being like okay well how many of her male colleagues are getting asked this question really like how many of them are getting doing dad oh yeah like so the thing is is establishing that we knew we do know others are being asked she's just the one that sort of answered and she answered in such a way because the thing is is other people didn't answer they didn't invite the conversation onto themselves and not only that she answered but unfortunate she got defensive about it and I understand that this is like a job you have to be passionate about but like that's one of your constituents like that's someone who may be yeah this is a public platform where people are going to see and frankly catalogue your response to him yeah so so you know the idea that she did it is just such in poor taste and maybe she was just having like a terrible day yeah it was a bad day she doesn't want to be evaluated in this manner you know things like that and we kind of have to admit like bureaucracy in general is so slow moving I feel like to go around and even ask every single you know member or whatever you know what have you done what have you done I don't necessarily know any of them who can come out and say I've done this big thing for you know Kenya I've done this specific thing because I also wouldn't necessarily say that's how bureaucracy and our government work it's kind of like putting out a bunch of small fires and you know the problem is when you have a government that has so many fixes that need to be done forward motion is pretty difficult because you're putting out all of these sort of parallel issues rather than going for the ones that are futuristic issues but that's the thing if we are if we all of our idea of what I achieved meant is is big that's the issue but it's not I know the MCA where my show show lives I'm shout out to the I think is G cool he's and he's MC a there and I can tell you what he's done and he's like the smallness he's like an MC a like the mere person who's at the bottom and I've always done right and it's no it doesn't even have to be like you know I've done all these like massive changes you can say I have an issue making institutional changes because these are the blockages or my powers are limited to this effect but what I have done is I have maybe given X and have done you know what she generally got yes as much as I wanted to be the person who is always for the woman I'm not just for the woman I am for if I'm going to be for women it needs to be under standard as well it can't be done supporting you because you're a woman no matter how reckless you if you if we want to have this name of women are powerful then we've got to put the best foot forward all when somebody who perhaps voted for me asked me a question and the person wasn't rude the person wasn't rude my response as what connects before I'm from a two-year-old is Beneatha yeah it generally is especially a woman in power a woman in power like finally women we're coming up 2019 but for her to give that response was really blatantly disparate they saw I'm going to be on her side on one thing not her not her response not the way she communicated it but the truth and the matter being that one person can't do it okay I was jealous I was even about to say some kind of one person cannot change norm not even our not even everyone in governor if they did what they were supposed to do we still would not have an overnight change exactly exactly I mean even like look at America it took Obama care like his second term afraid to come into effect now it takes four years two years but her response was disrespect like so as a voter I probably I would involve her well you know I'm gonna let you for me talk whatever you say is um the what she says is whatever s is what the changes come from us because we are the ones who decide who we are voting for right so first of all the reasons why we vote have to be better than what the reasons which would be voting in the past so that means we're gonna have a higher caliber of people in power not who looks nicest who's the most popular who saw my like the most I'm who's from my tribe the way we were when that change is from us which is what she said if you I can't fix anything which you can you can't envision fixing yourself so when we make the change about who we are voting into power we will have people who we can hold accountable and they would not response to what I mean but I mean on that no like but me as the person who voted for you like like even in cows Shikari where I live not gonna tell you the street but like but now finally the roads are getting fixed like I don't know who's the you know the representative of it but thank you but now the roads are getting things like and little things little changes happen over time but me as a person I can't go there and put the car I don't know about the concrete now my point is the power is in your choice in voting okay to vote yes that's where I like because nobody is in office without our vote that I agree with but are you here after two years if you haven't shown me anything like so what what's your work okay but you know what it's just I think you know at the end of