Cam The Artist – Check On Me[OFFICIAL VIDEO] (@DirectorGambino)🏆

Cam The Artist - Check On Me[OFFICIAL VIDEO] (@DirectorGambino)🏆

palace where you could get a winner hey ya niggas didn't check on me I would always do my best but they went step on me and I won me my neck call she gonna check on me getting money but she wanna blow a check on me but I tell them don't check on me now she wanna slap I wanna put a net on me and she wash away I'm gonna check my speed since I'm winning that she trippin wanna rap my team a nigga sit and check on me only time they reach down this my let's check call me watch your pockets watching moves Incas crept on me let it out and I owe them to get slapped on me but it's cool cuz look at me now bitch I'm getting kicked till my mama do it don't give a damn how long it takes and I it appreciates away shuttle in my head I just appreciate the auto or the fake cast phony ass niggas in the section all they do is that's a lot of question are you trying to bless it and some motherfucking stress it's where they got a nigga learn his lesson the company you keep will determine if you sink or you swim determine if you win determine if you free living life get your money games or living day-to-day inside the pen y'all know who they focus on the pen I worry about a bench just worried about his family fucker friend I ain't got no time to pretentious I'm getting to this paper if I wanna show you my take I've been balling hard like a Laker before with the team make sure you pretty god you see your maker money tall like a skyscraper I am NOT a fake up like a gnome if I hate you sleeping on me so I told on weight better get your cake up every fell love don't wanna make no connection so bad when we try to talk it out shit break up you slip into universe hater but it turns out there's two ways for the turnout if we kept stressing eventually we were burnout had to make a choice make up in this decision cuz she was bad everybody looked at me like I'm trippin but I'm chillin like I bitches and as God is my witness I'm really focused on my music but my favorite they don't wanna check on me not a flex for me shut up shut up like stormy state niggas I know they put a check on me head on a swivel and I got a vest on me night dance and then shame on me could they said I didn't dirt they put the blame on me but do a nice little shame on you bad five got a ditch with the lane oh yeah Cuddy date something rain are you kept these changed on me I never changed on you a nigga didn't check on me how it always do it it was upon me no I need my neck cold she gonna check for me get my knee bunching up check on me but I don't check on me and I should wanna slap I put a neck on me do you want to weigh on me wanna check my speed since I'm winning uh she trippin wanna rap my team use the dink back mom stand watch am I too mushy think that she always talked to Bob said it's really funny like they'll never lift a finger but the fingers on your money huh that they got your back so they keeping you in front of them but little do you know they did dizzy make a funnier they really saw you were dummy huh came up from the line leaders in the Cubbies huh niggas switch for picture on your wish naked switch okay shit buzzer click niggas wit ya ask me you're late but when they're wrong they can never just admit so I don't got time for cold niggas talkin hot shit gotta keep amassed these niggas really toxic on these ten shots they never been the top trick pony niggas on the Fendi bag is this top shit cuz we don't know wave wanna make sure that my mom and my cruel pain wake up new days of new Hey if your horrendous is too late could that means I'm on top like a toupee we go and broke again cuz we toupee save me with a new place baby beat a new way but the tide change you said you were down the ride this your minds change so we were to stay tight from day one


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