BhadBhabi ATTACK3D By Fans😢Cardi Wants All Femal Artist To Support One Another❤️Nicki, Meg, Etc🔥

BhadBhabi ATTACK3D By Fans😢Cardi Wants All Femal Artist To Support One Another❤️Nicki, Meg, Etc🔥

do you have a favorite right now in the rap game videos alien no reason why I can't say because I feel like they are rapping about the same thing and I don't feel like that I don't think they're showing us who's the best rapper I think they're trying to show them for me um this it's like strippers rapping and I don't I don't as far as rap goes I don't I'm not getting who is the best rapper I'm getting like okay you got a story about you dancing in the club you got a story about you dancing in club you got a story about you dancing in club all right who's the thing that you want to see if you're not like just more I mean I feel like at some point somebody's gonna have to break out of that mold and just show us a you know talk about other things like rap just crap about other things besides that I need I your baby that is full as Scott what is up gang in today we have bad baby in the office not ever since Jermaine Dupri spoke up about female artists only rapping about stripper activities female artists is such as cardi B has spoken out I have seen a lot of people write that nowadays female rappers or you talk about they put and now that you mean the pre boom you know not I'm gonna say something about it right reservoir because she's my best friend you know I'm saying and second of all is because it seemed like that's what people want to hear I am is gonna fun because let me tell you something when I did be careful people were sucking mashed in the beginning like what's a business now I expected I expected this I expected that so it's like if that's what people aren't trying to hear then all right then I'm gonna start wrapping the bomb up again and second of all there's a lot of female rappers they'll be wrapping their ass off and don't be talking about don't be talking about you know getting down and dirty and yeah I don't be supporting them yeah don't be supporting them and they be mad dope also honest is like dojaquez spoke up but with a different approach here's what she had to say yes to me Jermaine Dupri just said that all all girls in the rap game talked about all they talk about is dancing in the club and after he said that he said it's like a bunch of strippers Papa jamjam let me tell you something listen to me you have to listen to music to know that it this is the the ignorance is amazing to me cuz it's like you wouldn't if you were right then how do I know so many female rappers that are so qualified and so talented and so clever who don't just talk about sex like I do but there are women out there who talk about other things sound sexist so in conclusion Jermaine sorry Jarman I'm just gonna have to go hashtag team Jermaine Queen of rap 2019 you're the queen of rap you're the best female rapper out there so so death now before I continue this video and get to the topic that I actually wants to talk about y'all let me know what y'all think do y'all feel this if Jermaine Dupri is wrong or is he right do you feel like these females I've taken it in a little too much because it's not that deep also I want to say I feel as if male rappers they all rap about the same thing but not all of them but a lot of them they rap about sex they rap about money they rap about cars clothes jury another topic I want to get to before I continue is why do female artists feel this if they have to compete male artists they don't compete they just rap they just rap but for some reason whenever there's a no female rapper artist singer they all have to compete and not only that not only is they competing with one another but the supporters are making them compete like Nicki Minaj and cart that topic has been dropped but the supporters keep it up whenever you compliment Nicki Minaj cardi supporters are mad whenever you compliment cardi Nicki Minaj supporters on man why y'all let me know in the comment section which I think about that and let's continue lastly the topic I was waiting on bad baby also spoke out on this situation the media wasted no time attacking her let's get straight into it she posted to Instagram story and she said y'all will promote half these female rappers that day is suck y'all only F with most of them cuz they pretty or you like they style I promise you these B's ain't on that but when it comes to me a B that can really rap y'all don't want to F with me cuz how I came up and because I'm like when she posted this people felt as if she was doing a race car I will say this I'm not a fan of her music but I do know she have a large fanbase and I really see any hate comments about her she posts her Instagram story a game girls excluded from that last post you take Asian the bright make Molly call eerie Tokyo and date once the shade room posted what she said she did get a lot of hate comments she did get a lot of heat combos and people were downplaying her music now I heard from other people and other resources that she do indeed have great music I just never heard any of her music she posted this on Instagram story forgot I'm not allowed to say let me just keep my truth to myself after that she posted I'm done rapping y'all got y'all with it then again not F that I quit it's understandable when some of the hate come from being that she was on dr. Phil disrespecting her mother I know how most people feel about disrespect especially to elders but you know now she's doing right by her mother sometimes we as people gotta let bygones be bygones because it is what it is you can't erase the past you can't erase history is there and it's gonna be there forever so your but some rappers they are really don't they'll be wrapping this off and I don't feel like they get the recognition that they deserve Ciara wack Kamiya Rhapsody there's this girl call or an eco I don't know how to say her name baby but they be rapping there and I feel like we need to put these girls more in magazines blah blah blogs can you stop putting these girls on your blog's cuz I know you're watching this put these girls more on your blog's Oh radio DJs you I need to hear these girls can either play their music on the radio oh my fans I want you to hear these girls cuz these girls could wrap their mothers off and we need to support them and they don't rap about a BJJ they don't rap about such a dope ass let me tell you you


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    Please support me and subscribe to my channel

  • Snackury raw and Uncut No filter and outspoken says:

    Thats Good For her. 😂😂😂💙💙💙 bhadd bhabbie thought she wassss
    The wave like Girl pipe down
    N humble ya self

  • Candi C says:

    Can't believe he really said that when Nicki music speaks volumes and she definitely don't always be talking about No Hoe shit or Stripper shit sooooo fuk outta here wit that #MEGATRON……theres others too

  • Briana Mcneil says:

    I love cardi and Meghan and I do agree with cardi said I do agree with cardi rant and Dojos cats video to

  • Roses are red Only when they’re alive says:

    He right and cardi right too, you got to give the ppl what they wanna hear. And hell the male rappers rap about the same ishh to soooo 🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️

  • Devon Wilford says:

    That’s what’s up

  • joy tandy says:

    I really think if theses ladies start supportin one another and stop jumpin from bed to bed they would be gud go back to Shanta if I messed up ur name sorry and the Queen u c Mary I mean come on ladies y'all all gud 💯💪 God blessed u all in different ways don't hate on each other


    This is why so many rappers getting shot cuz instead of supporting each others grind they all wanna be better than someone in the rap game or they talk shit to each other. We gone be in 2020 before we know it we need to come together already.

  • Squirell 2019 says:

    Megan the stallion can rap and spit bars whatever y'all talking about she go hard

  • Devon Wilford says:


  • Devon Wilford says:

    Cardi B is my favorite you have your opinion I have mine

  • Jabori Lamb says:


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