Chicago Street Performers Video – Stunts and Comedy

Chicago Street Performers Video - Stunts and Comedy

if you guys wanna see a show say yeah okay we're doing anyway but there's the city of Chicago hey love us in our show what they just doing what's hair well control me we get like the one where he's dead so here everybody please move on up to the horns comb and your time for hurry up no English move your ass to Florida don't be afraid how does everybody doing let's try this one more time how's everybody doing sorry take your hand out of your pocket that's nasty you can go blind up you're here trying to play be my friends gonna give you guys a show yeah but our show is based up your energy your energy so every energy set so we're show boo boo but if energy is growing the sky's the limit when we're seeing here this your son is y'all fuckers we know we good this is a live show real live audience like this we're going to dance like this since seconds till Showtime count down with us in high hey six your energy level the mornings you to give us of all we give you an extra awesome show makes sense right yeah sort of kind of 3.2 yah Murray we need everybody here everybody and make as much as you possibly can or five seconds and why we're trying to get the people along well there and the people from all over there to come all the way here think we're good which we are my mother say we are in a limo I love your mama do stories short account of three go play we don't care how you do it man person s you go baby there kickin dollar just make as much snow as you possibly can ready got what yeah freebie on home and that guy gonna beat everybody must clap rhythm logarithm so white people father black person X we say what time is it y'all say Showtime everybody one time he said guys in the back due to the proxy to people in the friendly if you guys are enjoying our show so far say yeah before we get to you everybody please welcome to the oh you guys are energy just great keep it up thank you this is what we call our grand finale yes I'm glad for Nellie for you High School drop off this is here happy today meet all this guy my name is a nestled in a blue crease a little I'm going to attach it to flip it over over that would help here to help that's real penny the father of Ivan had people he's only gonna do it again when seashore our sister yeah yeah don't see you die in that cage everybody like a place for nobody move nobody gets hurt yeah everybody said alejandro but you're very important that you don't move down again I repeat don't know why years ago I was a volunteer I will get your home here look man we're gonna have a meeting later Alejandro I'm just kidding okay you have nothing to worry about why is that hey too much more change the channel now before we take the big jump me the phone we've been doing this alone a long time and we don't we take the job right now uh-huh as soon as we get up in my head everybody's gonna turn to walk away but that's okay it's a street shot as I go yeah but but we gots more we have real smart we also know that right now is the perfect time for us to go Veronica let your money I see most see you guys how happy goes up with that if you know happy Louie please don't worry I dick out beeps hey y'all see you man stay and look at the pronounce I was gonna say jump no we don't sell drew promoting real help me independent people helping other people we are Street interchange yes well we do not run this – I don't make you look so if you give us a deadline dollars just like giving us 25 okay I think they like my hopes go so you guys you enjoy the show I'm hoping that your chin is you know so maybe give us a phone what – yeah that's just like in the one or two other piece please think about as we work very hard I guess turday I miss my mom I miss your mom – yeah are you alone what yeah don't go – um you look up to you for you buddy else keep us out a true friend number one rapport we love you here in the mature way keeps us on your house choices all your donation today save a TV tomorrow should appreciation day so don't be keepers anymore black people like me money is real makes the noise five more down a sexy cougar thank you oh my god woody he's white man over five more dollars you're getting real good show how much does she water can we have difference in everybody's looking at you don't achieve drop that zero and he's yourself a Negro who knows you gave us one day supposing you have any money be waited together but for those who like you sure yeah packing for money up and give us left nothing you can kiss my big black friend right there he go everybody in the line turning makes me tired face the other guy Hey okay in progress go to the first 100 right follow me it's okay


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