BOX DRAW Worldwide PES 2020 Mobile | Барса меня любит

BOX DRAW Worldwide PES 2020 Mobile | Барса меня любит

hi hi hi pesers with you
walrus got to boxing fights the second is video for today 1 to be basically not
should but konami decided to give out once us free gold then naturally I
decided to show you how this whole thing pass though there is nothing complicated
the only guys request a little listen more with your ears and then such
questions about where is the registration link or why I didn’t get the gold you don’t
will be but today I will open a draft boxing as usual 500,000 players have
cool there are leopard players shorter than Bavaria Arsenal
and I continue to raise funds for new quality improvement devices
content two more people decided me support one philanthropist unfortunately not
known and the second code in the pants guys like you
subscribe so vividly to our if you also want to support with you
like my content then the details on screen and in the description of the video to everyone in advance
thanks Well, poki poki poki poki do not know
that right now they spent in addition to box firewood in our game some guys craft
certain clubs but it seems easier to me open packs it will be damn cheaper
put together a certain club then at the end ends through sharing and you can take
dropbox we have a standard 300 players 30 of them are black, that is 10 percent on
black as usual 60 players on half a million I will open well and as usual
most likely 6 blacks will fall to me though with you never know
may fall and more may fall and less of course I’m interested in when
we will be in mast mode and so far konami promise it on Thursday but you yourself
understand how to believe konami they him promised last Thursday but no no
didn’t happen fartanulo the kid went to success as they say so far
gives me something golden balls where are my black hell with us
account I collect only the usual black ball and no violet
conventional and legends by the way you see 5000 almost gold expect their time expect
they are of course backenbauer despite the fact that gold is limited, I decided that
probably probably should be drained onto it all because this player is really
will be cool in the game I’m sure of it so most likely I will pass by
Rivaldo edeka when they appear with us in legends but if they appear pack with
legends where will be and ivaldo edeka and whisker I’ll be just happy
a great chance to catch at least one of them it would be great well and hope
that for the new year there konami is still something good would provide very much
I would really like some unique event on some
unique content in general something one where you can compete for prizes
which we really need because in the same mast and for now or
the console there is honestly maximum prizes rankings prizes help two ordinary
black ball but type not bad yes black the ball, of course, is always good, but
that we have purple players agree
this prize doesn’t seem straightforward so generous that they call lin
I’ll call it so a movie from Monaco to me time falls unfortunately these guys
I do not need something black yet let’s I don’t want to, but on the other hand, where
still spend money even though it falls to me alpha 7 to the most important of seven
alpha damn version but it also goes to FIG because I do not need him unfortunately
places as we had 500 and remained konami hasn’t decided yet
some extension I would not mind to be honest i’m many players
I would like to leave even though I am them will not play but just for collection
in the end if you already bother gathering clubs then for them it is also
places are needed here I have now collected completely
Barcelona juventus arsenal bavaria probably it will be planted full plus a couple
Germany, it’s for me and Germany, then I have a reason
I have Germany with Matthias with rummenigge
I hope it will soon be with Batin balor but it’s still the hope france i have
collected in general, what if you already rest here in such fees the second end
I would like more places, but so far in May here’s mine as the first one said
president of Ukraine unfortunately affect we can’t do it all, but at least
least in the logic konami I see that they start to change they start
gradually change they gradually trying to introduce new modes will not
hope that they all succeed mat look meanwhile yes it drops me out of juventus
member if it’s like mate people unfortunately they thought it I already have it I have
fully pumped so such players should be left only hoping
then later for an exchange I also get drunk from the same
juventus their mourning from lyon by the way ok again praise konami returned
we can pass online event already can get 100 gold
let’s say if there is no gold to open special issue of either barcelona or real
of course the look of what real juventus why do i have ronaldo immediately real either
the team of the week that we had thursday there is also really very
good players and besides the same place kind and the same for whether the same van
dey they are quite I think they will go to any composition and it will be interesting and of course
By the way, I also want to add from konami I’m waiting for some very, very, very
maximum damn interesting events in the summer because they got a license
on euro 2020 in the end guys konami please listen to the ambassador if you
get a license you need it as much as possible use i hope this time you don’t
sold are afraid or this we will not be boring usual in
any football simulator summer is dead season well because it’s already over
no matches all season nothing and here you have a whole euro in my hands
I hope you approach this wisely and we we will enjoy your summer
game and not sit and think when already part 21 will be released
so i have 24 players i already have open so far so very sad
just a mate people unfortunately invented he also takes me sending currencies to
England can be black swords a black the ball and there is more of my favorite
Arsenal likely take because I have almost the entire arsenal
blue to shrink and take to shrink by I already have either 3 or
the third in my opinion that is, well, shorter on I have fully pumped one barely
not eat by shoved I will wait 3 to make an exchange
a good set of players here top place for those guys like hum to whom
not enough gold and who does not donate dropbox yes of course a great chance
get strong players despite the fact that
really regular version of caridad is not much worse purple that is usually
spot sways to 98 here is the one from the team of weeks or until
97 to 98 I don’t remember honestly the one with
teams of the week swing to a hundred but believe two two rating units on
such large numbers it’s practically therefore does not solve anything
regular version ordinary blue card she is not much worse the more you yourself
see especially the guys who came from drain and that rating does not solve here
Barcelona salons meanwhile to me come you third number take this into account
my yes be it both gave birth to him for sure You can find out so here is the rating with us especially
don’t decide much more decide hands either from young still falls out but also to
unfortunately take here we do not have such jokes what if you have a team for
