Bohemian Elephant Easy Acrylic Painting for Beginners

Bohemian Elephant Easy Acrylic Painting for Beginners

[opening music] Cinnamon: Hey, everybody. It’s Cinnamon Cooney. I’m your Art Sherpa, and today we’re gonna be painting this really fun bohemian elephant. You guys voted on Facebook, tree frog versus elephant, and literally, I know this is a terrible pun, but he won by a nose. And I mean, like, a nose. So that was- John. Stunt hands is adjusting something? Stunt hands is adjusting something. [laughs] So, um, for those of you that were really for tree frog, he’s the following Tuesday, which I think is March 22nd. So, he did get in. And of course we’ll do black light butterfly, at some point. Sherpa after dark. Cause there was a core group of you that thought that would be fun, and I would love to do that with you. So, nobody loses out. Everybody wins. If you check the i-Card, I’ve got another painting vote. coming up>
John: You do! Cinnamon: That’s for that following Saturday. Which, I think, is the 25th. John: Mmmm..
Cinnamon: Mmm…. Cinnamon: If you’d like to suggest what I might like to paint, you can vote there, of the suggestions, and direct what you get to do next, which I think is kinda fun and only those of you that show up for elephant get a vote! [chuckles] John: Yeah. Cinnamon: No. I’ll put it in a couple places. I like the one here, it tells me what percentage, were as on Facebook I’ve gotta make checks and count them out. John: Oh yeah?
Cinnamon: Yeah. So, I’m like, don’t let there be any hanging chads! [both laugh] So this is what we’re doing today. I’m gonna show you every part of this process. Um, we’re doing this live, but if you come on the replay materials are in the description, including links that are helpful. There’s a link down there for the finished painting.
John: Mm-hmm. Cinnamon: And I think it’s really helpful to have a printout or a picture of the finished painting as you’re going. I don’t have a traceable yet, as part f the live show, but I’m gonna put one up on the Pinterest board. Because I don’t think drawing should be why you paint or not. Drawing is just an art skill. John: Mm-hmm.
Cinnamon: So there’s gonna be a traceable. I just don’t have one right now. Chuck be very busy. John: Mm-hmm.
Cinnamon: I’m gonna put up my canvas. John: I’m- I’m scan- We really have a full crowd today. Cinnamon: I am so excited, cause I’m so excited to share the elephant with everybody. I’m painting a sixteen by twenty pre-gessoed canvas. This is economy, though, that I get at one of the craft stores. And sometimes on the economy canvases you guys will need to re-gesso if the coating is giving you any grief. You shouldn’t ever have to on a pre-gessoed canvas. This is just a new thing. John: Hmm.
Cinnamon: That we’re all dealing with. And I’m sharing with you.
[both chuckle] If you’re having trouble. Um, yeah. Your… John: Oh! I’m talking to the community out here while you’re talking to the audience. Cinnamon: I’m talking to the audience. Alright. Well, let me go through my thing and then we’ll say hi to the community. John: Ok.
Cinnamon: Materials are in the description below, and here we’re gonna be putting out Titanium White, Cad Yellow Medium, Dioxazine Purple, Quinacridone Magento- Magenta. Pthalo Green. Kind of an unusual color, but it works for this. Ultramarine Blue. And Cadmium Orange. You know, um, if you don’t have those exact colors, you know, don’t let that be something that stops you from painting, cause this is kind of a graphic, fun piece. And also, um… You don’t have to- I’m painting Golden today, but you know, buy just the best paint that your budget will allow. Don’t stress your budget out on the paint thing.
John: Mm-hmm. Cinnamon: You know, just as you can, through sales and stuff, you know, just always get from good paint companies that care about your experience as a consumer. John: Ok.
Cinnamon: Alright! We’ve got wishes! John: We have wishes. I have wish and questions all accruing up over here. But I’m gonna start with the wishes here.
Cinnamon: Mm-hmm. John: So, I’d like to start, I think- We’ll start with the wish that you sent over here. Cinnamon: Yes. Well, I have a wish announcement.
John: Ok, so please. Go ahead. Cinnamon: The young girl that was missing that we were wishing for, she’s been found. She’s back home with her family. John: Oh, that’s really good! Cinnamon: So, I’m really happy about that. So that’s a wish update. John: That’s a good wish update. Cinnamon: The wish from Sandra. John: Yeah, so we- the wish from Sandra. She has a grand baby that needs some healing energy. Cinnamon: Yeah, we want healers. I want really good healers to surround Sandra’s grand baby and have her back home with her back home with her family really soon. John: Yeah. And if we could extend that love to all the little brushes out there that need that. Justin’s also in the hosipital. Cinnamon: Ohhhhh…. Hi Justin. John: He’s a little brush that could use some love and energy, too. Cinnamon: Oh, let’s send some healing to Justin. John: And we’ll just keep extending that to all the little brushes that need that. Cinnamon: All the little brushes that need healing. And all the little brushes moms, too. Just all the healing. John: Then we’re going to- We have a wish for Angie’s dad, Ken, who lost his wife, Angie’s mom, last week. Cinnamon: Oh! Just to be surrounded by love and family, huh?
John: Yeah. We’re just gonna sent that out there for. Cinnamon: That’s a hard thing. John: So, we’ll send that out there. Cinnamon: Love and family. John: And then, the last one we’re gonna wish is, you know, Judy, she’s having some some Crohn’s flare up. And I’ve been having a little bit myself-
Cinnamon: Judy! John: So, we’re gonna send some wishes for all those who have some tummy trouble to… Cinnamon: Happy tummy energy.
John: Yeah. Cinnamon: Oh, gosh. I just wish that for people going through Crohn’s. John goes through this and I just- I’m just wish that, um, yeah, healing in the tummy area. Cause it just- I’m having a hair moment here. I can’t see.
[John chuckles] Cinnamon: Gotta get my bangs trimmed. You guys ever get like, gotta get your bangs trimmed? [both chuckling]
Cinnamon: And I’m like, I’m getting that level. Definitely, definitely wish for healing. And I have a wish! John: Ok. What’s your wish?
Cinnamon: For myself. I have a self-directed wish. John: That’s ok.
Cinnamon: You may or may not have noticed that I have, uh, we tried out for the Almost Famous panel. John: We did.
Cinnamon: Nearly Famous. Less Than Famous. John: Less Than Famous.
Cinnamon: We’re less than famous. And I really, really wanna be on that panel, so, and I’m also wishing my friend Todd, who- That’s how we met Todd Graham. You remember him painting?
John: Mm-hmm. Cinnamon: He had uh, indifference pumpkin. For those of you that remember. John: Yes.
Cinnamon: Indifference pumpkin Todd. So we’re wishing we get on the Almost Famous Panel. John: I think that’s a good one. Cinnamon: Less Than Famous.
John: Less Than Famous Panel. Cinnamon: For VidCon. And of course if we go to VidCon, we’ll meet up with you guys in LA and paint. Do some type of painting or something.
John: Yeah. Cinnamon: When we go to VidCon. John: And, one our sherpettes, Dottie, is also feeling a little poorly today. Cinnamon: Oh, Dottie! Feel better!
John: Yeah. Cinnamon: That’ll be right here. John: And we always have a lot of wishes coming in here, and I, uh… With all of our lightkeepers out there, we really appreciate you guys capturing all the other wishes we can’t get to today. Cinnamon: We do. And you can put any wish that speaks to you on your canvas at home. If you don’t have a watercolor pencil, I do my wishes with my watercolor pencil cause it disappears, it doesn’t stay in the paint. A graphite pencil would stay in the paint. But don’t forget, you can write wishes, intentions, hopes, dreams, and messages on these back stretchers. John: Mm-hmm. It’s a good place for them. Cinnamon: It’s a great place for them, and they’ll always be there. I like doing that for little brushes. John: Mm-hmm.
Cinnamon: Sending little messages. So we have our elephant. I made sure I did trunks up. I did a little research, and I decided I had to do trunks up. John: Trunks up? Cinnamon: Trunks up. Cause that’s my wish for the whole community.
John: Alright! Cinnamon: You know, are trunks up wishes.
John: Mm-hmm. Cinnamon: I hope the sound is ok. I’m having trouble with the speaker.
John: Yeah. I’m listening to you. Cinnamon: You’re listening to me?
John: I have my ears on. Cinnamon: So, I’m gonna draw this in with you guys. I’m gonna try to draw it darkly enough for you guys to see it. It’s always a trick with these watercolor pencils. John: Yeah.
Cinnamon: You should not draw on yours this darkly. I’m gonna say that a few fingers down from the top left, I’m gonna make a little mark. And I’m going to, say…. If this is the center mark here, so I’m kinda knowing where I’m drawing at, I’m gonna come sweep down a little but. I’m gonna come make a little forehead. It sort of arks out. His little forehead arks out. And then I’m gonna sweep down. I like the trunk being up, so I curve here in a U. One thing I like to do is bring the trunk back just a little bit. In an arabesque, here. You know. Nice, little sweep. John: An arabesque?
Cinnamon: An arabesque. Yeah. I used that word. We’ll be talking about that a little more. [laughs] Here at the trunk of the nose, let’s see if I can capture that. That’s really- John: Oh! That’s so hard for it to focus on. There it goes! When you zoom it a lot it makes it a little easier, but it’s- Cinnamon: It’s struggling. I know guys.
John: It’s like, “I can’t!” Cinnamon: So here’s the little tip to the nose. It should come up with a lip. Scoop in. Like it’s a little arching out, and then another little lip. That’s an important part of the elephant nose. And then this should be the narrowest part of it. And then as I taper out, I can let that thicken and ark around. And that right there.
