Branding Yourself In Artist Alley!

Branding Yourself In Artist Alley!

I used to be this series called Pro versus Conroy give me tips on how to exhibit artists alleys and comic-con's well don't pay too much attention to those older videos because everything I said back then it was wrong greetings people of the internet art labs welcome Matt creators to the underground laboratory where we create robots alien zombies and other imminent threats to humanity and I used like I said I used to do this series called Pro versus con where I give tips on how to exhibit at Comic Cons artists alley pop culture events and I could just kind of share what I've known from doing a few of those shows now it's been a while since I've done with those videos so I kind of wanted to give you an update now what I said before about everything being wrong that's not entirely true I think you could go back and watch some of those videos you're going to get some good advice but I'm rethinking a lot of things as far as how I go about exhibiting at cons so yeah a lot of what I talked about in those older videos still I think it's still valuable information but what works for you guys might not necessarily work for me and vice versa I tend to do things differently and I'll explain when I go into it but this this thing there's gonna be a lot about branding your booth kepta kind of not just just putting your artwork up for sale but trying to get people to know who you are and remember you and there's a number different ways to do that the ways that I did before like I said we're switching around a little bit because I in doing these cons you kind of you kind of constantly have to change things around figure out what's working what's not working so this also this video is going to be more about taking those things that I felt that may not be working to my my advantage and and changing those around and we'll get into that and in a minute so I'm getting ready to exhibit at Phoenix Comic Fest and I if you're if you're interested if you're gonna be in the Phoenix area Memorial Day weekend it's Thursday through Sunday and if this 2018 if you're if you're watching this later but I'll be in the artists alley I'll be at tables 14 10 and 14 12 if you want to look me up but so one of the tips that I want to give you or you go and exhibit at a con or uh you know anime festival whatever it is you you kind of want to do uh you want to set up your booth beforehand maybe at home try to kind of figure out what everything looks like just so when you get to the show it doesn't you know you're not like oh man what I you know this is taking me longer to set up or this doesn't look right you know on the spot it's a little hard to do that so I always like especially what I'm doing in a completely redesigned set up which is what I'm doing right now I like to kind of do a set up you know at home and just kind of figure everything out so and I tend to go a little overboard with my display so definitely for me I mean if you just got a few things that you're going and you're just and you just kind of got your your banner or your telescoping banner that you put up and then then your prints and then you're done first I would probably maybe advise you to you know maybe rethink that and maybe try to offer something else and again this goes into branding but but if that's your deal you might not need to do a like a dry run set up at home so I want to kind of give you my thought process behind that and just show you what I'm what I'm doing differently this time around and in order to do that we're gonna go up here to the parallel scope and kind of take a window into this booth set up already in progress so let's check it out hey so here I am in my booth now it may look like I'm at a comic convention but I'm not this is actually my living room so one thing I like to do is what I call a dry run setup where I set just my whole booth up just to get a feel for it before the actual con that way when I go to the convention there's hopefully no surprises well there's always surprises but but I'm trying to minimize those surprises so I'm doing a lot of things differently this time around and I I've always adapted a little bit show after show figure out what works what's not working but this is probably the biggest sort of booth redesign I've done if you've been following me for a while you know well if you if you've seen the underground layer you know we've got some crazy you know pipes and things that kind of you know work their way around and it's it's sort of a like a really wonka-esque aesthetic to it and that's kind of the same aesthetic I was using for my booth to kind of tie everything in together the thing that I'm realizing at conventions is there's when you go there there is just so much stuff there's so so much I can do so much you know going on that if people get lost I mean they it's hard for them to take everything out I take everything in rather so so what I'm trying to do is I'm trying to simplify a lot of things and in doing that I'm also trying to elevate sort of my products to make them look more attractive because because I am not selling fan art I've got to I've got to work a little extra harder I've got it I got to try to you know somehow while some people and somehow get people to take notice of what I'm doing here because if you are selling fan art you kind of have that advantage of well they already know these characters and so sometimes you can just go to a booth you can you know put up your backdrop and you're just hanging your prints and and maybe a banner and everything and you can do pretty well depending on you know it does depend on how well you draw the fan art I think nowadays I think at the beginning you could just go there selling any kind of fan art now it's a little bit harder there's a lot of competition a lot of excellent fan artists out there since I'm not doing fan art I've got to do things you know like I said I've been doing things a little differently so one of the things that I'm doing