Building Emma an Artist's Loft – Custom Renovation from Lego Friends Art Studio

Building Emma an Artist's Loft - Custom Renovation from Lego Friends Art Studio

hello welcome to leb toys we're gonna do a renovation today which is really exciting this is where I take an existing LEGO Friends set and make it this is the early bed in this case we're gonna make it bigger and hopefully better or just different with interesting things and it's up to you to decide whether it's better I like it but will you who knows so we are going to take Emma's art studio which looks okay it's so cute on the outside the architecture is actually gorgeous but it is so small like the playing area is tiny so I got a second set of this on a really super super special which is great so we're gonna take both sets we're gonna match them together I'm gonna put some extra pieces in and we're gonna see what it's an adventure so let's bring in Chico cuz Chico comes to this set and let's bring you an Emer I put Emma in one of my favorite little overalls outfit because she's gonna be painting so really important she's wearing clothes that she doesn't mind getting dirty so we're gonna work on the second level first and this is how big the second level originally was everything on the second floor went on this base plate so her six by twelve base plate a lot of space so you know what we're gonna make this bigger much much bigger so everyone needs me by the way so gonna use this piece and we're gonna use the original piece as part of the front and we need to fill up that space with another one so this is how big our floor plan is gonna be this is a much more usable and playable space I think and we're gonna turn this into a studio apartment for Emma so like a little living space with everything she needs to create her art and if she needs to bunk down for the night we'll make something to eat we'll go to the toilet she'll have everything she needs now the original art studio had one set of windows up here on the second floor like this but as I have to I can make a matching set on this side plus there's plenty of room we actually do want to have two sets of windows to let in as much light as possible into this second-floor apartment and this arched piece was on the front so I'm going to the front I'm gonna try and make it look so so so similar to the original one but just double size so bigger so I'm gonna do that with the bricks that I have try not to ruin the really cool architecture that was the original one because it was really really pretty and it is really really pretty so I want to keep that and I just want to I just want to double that in size so let me concentrate or wear these bricks go bringing a little bit of purple in around from the side because the sidewalls on the original or all purple it's like they were painting the sides and a little bit of purple camera on the front too and I'm trying to decide whether I want that purple to be matching on both sides so symmetrical or whether I'll keep it like that I'll decide so these ones on the top are holding the windows in this is looking good this is already it's already so much bigger okay we have yeah I can't handle it we're going to have a look and see what it looks like well I got see what it actually looks like when we make it symmetrical let's just make it symmetrical I can always change it back later we'll just see leave it symmetrical for now cementery symmetry cement symmetry is my friend even if I can't say it okay we've got these columns that are going up the side just like we're on the original and we've got matching ones for the other side and I've actually got two more sets of these columns which I'm going to use somewhere else we need some flowers in front of the windows I can't remember what this looked like in the original so I'm just kind of making it up there we go a little bit of flour little bit of flour enos and now we can start looking at the inside so we're going to over here I'm gonna put a toilet like just a toilet just in case shoot she needs to stop called nature she can go to the toilet that she can go back and concentrate on the painting or whatever she's doing let's use these nice dark purple pieces to hold on the rest of the base plates here and that looks good I don't want to build the walls up too soon because then we won't be able to see what I'm doing inside so over here a toilet and I want a really like old-fashioned looking toilet like with a pull chain and and a system that's like right up near the top and with a pipe down to it so to create that we need to actually build up the wall a bit and I'm trying to try to match the colors that were in the original ones but I need this gray piece because it has a core on it because I need the claw to hold on the toilet seat which is going to be attached to this rod which is going to be the pipe for the toilet so if we put this one upside down on top and click it in here now the moment looks kind of dodgy but the system is going to go on the top that's where all the water stored over here we've got the poor cord the pull cord the pull chain to actually flush the toilet that's how all of this and we're going to make the system up the top here and this currently is not gonna be able to stick on here at all so we need to put another brick underneath okay now we've got a cool old toilet for an old-style apartment building fits in really nice this is not modern at all none of this is supposed to look modern this is supposed to look like an artist's studio okay right we've got a toilet it's in a teeny tiny space let's put a door on and I'd really really don't want to take up much space so what's the minimum amount of space that I can use think that's it so if I build a wall over here I'm pretty sure that mi still gonna be able to fit in there maybe I would actually go to the bathroom but it's just got the toilet in versatile not even a sink to wash your hands she's gonna have to come out of the toilet out of the bathroom and wash your hands in the little kitchenette sink that we're going to build soon too but she's getting a wall in now with a few splashes of purple I'm just trying to mix and match where these things go and this outward facing set here is going to have a light hanging on it and I kind of imagine these as these old-fashioned gas lights like gas lamps but it won't be gas lamps because it'd be electricity there's no gas lamps anymore so it has that look it has that look of gas lamps all right tiny space let some don't even know she's gonna be able to get in let's try that out oh look it's tiny it's a bit pokey in there but she can definitely fit I don't want to hang out there for very long that's okay all right tiny cute little toilet let's put some more things over here because I have all these plans and I have to see whether I can fit them all into this space which is still pretty small for all the ideas that I have okay we've got some places here which