John: Yeah. It’s really hard for them to see on there. I’m trying to adjust the cameras. Cinnamon: It is just impossible today, guys. John: It’s, uh…
[Cinnamon sighs.] John: It’s the-
Cinnamon: I am, here’s what I’m gonna do. Cause this is such an important one to people, I’m gonna break my rule. John: You’re gonna break your rule?
Cinnamon: I’m gonna break my rule. I’m gonna use something that is gonna bleed through the paint. [John chuckles] John: You’re gonna show it happen. See, and the camera guy has lost her… Cinnamon: I know, I’m off camera, but I’m here. I’m with you. I never do this. Don’t do this.
John: She’s there, so I’ll put some- It’s all here. Cinnamon: Don’t do this at home. I just want you to see the drawing. Right. If you’re trying to draw along with me, I want you to see the drawing. John: Ok. Cinnamon: And you can’t really see it, so, never, never do this. I’m gonna come again. I’m gonna scoop down. His little forehead arks out. See that arching out?
John: Yeah. We can see it much clearer now. Cinnamon: Well, yeah. Cause I’m using graphite. [both laughing] Cinnamon: Alright. When I come down on the nose, I wanna definitely, definitely curve this down. It’s a little harder to draw with pencil, too, on the canvas. John: Yeah. Cinnamon: Coming back up I’m curving back. I like to curve back towards him. Right. I’m curving back towards him. Don’t draw with graphite on your canvas. Alright. Here’s the point I was making about the nose. It tips out, comes back in, and comes out. See that? John: Yeah, we can really see it.
Cinnamon: This is really important to your elephant feeling like an elephant. You can do a lot of other things wrong, but this little delicate- cause they actually hold things and grab things with that part of their nose, John: Mm-hmm.
Cinnamon: It is a hand for them and they’re quite good at using it. They’re just gentle, beautiful creatures. John: Who pick things up with their nose. Cinnamon: Who pick things up with their nose. Well I would too if I had a big long nose like that, right. John: [chuckles] It’s kind of crazy but [?]. Cinnamon: So, now I have a tusk on him. Because in his world nobody would ever, ever hurt him for his tusks. So he can have big, beautiful tusks. And I’m gonna curve the tusk up. Right. I’m gonna curve this tusk up.
John: Mm-hmm. Cinnamon: And again, I’m gonna do a traceable for you guys that are like, “I just don’t feel like drawing.” Cause that’s ok. Now it’s kinda like a branch. It’s gonna be narrowest at the point, cause this is a modified tooth, right. John: Yup. Cinnamon: And it’s gonna curve back, and he would root up a tree with these, so they have to be powerful. For him to take care of his little elephant family. I’m gonna bring it back here. Let’s see if I can show this on the up close camera. What we’re gonna do right here. It’s gonna come right back here. Am I seeing that? Or am I off camera?
John: I’m there. Cinnamon: Ok. Here we go. Alright. And then this is where his little mouth is kind of gonna be. Then I’m going to make a little chin here, and comes off. Right.
John: Yep. Cinnamon: It’s not a complicated thing to draw, if you’d like to try to draw it. I just wanted you guys to be able to see it. And this pencil is gonna bleed through on mine. John: Yeah. That’s no good.
Cinnamon: Yeah. So, I’m gonna bring this up for the ear. The stretcher bars are gonna mess with my pencil here. They always do. And then right here. If I draw a line right here, I know my ear’s gonna come down. And then my eye is gonna be towards the front here.
John: Mm-hmm. Cinnamon: It’s gonna have an ark up. John: Oh, you have to come up with the close up cam.
Cinnamon: Ok. Let’s get the close up camera where it needs to be. I want you guys to see it. Cause I gotta ark up. Just ark this up. Bring a little line down here. This is kind of like a- What would it be like? It’d be like… a lopsided smile.
[John chuckles] Cinnamon: And round here. Ok? That’s what we’re gonna have going right there. Now he needs a second tusk over here, by the way.
John: He does? Cinnamon: Yes he does, cause he would have two. He’s not been poached. Nobody’s hurt him. He lives in a happy, little place, where people would never, ever, ever take his teeth.
John: No way. Cinnamon: Yes. It’s my painting. [Cinnamon chuckles] Cinnamon: In my painting, he’s safe.
John: Yeah. Cinnamon: That’s what I love about my paintings. I can decide what I want to have happen in my world. John: Yeah. Cinnamon: So what I do is I always make sure this tusk is just slightly shorter than this tusk. That’s a little bit of perspective there.
John: Mm. Yeah. Cinnamon: Even in graphic paintings like this, those little touches of perspective really help. Give it that finished look that you’re going for. And that’s all it takes to draw him in. But I just want you to be able to see it. But just never ever use pencil on a canvas.
[both laugh] So definitely don’t do as I do. Do as I say on this one. The next thing I’m gonna put out, is I’m gonna, for the ease of painting this in, I’m gonna use my fluid black paint. You could use your mars black. I’m gonna use my fluid black. And I’m gonna grab this three quarter inch. Uh, they’re gonna say it’s a wash, but they’re just saying the bristles are longer. It’s kinda like a bright. You can see it’s square there. Any one inch square brush that has a nice, sharp bright on it. And I’m gonna paint in everything on the outside of him black. And that’s the basis for that wonderful chalk board look. John: Gotcha. Cinnamon: Now I’m using Golden Carbon Black here.
John: Ok. Cinnamon: And I really like that finish. But you know, Artist Loft makes a carbon black, too.
John: Yeah. Cinnamon: So, if you can get the Golden carbon black, this is a wonderful product. And you can rely on it. It’s hardly ever gonna come out cottage cheesy, hardly ever. It slips down on me, just so you know.
John: Oh. Does it? Cinnamon: Uh-huh. On it’s own. Uh, cottage cheesy. It’s pretty consistent. But again, dollar, so it’s where you’re at. And neither one is a bad choice. Right. You gotta- You have a budget, you know.
John: Yeah. Work within your budget.
Cinnamon: Work within your budget. Products that treat you well that are within your budget. Though, a lot of times. I mean my truth, my experience, with Golden and some of the pro-paints, is I always buy them on sale. All of them. Always. On sale. John: Yeah. Coupons!
Cinnamon: Coupon. John: If I walk in the store and I see that there’s a sale on Golden or Liquitex, I’m like, “Cinnamon, what’re we buying?” [chuckles] Cinnamon: Yeah. That’s when I get it. John: Yeah. Yep. The- We’re gonna, you know, uh, there’s a question here about craft paints, and can you substitute them for fluid paints. Cinnamon: Yes, you can. So, here’s the dish on the craft paints. We’re gonna talk about it this Thursday on our paint quest. John: Yeah.
Cinnamon: But I don’t mind answering here. I won’t make you wait. Craft paints have several different purposes. So some ofthem are for wood, and some of them are ceramic. And… They do these different things, and generally the craft paint companies will make a line for acrylic painting.
John: Mm-hmm. Cinnamon: And the reason that they do is the craft paints for wood or ceramics is not designed to mix John: Right. Cinnamon: And they do something called color shift, which is that they darken as they dry. John: Right. Cinnamon: Which is not idea in acrylic painting.
John: No No. Cinnamon: We don’t like it at all. It makes it very challenging. So, uh, Deco and Plaid both have lines. That are designed for painting and those lines of artists paints
John: Mm-hmm. Cinnamon: are perfectly good, acceptable alterations for fluid. John: Your mic is- keep slipping down. Cinnamon: It does. I keep putting it up, and it keeps slipping down. John: We’re gonna have to look at new mic solution soon. Cinnamon: I don’t know, cause this mic was definitely at the top of our budget. And the other mics don’t respect our budget. John: No, they don’t.
Cinnamon: They don’t respect our budget at all. So we’re all gonna live with this mic. For a second.
[chuckles] John: For a second.
Cinnamon: For a second. Cinnamon: So see what a beautiful black finish that gives me?
John: Yeah. Cinnamon: That is- That’s Golden. The pigment loads on these paints are insane. John: Yeah. Cinnamon: And you will notice as you paint with the different products you can see a difference in the pigment load. But you know what there’s not a difference in?
John: Hmm? Cinnamon: The fun.
John: Oh, that’s true. Cinnamon: The fun is absolutely one to one.
John: And you can just put a couple more coats on if you need. Cinnamon: And you can just put a couple more coats on if you need. John: You know.
Cinnamon: So, there’s never any pressure. John: Although, I have to say I talked to several professional paint reps, and they made a very good point, that if you’re going to sell your work
Cinnamon: Yes, if you’re gonna sell. John: you should use professional paint. Cinnamon: At home, for your house, for your fun.
John: Yeah. Cinnamon: It is absolutely not important. If you’re going to sell your paintings, then it is important to start working those sales, and upgrade to pro-paints. John: Yeah. And there are even, there are pro-paints that run the entire gambit of budget, too. Cinnamon: There are.
John: So, it’s, you know. Cinnamon: It’s always ok. And also there’s those exceptions to the rule. Like there’s that very famous artist that works in crayola crayons. John: Mm-hmm. Yup. Cinnamon: And she’s terrific, so, your art materials will not limit your experience. Your result. Your talent. They really won’t. You know. But you can be fighting them. It’s one of those things. Art is never all one, all another. John: Yep. Cinnamon: No hard and fast. Just shades of color. I love painting in this black part. I really do.
[both chuckle] Cinnamon: It’s just very relaxing. And we need to relax. I need to relax this Tuesday. John: Yeah.
Cinnamon: I have a lot going on. I’ve got the collab tomorrow with Clive.
John: Mm-hmm. Cinnamon: I’ve got a quest this week. And it’s a big one cause we’re talking about paint. You know. Spring break. John: And you’re right now drop- Which paint are you using? Cinnamon: I’m using the Golden.