is trying to like I said elevate the product line and in doing so one of the things that I'm doing is I decided to frame all my pieces of all my artwork and I really I was I was really surprised at how well it looks the when I first bought when I first I got these friends because I was doing an art gallery show because I had never bought frames and I don't you don't see a lot of people framing their artwork in in comic conventions it's usually you know they're there they're usually either bagged or just put up now the bags that's something that that I used to do is I put the prints in the bags hung them up they get a lot of glare you're still seeing a little bit of glare but these are all matte finished and that's just because the amount of lights and everything in here but to minimize that because again when people are walking by you want them to be able to see your artwork and if there's this bright glare over it that's another reason why I'm not really big on glossy prints but that's sort of a personal preference but anyway so I had for this gallery show I had to buy some frames because in a gallery your stuff is supposed to be in French the other thing as far as I forgot to tell you that as far as that glare I took all the glass out of the frames actually was acrylic they like these acrylic sheets so I took all all those out so it's basically just the artwork in the frame or on it now I'm not technically selling the I'm not technically selling the frames if I get a lot of response from people asking oh can i buy the frame the first thing I'm going to do is I'm going to direct them to where they can find it online because they could get it cheaper online than they could through me but but if I get a lot of response people wanting to buy the frames then I'll probably maybe start carrying those but that's that you know that's a whole other layer of up having to bring things to the convention and one of the one of the other things I'm trying to do I'm trying to make this so this I can compress this thing down as much as possible and I'm and I'll kind of get back to you on that I haven't taken all this down but I'm trying to see how how compact I can make all this when I'm when I'm shipping it and every not shipping but you know I want to bring it to the convention because this is a local show now eventually if I decide that I want to start doing some more out-of-state shows I'll need to convince that quite a bit so that's another thing that I'm working on right now so anyway so we've got the the artwork framed and everything which I really like the other thing that I'm doing is I've always had problems I used to just tape my my prints up and and these frames they're not super heavy because there's like I said there's no acetate or glass or whatever in them but they do way more than just regular prints but I used to have this issue with just you know taping them up with prints falling down and everything or just kind of halfway falling down and moving over because I would have prints taped on top of each other and it was kind of a cool system because you know you could just fold them all up and then unfold them and it's sort of like an accordion style thing and just hang them and that was that that was that was pretty good this is a new system where let me this let me get this frame here so I don't have it here but what I did with these now this is one that's just going to be on my table so this is kind of the frame here what I did was I put I got some industrial-strength velcro and this is good up to like I think 10 pounds or whatever and I so I put velcro straps on the bottom strips rather and then on the top I took a you know did you know a heavy duty stapler and I just stapled these on the top so basically it's just a matter of velcroing these things to each other just I can just pop these up like that and it's it's really it's it really works very well it it's it's super quick it doesn't take me that long to to set everything up and I think it really looks I think it really looks nice so and like I said before the other thing I'm trying to do is trying to simplify things before when I had this elaborate again Willy Wonka type style setup it was really cool and I kind of I I look to like one thing you want to do when you're selling your work at a convention sort of look to retailers and kind of see how they do it and one retailer that I really like is Johnny Cupcakes if you're not familiar with Johnny Cupcakes check them out online but they are a t-shirt company but they sell they everything that they do is brand it as like a bakery so when you walk into their shop it looks like a bakery they've got ovens and you pull them down and there's t-shirts in there they've got you know like fries look they look like freezers with t-shirts on racks and things and it's just really cool I think when you walk in I think it's like a giant it might be like a giant oven or something I don't know but it's really cool and in a space all by itself where you're just dealing with regular retail space kind of boring everything that stuff really stands out as a comic a comic convention that can tend to get lost so that was kind of the route I was going with before with that whole factory vibe I even like my tabletop was even I like that look like a conveyor belt so I you can tell I mean there was just so much stuff to bring in so this these were just sections of my tables and these would rest on the regular tables that they give you and you can see kind of here and I kind of raised it and this is an the thing I'm doing differently and I'll show you this in a little bit but because there was like a gap here between where this was raised off the table I would store all my prints in here and I'm not I'm not going with this setup this time but these things are heavy there was like six of these and if I was using a corner booth there was also around a kind of corner piece and so I'm eliminating that now I like all that stuff but again with all this other stuff to look at you