the day at the end of the day like so easy to destroy so difficult to create like we're judging and all that and she wants us to focus on you know who we vote for and things of that nature but unfortunately it's we still have a long road ahead to really have transparency with politicians not only in Kenya but but worldwide especially in this political climate but you guys we're gonna go to a lighter or not you would say a happier note even there is a former Liverpool striker I believe is his position who's living in America Daniel Sturridge everyone I'm sorry I apologize football fan I am NOT but I will say I will say I am a fan of the story because he recently had his Los Angeles house broken into yeah and of course small bags were stolen items were stolen you know he lived in quite a lavish house but among the things that were stolen among the property that was stolen not a thing was his little dog as you can see a very adorable little dog most likely quite expensive probably a purebred obviously well taken care of and very much loved and he actually released a statement saying that he is willing to put up 20,000 pounds as a reward finding the dog now luckily the dog had been found and I believe the road was the reward was even given out and obviously because other items were stolen that were very expensive LAPD is looking into it but it's it's a happy story and it's a funny conversation because we've just gone Kenya had just had a very traumatic ordeal with football and we feel very intimate with these players we feel like we're very much in their lives you know whenever I say to people I don't really follow football I feel like I've torn a piece of their soul out of their heart or something it's true to bring it home yeah that is 20,000 pounds being 3 3 million thank you yes oh yes you are home maybe you have a dog maybe you have a pet maybe even have a child but when that something that you love that someone you love he put out three million Kenyan shillings that if you bring back my dog I will give you 3 million Kenya shillings I know these people who wouldn't do this for their very close family member a dog okay let me tell you let me tell you all the story I mean I used to have a chihuahua like he was a little chihuahua full bred I had him like when I went to college brought him back home I came to Kenya he was at home and then somebody stole him from our front yard no I didn't put all three million but my mom put up like she even had $500 what is that fifty thousand shillings I wore it for that for that amount of money you'll have people bring you your dogs painted no true but my thing is you know what probably like at the end of the day with this guy the robbers are the probably the one who returned the dog to get the reward that's how I feel now let me tell you like um my mom's partner my mom's fiancé oh yeah Tim had a dog called Monty and prior to this the relation which I had with the dogs was like African which is dogs are there to protect and they are their guardian the whole day until like it's a nice yeah like we had this dog from at my shoe shoes that was called hubby and it was like so oh my god anyway but when I saw the relationship between Tim and Monty and I started even being part of caring for Monty I saw how intimate our relationship is and it's no joke someone's dog can be the apps and everything there's no different than a family member so when somebody has this amount of money um twenty thousand pounds is nothing to them yeah if you bring that I was actually the dog has yet to be returned what my correction is what the LA it hasn't been found yet it hasn't been returned no people are snow in this story it says the dog has yet to be found and it was it went missing when he was out of the house for two hours on a Monday night now the issue is though is just a little Pomeranian dog yeah so the police are more focusing on the items than they are the animal and obviously his supporters have been posting to his page you know who said who would be crazy enough to steal someone's dog there's some disgusting people in this world praying that you get him back other people are asking if the dog is microchipped but yeah you wouldn't you wouldn't think that like if you're willing to spend this amount of money to find the dog you'd also spend that money on like vet costs and things but you guys it is it is crazy it's absolutely crazy so the dog okay it says the dog actually in the title was found but then the rest of the story hasn't specifically said that the dog was found in yeah I mean my dog my dog didn't get found but like was like you know like growing up in America like my dog that was my baby like it felt like that was my baby yeah he liked my mom more than he did me sometimes mutt that was my baby like I would give any amount of money for him like any amount of money for him but in Kenya I feel like people treat dogs like they're just ah it's a there when you see literally just a guard dog also when you see them like when you're like out at a club or something I was in an event like two weeks ago and they were like selling like bunnies and dogs like right there it's I mean it's like another commodity