John: No, they’re asking specifically which one that is, cause they’re trying to find it. Cinnamon: Carbon Black.
John: And that’s the fluid paint? Cinnamon: Fluid Carbon Black.
John: Fluid Carbon Black. Ok. Cinnamon: Yeah. But look. If you had fluid Mars Black, this would still be ok. John: Right. I guess there was a difference between fluid or flow. There’s some difference. Cinnamon: Yeah. So flow, and we’re gonna talk about that. Flow. High Flow. John: Uh-huh.
Cinnamon: Is what you’d put in an airbrush. Fluid is how you do a one stroke Donna Dewberry painting. John: Gotcha. Ok. Cinnamon: Right.
John: That totally answers that. Cinnamon: Heavy bodied paint, uh, Van Gogh. John: Oh. So, Alan was asking what about just black gessoing the canvas instead? Cinnamon: You could black gesso the canvas instead. But then you would need to paint your elephant back in white. John: Oh. Right, yeah. Cinnamon: You would have to draw him in, and paint him in white just to help your colors stay bright. I don’t know if you guys, if anybody quilts. If you quilt, you understand this. This is doing blacks and brights. I actually used quilting as part of my design. Cause this image wasn’t really out there. I sort of, looking for inspiration, and I kept not seeing this. And I was like, well, if I’m not seeing it, I better paint it. John: Yeah. Cinnamon: You know. And I definitely, definitely went back to my quilting days on designing black and bright quilts, and used that to sort of be my inspiration. For him. When you’re painting along, be sure, be really sure to just relax your body. And relax your mind. Be sure to breathe in. [inhales] And breathe out. [exhales] Sometimes when we’re painting we hold our breath. John: We’re gonna have to talk to Karen, cause I know you like her music so much. We’re gonna put it up- We’re gonna have, like, We’re gonna rotate through it. I know you like it. So. [Cinnamon laughs] John: And it’s so easy to listen to while you’re painting. Cinnamon: It’s really easy to listen to while you’re painting. She is for sale on Amazon. The album is “Sigh.”
John: Yep. Cinnamon: I did not know we were playing it today, so I forgot to quick link it before the live. John: I didn’t either, but
Cinnamon: Ok. John: I was not feeling the rotation that we had for the kind of vibe that we had going for today. So I switched!
Cinnamon: I think that that’s what you gotta do. John: Some days.
Cinnamon: If you’re not feeling it, switch. I love this. This is just almost done. And the finish on this is so nice. And I love this finish. Now, the fluid. What does it do for me? The stiff brush, this stiff acrylic brush, and this fluid paint makes covering this canvas very easy, so that none of the white of the canvas shows through, and I’m getting a beautiful finish. That’s what it gives me.
John: Yeah. Cinnamon: And I’m looking for that. I’m gonna make sure that n- Here, specifically, it does matter that you cover all the canvas. And you’re gonna want to make sure that you have a beautiful, flat black finish. I mean, it can be shiny. You just want it to be uniform.
John: Mm-hmm. Cinnamon: So fun for me to do. I really love doing this. [whispers] I do love doing this.
John: Yeah. Cinnamon: It’s my relaxing Tuesday. You guys don’t know, but it really is. John: Yeah. Cinnamon: Or chill out.
John: Now, Judy was asking, could you- Cinnamon: Hi, Judy!
John: Could you use heavy body and flow- or floating medium? Could you- so- Cinnamon: Floating medium and heavy body…
John: Float, and yeah… Cinnamon: Or does she mean a fluid medium and heavy body? John: I think so.
Cinnamon: Ok. Um, yes. If I had just heavy body in my studio and I was trying to get these techniques, what I would do is I would thin my paint with a medium. John: Gotcha.
Cinnamon: You could also thin it with water. That’s free from the tap. John: Yep. That does.
Cinnamon: What it does though is it thins the pigment and it breaks down the paint. It does kind of impact your finish. So, if it’s in your budget to get fluid medium definitely do that. And if it’s not, get that tap water.
John: Yeah. Cinnamon: But what you should do is definitely paint. Now I’m gonna come to the edge, and I don’t want to work too hard, so I’m gonna turn this over on my side. I’m just painting that in, right. John: Now, is, uh, car- one- mass- bleh bleh bleh bleh bleh bleh. I can’t even speak today. Listen to me! [Cinnamon mimics John] John: So Ethel would like to know-
Cinnamon: Hi Ethel! [John chuckles] John: Today she’s Ethel. [both chuckle] John: Is carbon black more matte than mars black? Cinnamon: Actually…. I’m… I’m doing this off of memory. Cause I don’t have my black card in front of me. John: So we sh-
Cinnamon: I think it actually has a shinier finish. John: One’s shinier than the other for sure. Cinnamon: Yeah. I think this one has the shinier finish. You can’t use them together. It throws off your finish. You’d have to varnish at the end. John: Oh, really?
Cinnamon: Yeah. You gotta do mars or carbon. John: Interesting. Interesting. Cinnamon: But out of the two, this is my preferred finish for this background. Yeah. I think this one has a slightly higher gloss to it. Because where it’s dry, it’s still shiny. I think this one is the glossier one. John: Mm-hmm.
Cinnamon: But I like that look. Especially when I put the white paint on it. John: Gotcha.
Cinnamon: So, woo-hoo! I have fun with that. John: So Janine was saying that floating medium is by Plaid, and Donna Dewberry uses it with craft paint in one stroke. Cinnamon: Then yes. I am definitely not a Donna Dewberry expert. And I’m not a Plaid product expert.
John: Yeah. Cinnamon: By any means. Um…. But I have to say, I called them a couple times. They have the really nicest one eight hundred line of actual people that answer.
John: Yeah.
Cinnamon: Umm… So, yeah, if that’s what Donna’s doing to get the flow off of her brush, then that’s what it would be. I- Now listen, this is all chemistry, so I can’t back this with anything, but it would be interesting to experiment to see of that floating medium worked across all your paints well. John: Yeah Cinnamon: Cause it should be able to. It should be able to. It might. I’m just drinking water today.
John: Yeah, I know. So, uh…. How do you deal with water drips on your painting, when your brush is too wet. Cinnamon: Grab a towel. Dry it. Let the whole thing dry. See how much actual damage was done. So, say I’m painting along here and this was all completely done, and a drip comes right across here and it goes right down through everything I painted. Right.
John: Uh-huh. Cinnamon: Take, very carefully, you take a towel, as long as everything around it’s dry, and just dab up that water. Let it dry completely because it may disappear. John: Mm-hmm. Cinnamon: If it doesn’t disappear, then you gotta paint it.
John: Yeah. Cinnamon: But, check to make sure it disappears. Cause sometimes it does. John: Yeah. Cinnamon: I have a number eight shader, by Simply Simmons.
John: Mmm. Cinnamon: That I’m using. I’m gonna put out just a little of this. And I’m going to come here and make a little thin line coming up on his tusk. John: Following along that graphite there. Cinnamon: Yeah. Following along that graphite, I’m gonna come along and line that just a little bit with black paint. Now listen, I’m gonna come back. It’s gonna get painted out, and then painted back in. I’m just making sure that I’m gonna keep it a little bit. I normally would not do this, but for this technique, for this look I’m going to. I’m gonna come up and do the eye just real fast. Real fast. John: And I’m gonna say thank you, cause we have a really full house. There’s over two hundred and thirty people out here, hanging out. Cinnamon: Hi! Thank you!
John: Painting elephants and hanging out with us and there’s a really great, fun chat going on. And I wanted to say thanks to everybody, including all of our moderators. And please, please, please like, share, comment, you know, share this with your friends. Let them know that we’re out here doing this. We like to see more people come and join us. We really love having you guys here with us. Cinnamon: It’s really special. It really is. Being able to do this live with y’all is amazing. John: So, I don’t know what they call it when an elephant, you know, sounds it’s horn. Cinnamon: Mm-hmm. Trumpet. John: Is when they trumpet?
Cinnamon: Mm-hmm. John: So, is this- Are we gonna rate this painting in hoots or trumpets? Cinnamon: Uh, this is a two trumpet.
John: This is a two trumpet? Cinnamon: This is a two trumpet. John: I guess- I guess an elephant can hoot. Kinda. Cinnamon: Yeah. The reason this is a two trumpet is there’s a lot of color mixing. That’s the difficulty of this painting. It’s not a particularly intensive drawing painting. John: Uh-huh.
Cinnamon: I’m putting out my Quinacridone Magenta. John: Is that what that is?
Cinnamon: Mm-hmm. John: You even say it right. Cinnamon: Well, I- You know what. Our community taught us really well, didn’t they? John: Well, they taught you. [chuckles] Cinnamon: I’m putting out some ultramarine blue. That’s a really key ingredient in this one. You could use your phthalo, but I really love the look of the ultramarine. I’m putting out some Cad Yellow. Cadmium Yellow Medium.
John: Mm-hmm. Cinnamon: You can save money by buying hue and it does increase the safety of the paint. Because, you know, cadmium is poison
and you shouldn’t eat it. Also, you shouldn’t put it all over your
hands for years on end. John: Yeah. You should just generally avoid ingesting it. Cinnamon: Yeah. It’s perfectly safe to put
on your brush, and put to canvas. It is not ideal for, you know, eating or
bathing in. In any way. John: Yeah. Or human interaction. Cinnamon: No. I’m gonna put out
a little dioxazine purple. John: Oh. That’s pretty looking. Cinnamon: Yeah.
John: That’s what it’s for. Cinnamon: Pretty to look at.
