Circus performers and faith

Circus performers and faith

you have you been on many circuses this happy cousin what you say see ya in Colombia long beak wet dog Pig father George Hogan here's many stories some more domestic than others Tina oh yeah i was in raleigh north carolina and we have a way we call the pike I we can get coffee and meals and I'm sitting there getting a cup of coffee and one of the people from concessions between shows came up to me and asked he liked to go to confession so in a circus chef to dep I say mass and do sacraments anyplace she could find so we don't have confessionals naturally so i was looking for a private place and it was won over by the tiger cage so we went over by the tiger cage and he stood beside me and i was there and on my own side was the tiny cage so I'm hear his confession and I get this awful smell bad breath and I know it was the tiger I finished his confession i absolved by turned to my right and staring me in the face in the cage is the tiger and I just turned to my said do you want to go next even without Tigers a circus life is a juggle a sturdy grasp of faith and community brings harmony to a life traveled by rail it's a very difficult life money-wise they do okay but they they're always struggling like all people out this day and age but they're also dealing with danger all the time whether dealing with animals and worrying about the challenges of the animal turning on you or worrying about walking a wire or doing a trapeze act and I've been with them in those tragic situations when we've had death and broken legs and all the Catholic Church has had a circus presence since 1928 for the past 21 years father Hogan has been building trusting relationships gg gg judo well how are you that's nice you in Las Vegas yeah what we tried to do is break down the barriers of prejudice that you always around these people because they travel so much people don't understand them and we have to really work very difficult to just sit there just like you and I they love the god they love the church they want the children baptized and receive all the sacraments and they want to really embrace the whole form of Catholicism just a leaf in you I'm very happy because she's now baptize for me it's the welcoming of my daughter to the church it's like delivering her to God come on entrance Oh


  • Jeff Barton says:

    ASPCA abuses businesses and then lies about it to the tune of $9.3 million…animal rights groups sue RIngling Brothers–and LOSE, LOSE, LOSE 9.3 million dollars…AND I LOVE IT!   Hey, GO GOOGLE THAT!!!!!

  • ann I.C. joachim says:

    The sect of Vatican II performs 'clown masses' which mock Jesus!

  • paul mcgrath says:

    I have helped to construct circus structures in Boston. I am grateful for the ability to practice my Faith in the neighborhood I was born and brought up in. Many of the performers who travel around the world with these circuses don't have the same luxury that I so often take for granted. Our Lady of Good Voyage across from the Joseph Moakley federal courthouse has a tradition of leaving it's Chapel doors propped open for all to worship from early morning until sunset. I mentioned that to a couple of performer's who were practicing their art. I think that's how the Holy Spirit sometimes works in the everyday struggle to be closer to Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

  • Joshua R. Doebler says:

    The "Catholic hierarchy system" is a circus, a paganistic heretical house of Lucifer.  Who prays to a woman and to "saints".  Search "Pope" worshiping Lucifer, see what you find.  Search "Catholicism and Nazism" see what you find.  John Paul II is on film kissing a Koran, while he was still alive and got "sainthood" for it.  To Hell, with the "Catholic Jesuit satanist's pagan's" and its leadership, who lead God's people astray.  Serve, The Most High(YHWY)the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob(Israel) and His Son Yeshua(Jesus) the Christ, who was and who is.  The time is near, get out of this pagan, satanist cult before it is too late.  Those that reject the Son, reject Him who sent Him.  As it was in the days of Noah, so to it is in the days of the Son of Man.  God is Salvation.  It is near.  Repent.  cease from sin, turn away from the ways of the world.  Not the Son nor the Holy Angels, know the day or the hour, only My Father who is in Heaven knows.  But, it is near.  There are signs in the Heavens and the Earth.

  • Aiden McLean says:

    Ringling Bros. abuses their animals! Google it!!

  • mary gene Salazar says:

    So beautiful and inspiring ? Love that the Priest is reaching out to these good God loving people of the Cicus. I will now remember all of them in my prayers. God Bless

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