Check out Naija Artists & beyonce on LION KING album| EAST AFRICA LEFT OUT singer Victoria Kimani

Check out Naija Artists & beyonce on LION KING album| EAST AFRICA LEFT OUT singer Victoria Kimani

hi guys welcome back to our prayers on TV beyond she has revealed the tracklist for the companion album she curated and executive Li produced ahead of the release of Disney's The Lion King remake the Lion King the gift as a title V album includes all new songs from artists across multiple genres including songs inspired by the field and songs in the 2019 CGI version and the post on the singer's official website shows beyond series on a multiple track on the album including the single spirit other musicians on the album include Nigerian singer yemi alade South African singer Blue Ivy Carter has a daughter Jesus ambience his daughter Kendrick Lamar childish gambino and all lots of artists with on this track The Lion King to give to be released on Friday the day the film is released I'll quickly read out the songs the tracks on this album and the artists that performed bigger by Beyonce find your way back circle of life by Beyonce don't tell us me by techno yemi alade and mr eazi all of this will be on this album Jerry jahira Jerry hey by boner boy the Nile by Beyonce Kendrick Lamar mud forever by Beyonce Kizzy and childish gambino water by solitaire Pharrell and Beyonce brown-skinned girl by Blue Ivy Carter sent jhn whiskey fiancée keys to the kingdom back to a savage a mistake easy other side by Beyonce already by POC & shatta wale from Cana mr. power by Tara Iraq the ocean pussy WA en ella tiene muchas and le scar by oh seven zero zero seven zero shakin GC Ria's spirits by BOC he can are artists she's a singer she's called Victoria Kimani wasn't having any of these it wasn't going down well with that she's a singer a songwriter actress an entertainer she was previously signed to a record label chocolate CT and was described as the record label first lady she was unhappy she wasn't comfortable with these she feel that they've been left behind she said East Africa has been lady I had left behind let me show you quickly actually TN she writes as much as we celebrate with our fellow Africans the obvious exclusion of chaos in staff accounts on the soundtrack Easter is depressing the movie was based on Kenya and someone replied the obeah of Legos go and do your own Lion King movie and have your own care artist wow this is sad I mean this is not nice I mean I wasn't expecting this from this dude but well he actually treated this back at Victoria keep money and yeah she said I don't expect you people to sympathize with the rest of Africa they raised you to be self-centered and of course before people are gonna accept this anyway so someone say you look so hurt madam you are bleeding – and I'm alright lots of love and if you look at the names and 90's anyway yeah I don't know why right just like you said you were raised to be 18 on someone else is a simple stuff under pressure right some people did sympathizing sympathize with the East Africa why are you just picking out those irons and you're I am your comments in your comments some people should love or are you just looking to paint in narrative I understand how you feel Kimani keep mum making money and I would like if Nigeria costs not I would feel bad too and she went further to say y'all could at least add Lupita or Barak on the outro since we don't have artists in East Africa so obviously she is feeling pain like East Africa is out of the picture and it's only West Africa Nigeria Nigeria Nigeria Niger and just one person from Ghana at least to complement the numbers and I think someone from South Africa too so she is feeling very uncomfortable someone writes lots of flat who bleed so people are not actually sympathizing with her they actually mocking ha what do you guys think about this you think East Africa is not doing good as regards music at all what do you guys think about it do you think they should come out hard and at her this way and she went for that too right oh yeah I have never denied my love for night wear my initial tweet was also not clear to us manga but your subconscious felt offended by my expression of East African pain again this isn't about you sir move on kindly and of course a response but that's not media here then the fact that she recorded a vaginal hulagu buying ice creams signed with chocolate city CC and moved back to an idea tells me you understand what I'm talking about even if you are emotion about it about this project and so obviously this person's just saying man girls are autop a stray cats music and music is business he also is not gonna bring although other Africans into these probabilities from Africa or because she wants to bring artists she wants to make money out of this also so she's gonna look look at the you know he's gonna look at his skill and decide who to pick she's definitely gonna pick the best as you see the she has certain artists that she felt would be good for this beautiful for the husband that they are actually working on so I think she is no activities I mean Victoria Kimani and someone writes his traffic add needs to up its music thing when you have one choose only the best artists on the continent it's silly to feel it's your right to be on the album just because it's beyond see y'all in making good music to represent the continent and she went for that right it's your world we just leave needs love you we smile aha so she's saying it's your world Nigeria it's your world leaving me to do the music well I don't know it seems these East Africans and apart from Ghana was able to pick up quickly they were able to some of them came to Nigeria some of them listening to nineteen music and they decide to create a version of theirs somehow dancehall and song or a mix of Ghana is into what's it called they are into reggae music so they were able to fuse put together with what it listen and I like apply everything to get unable to come up with something but it seems the rest of East Africa they are lacking behind somehow I don't know why it's like that now yeah in a girl wearing listening to any afro afro hip-hop or our through our be back indoors it was actually songs from the United States of America for music that's what we listen to in Nigeria but the some group of guys decided to come up ladies decide to start doing something and they were good to move and this is where we have I mean we've done very apart from the message some I say the content the message in most of our songs are not really morally you know you know what I mean what we've done great far selves locally internationally everywhere we've done grief ourselves but fortunately East Africans they don't noted for themselves that's the point they've not really being able to about from Canada say we're able to like push a bit we were able to like please let's say 5% to be able to put effort into music and develop to kind of now you see these be represented here but of course then here is still on the forefront as regards afro music in Africa and she went further to say speaking of numbers East Africa pace nineteen artists more than they make at home again we love Africa as a whole as a whole and we show it you on the other hand see no value in our numbers or existence at all Wow Wow it's a pity anyway I see what you're saying unfortunately I disagree with you it's a numbers game business is sorry so this is so it's so hot again now summarize because y'all need us and we don't need you that we do give one of the biggest artists diamond in East Africa is Korea another person and how much does the same East Africa pay its own artists no control that comes in I appreciate his own supersize on the continent more than ninety Rios don't be deceived by quotes from a reliable blogs G I'll make your music relevant to the rest of Africa in the world it's a numbers game man so no one is actually trying to console or tap this levy but I had a like console I think a few comfortable no you actually turn around no do music do good music you want to hear something the beats the sound nature has something about this of course gonna also they have something you know there's this apply for I like the college they have this sound also nice quiet is unique to them a little bit but somehow they mix everything up and you barely hear this sound in there something in indeed I mean the tracks the sound I thought this baby's also thank you and in you will or so and a pastor I bought that's neat okay I think I've read that so what do you guys think about all this Victor a Cayman is not comfortable she's not happy she's actually thinking East Africa she was represented since the story like Lion King is about Kenya as she said as she expects this is given here she expects that at least we should have one at is probably she was a rapid she was represent can address someone from East Africa she won't be part of this you know big and very huge event this is it is this a hard bone is going to be there forever whenever you talk about Lion King you talk about this above the gift The Lion King the gift that will be released on Friday and like I told you a lot of artists perform even miss die easy that is actually going off no one is actually you know I think besides he has some affiliation with God I don't know probably one of his parents talked this moment from character no miss I see he has been out of circulation musically bought-in still here because his at least is going these doing shows a bro so somehow you it was spotted so techno reality misty easy and shatta wale burna boy – oya savage they are all on this album so we wait till when this album is released I'm going to bring it out to you guys if I'm permitted to and we are about the guys to tap on that subscription button and also the red notification icon below so you will be notified whenever videos are uploaded thanks for stopping by