John: Don’t use it for anything else. [both laugh]
Cinnamon: Yes, don’t. No! No. I’m gonna put out a little, see, I’ve got some Matisse here. I
love my Matisse. I got the Matisse, um… Cadmium orange. If you’re in Australia
you can easily get Matisse. I don’t know how long we’re gonna
be able to get Matisse here. John: Yeah. We have a lot of Australians with us. Cinnamon: Matisse, by the way, if you’re in Australia. Matisse is an incredible paint company. John: Yeah.
Cinnamon: Yeah. John: And don’t we have, uh, we have a whole box of paint we have to go experiment here with real quick, don’t we? Cinnamon: Actually, that is gonna be solaris. John: Uh-huh. Cinnamon: This Saturday. The fantasy face.
John: Mm-hmm. Cinnamon: We’re gonna be doing some inks, and we’re gonna be using, um, the System 3 paints to paint that. John: Excellent. So we’re gonna-
Cinnamon: Isn’t that fun? John: We’re gonna try out a lot, cause isn’t that- We have a bunch of colors there that we haven’t used either, too. Cinnamon: Yeah! John: Lots of experimentation. Cinnamon: Lots of experimentation. John: Xprmnt.
Cinnamon: Xprmnt. So much fun to say it. John: Xprmnt.
Cinnamon: Xprmnt. I’m gonna grab this number eight bright. This is the firm filament from Simply Simmons. John: Mm-hmm. Cinnamon: I point that out, not because I’m their brand rep, but because this brush really works and it’s under three dollars. John: Mm-hmm. Cinnamon: Right. I’m gonna take a little
yellow over to my white. A little yellow over to my white. And hopefully- I’m gonna make sure that this is dry. Cause I don’t want too much black inside. And this is a very light color. I’m gonna paint this in. Let’s see if I’m up on this on the up close cam. Up close cam. I’m gonna paint in his little trunk. I had a lot of stuff with the trunk in the original one. I kept thinking, Oh, I’m gonna do this on the trunk. I’m gonna do this on the trunk. And then I would change my mind. Get a little more cad. Here’s the load of the paint. See how’s
it’s just on the tip of the brush. John: Uh-huh. Cinnamon: And I haven’t really over mixed it. A lot of times I’ll let it work itself out on the canvas. John: Ethel wants to know, how many
elephants can you get into a mini? Cinnamon: Oh, boy, Ethel. Where are you taking me?
John: [laughing] I don’t know. Cinnamon: [laughing] I don’t know, Ethel. How many elephants can you get into a mini? [both laughing] John: I’m like, I don’t know. What’s going on
there? I have a mini. Cinnamon: None in our mini. John: But we could put that one in my mini. Cinnamon: Alright. See there, we’ve got that nice. Now I’m gonna pick up a little of my cad orange. Just a small amount. My cad yellow, and some white. And I’m going to start blending in this orange. Make sure I’ve got a nice little clean line here. Blending, blending, blending. You can pick up some white. Here’s the trick to this. If you’re working wet into wet paint, with a stiffer brush on a good canvas, it’s gonna blend well. There’s not a talent- There’s not a talent component of blending. John: No?
Cinnamon: Mm-mmm. It’s a skill only. John: There’s not some born blenders? Cinnamon: No. In that, you know, some people are more
inclined to a certain set of skills. Sure. John: You wanna pull your close up camera down there? Cinnamon: But they’re all- I’m picking up a little more yellow as I’m going. So, I’m doing an ombre. On the trunk. John: So we all have equal potential to blend, is what you’re saying. Cinnamon: We all have equal potential. Yes. We all have equal, equal potential for this experience. I’m just… Each elephant, you guys, is going to be a little bit different. Right. Cause as you pick up stuff, as you pick up things, you’re gonna each do it a little differently. And that’s all that is. John: I really do like that this is a- You know, when I saw you doing this, I thought how this you know, it’s like, again, I could do this. Cinnamon: You can do this, Anyone can do this. John: I really like it. I like the layout of the, the elephant, and how he looks kind of happy. Cinnamon: He is happy. His trunks up.
John: Yep. Cinnamon: Trunks up elephant. I’m gonna rinse out my brush a little bit cause I’ve got some orange on here and orange and green are close to compliments on the scale. So if they get too close to each other, they’re gonna gray each other out. And I’m gonna pick up a little of this green. And a little white. Maybe a little yellow here. And I’m gonna start working up here.
And it gives me this sort of, I don’t know, really delicious-y mint. Color. And you can kind of see how I’ve loaded this brush. John: Well, actually, you can pull that up
close to the camera there. Because, uh, there you go. That one. So, Miss Mulcahy was saying that she thinks you’re the master of loading that paint brush. Cinnamon: Thank you. John: And how do you, uh, how do you keep from getting paint up in the ferrule? Any tips for that? Cinnamon: So, what I’m watching, cause the paint wants to go to the ferrule. Just so you know, it’s not just you. It wants to go to the ferrule. John: Mm-hmm. Cinnamon: And as it’s moving up, as I’m pressing into the brush, it moves the paint up in. John: No. Down.
Cinnamon: Sorry, sorry. John: There you go. Other way. There. Cinnamon: Ok. So as I’m painting, it pushes the paint up into these bristles. There it is. John: It- There you go. Cinnamon: Ok. As I’m painting. And then when it gets to the halfway point, I’m either gonna wipe my brush on my towel, or I’m gonna rinse it. And if you go back and you watch Kincade. If you watch any painters that have painted on TV, right, even Bob with the wacky
wacky wack, just watch us. Just kind of sit back quietly and instead of observing how they’re putting the paint on the canvas, observe how they’re interacting with their tools. There’s still a bunch of painting programs
still on PBS and stuff. It’s- Ah- Thank you. You gotta stop signing at me and just say,
“Honey, move your mic up.” [chuckles] John: Ok.
[both laugh] Cinnamon: You just need to say it. Um. And so watch how we’re interacting with our tools cause you’ll see us actually regularly wipe on a towel. John: Yep. Cinnamon: Or go to our water and clean when the paint has started to move up the brush. John: Yep. Cinnamon: Just observe. Like Jane Goodall. Watch the artist in nature. [both chuckling] John: Watch th- Watch them in their natural habitat. Cinnamon: I’m telling you what, do. Cause we’re very fascinating people. John: Watch as the Bob beats his brush upon the easel. Cinnamon: I’m just adding white to this. I haven’t picked up any more green pigment at all. I’m just adding white. To get this light, light tone. And it’s ok that I’m painting out some of the black. I just need to know where it is as I’m going, cause it’ll come back in. You know. You can grab a little of your quinacridone. And I haven’t rinsed my brush. I’m gonna come around this eye. And this is about how this painting works. Around this eye. Blending right here. Blending here. Right. Wipe this off. Grab some of your green. Trying to decide the darkness of my green. A little white. Picked it up and I’m getting some green here. And this is really, we’re just gonna keep coming in with this paint colors. Every time you do your elephant you’re gonna have some slightly different stuff going on. I’m even gonna pick up a little of my ultramarine here, to my green. See I’m blending it in right there? Changing that green a little. John: I’m- So-
Cinnamon: As I’m coming down. As I’m coming down. I’m gonna do an interesting thing. I’m gonna grab a little purple.
John: I think that the- Cinnamon: And a little white. John: So, it’s really awesome when I look over and I see that we have- Cinnamon: Pull that purple all the way up the line. John: Multilingual sherpette action going on in there.
Cinnamon: Do we?!? John: Yeah! I’m not sure if it’s Dutch, right now. I think. Cinnamon: That’s awesome! Add a little moisture to my brush. John: It’s Mona. She speaks ten languages so you can never really tell with her. [both laugh] Cinnamon: Some of you guys are so amazingly- ALL of you guys are amazingly talented. I’m impressed at the community. All the time. John: Swedish. Cinnamon: She’s Swedish.
John: Well, they’re speaking Swedish right now. Cinnamon: Oh, very cool.
John: Yeah. I can- It’s like, when I hear some of the European languages, I can pick them out a little easier, But reading them? Man! It’s really really hard!
Cinnamon: Yeah. John: The difference between Swedish and Dutch and some of the other, you know, Nordic languages Cinnamon: Yeah.
John: It’s really difficult for me to be able to spot them. Cinnamon: So, one of the things happening here is there’s still a little green in my brush and it will dispense into the paint a little bit.
I’m gonna wipe I’m gonna pick up a little blue. I mean, a little green here. It still has some purple on it. And I’m gonna come down my trunk with this little green and purple. Just a little bit. And that makes the little bit of skin that the tusk is attached to. Ok. And then I’ll work that in. You know, if you need a little- I might grab a little ultramarine to try to keep that painterly- What we like- are intentionally
making things a hot mess. John: Mmm. Cinnamon: Right. Come up in here. With that. But see. Because we’re doing against the black and we’re using these bright pigments, our colors are staying very bright. And not getting muddy. If they’re getting muddy, we’re getting into contrasts, is all that’s happening to us. John: Yeah. Cinnamon: Which we’re gonna be doing in a minute. It’s sort of a challenging bit, the next bit,
but I love it anyways. So the next one I’m gonna get into, I’m gonna get into a little of my quinacridone. And a small amount of my yellow. And some of my white. And you can kind of see this hot mess mix here. Let’s see if we can get it there. You can see how it’s… Just there. So I’m gonna let it work out here. I’m gonna pull this in and start saying here’s some ear stuff that’s happening right here. John: Yeah. Can you get the close up
in there a little bit more? Cinnamon: Yeah. He was really relaxing. I’m gonna pull out a little bit. I flipped the wrong direction. He was real relaxing to paint. And yes, we are absolutely going to orient left in the studio. It’s just hard. John: We’ll be doing that here, probably next week. Cinnamon: Yeah. It is really hard to move the studio, so, we’re just trying to figure out when we got a breadth of days. And we just had too many back to back filmings.