rating higher then you will have much there are no better moments to score
absolutely not only your hands only fair competition
im thats what vps i really like of course I miss some
modes where you need the most powerful composition
but when I go online and understand that a person can sit opposite me
which he is a million to ask and I’m all beating him equal because the game is to us
gives equal chances the game does not give him better chance he paid her
I think it’s very cool in the world it falls to me I also have
maximum pumping unfortunately therefore he is also a double but do bios to me
absolutely not needed what I want to say is giving bad so far
gives a bad kind of in other numbers but I would like all the same
for some reason I constantly have healthy boxing cool who’s watching me
have long known that here are 6 black swords to me promised 6 I get very very rare
5 very, very rarely 7 that is, such the feeling that dropbox when
really twisted and he gives really for those percent that konami
promise that you will not say but of course pokki with the legends where I have on black just
terrifying failure is very hard well I hope
Well, of course we’ll drive out new content on guys’s channel will be published with
time as soon as I take a new device
I will immediately enter some tournament most likely in the Champions League I hope
match at maximum quality with maximum resolution you quite imagine
will come of course with my comments if you are interested in principle yes subscription
Champions League it will be possible to spend some
vote what composition to go there for now, I think it’s possible to stop by
completely legendary composition that is pure legend pure 18 legends on the field
I would be either cheers damn of course under it’s all because
baresi with a height of 176 on the center advocate this for connoisseurs for
it’s hard for gourmets to play like that short sintesi
but why not the main thing what I showed you liked the main thing
to make it fun to watch but it will be a little later half way don
I have already passed a new device, I hope to new year and I pass I became the rest
part of the way again barcelona arthurchik vital come into my composition I love
this player spoke about him to me when opened special issues but unfortunately he
also thought he was the third on this account from the new season 1 completely
pumped 2 here is absolutely first level will but I will wait 3 then I will
stuff in exchange what else unfortunately with these players do not have a market
sell them will fail and it’s me a little bit of sadness on the other hand
market with that model like ours players turn out unfortunately our game
now impossible I have repeatedly explained why
so that in our game appeared the market needs to be radically changed
you need to reset the compositions all to zero clean out then the market can be
viable if its just now enter believe it is from start
everyone will have everything absolutely everything but some ronaldo and messi will be
cost 10-15 thousand accidents in the market then who will buy scouts at all
my thoughts, I think the channel is not really visible shifts
really it’s clear that they are changing something, they are changing something
trying to leave it is experimenting and I I hope they are not finished
hope very much again arsenal again arsenal black ball well something
I decided in the end to give out black things well this is yes yes this is David Louis and he have
I also have it, too, of course he’s double I have a maximum pumping mod
me as part of the arsenal by the way here Arsenal possible entry into the tournament
some full club from ordinary blacks balls why not bavaria barcelona
arsenal juventus or national team I can also think it will be
interesting to see how ordinary I am black balls will butt against
rated violets Well, you yourself know which in my opinion
indicative of how much in the game in our the game
Donat decides again the black ball and again Barcelona watch me love Barcelona
who we langle here falls to me but I’m not too thrilled with the model of this
guy in our game but 1 black ball what let it be all the more with me this
the black sword was not daughters i have he he is sulfur from last season blue is not
there will now be a blue card and this is also very good for composition
leopard gradually packs come to an end I choose
already 7 black relics there are already more than I was promised konami from 6 players I have
still at the opening so why the hell are you joking my hour will give something else no
these three players will be silver here even gold decided not to give it to me
Arita from Schalke I recognize very cool his card was in part 19 but in
20 to 20 silver I don’t play at all I play pancake with what bronze composition in
white bronze divisions and composition which gives maximum
points of course in turin points so unfortunately such compositions
silver is no longer interesting to me and last three players
to the likeness of the results what gave me for standard my half a million which I
merging every tuesday look at the black ball
8 black balls when not promised should have given six
Alaba I got a cool left defender and again for bavaria again
for the team that I have assembled and again my forehead is only in gray
option and now it will be in blue and this very cool plus david falls out
from ghent in my opinion in my opinion it is young guy let’s take a look at him
information i don’t remember exactly ha 19 year old guy 177 centimeters tall
attack ability for his speech at 81 acceleration speed are present this
guy may be interesting for online just two skills of course it’s bad style
hunter blockages okay but test I’m not going to jump this guy
test see how he will show himself what are 60 players I discovered 8 black
gave me balls when it was supposed to give six
surprisingly usually konami how much promising gives so much but this time I was lucky
basically good enough now there is nowhere to spend more agape
so I advise you to open on this perhaps everyone write that you are infuriating the ward
God could open frames with you until next time bye


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    Разве не везения?) Я сейчас очень рад.

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  • Temirlan Adulgaziev says:

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  • Ruslan Asvatov says:


  • Сашп Цускман says:

    Привет,ты знаешь какие будут паки после Юве и Барсы?ну и сразу ли после их конца?

  • Саня Зенит says:

    Мне выпало: два ДеХеа,Боетенг,Горетска

  • Льоха Цымбалов says:

    А как перенести золота с аднаво аккаунта на другой аккаунт

  • Льоха Цымбалов says:

    А кагда ролик

  • Phornix TM says:

    Морж, можешь показать патч на повышение ФПС в pes 2020 mobile

  • Jek Seitkaziev says:

    Ты так сказал у вас в руках целый евро будто валюто евро xd

  • IRON ARZAP says:

    Какой месси лучше? Из паков барси или из команди недели где щесний бил?

  • Jomart Ospanaly says:

    Какую команду ты выбрал. Какое название и какая лига

  • N B X says:

    Сделай рубрику "матч с подписчиком" и каждую неделю приглашай 3-4 подписчиков!!!!
    Лайк- в топ!!!

  • Міша Циханюк says:

    Морж ти з України

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