[Classical Composer Reacts] Sulli 'Goblin' b sides first listen

[Classical Composer Reacts] Sulli 'Goblin' b sides first listen

hello I am Shawn react the case channel rager and host of classical composer breaks down Piquet and today I am listening to Sardis b-sides from her goblin mini album I have heard Goblin I just didn't do it with the camera on me so I need I could watch it now but you don't want to watch me just like do a second listen to it I'm not gonna be like surprised by by narrative or the music cuz I've heard it so it's just the b-sides sorry I didn't film time track so first off is on the moon anyway three two one huh electric guitar but feels very distant like general think of that temper of the sort of in-your-face bright sort of tapper that's not sorely I'm confused by the lack of there's no nice boys like it's a well suited to this which is the use everything to help it so yeah I'm most familiar with her from FX and it's so it's very much not an FX aesthetic so like she wouldn't have gotten to whoa and she's a pan and also just was not expecting this section yeah anyway our voice is not like I don't know what our voice is most naturally suited to it it doesn't even suit it to this sound and yet it's very different from the sort of darker or harder edged FX sound that I mean obviously FX didn't have one single sound but there was there was a magnetic style and this sort of softer gentler style wasn't really part of it oh so technically all those different sounds I kind of forgot to think about what the form is so I have a feeling this isn't it I just have no more it's not a normally use a form I guess that long thing we offer intro within yeah I'm sure how this works normally I might know if I'd been paying closer attention to the form itself but I just think texture changes I also I feel like there is kind of like there are these abrupt switches but when it's not doing those it is kind of flat for a long sometime like it doesn't have the sort of clear build up to a chorus there is kind of a consistent as I guess I had no idea what the lyrics actually are oh my god assuming it is something about being on the moon and I suppose the moon probably is kind of consistent having never been there anyway yes that was a fascinating song I haven't heard if I haven't heard something like that in in kpop before some really nice textures you know weird mix of like abrupt surprising changes and also just other periods of being very chill and just sort of something it fades into the background and doesn't doesn't grab your attention on to Dorothy three two one another long intro is she making the voices not go to that race smoothly he's actually it's nominator well except when she doesn't fight it that way okay yeah that's definitely they're going for that fancy Asian doable she it's like the I feel like the piano part could very easily turn into just sort of a sentimental baladi part but the atmosphere around it's really not normal for that the approach to the voice in this is really like nothing else I've heard in kpop like this and and the last piece I'd like just leaving it out for a long time and then these sort of just hypnotic just like sticking in a little pattern but but like the cousins it is I'm so separated out it's not it doesn't just seem like someone ran out of melodic ideas it's just like really unusual approach to the okay.you percussion part pickup anthology that's bordering on a drum and bass drum part where is that coming from where did this song come Pearlie she is starting to walk into 3 3 2 FF triplets but like this bit such so much trip witness and the extreme squareness of a Japanese like this is so that's it either both among the most unusual kpop songs I've heard this year I think and like I expect s him to be pushing things like there's an approach at SM that is different it's like it's not just SM isn't just about like the shiny shiny sound a red-velvet sound like SEO has an approach that's different from other companies I feel like that's why they have been and continue to be the I think pretty unambiguously the leader the leading company in kpop but like this is visible completely different from other k-pop I've heard but again both I'm talking about both of these b-sides not just to doto see but also like it's not it's not unusual in the way I expect SM to be this like what I hear is like don't think this is an SM song these are SM songs very clearly but at the same time I don't know another company that would sort of challenge and do unusual things to this extent like SM do so you know if Santi as the number of s pets and I don't know if she's put out other stuff outside of FX now I'm wondering about it because like this is so this is so distinctive in general and so distinct from what FX were like so yeah I'm really intrigued by this so I was thinking that like I feel like SM a lot this 2019 facilities many unaccepted has felt like kind of a combination of what they've been doing like a super human feels like a lot of SHINee a little bit via EXO and then bringing me an NCT and they're like all of that coming together sort of like they've been building up to that and the same way sim Sala beem could be kind of a build up of certainly of red velvet but even starting to bring in other things and so like there's once you have sort of combination then there's a pleasure what do you do what do you do from there like do you keep just sort of do you figure like this is just you built your base and now you're just gonna keep making making stuff built on that or do you start building a new base like do you say okay we built this that let us make this now let's start something new so we can eventually expand and build on that so you're like hearing this is making me wonder is this could this be SM trying to find any finding whether New Directions are going to be instead of just how to how to culminate a lot of the directions they've had going on and I don't know like I don't I don't know if this is something that they'll pursue or if this is just sort of these aesthetic or just them wanting to try something unusual just to see how it goes there's a limited number of times you can sort of culminate something like yeah so for humans great Fred Velvets whole last year has been awesome but there could be a risk of it's starting to become closed in by by sort of the being bound to the foundations and I wonder if if SM is starting to reach out make new things SM sounds be there there aren't already associated with others not replacing the old foundations but could expand the foundations of what could be the SM sound anyway this has been a lot of rambling for two songs thank you she stuck through this by