John: Yeah. Cinnamon: Too many. Back to back filmings. John: Now that’s the quin… Cinnamon: Quinacridone Magenta.
Passamaquoddy pink. John: Yes. I swear I default to that and I throw people off, cause they’re like, “what color is that?” And I’m like, “Passamaquoddy pink.” And it isn’t really the name of the color. Cinnamon: I’m grabbing a little of the Cadmium Orange. I know directly from Golden. Chris over at Golden said his favorite was pyrrole orange. John: Pyrrole orange. Cinnamon: Yeah. P E R R- There’s a Y in there. I’m never gonna be in a spelling bee. [both laugh] Cinnamon: It’s never happening. I’m gonna get a little of my yellow here, and a little of my white. See, I’m just blending. I’m blending wet into wet. And I’ve got a stiff brush. And good paint. Paint isn’t overly dry, so they blend nicely. That’s all that’s happening.
John: Yeah. Cinnamon: That’s all that’s happening up in here. John: Everyone here in the chat is saying how much they’re enjoying the music. And this is-
Cinnamon: I’m so glad. John: This is- This was the CD that was sent to us in fan mail. And it’s Karen Walters. Sigh. And we just are so pleased to be able to have it. She sent us along the permission so we can just play it here, along with you guys. And, uh, we’re gonna try to reach out to some more. Cinnamon: You guys have albums, let us know if you want us to play them on the show. John: We’re just, you know, loving it. Cinnamon: You own a record company and you’re just painting along. If your husband owns a record company [both chuckling]
and you’re painting along. You own it or he owns it, anybody. You got a cousin that owns it. [laughing] John: Or if you just have some, you know,
if you’re a musician. Cinnamon: If you’re a musician. John: Or if you know some musicians, we’d like, we’d LOVE to work something. Cinnamon: I’m just saying maybe somebody over at Universal paints with us. We don’t know. [both laugh] John: You’re so funny.
[both continue laughing.] John: You have to get your close up camera there. [both laughing] John: Is there a doctor in the house? [both laugh]
John: You’re too far over there. Cinnamon: Yeah, I just- Can you see it? John: Gotta- There we go. Now you
can see it so much more. Cinnamon: So, isn’t he lovely? He’s already
just beautiful, isn’t he? John: He really is. Cinnamon: He’s just already beautiful. Honestly, this already just so joyful. Color is joyful. John: So, what substitute can- if they don’t have green? Cinnamon: You could mix phthalo blue and cad yellow. John: Yellow and blue make green. Cinnamon: Yeah. But not all yellow and blue. Ultramarine- these two won’t make green. These two will make some type of army color. John: That’s true. So, what color, what two- Cinnamon: I’m gonna need some fresh water. Hmm? John: Luckily you should have three there. Did you use them all up? Cinnamon: Uht, no I didn’t. You’re right. You were ready for me. John: Yeah. Now- Cinnamon: I’m gonna move a little of my white out of the way. It’s getting a little dirty. John: What two colors would you suggest they use? Cinnamon: I would use, uh, phthalo green.
P H T H A L O. Phthalo green. I mean phthalo blue.
John: Ok. Cinnamon: Which is somewhere. Here it is. I would use phthalo. And cad yellow.
John: Ok. Cinnamon: In light, or medium, to get this green. John: To get that green. Cinnamon: Or a close approximation of that green. John: Ok. Cinnamon: Some close kinda almost that green. John: Now, your sippy sippy today is? Cinnamon: Water!
John: Water! Cinnamon: Cause it’s early.
John: Cause it’s early. [both laugh] Cinnamon: And I already powered down my coffee. So, I’m gonna take a little of my- Oh! Hi! I’m gonna take a little of my ultramarine blue into my white. Make a very very light color. John: Yep. Cinnamon: And at the tip of these beautiful tusks- Do you guys think I have some feelings about hunting elephants for tusks? I might. [chuckles] I have some feelings about that.
[John laughs] Cinnamon: I wish that doesn’t happen anymore.
John: No more! Cinnamon: No!!! No, not necessary. I’m gonna pull this down. Any animal that has a graveyard and mourns, just definitely don’t shoot it for it’s teeth. I mean, I know I’m a tree hugger, but, seriously. So I’m pulling this in. Such beautiful incredible creatures. Teach us so much about our world. John: Yeah. Cinnamon: I love them. I love elephants. I’m sending them love right now, and I bet they feel it. Cause they’re in tune like that.
John: Mm-hmm. Cinnamon: They get it. John: So, I think I, uh.. Cinnamon: I’m gonna keep picking up a little ultramarine as I go back cause I want this trunk to get darker as it moves back towards him. John: Yeah. I’m thinking that I saw one up in the chat. It’s been a really great audience going on. A lot of interaction out there. But I think that somebody said they have a tube of paint break, like the lid broke off, or something. Cinnamon: Argh!!!! John: What can you do? Do you
have any suggestions for that? Cinnamon: Ok, so here’s what. [chuckles] I know people that have taped it. They’ll use duct tape and stuff like that. Um, I have been a lazy lazy lazy [?] and generally I just grumble and grumble and grumble and buy a new tube. But I know that’s not possible for everybody. There are a couple, and I don’t remember what they are off the top of my head, tutorials right now, on the YouTube, about that specifically. One, how to get paint back in a tube. John: Huh. Cinnamon: Right. Which is like I haven’t ever done that, but there’s some great ones about that. My mom did a tip on that. And then there’s some about how to deal with a broken tube of paint. John: Right. Cinnamon: And I think there’s a clamp that you can buy. At the art store, that clamps where it broke as long as- If the cap broke off, you know, umm….. my top thing is there’s like this cork you can shove it into. John: Yeah. Cinnamon: But, again, that’s not something I’ve done a lot of but what I can absolutely promise you, if you’re like type in, how to repair a broken tube of paint, there’s a bunch of really good videos. John: Yeah Now, you know, if, uh… Cinnamon: So what I can tell you is you’ve come to the right place. [chuckles] Somewhere on the YouTube, we’ve got you. John: Generally speaking, you’re paint tube caps, they shouldn’t break. Cinnamon: No, you can also- Oh! Well, here’s the one I can help you with. So, find the manufacturer of your paint tube.
John: Yeah. Cinnamon: Right. And if- If they are a good brand, and this is a good test of your paint partner, They should just, you can probably just sent them a picture, and they will replace it. John: Oh yeah. Yeah. Talk to them. They’re gonna have a policy on this, so. Cinnamon: Yeah. Like I know Liquitex and Golden, ummm… I have never had to send anything back to Matisse, so I’m gonna guess that they would. But I know Liquitex and Golden will fix it. They will send you paint. They will take care of you. John: Yeah. If it’s legitimately something that’s wrong. Cinnamon: Yeah, I can’t.
John: A defect, or something. Cinnamon: Yeah. I don’t know, like, honestly, I’ve seen Liquitex have some… They really treat their customers well, and in my experience, Golden has as well. John: Yeah. Cinnamon: So, that’s just my experience, is that they would really, really, rather have you as a customer. John: Mm-hmm. Cinnamon: Umm, and take care of you. I’m not at all suggesting that you scam them. [laughs] But, I mean, if something of yours breaks they’re gonna -they’re gonna really care about that. John: Yeah. Cinnamon: So, I’ve got a nice little ombre here on the tusk. This beautiful ombre on the tusk. And I’m gonna come and do a similar thing on the other side, where I mix the nice, light here, and get a little darker as I go back. So, yeah, definitely go to the website and contact their customer service. John: Yeah. Cinnamon: And if they don’t help you, or fix it, I’d get a new paint company. John: Yeah. So she was saying that the back of the tube blew out on her and she using a- This is Judy. Cinnamon: Hi, Judy. John: She used a chip clip. Like, to seal it off. Cinnamon: Yeah. That- If I wasn’t gonna replace a tube, that would have been my solution, too. [chuckles] I think you could probably make a video about that. Chip clip. Um, yeah. Judy. What’s the brand, though? I think that they should replace it for you. John: Oh, yeah. You gotta check that out, whether or not is what a…. Cinnamon: And again. There’s some companies that would happily do it, and and that’s a good sign of their….
John: Mm-hmm. Cinnamon: being a good paint partner. The stores are not always- I think that’s where we get disconnected as artisted. We go to return it at the store, and the store’s like, No, they’re supposed to do that! John: Yeah. Yeah. You really gotta look at it and when you talk to your paint manufacturers, they’re gonna tell you what to expect. Cinnamon: Yeah. John: You know. If- If you know, you’re buying a product, and you’re using it, and it in the correct way, then they’re gonna tell you how to take care of it, and how to warranty it. And if you’re using it wrong, then they’ll tell you. Like, here’s how you should use it properly, so you don’t have that problem. Cinnamon: I was about to drink
paint water. That was weird. [both laugh] John: So, you know, they’re a really good resource to go to when you have trouble. Cinnamon: Yeah. The distributors, the store fronts, I haven’t found to be- Obviously a mom and pop shop. Like, a small locally owned one, could be amzing. John: Yeah. You often times find those small, locally owned art stores are gonna have a lot more investment in the customer experience. Cinnamon: Yeah. And less likely to tell you, Oh yeah paint’s supposed to curdle. John: Yeah. Cinnamon: I’m just pulling some of this pigmented white here cause I I want to kind of create a blend here. So look, when you’re seeing stuff on your elephant. So this had, you know, some of my pink, some of my white. I just wanted to make a nice transition here. You can look for those things. Like if you just didn’t have a nice paint area and you wanted to make that a little bit better. Definitely, definitely, definitely. Definitely! I’m so loving this. Makes me happy! John: Really, really good looking. Cinnamon: I know. I went a little pink in the eye instead of green but I’m liking it so I’m not gonna change it.
