BSLIVE Using Blender 3D to make AR with Reality Composer (iOS and MacOS)

BSLIVE Using Blender 3D to make AR with Reality Composer (iOS and MacOS)

today I will be basically doing like a really basic tutorial using blender the idea is to make some kind of a like a toilet character toilet paper character it's basically something something like these or actually this one is probably a better example this is something that you can make very very easily using blender of course you can make like really other complex character but what I will do is once I created this inside blender I will take it to something like this app reality Composer this is still better I'm using Mac OS Catalina so you in order to do that later you might need to install some things but anyway let's start with blender I don't have my mouse at the moment and this is the default screen that you get whenever you open a create a new documents in blender 2.8 but we should be fine with it I'm using touch pad if you use two finger you can do this kind of orbit to finger you know what you call it you can zoom in zoom out using the gesture similar to the iPhone or iPad pinch basically and sheep and two finger give you this so let's delete everything tap a tap X delete everything I will be using a cylinder okay so by default this is what you get when you create a cylinder this actually have the top and the bottom part so it's a it's a good-looking cylinder but if you want to make like a toilet paper maybe just set the cap field to nothing and make sure the generate UV is on because you want to have a UV for texture painting so yeah I think this is pretty good in lengthens the object okay later on if you want to make it smooth you can go to edit operator smooth we can do it now okay and later on if you want to have some kind of thickness you can use solidify modifier okay so but that's maybe for later for now just leave it like this let's make this like safety spurs comment as paper character okay this is pretty good right we have a cylinder you can name it over here your own character name and then from here we can jump into texture painting right away but uh normally it's good idea to give it a shader so for the shader you go to the shader here create a new material and give it a name you can change the color etc but doesn't matter are we gonna also use texture painting if you want to look at the material a little bit more detail this is actually the material this is the shader editor layout normally I think it's good idea to if you want to do a painting you create an image texture node to create new make a picture this is by default it's black color alpha is turned on doesn't matter just plug this into the base color and now we have like objects black toilet paper but now we can jump into the texture painting so we have our UV here being display and with our texture so we are ready to go we can start painting maybe give it over some kind of base color so this is the default and I'm painting using my trackpad or touchpad see by default it's painting on the on the surface that you are facing and I just make it like really quick random let's make some kind of like the bad guy character or this can be like a monster if it's a bad guy character maybe you want to give it like a strike or something like that I saw something like this had a child playground they have this toy made up of toilet paper so it's kind of fun I guess but if it's a like a monster character you can turn it you can use any color just paint it you can do this better we eat mouse or if you have like a Wacom tablet or maybe Apple pencil and iPad yeah okay let's make some kind of monster looking character the eyes can be red or rather pink in this case that's pretty scary-looking character lady yep that's our monster to the mouth oops maybe just darker color okay I think that's fine we are actually facing kind of like a random yeah which I supposed to draw on the front face but I guess that's really okay I can turn on shadow can't see a shadow anyway say this okay with this character the texture need to be saved so this all this monster diffuse or monster texture that's the mirror you see the star near the asterisk that means you haven't saved it so save this as monster diffuse save it as PNG now you have this character like I said I probably should have drawn this from the front so let's go back to object mode keep our hit Z now you can rotate it in z axis so you want to make it like this okay save it now we have some kind of transform here rotate control eh just apply all transform so now select the objects control eh now it's zero out so that's good one thing I to remember is from with tourists to think about the Peapod of the character in case you want to vote rally later on on reality composer app when you create like at your AR kind of project anyway select this guy and go to solidify add some kind of thickness if you want the the normal seems before maybe maybe we need to turn on the normal here out of smooth maybe but that's really depends on your need don't worry too much about it but anyway our character is done at any time you can make a new texture and make a better one than this but this is pretty good so if you go like file export gltf in blender to point a this this thing will make you make it ready apply modifier I'll make it ready for for our USD easy stuff so I'll call this us DC toilet paper actually it's toilet roll but doesn't matter toilet paper characters export it this guy is gonna be really really small you might want to scale it this guy is like two by two way this it says meter here but if your comfort to us DZ is gonna be centimeter it's gonna be pretty small maybe it's good idea to just increase it ten times save it ctrl a apply all transform file export jltn so I'm doing it again very very quickly so I'm done with this now if you want to follow through you need to have access to u.s. DC – you need to go to Apple u.s. TZ calorie and then download – down below there should there supposed to be like a Titan USD it's basically Pixar USD Universal screen descriptor or something that you can use to make us dizzy my internet is really slow but you can download it from here basically and you're gonna get Python USD or USD Python folder that you can unzip and you get all this and you