Bobby Darin – The Great Performer – Legends In Concert

Bobby Darin - The Great Performer - Legends In Concert


  • cècil lucindo says:

    bobby is the best .

  • niteflyable says:

    Pure Coolness & Greatness….<3 <3 <3

  • Timothy Burrell says:

    Stunning natural talent!

  • Ju Borah says:

    The Coolest Artiste

  • Elizabeth F says:

    Mr.Bobby Darin a wonderful entertainer and multi tallented man.
    Miss you Bobby . Rest in peace .

  • Butch 78 says:

    One of the greats. If he had lived, just how much better would he have become? Could sing any genre any style.

  • Marilyn Stevenson says:

    Drums, piano, guitar, vibraphone..he was the best!! He was born with innate rhythm and style. was a wonderful vocalist encompassing Jazz (listen to his record with Johnny Mercer) blues, rock, ballads, country! Bobby could sing it all. He was cheeky without being over the top..He was a natural talent. I remember exactly what I was doing when I heard Bobby had passed away. the lights went dim…The world was never the same without this marvellous entertainer..and delightful man.

  • Alejandra Rodiño says:

    Great singer

  • Milagros Villareal says:


  • Janet Coombes says:

    I rediscovered Bobby Darin last year after reading that he was Elvis's favourite singer He has been a joy to watch and listen to I hope that he and Elvis are making music up in the heavens somewhere! !

  • stevestheboy1 says:

    nowdays in the uk and im sure the usa and elseware too our soap actors are called stars  eg katie price any member of kardasions and a million other arseholes whats happened to the world this guy is a true star with true talent which is why me and a million others are watching this

  • Phil Beattie says:

    Although knowing this muso I didn't realise how good he was . For us Australians it was Mac the knife and that was it wow.

  • Torben Mølgaard-Andersen says:


  • Sam Blues Adams says:

    i m listening to him for the first but he took my soul man….. amazing artist he is,, will not say was,, cos he is still on in our heart…..

  • jessie james says:

    wow great pianist too

  • Micaï. Claude. says:

    Very, very excellent !

  • Throgmorton Moo says:

    If he was on got talent today hed blow everyone away!

  • Beth Drysdale says:

    Seen a TV story on Booby Daren have followed his background red books on him he didn't get rhe recognition he deserved…He was the best

  • Alfred Thérien says:

    Undoubtedly the most underrated american singer of the 20th century. Impeccable phrasing at all times! Thank you for this.

  • rossana martinez says:

    My great Bobby Darin, the best for all times!

  • Stella Ercolani says:

    Unlike you…

  • carmen peña says:

    Lo amo ..lo amo..lo amo..amo su mú forma d saber estar en el.escenario…q poco queda ya d aquello..d aquellas voces..d ese saber estar..d esa buena música..BOBBY DARYN fuistes y seras genial

  • Lilian Brazil says:

    31:11 🎼🎶🎵♥😊👏👏👏👏👏

  • thantei c says:

    Thankyou ❤️

  • Ace Romero says:

    That Bow Tie Tho. Classic full Energy Entertainer whose Battery ran out too soon .

  • Natalie Weiss says:

    literally he was the best. ever. HE WAS THE BEST EVER.

  • Mabel Durocher says:

    Too many times we are gifted with exceptional singers…and all too soon God takes them home.. or it seems that way…

  • Linda Thibault says:

    Love this guy, true entertainer!!!

  • Ann Menzzasalma says:

    Imagine how happy he would be to read all these wonderful comments

  • Ann Menzzasalma says:

    So unfair to take cheap shots at Judy Garland. She was given drugs as a child by the powers that be so she would perform when she was exhausted. This was in the 40s when they really didn't know,the harm that they caused. She didn't go out looking for this stuff. Mickey Rooney also was given this crap but fortunately for him he didn't have an addictive personality like poor Judy. She was a victim all the way.

  • How long can you make your name on here? Damn says:

    Haha he's a comedian and a singer…. oh and a model… 😍😂

  • Robert Bonneau says:

    Looks effortless. Not easy to look effortless.


    Bobby , was a solid foundation, he was the rock

  • Bruce Towell says:

    Thanks for posting.  When and where was the venue?

  • Cloudy Baby says:

    Thanks, Kevin Spacey, for introducing me to Bobby Darin.

  • Jen M says:

    Can someone please explain to me why the older videos subscribe more closely to the sound track than the modern ones do?

  • GusMcC says:

    His (live) cover of Bridge Over Troubled Water is epic IMO.

  • Kent Allen says:

    Bobby the best! Gone but not forgotten. So talented and so underestimated.

  • Jen M says:

    Just gob smacked. I never before comprehended the complete musical range of this man. Particularly extraordinary given his time and place in American society; so versatile, so electric. Just a complete virtuoso…….and taken far too early.

  • SukeyTawdry06 says:

    SO, so TRUE!!! – "…he could tackle any genre and make you believe he was born to sing that style…" Am a new convert , too ( via Spacey:-)) and am totally hooked!

    To all BD fans here – Do check out his Fb fan pages, official website – let's keep his music and memory, legacy alive for generations! 🙂

  • Michelle Regis says:

    Wow, what a performer, what a special guy ! Why did he have to leave us so Soon? 💔💔❤😔😔

  • SukeyTawdry06 says:


  • Jean Savage says:

    Wow! Bobby had a lot of moves in that dance scene!! Most talented entertainer ever! A terrible loss at such a young age..Thanks for these you tube .. I watch them often..

  • nobodyaskedbut says:

    This concert was a television show. Imagine this level of entertainment on TV today. he was one of the greatest entertainers of all-time and without question the most under-appreciated in the last 100 years. The ultimate showman.

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