John: That’s ok. Yeah. Cinnamon: Does that make sense? [whispers] Does that make sense?! John: It does make sense. I like it. Cinnamon: [whispers] It does make sense. Now, I want to get a little of my white, and maybe my green. A little white and green, with a little of this. I need a light, dusty color. John: Mm-hmm. Cinnamon: And I want to come here and I’m gonna just sort of dust around here. I just wanted another layer of painterly-ness. Is what I’m gonna do. Something I had here and I like the look of it, so I’m gonna continue it on. Just a little- See how I scrumbly around? John: Yeah. Cinnamon: Its just nice. It’s a weird thing. You don’t have to do that. I just like it. That’s why I do it. Sometimes I do things cause I just like it. That’s what happened. I just, just like it. I’m gonna get a little of my purple. I’m gonna come under my ear here. I feel like it needs it. A little purple under my ear here. Just creating a little shadow. This big beautiful ear, and then a little bit again at the mouth. Isn’t that nice? I’m just having kind of like this day of like, I’m enjoying myself. John: Mm-hmm. Cinnamon: You guys’ll have to hang in with me. It’s one of those days. Sherpa off the reservation! [both chuckle] Cinnamon: So, I’m gonna get one of my more controlled brushes. My number four bright. John: Mm-hmm. Cinnamon: So I have that nice, sharp edge. And I think I’m gonna start putting in some of these patterns and details I like so much. So I’m gonna take a little of my green
and a little of my yellow. They’re not overly mixed on the brush. I’m gonna come up here. I’ll move my close up cam so you can kind of see me doing this work. I’m gonna start putting in the Bohemian factor. So, I’m gonna make a nice little line. John: What is the bohemian factor? Cinnamon: The bohemian factor!
John: Hmm. Cinnamon: It’s this wonderful, collected colors- uh, textures, and colors, and florals and prints, that give the sense of being traveled globally. John: Uh-huh. Cinnamon: So that’s what I feel it is. Probably want a more, specific definition, though. [John chuckles] Cinnamon: But that’s what I go for. And now I’m gonna just paint this in. I’m not gonna worry about it being perfect, if that makes sense. The canvas can show through
a little underneath on these. Because I want it to have a handmade feel. Pick up just the yellow here. Maybe I’ll make a leaf that comes down here. And this is where I kinda do it in a little arabesque. Where I just curl up, and curl down. I wander. I make a lyrical kind of line. This leaf I’ll do bigger. It’s picked up a little more of the yellow. Ad I’ll just keep picking up little bits of green and yellow. Painting this in. Enjoying this story. I really love the bohemian design sensibility. It’s really, really picking up right now. I’m kinda glad about it. John: Mm-hmm. Cinnamon: Cause I like it. So I’ll see more of it. That works for me. I’m gonna take a little branch down
here. Make a little leaf. I picked up darker green, so this one is darker green. Make a little leaf here. You can wander these around as you see fit. This is your canvas. You can tell this story any way you want to. John: Lauri came in and-
Cinnamon: Hi, Lauri! John: She’s like, bohemian means non-conventional, or avant-garde. Cinnamon: Sure. John: So I guess there’s our more
structured definition to know. Cinnamon: More structured definition. But I think when you’re trying to design that aesthetic, if you want people to be like, oh, that’s bohemian. John: Mm-hmm. Cinnamon: Try to create a look that says that these things, these objects, textures and colors, have been collected globally. From somebody that is seasoned. You know. They’ve traveled. I love this one. John: The song?
Cinnamon: Yeah! [laughs] I’m gonna give it another little leaf here,
cause I feel like it needs one. I like that amount of leafage.
I’m happy with my leaves there. Cinnamon: Alright?
John: Yep. Cinnamon: Got a little bit of that there. And I think I’m…… I’m gonna pull in a little ultramarine blue, and white. I’m gonna start putting in the centers of my flowers. So I’m gonna come here and I’m gonna say, Oh, let’s put a center of a flower right here. Let’s put a centerof a flower right there. Little half circle on and off the canvas. That’s lovely. And then, maybe, there’s a little flower peeking out. It’s gonna layer over this leaf, but
it’s peeking out right there. John: I will be right back. Cinnamon: There’s kids. “Someone’s at our door!” I’m gonna put this here and then I’ll rest while he’s going and answering the door. Nice little half circle there. You can kind of see how these blue polka dots start to really pull the piece together. And you can start to see how like the ultramarine is such a strong blue in this field and it creates such a bright color story. And that’s really what
you’re trying to do here. Is create a bright and cheerful color story. That, um, people can really relate
to and that you can relate to so that when you see it, you find
that your heart is full and you’re feeling better about things.
Cause his world can be so perfect. And also these little leaves, they become a basis of our leaves on the black part. Which, if you like it just clean, you can leave it, but I love the look of the chalk board. It just, it felt like, um, a children’s story book to me, almost. And I think we have an adult version of that, that we like, as people. Are you back, John? John: I’m back. Ish. Cinnamon: So I’m- Ish. Back-ish. John: Ish.
Cinnamon: Ish. Back-ish. So I’m gonna look for a little spot here.
I’m gonna put a little half circle there. I feel like there’s some room there. You just find your spots. Create
your half circles. Your circles. I think there needs to be a full circle right here. Let’s put a little full circle right there. Let that be there. So fun. You know. I’m gonna pick up a little of this blue right now, while I’m here. And I’m gonna come and off his ear, I’m gonna make a little swirl. Just a little swirl. And then on the edge, I’m gonna come
and do another one here. Just a little swirl. Maybe I’ll take this swirl back. That’s starting to be the basis of that nice, little bohemian that I have there. That little lyrical pattern. Ooh, I’m in such a chill mode today. My brain is like- errr. John: Yeah. Cinnamon: I’m gonna come along the lip with this blue. I’m gonna put a little bit around his little eye here. We’re gonna come back with white and green and some other things. We’re just gonna just tell a little story there. John: Yeah. Cinnamon: Just add a little of that there. While we’re there. Rinse out our brush. Now, the first layer of petals is going to be
a little bit of orange, and white. And so, I’m just going to come and do little brush strokes out. Hopefully you guys can- Let me get over
here where you can really see that. These are just little- I’m using the bright. I’m still number four bright here. John: Ok. I’m just using these little brush strokes coming out. I’m gonna come back with white. John: I’m having a bit of a button moment there. Cinnamon: You’re having a bit of a button moment? I’m gonna come right here and add some little orange brush strokes right there. A little bit right there. Just pulling those out. John: What brush is that you’re using? Cinnamon: The number four bright. John: Number four bright.
Cinnamon: It’s just under a half inch. You know.
John: Yeah. Cinnamon: I’m gonna pull out some all around this. Now I’m gonna come back with white, with these. John: Uht, you’re off the canvas, off the… Cinnamon: Ok. I’m gonna come back with white and that’s what’s gonna make them pop. But I
like this orange understudy to them. John: Ah. Yeah. Cinnamon: I do. I like the orange understudy. I’m gonna put some petals there. Put that inside the ear. Just enjoy that. Just a little bit of the understory there. And they can layer over other things. I’m gonna rinse out my brush. Cause it’s fun. I’m gonna come up to the top of his head. I’m gonna get some just yellow. And I’m gonna make a little circle right here. A little half circle. Just bright, happy yellow. Now, I’m gonna grab some of my quinacridone. John: Mm-hmm. Cinnamon: I haven’t even rinsed it. And a little white. I’m gonna make little petals. Just happy little petals. And I’m letting
the paint streak and mix on the canvas. Like ya do. Streak. And mix. You’ll get a little different
effect every time you do this. Pick up a little white. Streak and mix on the canvas. Just creates a happy little story there. John: Yeah. Cinnamon: Little happy story. I’m gonna rinse out my brush. And I’m gonna, just real quick, interestingly enough I’m gonna load
up a little of my black. John: Mm-hmm. Just along the nose- Let’s see if I can pull the up close camera on here. While some of this other stuff is drying, I’m gonna come in and put a little detail in there. Some little- I’m bringing some little nose wrinkles. John: Oh yeah! Cinnamon: Just a little bit. Not a lot. And then I’m also going to define up just a little bit of the area around our trunk. Just clean that up, just a bit. Yeah. John: Yeah. Cinnamon: Maybe down here just a little bit.
Just a little bit. Clean that up. Don’t think I need- Well, I can come
back with a little bit here. Just making sure that this eye’s well thought out. I think I’m good there. Need anymore. I feel like that’s good there. Rinse rinse rinse rinse rinse. Now, I’m gonna come back with just a little of my ultramarine blue, and my green. It’s interesting how this ultramarine works
really well with this phthalo green. John: Mm-hmm.
Cinnamon: They’re friendly. They’re in good places on the color wheel. So what you get is actually a wonderful
color for an ocean painting. By the way. If you didn’t know. John: I didn’t know.
Cinnamon: [chuckles] Now you know. I’m gonna come and-
John: So we have an aquatic elephant? Cinnamon: Aquatic elephant. But we’ve got some of this green in there. It’s a beautiful green And I’m gonna just define out my leaf
a little bit with this dark green. Now see, it was working up into my ferrule
like we were talking about. John: Oh yeah. Cinnamon: So, I’m gonna wipe it out. John: Empty it out. Clean it out.