tend to get lost and I really I started thinking you know what I just want to focus on the artwork so a lot of what I'm doing I've kind of changed my sign around and now I'm gonna walk around with the camera and kind of show you everything some of its out of frame right now but everything that I'm doing is I mean I've got my branding supplies math/science supply all over the place I mean there is so much branding on here that because there's some there's also a lot of confusion because people don't know when they're looking at something new they don't know what it is it's like what's this but if I plaster my name all around this booth not just on the top just not just a banner but all over the place and you'll see when I walk around hopefully that'll that'll that will give people more of a chance to understand what it is and everything and not forget it's like when you're watching the you're listening to a commercial for like a car commercial or something they're gonna mention the dealership or the phone number over and over and over again sometimes they'll add a little jingle or whatever so anything you can do to make people remember you know remember you and it's kind of just drilling that into their into their brain like this is a mad science applied your into mad science if you're into that kind of stuff this is that's what this is so so yeah that's what I'm doing so I'm simplified everything everything basically is just black and white except for the products so hopefully that's gonna not create as much confusion as before I had and I talked about this on a previous version but I had this really cool sign it was all it was all cut you know laser cut out of all that laser cut but like hot wire tools cut out a foam hard coated and it said circle works and kind of my old logo that was kind of funky and had a gear for the oh and everything like that and and people like they looked at it was it was too hard to read like on first glance it was like people were thinking said sewer works bless with all the pipes and everything I think they thought it was sort of like a ninja turtle s5b those pipes and everything look sort of like a sewer so that really got confusing so that's when I started when I first started going with this sort of black and white simplified logo but now I've just got it kind of everywhere another way I'm trying to simplify things is when I how I present the products the product displays and everything so before I had these back to this confusion thing so I was selling these I had I designed these these prints these little mini movie four mini movie prints you know attack of the 50-foot brain planning the space slugs night of the glob and they would come with these you know they would they would come with these little lab products and everything so I would tell people oh if you buy that if you buy this product it's this much and it comes with a mini movie print and all this and that got a little confusing because it just it was just too much so one thing I'm doing right now is I'm kind of separating that because I also had these displays so back to so know I had these you know getting back to that kind of you know factory vibe and everything I had these little displays and these were on here and you know I thought it was I thought it was cool a cool way to present the artwork and showed the little product up here and the poster and everything but even with all that it was still hard for people to get an idea of what this is all about so again getting rid of all this kind of colorful fancy stuff and going with just some nice black displays is you can kind of see here so I built these displays and I'll kind of show you how I didn't know again when I walk so again they're just sort of a sort of a black display I'm separating those products from the posters I'm gonna create one price point for all of these products now I don't have any I haven't done my prices yet but when I do one of the things that I'm gonna do is I've tried different things I've tried like the buy two get one free thing but I think what I'm gonna do like so for these these are my my most popular selling prints this size here so I think I'm going to sell those for 20 piece and then to 4:30 I'm gonna see how that works but everything else is going to have sort of an upsell thing so these products here I'm going to sell I think for $8 or two for twelve and so hopefully that I'll get people to buy multiple of these but I've noticed a lot of people and it's getting it kind of bums me out because people sometimes just want the products that you know that there's like slime and crazy like putty and all kinds of stuff like that and things that crawl down little holes all that stuff so sometimes people they just they just want that they don't really care about so much about the print so I'm just gonna sell that by itself I'll sell the prints by themself now somebody wants to buy like four of them I'm just gonna say oh cool I'll throw this in for you and throw that print in but I'm not gonna explain oh you buy this down unless unless I've got them engaged and I'll say you know you you know if you buy two it's this price this price but then if you buy four whatever I will throw in a free print and all that so trying to separate that again make everything as simple it's like it's like kiss keep it simple stupid and not not that the people walking through these cons are stupid you might think you know well there's signs all over telling people this or that or what the prices are but I've known from walking around conventions myself when you do that there's again there's so much stuff you can't pay attention to everything and you end up asking questions that are just right in front of you I'm like oh man I'm sorry I didn't I didn't see that or whatever and that's the case if we were walking through cons but but just you know that acronym keep it simple stupid think about that think of how you can simplify everything make everything come across real easy again I think you know if you're