I'm not one of those people if I'm with you and you're drunk and you're trying to buy a bunny I'm like you need to get away from me right there's not bringing the bunny into this car it's like absolutely not but the thing is is other people especially good small little dogs isn't a guard dog that's it's like a personal dog kind of thing but I think the wildest part of this is is it really goes to show the difference in relationship like people have abroad then Africans have yeah but also to point out there plenty of pity like if my friends how dogs are everything to her like she doesn't play there's so many people now I feel in Kenya like you know depending on which demographic that I'm holding I'm their pet and the animals really closely but still do you guys think three million conditioning is an issue yeah I strike you brunette struck an SMS and it's four zero nine to zero I maybe one day we'll get myself a pet and Assoc want to have a family I know who definitely have a dog and when you nonnegotiable like if you get a little one and you know those little chihuahuas they're actually the best guard dogs like those things like barters yeah yeah yeah like as soon as somebody comes to the door if somebody pulls up in the driveway anyways anyways and you have my chihuahua give it back yeah on another note yo we all we all go to the bank we've all experienced this going to the bank in Kenya you have to cue like literally I feel like every time you go to the bank personally there always has to be a cue yeah long queue ahead of you like you so you're waiting you're waiting like this goes to the next story about lady Maureen who is a singer and so she had queued at a specific bank and she didn't want to wait she didn't want to wait for the cue so she gave the money to one of her employees one of her employees to cue for her yeah you know like you know yeah just makes that you can stand in line for me but I can't really this man did not continue the queue and go to the bank this man ran home to his family took his wife and kids and they ran away / 56k 56,000 Kenyan shillings that it's a lot to stand in a line for but that's not a lot to live on if you're on the run if you're on the run that is not a lot not even like the first I think I saw in this I was like wait pick up your child and you're into your baby and run away with 56,000 like that is that's more money that's gonna even last you like a couple of months away literally living like it's not even enough like okay maybe I'm saying if this was like five hundred and sixty thousand yeah okay bro you know I get it you had like your moment and you feel like this is too much about 56,000 you're probably going to earn that like honestly in like six seven months I don't think it's enough to be funny oh really is I mean you know and maybe at the time when we're not living off a much that seems like quite a lump sum but at the end of the day look let's break it down here yeah cuz if he genuinely had to take his whole family and leave his home that means he's got to assumably pay a deposit on another home right so the cheapest I've ever heard was for a bed sale for 7 K in Nairobi by 5 you know even in college it goes crazy you know it can get real cheap but you know so okay so there you go the deposit in your first month's to call it six to nine that's already pretty a large chunk and feed your family maybe you're feeling rich at that time so you buy them pizza that's another two K gone so I'm just I mean the thing is like the breakdown is this man you just cost yourself a job and now your face is all over the whole over the lakes I remember there was a house girl my roommate hired her and she ended up stealing quite a sum of money from a drawer that I had like locked and I even told him don't let her into my room because I'm not about that stuff she left with like two garbage bags worth of clothing and over 10k like she left with everything and he thought it was like whatever about it and you know who I'm talking about – so it's just the thing is is when it's like a lump sum of money in your hand physically it feels like a lot what I don't understand homegirl why did you give this guy who you don't have like his national ID and everything that much money but I mean it's her it's her employee so she must have his information like broadcast his pictures like they're all over the internet now shoo I might even repost that can let me know harder I've done this like you know first of all it's hot money so she's the most possessive with it you know for her to have done this with this person if someone who they have an established relationship where I can trust you forget that you know whether you were to say yeah if Naomi you had an issue let's have fun with your leg and you need to deposit money in the bank you wouldn't trust me to go and put it in the bomb I would I would trust you exact Dana I trust you a good choice I'm just kidding I mean Julia I mean how long I mean I'm not gonna sell you out for pancakes oh you tell me if you gave me to em my boys would not know me that like you know Brandi wants to have like an established judicial trial like it might seem stupid in hindsight