Cinnamon: Empty it out. And pull it back to the tip of the brush. I’m gonna come- I don’t want to erase all of my bright green, but I’m gonna add some of this. Getting, uh… little brush strokes down. I’m creating a little definition to my leaves. Not a lot. Cause this needs to stay light. John: I’m gonna have to say that Laurie was saying that Swedish looks so pretty when it’s typed cause there’s been a lot of typing in Swedish going on out here. And I have to agree. Cinnamon: Yeah.
John: That it’s, it’s a very pretty language to see typed out. Cinnamon: Yeah. Real beautiful. You’ve been to, uh… I have been to Switzerland. You’ve been to Sweden. John: Yeah. Cinnamon: Yeah. John: Yeah. I’ve been to Sweden. Cinnamon: I’ve been to Switzerland.
John’s been to Sweden. But we- Have you been to, um, Switzerland, too? John: I th- I may have driven like just through a tiny corner, portion of it momentarily. Cinnamon: Yeah. And we were always like one of us was at the one end of it. I don’t know It’s weird. Yes. So mostly it was Germany. Cinnamon: You know I just went where the
chocolate was. [both laugh] John: I went where all the BMW’s were racing. And arcade games were shipping. [John laughs]
Cinnamon: Yeah, and I went to the chocolate. Cinnamon: [?] Alright. I’m gonna get some yellow. I’m gonna just load up some yellow on my brush. I’m gonna come and add just a little bit of this to my leaves. Just to create some of this fun, beautiful, bright pop of color. Right. A little bit of that is just lovely. Maybe a little here. And you can put a second coat on his forehead if you need it. Because yellow’s one of those thinner pigment paints. It is. Rinse rinse rinse rinse rinse rinse rinse rinse rinse rinse rinse rinse rinse rinse. And I’m gonna pull some just white. And I’m gonna define my petals now, while I’m here. And the orange creates this lovely background. I don’t know why it does, but it does. I actually do know why it does. I only said I don’t know why. [chuckles] It’s a mystery. But it’s not really a mystery. But I’m just creating this little, and it’s ok if the orange is still a little bit wet because it’s wonderful that it pulls into the white. It creates a painterly effect. That you like, and the two tones of it creates a dimensionality that you’ll enjoy. John: Mm-hmm. Cinnamon: Two tones will create a
dimensionality that you will enjoy. A great deal. And this is a great time to get a smaller brush. I’m gonna get this number two shader here. John: Ooh! I was like trying to find you there! Cinnamon: Number two shader. And I’m gonna get a little of my phthalo
green and a little of my cad yellow I’m gonna come down here. And I’m gonna add just a little bit of these meandering vines to the trunk. John: Wow! There’s a real compliment that’s come out. Cinnamon: What?! John: So, Peace 3601-
Cinnamon: Hi, Peace 3601! John: Said John, can you tell Cinnamon that I had Mackenzie Childs as my art teacher, and she’s better than he was. Well, I know how you feel about Mackenzie
Childs, so I was like, well, there’s a double whammy for you, so. Cinnamon: Well, I think that that was a, uh… There was a husband and wife team. Oh my gosh. That is- He is so a good painter. John: Yeah. Cinnamon: Oh my gosh… Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. John: I know you really liked all the- Cinnamon: That is a compliment! That is a super compliment! Like, ah- Wow! I almost can’t remember how to teach now. [both laugh] That’s such a good compliment. Thank you! John: So what size brush are you using? Cinnamon: I’m using a number two shader. John: And what do you do with that number two shader? Cinnamon: I’m making little, tiny leaves. John: What color? Cinnamon: With cad yellow and phthalo green. Thank you sherpa tracker. John: You got it. Cinnamon: Secret was saying you’re so good at keeping me on track. So was Maricha. [John laughs] Cinnamon: Just keep that sherpa on track! [laughing continues] Cinnamon: I’m gonna bring a little vine
out between these two. And it’s just about telling- Like there’s little, little, wonderful leaves creeping in on his beautiful trunk. And his beautiful tusks. Isn’t that lovely? John: Elisabeth was asking, John, does Cinnamon rinse out her brushes or does she slam them at the bottom of the cup and swirl them around like everyone else? Cinnamon: I slam it at the bottom and swirl like everyone else, but you should never do that. John: There’s a proper method. Actually having talked to some brush people, at the show, there’s some really really good brush practices. Cinnamon: Yeah. There are. John: That you should know and practice.
Cinnamon: That you should totally do. [laughing] We’ll cover them. [?] wanted to cover them. John: It’s like-
Cinnamon: I’m lazy. That’s all that’s happened here. John: We also don’t have a brush
that’s made of squirrel fur. Cinnamon: No. No no no no. Last bit of color on him before
we get into the white work. Is, I’m gonna take a… Number four bright. John: Those hand made… You know. Cinnamon: Oh yeah. John: There’s something with those brush
makers just really really
Cinnamon: On another level. John: that take crafting to another point. Yeah. Cinnamon: Another level. They’re also highly competitive with each other. [laughs] John: Yes! Cinnamon: No other brush maker is good! Only us! John: They all do have- Cinnamon: But they’re passionate, man. John: They all actually have some
unique mojo stuff to them.
Cinnamon: They do! John: So I’ll say-
Cinnamon: They do! It’s like diamond cutters. Remember I
compared diamond cutters? John: Oh, yeah. Cinnamon: It’s a thing. John: Adjust your close up camera, there. Cinnamon: Ok. Thank you. Sherpa tracker! So isn’t he just coming together beautifully? John: Oh yeah. Cinnamon: Isn’t’ he just a happy joy? Kind of just outline him with a little purple. I like this touch. It’s- I don’t even mind that it goes a little dry brush on me, because it’s just whimsical. John: I’m gonna say thank you to Sherryl. Cinnamon: Hi Sherryl.
John: Cause she says, are we
gonna have a game, or what?! Cinnamon: Oh! Is it art game?
Are we gonna do art game? John: Someone called out art game. Cinnamon: I loved the entries for last art game. John: I did too. Cinnamon: John is actually working on some more stuff with art game, but we’ll play art game, the regular way. Right now. John: Are we? Ok. Cinnamon: Alright. Art game.
John: I gotta think about that. Cinnamon: For those of you that wish to play art game. John: Yeah. Cinnamon: Hmmm. I’m gonna go first,
and my first word is butterfly. John: Windmill. Cinnamon: Umbrella. John: Oh. Mmmm… Horse. Cinnamon: Butterfly, windmill, umbrella, horse. John: A color. We need a color in there. Cinnamon: You want a color? John: I don’t know. What do you want to put in there? Another word. Cinnamon: So, we’ve got butterfly, windmill, umbrella, horse…. And, I don’t know. Balloon? John: Yeah, that’s good.
Cinnamon: Balloon. Twenty five minutes. Butterfly. Windmill. Umbrella. Horse. Balloon. Twenty five minutes. And you can do it in color. You can do it in
black and white. And the first rule of art game is you have to, no talk about your doodle or anyone else’s doodle.
[both chuckle] All doodles are valid! Cause it’s art game. John: Cause it’s art game. So what we do
is sometime in the next half hour go and take those five words, butterfly, windmill, horse, balloon, umbrella. And represent some thing some sketch. Cinnamon: And you put it together any way you want to. John: However you want to do it. Just post something. Cinnamon: However you want to do it. John: It’s just a fun game that we’re gonna
be doing some stuff. Cinnamon: I just put some white
and purple on and I’m swirling up just a couple more swirls. [John chuckles] Cinnamon: Just a couple more swirls. I’m coming inside some of the swirls I have. Just letting you know I did that. John: Sue’s like, no more horses! No more horses! She’s probably right. Horse
was a tough one to throw in there. Cinnamon: Who did it? Did I do it? John: I put horse in there. Cinnamon: Oh. Ok.
John: I should probably switch
horse to something else. Cinnamon: No. Art game is art game. John: Art game is art game is true. I won’t
do horse again for a long time. Cinnamon: Did we do horse last time? John: I don’t know. But we’ll make
horse- You could substitute- Cinnamon: No no. Art game is art game. Horse is horse. But there’s a
lot of ways. It could be a hobby horse. John: It could be a hobby horse. Cinnamon: It could be a rocking horse. It could be a sea horse. John: Yeah. You could get creative with it. Cinnamon: A saw horse. John: A saw horse. That’s true. Cinnamon: You see, that’s art game. That’s what art game is for, is like, I don’t know. How do I solve that? It’s just, yeah. It’s art game. Art game. John: Right.
Cinnamon: Alright. John: So I think we gave people enough outs so they don’t have to draw a conventional horse that they can feel other horse. Cinnamon: Things are totally acceptable.
John: Yeah. Cinnamon: Alright. So I’m gonna work with two brushes. I’m gonna work with that number two shader and I’m gonna work with my number four bright. The first thing I’m gonna do is I’m gonna load up some white paint on my number two shader. And I’m using fluid on this because I don’t want to work that hard.
[both chuckle] I’m gonna come on just the inside of
his eye, underneath his little lid. And then I’m also going to do a
couple lines underneath his eye. A little bit on the front. I’m gonna make some downward lashes. Into the eye. And then a little reflection. Just right there.
That’s all I’m gonna say about that. Then I’m gonna go around- Let me move my
up close- Oh! It’s in a good spot. It’s actually pretty good. Woohoo! Finally. For once. John: [chuckling] And you move it anyway.