  • Kisese Kyalo says:

    Are there Lions in West Africa, Elephants, Gazelles, and the whole Host of savannah animals?Swahili is Bantu east African not Hausa, Camerroun is acceptable, but damn Beyonce's manager is an idiot. Long Live Simba.

  • Baron King says:

    Fuck u mr, you actually think afrobeat came from Nigeria?? Yall learn our hip and high life.. go listen to wizkid,davido and paul (p square ) interview.. dont brag here.. how can u say ghana picked up from Nigeria?? Like wtf.. u do shaku shaku .. thats ur genre .. Ghanaians have reggae and dancehall artist which naija has none.. 0 rappers only singers in naija.. fuck off man

  • Random comment QY says:

    Who is she anyway? this is the first time I'm hearing of her😞

  • Gilbert Opare says:

    Shatta Wale the King of African Dancehall

  • Derrick Mboya says:

    Beyonce is dam ass I think Aaliyah would have done it better 🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪

  • James Nwanazia says:

    Kenya/ East Africa is doing well musically in Nigeria and beyond but Victoria kimani is not a very savvy/diplomatic artist. Check out the way she went after Tiwa Savage. She is just too proud to learn from other people.

  • Nwiyubuin Toge says:

    Beyoncé's aim is to make money. Africans now tend to valorise their musics and the western music industry no longer has place like was the case in the early 2000s. So, Beyoncé like most of her American/European peers are trying hard to keep a name on the musical market in Africa.

  • Kelvin Odhiambo says:

    The Mere Fact that The Track Starts with Swahili Makes me proud as A Kenyan and an East African. Whatch ya'll talking about??????????????????????????????????????.

  • Christelle Ndebi says:

    Cameroon!!! Good job @salatiel

  • Ntindi Pierre says:

    Stop being proud because of that. She's actually right.the lion king is from Kenya Beyonce could atleast have chose someone from there. Victoria kameni is a good musician with a good voice and I feel bad for her.

  • Mimi Peace says:

    Hmmmm she want to make money from all naija artist

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