because now he's stolen from you but really you are they're trusting this person and also we're at the bank I'm outside the bank in my car I can't even envision a world where you would do that but let me tell you this I there's plenty of people who I know who do get rich off stealing from other people I'm telling there are consequences to that they are consequences to that kind of money and these bitches it's gonna come back and also now that we're talking about it hopefully you'll be found and the consequences you feel them because that 56k yes you might think that's an opportunity but that's someone's heart unless I know for real I was even just gonna say like my mom's PA like her personal assistant if you only know like she has like her bank account numbers she has the residuals to her to her her debit cards she has all of this but and she trusts her I mean all I'm saying is I don't know what I do if you're watching I don't know if I trust you but she puts her trust in her yeah but if she was to go to the bank she could wipe my mom's account clean well that's also why you have their personal information like you guys you have to trust each other to a certain extent but listen if you're making your millions off of other people's backs the grounds gonna break beneath you 100 percent I'm sorry boo let's talk do you think this is like even enough money for you to be like you know changing your life about I mean let us know what you think about this the hashtag is abou let's chalk and the SMS and it's four zero nine to zero now I've never been a fan of this idea that you know it's happening now that before you bring out a song or a new project we need to be constantly talking about you and especially when it's then what the basis of what we're talking about you is a lie now I'm going to say that and we are assuming that maybe this is all true so basically Willie Paul uttered Elaine and Willie Paul had a song with Elaine I do which is a beautiful song actually and he put out some information which basically suggests said that and Lane had blocked him and she stopped talking to him etc etc so he put up a public message asking him you know please come and please follow me back what's the problem I'm just gonna read a little bit of it I'm what she said I'm oh sorry so she he said I'm Elaine we were so good together dear to be honest meeting you was one of the best thing because it was like a dream come true when you see a man admitting such that means something big following through she says I'm me and I'm Tammy plus one more thing there's a female artist Nick by the name of Nandi from Tanzania me and her are just friends nothing more that shouldn't even worry you dear madam please talk and block me this silence is killing me was there you know who you're legit king is helping me from get this message out so when when I saw this message at first I said okay first of all I'm really confused number one is like you and Nandi friends sure whatever and two is that I thought the relationship between him and Elaine was professional but from the from the gist of this message for Elaine to have an issue with Willy Posey and Nandi together then she's there's something more being suggested so our first thought is oh here goes really pose a again etc etc but Lane replied actually today talking about Willy Willy Willy everything will be all right it's all about music and specifically all about God thank thanking him for all of his blessings despite obstacles despite enemies in spite of ourselves we know he has a plan for us to prosper us and to give us future with hope we know how far he has taken us and trust him with the future one thing is for sure we have great musical chemistry so dot dot dot what do you think dot dot one more song let's unblock some blessing this is what I think I feel like Willy pizzette basically asked hi and Lane how are you and Elaine replied I want to go on holiday like the truth she does not know that the question she says she did anything that was there were these two messages and look like this from separate topics they're not attack differently a different really okay she doesn't say anything well what I feel right Lydia you feel like it's a publicity stunt I think right cause she replied I was like really okay me personally Willy posed a I feel like his his side was a publicity stunt I don't know like Elaine but she put it out to the pop she did put it out to the pub yeah but what we're not gonna do especially if we're in a relationship is air our business out on social media so maybe it could be a publicity stunt but Elaine I've never seen you like go that low be that guy don't be that guy nobody likes that guy are you so kind of trying to figure out because like he poured his guts he okay lady no as they gather or not hold on whether or not it was like legitimate or a publicity sign he put along no yeah he really tried I don't necessarily get the same vibe from her so maybe if I were to say it I kind of feel like he wanted a publicity stunt to happen and she's like not as into it she's just you know like she's just sort of like feigning it kind of thing yeah I don't necessarily think this is like a