Beyonce Features Many African Artists on Her New Album , Sends Love Message to Africa

Beyonce Features  Many African Artists on Her New Album , Sends Love Message to Africa

welcome to Emma's top ten and thanks for watching this is a little news updates multiple award-winning American artists beyonce has outlined Zito's for her 14 track new album to accompany the Lion King remake entitled The Lion King they gift to be released on Friday the album features four new solo songs from Beyonce alongside collaborations with both American and African artists the album is separate from the soundtracks in the Lion King movie although Beyonce's songs periods appears on both the album and the film Beyonce voices the Kuwata and Nala in the Tweedy animated version of the 1994 Disney classic when she first announced the project last week Beyonce's said and I quote each song was written to reflect the film storytelling that gives the listener a chance to imagine their own imaginary while listening to a new contemporary interpretation she explained that this project is a love letter to Africa which is why it is important for her to create authentic African music by collaborating with these African adds a lot of the drums the chants all of these incredible new sounds mixed with some of the producers from America we've kind of created our own genre and I feel like the soundtrack it becomes visual in your mind it's a soundscape it's more than just the music because each song tells the story of the film she added it was important that the music was not only performed by the most interesting and talented artists but also produced by the best African producers authenticity and heart were important to me numerous African artists appear on the album Nigerian pop stars Tiwa savage and mr eazi performed the song keys to the kingdom with the latter also appearing alongside fellow Nigerians take no enemy holiday on dawns jealous me Nigeria's burner boy has a solo track titled ja era why chameleons artists solitaire appears alongside Beyonce and Pharrell Williams on the song water other African artists include Nigeria's whiskey Ghana's shatta wale and South Africa's boozy WA and munchausen le as we await the official release of the film on Friday yes are also easy to listen to the highly anticipated album to be released alongside to the film thanks for watching this video if you did enjoy the video please do well to give it a thumbs up and do not forget to subscribe and share with your friends


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