• Dan Maler says:

    I think just Mel and Carl are the only 2 still alive in 2019. Mel's 93 and Carl's 97.

  • Charles Winokoor says:

    Maybe it’s not, but it sounds like canned laughter.

  • Own Petard says:

    At 51:44 Carl says, "this cumbersome diamond.." and describes the cleverness in putting it in a brown paper bag, I wonder if he got that the joke (at 51:30) is that the name of it was the Cumbersome Diamond – like the Hope Diamond. IOW, he should have said "the" instead of "this" at the quote noted first. The cleverness is the naming of it.

  • Morbus says:

    Auschwitz could have had a field day with these guys.

  • Fausto Fernandez says:

    I'v seen this video about 10 times through the years, and I still laugh like an idiot

  • Christopher Kloe says:

    thx for sharing.

  • baberina1 says:

    I ❤️ Howie Morris!

  • baberina1 says:

    I ❤️ Sid Caesar!

  • MLP88 says:

    I guess everyone knows Alan Brady was based on Sid Caesar.

  • Matthew Costello says:

    you forgot Woody Allen

  • granskare says:

    I liked Sid when he played a jazz guy with inch thick glasses 🙂

  • Martin Zitter says:

    Think of the small group of people you have ended up running into and spending time with over the course of your life. Some may be friends, others not. A big part of Vonnegut's Karass concept revolves around coincidence evolving beyond apophenia, into the realm of the mystical.

    The author suggests a divine plan behind the interactions of those within a karass, but adds it is unlikely that it's purpose will ever be revealed. I suspect it is, like the universe itself, recursive in function.

    In summary, to begin to understand one's karass and those who are entwined within it, simply look for a common denominator between all those you have spent substantial time with, by choice or otherwise. The collective experiences garnered through these contacts both become and determine one's karass.
    I have a friend who I went through 6 years of elementary school with and then Jr. High. We were friends, but from different neighborhoods so not especially close. I quit high school, and after we only maintained sporadic contact. Several years later we both ended up as belated Freshman at the same university in Florida.

    Through mutual friends we kept in touch for 5 or so years after college, then were disconnected again when I moved to California. A few months ago we found each other once again in the metaverse, and I just sent him an email today explaining karass, and how I always saw us as part of one. Disappointed after looking into what was available via Google, I ended up here posting this definition. Karass?

  • Lois Wright says:

    Gel art wrote Mash

  • Fausto Fernandez says:

    I remember seeing this many years ago. What an incredible constellation of writers!

  • Junior See Poy says:

    Wonderful. Many thanks for giving it to the world.

  • Julia Gallagher says:


  • Steven Horowitz says:

    One of the funniest hours EVER!!!!!

  • aaronjhill says:

    This is fantastic! Thanks for posting.

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