Cedric Douglas – Street Artist

Cedric Douglas - Street Artist

You pick up a can of spray paint and you
enter this world that you have no control over It's like a genie in a bottle and all
this like this world comes out of the can. It's a major process of sketching,
photoshop, and then when it gets to the wall it changes again. It evolves through time. My technique, I go far away to dusk I'm
like it's like get just a little dots of spray paint will hit just to get those
good fades. I turn the can upside down to get nice
sharp edges. I usually use a gold dot. You know the gold dot is my favorite cap. I think people are going to look at what
Northeastern is doing and go Wow they really are taking this initiative to use
street art as a way to activate the space and engage with the student body. We never had a dinosaur on campus and
now that we have one we can't go back, it's best piece on campus. People are adapting to street art culture. It's the largest art movement in the world right now and Northeastern sees that and they see the value of it and it's only going to make kids be like they're communicating with my language. I think it's really nice to have the
colors on campus. Looking around it sort of brightens your day especially when it's a little dreary outside. And nice to have a little artwork into somebody's imagination just up for all of us to be able to see and kind of look at as we go
through our hard days here. What I do hope is that people look at
this mural and they see what my intention was. Was to show my creative
process through being a young kid and picking up a can of spray paint and this
world that I created in my imagination which was later put on a wall.

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