Caleb Plant vs. Mike Lee: Predictions from boxing greats and writers

Caleb Plant vs. Mike Lee:  Predictions from boxing greats and writers

what you predict you for fight Dixon yeah motherfucker Kayla point Mike Lee oh man Kayla plan he's I think Kayla plans got it man I've actually be honest with you I I'm kind of overstepping my boundaries there's I've never seen Mike Lee fight so yeah I've never seen Mike Lee fight so but I know what what Kayla plants got to offer it that guy's no joke he's amazing I like caleb man is he good boxing man Mike Lee strong but I just like Caleb I like his boxing ability Mike Kelley planned honestly I mean I don't want to say anything bad against Lee but I think Cali bland is in that division a league of his own it's his time that's my footing you know that oh good okay I thought with that I doubled that yeah I thought with that I thought with that okay boom boom big play would you have you know Mike Lee's big guy coming down to 160 strong guy but Caleb and I think he's at the top of his game you know you just won that title anyone's hold on to it so I pre-k the plan of decision Caleb print I can't go against Caleb plant I can't never go against Kay the plant he won the first guys that I've seen that's like skin that can box the way he box it was like that I think it's a big win for Kayla plant I think caleb is a guy that's developing into a star I like he's got a complete game I really like what he does Mike Lee I think number one's gonna have a little bit of trouble with the weight he's moving on from light-heavyweight I've already heard you know he's having trouble cutting I think it's going to be difficult for him to get down there and he's facing a far superior athlete not so I think you know Mike Lee will put a fourth a good effort but I think Kayla plan will stop him maybe seven or eight Ron's play Kato plan Mike Lee might be sir magley what seems like is a simple eysan uh-uh these are out there when you can fight Molly gasps that's this Malema versus figure rest of the fight is good fight yeah I don't know it just gets named Omar so figure I'm a fool okay we pick a nap I do further guess me yeah I fight in August Manila under guard Taylor plant Michael eat you know what I'm gonna roll with our plant I think he's a better fighter at this moment I like Mike Lee but I I'm gonna climb on that you can plant my glee well three hours with you I really don't know that much about know that will be gonna go without boy yeah we go without water Mike Lee Lee K to plant our guy back home slept on him and then he couldn't do him in the rematch so yeah I say okay to problem okay no no no you go Mike Lee yeah might be alright I know what you gonna say [Laughter]

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