I'll show you what they're for later but this is the actual painting thing bit hold up paint holder things that came in the original and I just want to put that one for it's because I'm going to put another one behind it they came in a second when I bought it but on this one we're going to pull it we might put some some places to hold her paintbrushes a few few different things so a couple of different print brush colors there well paint colors they're the paintbrushes I've got the same color on them and a clip here to put a pallet the paint palette on we can clip that on trying to just like that good so now she's got everything she needs for painting she's got this teeny tiny space between the painting stuff and where the walls going to be so we can actually store some things here so I've put these smooth pieces and these little panels they would be able to store some stuff okay so some will build the wall up and then we'll see how much space we've got this one's got the sticker on it but that's gonna look perfect there that's gonna look really nice on the outside and now we've got a place to store her canvasses so her new brand-new canvases that she hasn't painted on or some of her signs that she's made two big signs and some pictures that she's done in the past that one's upside down just look a little bit more interesting and what else we might put some colored campuses in here I'm trying to see how much space I've got to shove some empty canvases in here this is cool alright she is fully stocked she needs a massive one though for her big big easel I'm just trying to make sure that they all go in there nicely they do alright let's make a teeny tiny partition wall that's big enough really teeny partition wall to partition area and this has actually got studs on both sides outward facing studs which means we can hang some pictures on here because we want to be able to hang up some of her pictures so this is one she did of Mia's treehouse and on the other side o or the other side we can put this cook board that came out of I want you to tell me in the comments where that cork board has come out of because was another Emma set all right time to build a little kitchenette area he is gonna be like a cupboard or oh I just saw that or it could be a little fridge where she stores her chocolate for her energy reserves you need lots of energy when you're painting we got to put another window over here just otherwise gonna look really really closed in we'll put some more of these column pieces here because I have more so and I don't have many of these pale purple pieces there was a lot of alliteration there's lots of purrs so I need to just kind of mix and match the purples that I have we're gonna use this as the bench top and I think we're gonna need to make that you know we need gonna need to make that we've done a little bit higher so let me see what I need to build this wall out like okay I have no pale purple or middle purple pieces in three only the dark purple pieces and that's what I need to fill that space but that's not gonna work so let's try messing about with this a bit more if I take off that stripe along the bottom we'll just kind of pretend it finished before we reach the kitchen the dark stripe along the bottom I would be creative see that's that's how perogative we can create it however we like that's cute so down here we're going to use a pipe which is going to come up to the sink and we're going to need to build this up a little bit higher than this little tube goes because our bench tops be higher than that and then we can put our bench top on like not like that that's not gonna work oh we're gonna have to pull the bench top out one so it's gonna have to sit out like that which is cool just like the little fridge company kind of thing is just recessed back and underneath and now that we know sitting in a really good height and now we can put in a sink now this sink is going to be dual purpose it's going to she can use it for washing enough to go into the toilet very important hygiene and she can use it for washing out her brushes oh that's good okay and next to that we're going to have a little hot plate II kind of thing we'll just build this wall up over here and I want another little said it inward-facing starts to hang this from because she loves cats and that's like such a great the motivational supposed to for her okay alright she is going to need coffee like so much coffee which is why she's also gonna need a toilet cuz coffee makes me go a little lot too so let's make her a coffee maker perfect let's put it over here on the hot plate and of course she's going to need a coffee mug we might just drop the coffee maker thankfully it's fine let's give her a coffee mug probably already stained with coffee down the bottom I don't think she rinses it very often and now she's got a teeny tiny kitchenette with everything she really needs for a short-term stay in her little studio apartment now over here I'm going to make a mat kind of thing to hold these plates together the like the flooring together and just to make it a bit more decorative on the front – it's a bit boring with all the tan pieces so let's make a rug with our smooth pieces this one's got a little stud on it so that we can well Emma can stand on that or we can stick things on it too and looks really good so in this corner here we're going to build the wall up a bit but then we're going to put in now the original one had a little man like a little white statue man thing that you could paint and I didn't like that so much so I've actually decided that we're going to put in her sculpture do you remember what set this sculpture came in I've changed the hair cuz she's already finished the sculpture she was doing in the other set this one thing you won't look like a new sushi hairstyle slightly different swishy hairstyle so we're going to kind of rebuild well exactly rebuild that one from the other set and we're just going to build it back backwards it's just gonna be opposite so the drawers are going to be on the other sides where they originally were but everything else is gonna be just the same and then I've got another little trick I'm gonna show you but first up let me let me just make sure that this all does fit and that I'm doing it correctly so sculpture goes at the top a little clay wheel there and if we put this little gear underneath it will turn beautifully when we interconnect it with the turning gear we've got a bit of extra clay over here and we need the hammer for sculpturing as well it is it's looking good very very good now this here is going to be the little knob to turn with this gear which will make her sculpture turn this is exactly what it was like yeah let's just check that this actually works yes this is exactly the one from the original art studio so I was just able to interchange it look see that's if they're interchange it directly from here and it works with the other