legitimate romance I'm also kind of upset it's like why is it that as long as there's a male and female artist working together they have to be dating yes Wow we're getting here please let us know what you think do you think it's a publicity stunt dude I mean we've seen enough of them especially from was really pathetic dude by the way I do still think he's a talented guy the hashtag is EBU let's talk in the SMS and it's four zero nine to zero I feel like this is one of those so like you know you like you know a guy lives in for the kids you don't hit you know you don't hate him so you're not a jerk back so what you do it's like it's someone saying it's someone saying like I love you know me and you go because he put out in public I feel like she because she doesn't have an issue with him she wasn't gonna ignore him so you see how she went she just went straight for God but exactly it's like because because that's my girl that's my girl she's not gonna make this an issue but that's my girl she's not gonna make this an issue but she will publicly tell you like Mia Willy we never had nothing but we really want to know where you guys sleep the hashtag is Ebru let's talk in the SMS is for zero nine to zero let us know and we'll be right back after this Oh your skin breathe let my fingers run on us kill a god no you wanna see me I always wanna wake up like that like that Rosie's on my bed my bed my baby my medicine like you said like you say I never knew love like that like that I never knew love and honestly if I would again what cover you should do to a Kenyan artist it would be the job so you you absolutely know why I'm so glad I feel like we wanted to start it like that so that before I introduce him you all have felt the vibe um we are so happy to have him here he is he has first of all it was a random video that just went viral and everyone just fell in love with him for his beautiful talent his amazing energy please welcome to the show rafael nah I was like okay gave you goose bumps goose you are so talented did you know that you are this talented yes I did but you know when he comes out of people it's more like who are you are you exaggerating that exaggerating and when did you start singing telling tell us anyway about yourself ever since I was small back in kindergarten when everyone used to go out at least sports and everything no not that I wasn't much involved but I actually used to go for piano lessons on the same and we I that's why I started I um something at the party didn't even like on and on and on it went well I've been just doing that through primary school at charge foundation so you started like in the church singing nicely so like ever since your video went viral like how do you feel about that yeah like what is the feeling the next day yes yes um the next day was Sunday I miss church in the morning but I went the evening in the evening yeah but I was worried about the following week but I was like okay fine you've been singing in front of people just you know keep it cool yeah yeah I always like I'm glad people are really loving it basically I'm learning to embrace our it's not that I'm like no dude I'm actually embracing it perfecting him it's true I mean we're talking about this video I'm tell us how it came about because it's essentially and I said that's what I would do like you know I'm screening a comedian she heard you singing and obviously freaked out like I would and recorded you and here we are how did that come about so we were at a party a friend of mine invited me and actually a friend of his I think invited Freneau so what we were cooking in the kitchen I remember cooking bhajiya I don't know so um she passed me hey Mills Iowa yeah yeah we were just chilling eventually was getting late and I was like why don't we have a karaoke yeah a late night karaoke that would be fine um so I proposed it everyone was like but but you know Rinna was like you not exactly by it Rinna was like hey you why don't you go fast because you're the one who proposed it yes I was like okay fine I'll pick out a cushion eyes cuz I really loved the vibe yeah it's really nice yeah and that's what happened karaoke is now a performance question like okay now like since you've been exposed you've been out there I've seen I've seen your Instagram when it was like at like four eight thousand and you quickly jump to like 10 K now you just keep rising and rising but I have one question how tired of you how tired are you of singing ocean eyes to people it's a lovely song it is I would do it over and over but I know to connect when to you um what I mean first of all I feel like when you're destined for something God brings it to you in the weirdest way I've known first of all to your friends who know people like rano who not made him goodbye Blackheart thank you you know um now what's the what's that goal what's the dream yes now that you're here know that I have this platform I'm taking it in I'm still perfecting my ad though and friendly that I have a chance to express myself I'm going to do it as best as I can yeah I can see I'm gonna be all out in everything but I'm going to use this platform as well as I can we we are