self an art it's probably not that big a deal because they've already got the history behind it they can say oh I know who Deadpool is I want that print but you know the other thing one of the things I'm trying to do is I'm just trying to push my own IP my own just characters all that kind of stuff and so so I don't have that advantage of people already knowing what everything is so that's why I'm trying to you know brand myself all over the place because you know I think I hope when people buy from me they'll remember that you know this is a school mat science supply you know booth and everything not just oh this is where I got this my favorite character does they're not they're probably not gonna remember you so much they're probably remember that character now there are some people that are doing some sort of let the fan art right I think will Terry have you seen his videos and he's done he's done a lot of videos kind of like this where he kind of goes through and talks about his whole process selling to cons and he does really well one because he's got like millions of advertising dollars behind him because he's selling fan art but two because he's doing great fan art and something different and something that stands out and he does really good with his branding I think people would that shop at him I don't think that they're I think that they're gonna often probably remember his his name because he's got his name all over the place that most people do but for whatever reason I just think the way he's doing things I think you might remember him because it's really unique but you might want to check out little Terry if you are already so that's one cool way to do fan art so back to these displays I want to show you how I kind of built these displays now these are I did these out of wood but originally I did them out of just the foam the foam core or foam board just as a template and I was gonna use these and if you want to do it you know if you don't if you're not really good with working with wood or anything like that you can you can do the same thing this is just again this is just foam board black foam board and you can kind of see you see these little grooves in here so all these kind of slide in here so all these it's just they just kind of slide in here and and then it creates you know it creates something like this but the cool thing is is as big as this display is it could be broke broke down to this all right so that's really cool and that's the one thing that I'm really thinking about is how how can I break everything down and so far almost everything I have more than any to any booth I had before it can be broken down and condensed and that's like a major thing what I'm going for same thing with this this is another kind of display where I've got my buttons and everything same principle it's a little different design I've got some pegboard here with a little peg where things for hanging you know buttons and things off of there so yeah I've got that and I've got you know my spinner racks over here I don't know if they're out of frame I'll show you but and those are kind of bulky thing and I have I've got a couple of spinner racks they can't really break break down as much these here and I don't know if you can see these these are just sort of wire racks I've got two wire racks they fold a little bit but they're still a little bulkier so I don't know I mean I might try to figure out a way just put these prints on something like this – if I can break those down in the future but I've already got the wire racks and I kind of do like them and everything so so yeah simplify everything the other thing is my focal points so I don't know I mean for me I like to with any time I have a new product I want to really focus on that product now this these two products right here just discover your inner geek I've got a guy version and a girl version or vice versa guy version girl version and it's just these are the these are my exclusive prints for Phoenix Comicon so they invited me as a guest now you don't necessarily need to be a guest to do an exclusive print for a comic-con but that might be a good idea if you can there's a lot of times they'll put those exclusive prints on the website or for Phoenix if you are a guest I think they put them in the program too so I'm hoping that will draw a lot of people to my booth in one piece and I've seen a lot of people that do these exclusive prints and it's just a variation of of whatever it's usually not fan art because I know well it depends it depends on the con I know Phoenix won't let you use fan art for your exclusive prints but I've seen people that do their own characters which is cool but again not too many people know that so since I since I'm not using fan art one thing I can do is I can tie in and I think most conventions want you to do this is tie the convention in so Phoenix Comic Con slogan is discover your inner geek so I thought oh that's cool let me come up with an idea for that so I've got these two peaks and it's all this all annotated there's all these little things here telling you know what everything is the sort of the you know what makes a geek a geek and everything so hopefully that'll that'll draw a lot of people to the booth and everything and because this is the main thing these are limited editions they're gonna be signed and numbered and everything so you'll only be able to get the miss this show and and because of that I've got my plutonium case here this usually gets a lot of attention so it's right in the middle hopefully that'll that's the one thing that isn't sort of that black and white display so hopefully that right right in the middle creates a focal point the people will see that right up front and center and this is the main thing I'm trying to push right now are these prints now in the back I've got a couple larger prints now this will be a little higher my ceiling only goes so far it's like right up to my ceiling pin right now which is out of frame but so this will be