sculpture as well I thought that was so cool so if I just put this in here it is going to work perfectly with this clay wheel as well so clay throwing wheel Oh pottery wheel Webster calling it play throwing wheel oh my goodness words it's gonna be so hard okay let's put a column up here to match the one on the other side and it works in without architecture quite nicely these little bits of the wall are actually where the toilet goes in so they're not purple like the rest they're the ones holding the toilet in this is actually the exact same sticker as the other side but no will notice because they're on opposite sides of the building nobody can look at the both sides of the building at the same time that's what I'm going with I think it looks pretty cute anyway alright so we have got a pottery wheel in here a toilet with a door that opens just don't know forever to be able to get in here and we have pretty much filled up this space but I'm not finished yes but we'll do this space at the back in a moment let's finish over the top so that we've got everything we need now this is going to go kind of in the corners and because there's this little space see that little space I can she hang a light from underneath this roof piece and it's gonna match our little gas like lamp from outside the toilet and that can light up the corner of her art studio in there that little dark corner let's do a matching one for the other side in the toilet because that toilet is going to be pretty dark too so let's put a light in there in that perfect little space look at that it's so pokey and it's so perfect can you see that you see that in there so hard to actually look in and see there we go oh that was such a great idea okay let's keep lining the top here so that it's all nice and firmly locked in all those bricks are nice and sturdy none of the walls are gonna fall off if I touch them strange if I pick it up too too hard so we're going to make sure everything is interlocked and then we're going to smooth off the top because on the top level above this she's actually got like a little Terrace like a little rooftop patio so we're going to put that on too but I want it to be detachable so that we can easily get in and play in her new studio apartments but it's gonna look really cute when it's on there and I'm gonna leave these front bits here with the connectors so they're gonna be where it connects on the top does that make sense it might make sense all right let's continue on the bottom now this easel actually came in the original set and I could use it to I could like pop it just here and I could we can totally do that but I want to use part of it to make something else so I'm going to take the little hinge from the bottom and don't worry we will use this in another part of the build we're going to use this to make an enormous easel like she is making the biggest painting of her life and it's gonna be this big which is as big as Emma and we'll see what she's actually painting in a moment so enormous easel and she is copying one of the Masters she is busy interpreting his work and the almost exact rendition this is Matisse this is a Matisse work which is called cat with red fish I think but it's just gorgeous so that was perfect for her because once again it was a cat and it's so vibrant so this can go in the back here in the corner and she can be painting that but this have the dual purpose if we flip it down we can actually turn it into have you guessed what we're gonna turn it into I'm not gonna telling you I want you to guess and tell me in the comments I'm sure that you can figure it out this is such a cute idea I love this idea but I had to find all these pieces with the outward facing studs so that they could actually stick in properly and that was pretty tricky so we've got these ones that I have stuck some colored stickers on them and done a pretty strange job of how I've actually set this up but this is going to be have you guessed this is the bedspread for her bed for her foldaway bed it's such a space saver but be good if I could put looks terrible – how did I do this well there we go there we go there we go so she has got a really cheerful spotty bedspread which won't matter she actually gets paint on it so this is gonna tuck away in the corner she's got her picture my day wait till it dries for the dad and at night she's got a bed that she can she can conk out on she's just stayed here a bit too late and she can't get home I love this I just love the fact that it is multi-purpose now I've got more plans from behind the bed she's going to need a light so we're gonna use our trusty black sausage and our trusty back sausage lamp that I built in a previous video which you will have already seen this is going to fit the space very very well so a little light over here little bed lamp now and when we put it up there we go look it tucks away perfectly so we can turn it in when we put the bed up and we can turn it out when the beds down and she's got her notepad that she can just ride on while she's in bed when she has inspiration of course she's gonna need a pen as well so all of this stuff is tucked away behind the bed which nobody would even know is a bed when they put it up like this I have always wanted to do this I've always wanted to make a foldaway bed like this fits this face so well there she's gonna have such a creatively good time in here and she can have a sleep whenever she wants whatever inspiration takes out I have a nap okay let's check out the outside it doesn't look too dodgy even though I've added some extra stuff oh goodness we can see straight into the bathroom door it's on the second floor Oh we'll be on the second floor well you can just play with this alone but it sounds like it makes a good little standalone room now I didn't forget that she needs to most important pot so chocolate in the cupboard done this week let's stock her cupboard full of chocolates she's not gonna need to go anywhere for weeks she's got coffee she's got chocolate she's got a torch she has got creative inspiration everywhere she is totally set but I'm not finished yet because downstairs I'm going to make her a new and improved art gallery and art shop now I don't know whether it's gonna be improved but it will definitely be bigger than the original oh and we need to put the little terrace on the top so still so much more renovating to do so make sure now is the time click that little notification belt don't click it if you've already clicked it cuz then you'll unclick it and then that'll be wrong so just make sure it's clicked make sure you give the video a thumbs up and don't wander off and watch somebody else's videos if you're bored find one of mine from what like two years ago and see if you like that one you just might and they'll be a new one really soon which I know you'll like cool see you for that one soon anyway bye


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