Cinnamon: I’m gonna make some little swirls. Some of them are gonna show up well, depending
on the darkness of the background. Some of them are not, but I’m going to make them. All around. His little face. Little swirls. Happy, happy little swirls. Coming around here. I like the swirls Little swirl there. Some swirling there. Work your swirls however you want
to work your little swirls. I’m gonna do some swirls down in the purple. John: [chuckling] They’re all making fun of
me that I snorted when you…. Cinnamon: When I what? John: You make me laugh sometimes,
like when you had the close up camera, it was perfectly- She was perfectly in the
right place, and then you moved it. Cinnamon: Oh really? John: [continues laughing] And then you painted right where moved it, so we couldn’t see. It was just- Cinnamon: Oh, I’m such a problem. I’m gonna outline a little of my leaves here. Just a little bit. Just the little guys. Just creating those little layers! Paintings are like layers. Now, I’ve got all that in. He’s done. And here’s your decision right now, guys. You can decide, do I want him
against this clean field of black? John: Mm-hmm. Cinnamon: Or do I want to do the chalk board leaves? And I think if you’ve painted with Angela, you’ve done some chalk board stuff with her. So you guys kind of know what I’m talking about. John: Yep. Cinnamon: And I’m going to load up
my number four bright. Cause it’s got a nice, crisp edge. I’m gonna come over here, and I’m gonna
start putting in some vines. Right. And then on these vines
I’m going to attach leaves. John: Now, for right now, are we just posting
art game up on the YouTube page? Cinnamon: Um… Well you can’t post it
on the YouTube page. John: I mean the Facebook page? Cinnamon: You can put it on the Facebook page.
You can put it on the Angelooney group. You can put it on the Hart Party Facebook page. You can post it to my page. John: You’re mic. Cinnamon: Um. There is an official art game group that got started when we all started art
game, so you could put it in there. Maricha actually puts art game in there. She’s just now going to strangle me. [chuckles]
Cause I just said ther was an art game group. John: No, she already did. She said right at that exact moment that the art game group on Facebook. Cinnamon: Oh. Did she?
John: Yeah. So, there’s a couple places that it can go,
and we’re gonna have, probably in the next couple weeks. Uh, a place on the website where we specifically,
where there’s gonna be a little, uh… a whole bunch of art game stuff out there, happening,
where you’ll be able to vote on game words and stuff. Cinnamon: Yeah. Eventually you guys will be the contributors of the game words. John: Yeah. We’re working on that right now.
Cinnamon: Cause that’s the fun part, is that random. So, I’m just creating little vines to attach some leaves to. And that’s what you’re doing. You’re just
filling in the space with leaves. If they layer, they layer. I’m gonna put that leaf behind that leaf. This is a little bit like zen doodling.
You can do a zen doodle here. You could do a mandala. You could
do all kinds of things in this space. I just like botanicals. So that’s where I just tend to go. I’m gonna bring a little leaf here. I may need to load up. And I really like the contrast of the black and white, and the color, and that played for me, very deeply. So, isn’t that coming in beautifully?
John: Mm-hmm. Cinnamon: I just love it so much. Love it!
I love this painting. So happy. So happy. My daughter has an elephant. Pink elephant.
John: Mm-hmm. Pink elephant. Cinnamon: She’s had since she was two. It’s in rough shape right now. John: Well loved. Cinnamon: It is well loved. It’s a velveteen rabbit
time up in here with this elephant. And, when she was a little girl, she would every day go, where’s my elephant? And we didn’t have a stuffed elephant. She’d be like, “Where’s my elephant? Where’s my elephant, mom?” And I’m like, “We don’t have no elephant!”
[John laughs] Cinnamon: So I’m looking for this stuffed animal that we don’t even own, in the house, and no grandmother had given it to her. She would just be on about it every night. And we go into this store. They have this little thing. Little Divas, where they do these like little girl makeovers. And on top of this kiosk was this pink elephant. And she just starts going, “There he is!
There he is! There’s elephant!” So we bought it. John: And we have had- Cinnamon: That elephant every since. She’s like, eleven! John: Now, see the thing is, I have gone out, and tried- Cinnamon: To find that elephant.
John: To try to find that brand of elephant. Cinnamon: Just in case something happened to primary elephant. You know how you do as parents. John: Yeah, and it does not exist.
Cinnamon: No! John: I found a blue on. I found a gray one.
Cinnamon: A brown one. John: A brown one. We found many
other elephants. Just Cinnamon: But not the pink one.
John: Just like it but in another color, but not that one. Cinnamon: Yeah. It was a real thing. I think we
even wrote the manufacturer John: They just never wrote back. Cinnamon: Yeah. That’s ok. John: Well, you know. It’s like, somebody wants to buy one stuffed elephant. it’s not like- [laughs] Cinnamon: [chuckling] Yeah. It’s not their big concern. John: Yeah. Cinnamon: So, I’m just looking for places to put these leaves. Right.
John: Yep. Cinnamon: I’m looking for places to put some leaves. And tell my little vine story. You know. It’s fun for me. John: Yep. Cinnamon: Just looking for leaf spots.
Filling in that space. If you made a mistake, what would you do?
You would just let the paint dry. Paint it out. Start again. John: More layers.
Cinnamon: More layers. John: Just like an ogre.
Cinnamon: Just like an ogre. Just a little bit here and there. We’re almost done with our elephant. We had such a lovely Tuesday. I hope I see a lot of elephants on Facebook and around. Cause I really love this painting. John: Yeah. Cinnamon: Everyone who wants to do one-
John: Everyone else does to. They’re all
commenting on how they think its a cute elephant, and so peaceful and calm and fun. Cinnamon: And we need more of that in the world, don’t we? Peaceful calm and fun. John: Yeah. You know, we’ve got over two hundred and forty people out here with us right now, Cinnamon: Wow!
John: Painting with us. So thank you guys for joining us. We really really appreciate you coming and painting with us. You know, if you could take time to like, comment, subscribe and share this, with your friends, because it really does make a big difference to the- to share it. It helps get the word out there, so. Cinnamon: It does. It really does,
and we love spreading the word. John: We love having more of you guys in the room, cause it’s a lot of fun, with all the people playing art game. Cinnamon: It is so fun to have this
many people playing art game. Cause you guys will know about art game. John: And if you’re- If you’re just joining
us now, in the not live now, then you can play art game too. Cinnamon: Yeah. You can always play art game.
John: Yeah. You just- Cinnamon: Play art game at home with the family. John: Yeah, you’ve just- you’ve now
found the five secret words. And you can, butterfly, windmill, horse, balloon, umbrella. You can take those five key words and draw them, and then post them on the page. Do it in about twenty five minutes or so. Cinnamon: There we go. Bohemian elephant. John: Wow! Cinnamon: How gorgeous would this be framed? In your house. How gorgeous would this be? John: That’s really, really cool. I like how that turned out. Cinnamon: Just so happy with this painting. And tomorrow, what’re we gonna do? NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA…. John: Batman! [Cinnamon chuckles] Cinnamon: Did I just get us content ID claimed? [laughs]
John: Nah. I hope not. Cinnamon: If I get a claim. [laughs] John: Be like- There’ll be that one little muted out spot that you’re gonna find. [both laughing] John: Gonna- boop- be a little dead air there. And then me going, “Batman!” And then the content ID- Yeah. Cinnamon: Yeah. John: Ahhhhhh…. Cinnamon: It’s like that. Um, yeah. So
tomorrow, come join Clive and I. Clive’s doing Superman. I’m doing Batman.
John: Yep. Cinnamon: They’re both really cool paintings.
John: Yes. Cinnamon: Um, it- My batman is great. Mom, I totally did this so
John: One hoot. Cinnamon: mom or dad can give ya- It’s a hoot.
John: It’s a hoot. Cinnamon: And you can give it to the kid and they’ll be blown away. If your little brush wants to paint with you, this is a really great one for a
little brush to paint with you. Um, I’ll definitely try to make sure I have a traceable up for it tomorrow, cause you guys might be doing it with little brushes.
John: Yep. Cinnamon: But, I mean, you can free hand this. This is the Batman for mom and dad hero points. John: What time are we doing that tomorrow? Cinnamon: Um, I think it’s a twelve thirty.
Cause we’re doing it on Clive’s upload time. John: Twelve thirty. OK. Cinnamon: In Welsh time. We’re on Welsh time?! John: Indeed. So this gonna be- Cinnamon: See, I’m not just, I’m not just
only my time. Central. I’ll go Welsh. John: So, this won’t be live, though?
This is gonna be pre-recorded? Cinnamon: Uh, mine is live.
John: Oh, yours is? Cinnamon: And Clive is pre-recorded.
John: Ok. Cinnamon: And he’s doing this gorgeous Superman, and I’ve got my… John: You’ve got your batman.
Cinnamon: Batman. John: And it is a-
Cinnamon: [whispers] Na na na na na Batman. John: It is the every bat. Cinnamon: It is the every- Yeah. I really tried to do several. It’s interesting. I was trying to do it’s hat tip to the movie, Dawn of Justice, but make sure that all the DC representations of Batman,
except for super long ear, are representative. [chuckling]
John: Yeah. Cinnamon: We didn’t go [makes swish noise].
John: Yeah, we didn’t. Cinnamon: Not that I didn’t love that aesthetic. John: That’s pretty cool.
Cinnamon: It was cool. John: But you bang your head on stuff.
Going through doorways and things. Cinnamon: Yeah. It’s just, the painting would be all bat ears, so we went with the short- the- the- anyways. You guys get it. You guys get it. John: Yeah. Practical bat suits. Cinnamon: Kinda old school signal. You know. Little tips here and there. I think you guys’ll like it. John: Yeah. It’s awesome! Cinnamon: It’s pretty awesome. John: So thank you guys.
Cinnamon: And it’s like three colors! John: Thank you, guys, for coming
and being with us today.
Cinnamon: Thank you! John: We really love you guys. Cinnamon: We wanna see you at the
easel really soon. Be happy. Be well. Take care of yourselves. Ba-bye. [closing music]


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