a little higher so these prints down here on the bottom you'll be able to see a little better these two frame I got a canvas print over here over here and then another frame print over right here and so those you'll be able to see a little bit better because this will be raised up and everything so again I just don't I can't know that high right here so let me you know what I'm gonna take you around the actual table and kind of show you kind of a little closer up what everything is and kind of give you an idea of some of this set up close-up okay so here you can see right up here oh I've got my branding circle works art labs now the science of geek ology thing I may I may eventually get rid of that because it might be too much with that plus the mad science supply company it might just be I mean I like the look of it and it does kind of explain a little more because I do do a lot of geeky type stuff so I like that idea of science geek ology so we'll see about that whether I keep that or not but I just kind of want to pan around now over here you can see there's another side mad science supply company if you look over there mad science supply company you know so any direction you're coming at you're gonna you're gonna you're going to see this and that's a major thing because as people kind of go through the convention some people people browse in different ways some people are gonna look up some people are gonna look down some people are gonna just look straight forward and not paying any attention to anything but you want to try to capture somebody's eye using any way you can so weather weather again we've got a backdrop right here then table so you want to have things propped up you want to have things laying down is so people are coming down here looking at this if sort of people are kind of mid you know sort of halfway with their eye level it just depends maybe some people walk by looking up and you want to just capture that so again I've got I've got branding all along here look at all the product displays mad science a quiet company sir quartz art labs circuits art labs mad science supply company now before because before when I had the conveyer belt I mean that was pretty cool looking at everything but I wanted something else to kind of take place of that and that's going to be just this backdrop black backdrop with this bright white lettering and everything it's hopefully going to stand up and its subdued enough but just black and white that everything else is all this colorful stuff is gonna really pop so again we're going back to the way people browse you want to take that into consideration so you know some people might want to flip through something some people might want to look up here so but here what kind of kind of go around the table so I got my and yes I will have prices on all this stuff I'm still kind of figuring out the price points and all that this will have another display that the textile that's in 3d so this is my 3d print so this kind of adds an interactivity to it if you know come and check out the 3d print and everything and then people do and it's really cool and it gets people to come also other people because when people see somebody staring at something they've got those 3d glasses on they they're like oh that's cool let's let's check that what that's all about and so so that that interactivity you get people to the booth the one the more people they have at the booth the more people you have at the booth meeting a crowd begets a crowd so if you get if you get if you get a crowd going that crowds only gonna bill because people like oh man this is what's what's this all about so of course you got postcards and I've got some new ones that I'm gonna put out and again even though I have most of my prints behind me I'm starting to do this also with the portfolio because some people like I said people browse in different ways some people want to look up at the backdrop and see the print some people want to flip through stuff and they're believed a few prints that aren't in here but I want to create this and I make prop this up a little better but I want to create this portfolio so people if people want to just browse through things people like to browse and that's the that's the other thing with with this kind of stuff you know prints like these my smaller prints people like to flip through them now most of these are the same but I'll have some other prints in there as well these are my sort of mystery boxes this is sort of my answer to loot crate so these are my test tubes and I may create a little display so they don't get knocked over like drill some whole big holes that those things will slide into or something like that and I might have more of them there I'm not quite sure the positioning here because this is sort of that I don't have a space because all this stuff is fairly tall you know I'll be over here so you're basically going to see probably from chest up but I've got to have a way to interact with with other people so I might need this as a little window if I need to reach over and shake somebody's hand or whatever like that so anyway again here we've got all our frames prints and everything our larger frame prints my canvas print most of these are available in different sizes you can see the sriracha one here's a small one and then the canvas print but all these larger prints no matter what size they are they should have at least this smaller version and I don't have smaller versions of all the largest ones but you know but that's alright so anyway so here we go we're kind of kind of walk around we've got again my yeah my mini prints are not many prints but my smaller prints and then my comic books that's the new life in space comic anthology and here are the products I'm still working on labels for these these will have labels on them and everything again more branding and everything but those are all all of those again my focal point this is the discover your inner geek print and my bowties I've got two of the