• Lybard Hoppe says:

    Why doesn't she shut up and let Art Laffer talk?

  • Sharon Willing says:


  • magnus berg says:

    you us dreaming china going to be no one us lose the $

  • WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot says:

    China will not fail, they have too many US politicians that own companies in china. They have the bridge and road initiative that is concentrating all business to china. The US is failing because we have to many politicians that are loyal to everyone but us. China are thieves and send us contaminated products that we are forced to buy for lack of options thanks to our gov't

  • kaede1960 says:

    We as a people here in the USA need to realize that how we think, behave, ideology, religion, and freedoms, etc. are not necessarily valued in other cultures. Diversity is our friend only if we have shared values where people respect one another and become as one. 10 commandments is probably a very good starting point on that issue as we have way too many people off the path. What we see as strengths are weaknesses in their eyes and ripe for the taking. That's what we are experiencing with many of these illegals. Playing fair and waiting your turn is not in their dialect. Some of this I'm sure has to do with how hard life is in their own countries and we should try to help others, but we cannot support and take in the whole world.

  • Floyd Brown says:

    He does not elaborate on items china makes better. An example is that cheaper made as in labor and manufacturing restrictions, do in fact play a big role there ability.

  • Toxie Connor says:

    Laffer does not understand the history of tariffs between US and China.

  • Maurice Bond says:

    USA are on the edge of the Abyss.

  • Randy Cowart says:

    Because China is COMMUNIST and doesn't care about it's people, other than it's MILITARY

  • Rizal Bonifacio says:

    Remove the favorable trade status America gave to China. They are the bully of bullies and they think they are the almighty of the world that they can steal anything they want

  • Chris Bronson says:

    Bye the way….china holding trillions $$$ U.S.debt….how is China collapsing ??? That would only happen if the value of U.S dollar collapses first and in fact China is propping up for it's own benefit . A little like the banks who are now repossesing the real estate that that they loaned money for in order to aszetize the debt out of the pockets and on the backs of Americans with the dream of owning their own home. And when that is not possible assetise the debt by getting it from the government in the form of a bail out with , once again , out of our pockets , paid for with our taxes . How is it that we rely upon experts instead of common sense working Americans…… the obvious and our own stupidity is so painfull we collectively need to dull the pain for a bit and therefor the increased opiod usage in america ……..please !!! NO SARCASTIC , INTELLECTUAL , EXPERT COMMENTS HERE !!

  • Chris Bronson says:

    Out of necessity, China must do what it can to manufacture and sell everything to the rest of the world . It subsidizes companies and devalues its currency so that all their stuff is cheaper than anyone else's. The collusion of business and government , is detrimental in the long run for both parties. There must be tariffs, as disagreable as they are , to level the playing field . Imagine when on top of the extra cost of duties , transport , middle men and administrative costs the Chinese product is still , less costly than a domestically produced item . The Chinese manipulation is disastrous in the long term as companies be closed in the face of the uneven competition . Just look at the footwear industry . Just look at Coombs footwear in Maine . Good company , not able to compete with the import crap . Tariffs as soon as possible please . What they do not invent themselves , they steal….while smiling……..respectfully.

  • John Harbin says:

    We need to stop buying Chinese made goods, American companies should continue to leave China until their economy is in the toilet and flushed down. Our government needs to stop all theft of technology that flows to China.

  • AJ Calebs says:

    China is in a hurry to lead the World, they will miss the mark, if the US is their only focus.

  • Fu Zhixiang says:

    Fox term: reverse engineering = steal.
    Well, if it was steal, China would really be in trouble now.
    Is that Trish? Can't you stop talking trash before Art Laffer completed his words?

  • R F says:

    Why is US technology so easy to steal?

  • R F says:

    When is the collapse meant to happen? China is still going strong.

  • gus saxon says:

    That was a weird interview!

  • pinch mesh says:

    The USA can not trade with equity with a communist country. They will not act in good faith. They don't believe in faith.

  • T andrew says:

    American tech companies know too well who suffered most. Let the people from both countries speak out their grievances and let them judge who are on the suffering end.

  • James Peyton says:

    They have much more to lose than we do. Trump knows this but China wants to buy off our politicians to overrule the President.

  • Ken Wells says:

    The Laffer Curve rules them all.

  • Lewis Hawley says:

    China is on the verge of collapse, lol ,where do u get these guys.
    Do some research

  • Alex M says:

    This was a weak interview.

  • James Dickens says:

    You folks may want to read your Bible – where it tells us, the ten headed dragon will rise from the sea – thus the literal meaning is that the ten major Asian Nations will rise up from trade via the Ocean routes. And thus will once again dominate trade in the world. For all the Zeniths that rose in world history and fell – NONE have ever returned to world dominance – NONE but China is the first to regain such a status in the world – China is no where near collapse.

  • S Wagner says:

    Its not good if any country is taking advantage of another. China even admitted that it was a bad trade deal for us.

  • john cash says:

    who let the porn star host the new's?……….BAD idea………..

  • labels says:

    how about china stop stealing lying cheating, that be a start

  • Robert Hostrup says:

    If you are going to interview Art, let him talk.

  • RV DIARIES BOONDOCKING In the stix says:

    Dont buy Anything from CHINA

  • bert wesler says:

    Speaking from a year in the future; this broad's a dope.

  • bert wesler says:

    I love Tariffs!

  • Ringo Waitee says:

    Unravel trade wth china

  • Ringo Waitee says:

    But to let it go this far was foolish

  • Ringo Waitee says:

    We befriended them 1972 to thwart ussr

  • Ringo Waitee says:

    Why would u make China strong or help them in any way they have been belligerent and hostile to us for 60 years they aided north Korea 50_53 Korean war sent there military in to fight us in Korea helped Viet nam duh

  • Toxie Connor says:

    Art Laffer did not know China has been putting up high tariffs ever since they were invited by Bill Clinton to join the World Trade with open arms? And the American Presidents tolerated it (in the name of a young emerging market) until now.

  • chris walker says:

    Hard to believe when most everything you see in stores has made in China on it.

  • Diosdado Sasil says:


  • Star_1_Man says:

    Tariffs are great, if they are against china!

  • RJC 2001 says:

    Alot of americans seem to support farm to fork locally sourced food but look the other way about getting a shirt made with chinese child labor for $7 instead of U.S. competitive wages for $19.

  • Nick Name says:

    well it seems that China is still ok, but USA is on the brink of collapse

  • Raymond Marchand says:

    I love the people of China but the Communist government is A Army of Satan?

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