  • angelique tadeo says:

    Thank you for this Ep. Hope the Goblin too.

  • Super Rookie says:

    Yes I listen to Dorothy on repeat what a good song, I feel like she's inspired by beach house in general

  • Chrissy says:

    I think that's just Sulli's aesthetic.. SM is very business-wise… They wouldn't risk art for 💰 …

  • Chrissy says:

    I love Sulli and I'm glad she still doesn't give up on music…. 😍 Thank you for reacting on her songs

  • Daisy Doo says:

    waiting for your reve festival day one first listen💐

  • Daniel Ryu says:

    On The Moon gets me so nostalgic 😍

  • Hey Bao says:

    I love Dorothy!!!

  • Даня Таргарян says:

    Okay but On the Moon is so good

  • michael chong says:

    Please do reaction for Gfriend new title : Fever

  • Li Za says:

    This bsides really got me shookt

  • Li Za says:

    I was waiting for this finally.

  • Flying Potato says:

    From what I remember she did a cover of IU's song Peach and the song with Dean Dayfly

  • Daniel Tagame says:

    Aparently more indie songs top charted this year in Korea. Maybe SM is trying to figure out how to introduce some of their artists to indie sounds and see the results

  • Xiuqi Tan says:

    Actually SM gives lot of freedom to solo artists (also to some extent artists have to deal with some logistics problems themselves), the b sides have only 2 people in their credit: Sulli and another person said to be Sulli's friend? Later one I am not sure, but the title reminds me a lot from Red Velvet up till Russian roulette, I believe it is a song they didn't use, these songs I always insist has influence from Pink Floyd, "Dorothy" reminds me of "The great gig in the sky" and the sudden fast percussions in both songs reminds me of "On the run"

  • vampii estefan says:

    OMG! you made such great points! I already love Sulli’s Goblin and the 2 other songs (On the moon and Dorothy) now you made me wonder if this is Sulli’s trademark or is SM reinventing things. Please make more videos like this but next time watch the video on camera lol I hope you liked all Sulli’s song in this album because I am living and breathing for it ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Raf Rey says:

    Yayyyy Dorothy made me cry first listen 💜💜💜

  • lalala like this says:

    We wanna hear your toughts on goblin too, its one of the most original songs of this year. The "culmination" that you mention really intringues me, maybe because "allegedly" the new female group is on the way and they want to "start from zero" with them with new aesthetics or influences cuz snsd used to be very different to red velvet and tbh i kinda miss those heavely autotuned vocals with faty disstorted baselines like beautiful stranger, maybe they will return to that 'japanese futuristic' aesthetic

  • Demitri says:

    Dorothy is so good when the drum loop was added I got so emotional

  • Ellie GM says:

    Absolutely love this EP from Sulli. She really poured her heart on these songs, and it’s such a new approach in kpop music. I can’t wait till she releases more music or an album in the future.

  • duldul says:

    Thank you so much for doing this:” I didn’t know that I srly need it

  • Jessica Aroca says:

    Dorothy is my favorite. Makes me feel in some 90's anime.

  • Yudha Catur Permana says:

    Goblin reaction pls😊

  • eltk says:

    Dorothy has such a feeling of some new age/alt Japanese artists. I adore it.

  • Patricia Tirza Lapoliwa says:

    Yep Sulli has a nice voice💛

  • Nirwana Mahyuddin says:


  • Romrich Olipas says:

    Yesssssss I love this album 💛💚

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