same ones I'm where I got to redo one of those because I ran out of that one so working on that here are some stickers and some buttons I've tried selling buttons a number of different ways sometimes they sell better just individual but I decided to pack these up because it got to confusion I had had buttons on boards just as a display and then I had all my buttons in the back but people would just pull them off the board and say oh I hey I want these I'm like oh those are kind of the display I've got them back here and then I have to go put them all back on and everything and so anyway but I kind of like now I kind of like having these button packs here are again my little mini movie prints and some more smaller prints we've got another spinner rack with my postcards on there so yeah that's that's pretty much the display and again you know to sort of reiterate branding brand your stuff make people aware of who you are anyway you can stand out amongst the crowd especially you know if you're selling fan art because ever one else is selling fan art you want to you know want to separate yourself you want people to remember well why is my fan art not just because the artwork but how are people gonna remember me as opposed to just remember those characters I'm selling or whatever so and if you aren't see if you're like me and you're selling your own original thing that's even more important that you brand everything from every angle again mad science supply company I can walk around here mad science apply company it's on the other side of that there it's on on here all this stuff here so people are hopefully are not going to be as confused as to what what I'm doing here again and you know keep it simple keep it simple we've got you know everything on mine is you know black and white now everyone's gonna have their own thing maybe you want to go with sort of like a brown backdrop to kind of you know stand out maybe more earth tones or whatever and that can kind of separate but you got to figure out they do stri to do something different that people aren't doing that's gonna make people take notice of your booth again I'm also trying to class a lit up a little bit with having my all my artwork frames because very few people are doing that and I think it kind of gives people the impression of this is what its gonna look like in my house you know if I if I got this print oh man that really looks nice frame that that would look great in my house so you're kind of showing like if you're gonna sell somebody a vacuum they'll just show a picture of a vacuum show somebody using the vacuum show what its gonna look like you know in you know in action so to speak so no there's not a lot of action with the print but you can kind of see how it looks framed on a wall so yeah keep it simple you know you know that's sort of the main thing that I'm trying to do here and just you know separate your artwork brand everything make sure that brand is super strong and again the one thing that I am really trying to do this time around is trying to make everything so it can collapse and compress and I will kind of show you whether I do another video or whether I do like a Instagram post or something like that once I get all this taken down I want to see how it fits but yeah so that is my booth for 2018 Phoenix Comic Con and the next time I see you we'll probably be at the show so let's see if all this stuff works so there you go there is the setup so far it's coming along there's quite a bit of work still to be done but I think I'm on schedule to get all this thing out coming up in a few days at Phoenix Comic Con again if you want to check me out here in the Phoenix area Memorial Day weekend 2018 you can see me in the artist alley at tables 14 10 and 14 12 I will be there with something similar to that setup you saw but it will be complete and I think it's good I'm really happy with the way it's turning out so I hope it really makes an impact as far as getting people to the booth get it you know cutting out some of that confusion of what I'm all about and and hopefully create a memorable experience that people will say it's they're just not like oh I bought this print so-and-so or whatever but hey there's this this thing this guy's doing this I you know it's this Mad Science supply company or something something that people are gonna remember so that's my that's kind of my whole goal and hopefully also kind of boost my numbers a little bit from past conventions so yeah I'm curious to kind of get back to you and let you know and I will do that but as you can see there's still like there's still a lot of work to be done so I gotta get back to that I will see you guys later that is all hey everyone thanks for joining me here in the art lab there's a lot other great content on the channel so click that subscribe button and you won't miss a thing if you're aspiring evil genius visit circle XCOM for all your mad science supply needs and if you want to contact me hit me up in the comments section or follow me on social media I'm looking forward to it I'll see you then


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    Anyway, I hope you have a good weekend, man! The display is looking really sharp!

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    Excellent booth, Scott! It is concise, fun and very you. The old booth was creative but this one is more to-the-point. Good luck at the con!

  • lwashington326 says:

    Thanks for this video. I am in the process of re-branding my booth and your tips will help a great deal!

  • TJ Duprey says:

    I think your strange things characters would totally sell if you wanted to add one single element of fan art. And it would complement your regular line. But I respect the no fan art policy.

  • TJ Duprey says:

    I miss the willy Wonka look but I totally get maximizing the table space. Definitely look forward to the after con review. It will be interesting to see if sales increase.

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