discussing this sort of as like it almost feels like it was a long time ago but really this was just weeks before this all happened and now still you're a university student yeah yes so now since that like d-day is like how is your life been balancing that pretty much normal in fact you'd be surprised I I do things as I used to do though really I literally walk through school I never in it anyone who comes up to me and tells me oh you have a nice place I'd be like thank you I really appreciate that you don't assume anything yeah I do not seem anything I take little I take that very small comment to heart yeah because I know it goes a long way and everything but others for the balancing I would didn't say I'm exactly best at it it's going to be hard it's it's you're telling us that you know when you're walking around campus now the girls are looking at you better everyone in general yeah definitely like hey that's a person I literally hear that with people walking Express okay don't really feel but I'm expecting it but get used to it you are such a humble humble human being and I'm so glad you're at the table like so has anybody picks you up are you signed with anyone are you recording now your own music like uncover with Nikita yeah yes I did I'm not signed to any label as for now but I don't know what the future holds for me um still all I know is that I'm perfecting my odd just as I was and slowly exploring this industry as it comes yeah but I wouldn't mind I wouldn't definitely mind interacting with people within the industry because I need to get a you know different taste you know a lot of do we expect more original work from you should we expect like an EP or a debut album at all yes I do yes but four releases I won't promise any soon yeah because I mean I I still have a lot I'm writing updated I still haven't finished yeah because you know ideas vari you might be on this idea then switches yes with the process can be slow sometimes yeah and the kids are caring I mean she's another beautiful voice if you guys missed that episode she was here with us in st. voice and we can catch up on YouTube how did you guys me and how did that cover come along hmm actually it was at a Christmas concert you I yes I think it was 2018 last year yeah so we were performing she came to support her cousin I couldn't see her because of the lights when I was on stage but I sung but when I saw her I was so you know her sort of before she knew you um through her song happy with yours lay a big fine yeah yeah but then when I was introduced to her she we interacted well and we exchanged Instagram handles so ever since we've been linking up and especially after this viral thing which is like finally you're the musical aesthetic is as much sort of softer is much more of those more romantic aspects of it that is that also what your personal writing is about it's not always like that because for me what I'd say inspiration is variable yeah it's quite variable because sometimes you might see this and you like whoa I feel it's something I can write about it's something I can express through music so I wouldn't exactly put myself in that box of love songs and everything I wouldn't mind yeah love songs anything so you're in University yeah like are you are you studying music yeah what are you studying I'm actually taking two courses so a certificate in music Otunga is a college in cotton and communications that's my main Decree much love Arts in communication that's truffle Beauty beautiful voice and brain yeah yeah like what is your like dream job like what do you aspire to be do you aspire to be this beautiful singer that you are right now no coming up as you are you want to do the business side of things like you personally um my take on that is that with the passion comes the reward which is you know money everything but I mean passion comes fast because the end product is what matters yes yeah um as for me what I'd like to do in that industry it's wide and I'd like to I was also interested in acting and everything and musicals and everything stuff I've been seeing on TV let me tell you I feel like when the energy which you're bringing about and the way you're so sure of what you want to do which is perfect your craft etc etc you're gonna go so far and we wish you like the world of good of all your covers which one is your favorite the ones are posted yeah okay let's see okay nice I'm just kidding go ahead go ahead um I would say I dunno I think the one we did with Nikita yeah yeah you're the reason okay there goes my heart beatin cuz you are the reason losing my sleep please come back now a climb every mountain in soon every ocean just to be with you and fix what I broke can Oh cuz I need you to see the you are the reason I think I just wanna go so I can see people's reaction you have such a great voice and you have so much control over your like falsetto voice and you're like oh we're actually about to test that yes all right so it's game time it's game time don't stress don't stress yourself I'm a little intimidated wait do you get your braid all of them I don't get to read all of them all right what's gonna happen is is we have a little