don't need to setup anything just run this USD command and you're gonna get this shell and this is ready for you to comfort the your asset so we have our I said here right our monster with the texture that output don't download us easy tool from here okay that's the tool you need if you need a gltf viewer just go to g of the air viewer and you can test this if this guy can contain animation etc but that's gonna be for the next tutorial for now what we need to do is just press the front bird just easy convert and you're gonna get this some options for now what we are doing you don't need to worry about that we have TC front foot and simply drag your G out here and you're gonna get us easy this is actually an error objects that you can display on any iOS device iPhone iPad this works on Mac OS but Mac OS doesn't have camera yet I mean it has camera but not 3d camera not for a another thing so let's test this gltf okay it says missing texture I need to select all of these like this to this guy so you're like guilty of works so that's good so yeah it's really cool this thing you probably need to wait for iOS 13 in order to use all these but I'm gonna show it to you anyway it is kind of like a preview I can do like more advanced stuff at some point in but many people maybe not don't really understand 3d that much and they will want to use real it composer and 3d stuff and for that you need blender you have blender you don't you don't need to have like expensive 3d software you just use blender and it's gonna work yeah you just easy once you have VST is you just drag it into reality composer so save this as simple solid paper okay right so the cool thing about this course this is actually life just a quick demo because probably most of the most of you don't have this yet you probably don't use make OS but this is really cool because you can quickly add like physics dynamics into this object a quick one like this is like a preset tap and flip even just adding this you can just hit play and then this guys will click and jump it's one of the coolest thing I did I tried using this app and this actually works on iPhone and iPad right away you can actually file export it right away doesn't work hundred percent because it's still beta but really cool so your objects from blender just works you're not going to use tab we're gonna try something a little bit more advanced this guy have properties we can turn on the physics so by default physics is concrete let's use plastic and there's a collision shape you understand all these if you use blender before box capsules here maybe automatic is good for this anyway so if you select this character command C command V you get a duplicate and it's like pretty fun thing that you can do using real toilet paper or you can do it as a oh okay okay and let's duplicate this guy and then drag it up you can actually use blender for this pores but just for just for fun you know what I'm gonna show you this because this is something that you might want to do in the future if you don't you can make a are in many ways but imagine this this software this app is gonna be available on every iPhone and iPad so you need to know this if you have iPhone and iPad of course it needs to be an under at all for now so if you play back this guy IP has some kind of physics so it should fall oh okay I mean it needs to be dynamic for all of them you see when we put Carrie if it has all the all the properties from the other character okay seems to work fine so what we want to do next is probably have some kind of poll so I've prepared ball a little bit earlier Pixar ball xx I'll just drag it into this whoops show on finder this is GTA VCS DC just is okay okay the ball is too small just scale it and that's how if we if we use some kind of physics setup it's gonna throw the ball and then this thing's will fall okay so behavior tap and and for ED force okay update it needs to have dynamics and physics apply to the ball okay turn it on so by default the velocity select these velocity the arrow is wrong you're gonna fix that really quickly okay so now it's done it's very simple hit play okay it works the ball actually fall by gravity by default because this is a correct physically yeah this is really fun and I don't have my iPhone here to show you the result but you can edit this on iOS and it's gonna work through the Wi-Fi connection I believe probably going to show you later why am i Twitter okay okay you got the idea so this is reality Composer it comes with micro s Catalina if you have Xcode so reality composer is actually hiding under Xcode currently is theta but if you open the Xcode reality composer app is inside the Xcode you need to have Xcode that means you need to be a developer but these are also available on iPhone and iPad so whenever you create in blender weathers it has animations or just like a simple stuff like this you can really just make anything okay it's really simple like like what I show you just in about a few minutes under 20 minutes this is something you can make at home and yeah it's really really fun and you can have some you can create some interactive a are basically just play doing this okay alright hopefully this is has been like interesting and fun you can try it yourself and yeah when if you have something like this and if you file export gltf that's basically how I do it in the future you probably can use FBX but for now do you have the aerial or just drag it I mean you just easy conifer director J out here and hit enter you get this USD Z is just easy will work on the iPhone you just drop it or send it by message and then your friend maybe can make something like this school or something yeah it's funny hopefully this is one let me know what you think and I'll see you next time bye

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  • Brad Kligerman says:

    great video as usual.
    QUESTION: I'm trying to import an animation using the method you used in the previous video (triggering a USDZ animation in Reality Composer) but constantly get the message that my object contains no animation. However, when I test the GLTF file, the animation works perfectly. I tried to use both a normal keyframe animation and shape keys.

    Any ideas?

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