game we have to act your way out of a situation but obviously in honor of you and I guess to embarrass literally all of us yep we're going to do a sing your way out of the situation it's gonna be fun yes so let me just randomly pass the cards I haven't read them don't worry yeah yes each of you so slide them down and do I have to go first yes we do like all right so it's me first to start yeah I'm just gonna sit and chill so mine says you popped in school late and you found the lecturer lecturer gave out a son oh I cut an exam already collected it sing yourself out and explain why you're late for that yeah yeah the test yeah okay I have no I'm going next no no I'm Citadel of daily I'm sitting I'm gonna sit because I'm sitting as if for the I'm in a desk and I'm just looking at my lecture lenka like please I know I overslept [Laughter] was so much traffic on the road me I know Lydia's gonna stand together like a standing outfit lose in that so you are busy chatting on your phone and you forgot to check on the milk your mom left you burned your mom left you to watch over and now has us build seeing yourself on the streets and addressing your mom number one this is no something that's far from my life experience I'll do this I'll be on my phone I'm joking mom I love you and I was just ordering you some new shoes oh look no hits new shoes mom I'm sorry about the milpa we cannot we cannot cry fashion I want if I was your mom might forgive you I bring in new shoes Oh technical difficulties with handwriting okay sorry so okay yeah go figure it out I'm gonna figure it out my voice you can do it girl okay so your rent is due and you've been hiding from your landlord unfortunately you are caught sneaking using the rear entrance property yeah go whatever seeing yourself out of the situation addressing the land okay some house I don't do it my rent was due yesterday but yeah that's fine hey you two broke we're not give my check give my check give my chance my chance don't embarrass us all you definitely don't have to go the hard road okay you're caught taking a turn on the wrong side of the road sing yourself out of the situation addressing the traffic oh oh I'm sorry I didn't mean to make a wrong turn on you roll I promised my boss I get early this morning I didn't mean to wrong you know I'll promise I'll make it up to you later yes I'm gonna see you about a traffic cop please make it like Eva evens I'm sorry it's song writing something which you love cause a lot of people who do sing do fine like that's like the harder part of the – okay it can be challenging actually because sometimes you you run out you either Round Rock sorry run out of you know wants to express what you really feel yeah or just well for trace can you give someone out there who is having writer's block give them a little advice yeah what you should how do you get out of it yes um fast off relieve to this situation and take your time by the Dom Deena hi dream because okay sometimes my writing bar is like writing speed sorry if batteries I can write a song in a D depending on how well I thought it through and everything but in the end it's you do you I feel like you're amazing and you know if just any hope you take your time and you have the right guidance are your parents part of you how they feel it's just I'm gonna watch this yeah I hope she does get to I don't know if from work yet and this is the thing I feel like he's he's studying yes I'm as many African parents too like it's absolutely mandatory for someone to do but also get your parents give you the room to store nurture your talent because look now you can do both and you know this in less than a month yeah anyway guys we hope that you have enjoyed the show and the hash tag is a bullet stroke and SMS and it's four zero nine to zero please go and just ask and like his vid like his covers because as we said we want to be the people who support Kenyan talent we always talk about it but we can be here doing it so until tomorrow when we start the weekend at 6:00 p.m. here on your favorite Channel have a good night my name is Lidia km that's Lydia came on all social media handles my name is dana de Grazia that's at hustle goddess on Instagram and Twitter and my name is Naomi one boy that's WAFB ollie on Facebook Instagram Twitter what is your self my name is Rafael Kemal Ghana and on Instagram my handle is this is rough on Ghana with underscores between 80 everything and I recently came to learn about my Twitter handle I was so active yes I'm just ruffle kamal ocean eyes i'm sorry okay from which plane the chorus no you're really know wanna make me cry when it give me those own Sun eyes I'm scared I've never fallen from quite this high falling in a your own eyes your own


  • Herbert Moriango aka Rau Rau says:

    Naomi you're dramatic with those hands. It reminds me this Akatha women when they are mad and causing a scene. Am not hating you but you're fun to watch. Thanks ladies

  • Khadija Kenya says:

    So this Neomi chick had to turn around all the stories to revolve around her? Mara chiwawa, Mara her mum PA…with a fake accent.
    Lady do better

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