Classical Musicians React: EXO 'Going Crazy' vs 'Forever'

Classical Musicians React: EXO 'Going Crazy' vs 'Forever'

Isaac: Oh! Ho ho! I: Wow, that's, that's –
Kevin: Wow, the Major IV-VII? K: WHAT [Rossini's Semiramide] Umu: Okay, so now we we're reacting did to two B-side tracks from EXO's 2017 The War album . U: Cause we've already reacted to the title Track from this album. It was Ko Ko Bop. Lindsey: Oh! [Sings Ko Ko Bop] Umu: So this first one is called Going Crazy. U: It started as an instrumental track from a video that they used in their concerts in 2015 U: But then they decided to make it a full song for The War album and the song was written by Kenzie. She actually is a graduate from Berklee College of Music and we've heard her write quite a few pop songs before including f(x)'s Red Light. Kevin: Let's going crazy.
Isaac: Kevin. Charlotte: Ooh! Hugo: Marimba. I'm digging it. Elizabeth: Can I get that marimba in there? Issac: I'm waiting for it to happen.
Kevin: All these half-diminished chord songs. Give it, give me more. Give me more. I: Okay, throw in the beats. I: Oh there it is!
K: Yup. K: Glock, a little glock, a little marimba. K: That's pretty awesome. Fiona: Now the marimba's gone. Henry: I like their voices a lot. H: I think it's like a com – I feel like it's a comment that I make pretty often about EXO is that like, their vocal timbre is pretty good. Lindsey: [Sings along] I hate you, wooh!
Fiona: WOOOH! Olivia: Oh they have really different tones, like their voices are, are very distinctly different.
Aaron: Yeah.
O: Which is pretty cool. Henry: What the hell?
Elizabeth [laughs] Kevin: Aw man, see the bridge and the, aw, aw, the verse.
Isaac: The high hat, that's good. I: Well it's not even high hat. It's synthetic.
K: It is high hat. It is high hat. K: Yeah it is probably synthetic high hat. Hey! Fiona: [Imitates string sound]
Lindsey: Yeah I like the random like string [sound] Katie: Triple it, triple it, triple it bitch! Hugo: Mm, oh, oh! H: Oh shit that run, oh I wasn't ready. Fiona: He sounds like the violin. Lindsey: Yeah. F: [sings] Hate you
Both: WOOH! F: This is so funny. L: I like this. Katie: [Sings] fiiive…ii-v-i K:Major. Kevin: Oh my god. K: What is with –
Issac: Ooh!
K: Major mi – K: The major [sings]
I: I'm going crazy.
K: Come on man. Simple triads, thank you so much. K: Ooph. K: Ooph. Olivia: They're using a lot of chromaticism in it, which is pretty cool. O: And mixture. O: It was like minor, but with a little bit of major in the um O: It's like a little part. Lindsey: I'm assuming this is a bridge because it is a textural contrast. Jarod: I like how the notes are just like [sings along] Henry: Although this is kind of interesting. This sort of like – H: – Extended breakdown pre-chorus thing. Elizabeth: I do like how the the percussion gets faster and then it cuts out and they say "I hate you". E: So that really hits home. I mean that was clever. Kevin: Half diminished chords are
amazing. Isaac: Woah! OHH! Okay. Aaron: There's a lot of things –
Olivia: WHAT!? Lindsey: Oh, their falsetto is like – Fiona: That was weirdly major.
L: WAT Peyton: Woaaah!
Charlotte: [WUT] P: What the fuuuuuck! Olivia: It's causing me to go crazy a little bit. O: Pick a key. Aaron: pick a key, bitches. A: Stick with it. Hugo: Getting up there. Shit. Kevin: Yeah. Isaac: The fadeaway. I: And still going. I: And the piano with the G.
(K: Mmm.) Aaron: Oh.
Olivia: Oh.
A: Oh.
O: That's a LOW pitch right there. Peyton: [Piano ending sound]
Charlotte: Finally got to that resolution. Kevin: Wait a minute.
Isaac: What?
K: No, that's not a G.
I: Mm hmm. K: That's a G with an A, because there's no G that's that low. [Mindblown] I: Oh that's – I: That's why I was like K: Exactly, it was like "What?" I: No it was like, [Low note] K: [Imitates] Yeah, yeah you hear it
I: inflection Ooh! K: Oh man that's good. I: Wait, you can only hear that because G doesn't last as long as A. I: That's the reason why.
K: Mm hmm.
I: That's actually the reason why he was able to hear it. I: Cause like it, G doesn't, if you let –
K:Ravel does that. I: Oh my goodness. Umu: Yeah, so what did you think of that song overall musically? Peyton: That was really cool.
Charlotte: I don't understand the weird, like – C: I don't know. It seems like every time they got to like a medium vibe, it was like, very like C: [Smack in the face] And then it's like C: Okay, and then you're ????
P: Yeah you're just driving along and then BAM!
C: Yeah, and then it like came back. I don't know.
P: Yeah. P: I kind of like it.
C: It was weird, but I liked it. Hugo: Damn that synth writing was so GOOD. H: And they had so many GOOD RUNS. H: I liked it. I'm down.
James: Yeah. J: I really liked what they did to the voice of – who's the guy with the flowers just kind of flopped into his head?
(H: Pink hair?) Umu: That guy?
J: Yeah, he's spanking his face with the flowers. U: Chan – oh, Chanyeol.
J: They doubled his voice and then they brought it downward. J: Actually how far did they bring it down, an octave or two ocataves?
H: I think it was two. J: I don't know, but it's very, very cool voice doubling.
(H: I think it was two octaves.) Elizabeth: All in between the chorus and the verses, they had like some interesting musical interlude with a different instrument or timbre than we'd heard before, which is the most interesting part. Henry: Yeah, it's really what it sounded like. It sounds like, you know, going hard at the club. H: I just think it's like so cliche. H: And that like, the world doesn't need another tinny, over-processed pop song. H: But like, it sounded like there was a good idea, you know? I could hear that it was kind of like underneath, buried. It was probably one of the first things recorded. H: Someone playing like actual chords, and not just annoying monophonic screechy computer barf noises. H: So.
Umu: AKA synth? H: Yeah. E: Well, I think you could definitely tell that it was, it was something where someone had composed like the music to be something else. E: And then they decided to smash it into a song, and it just sort of didn't work.
H: It feels kind of re-purposed to you, right?
E: Yeah. E: It definitely feels re-purposed. Isaac: Damn.The instrumentation was very different. I: Like there's the one that's like a C minor I-II-V [sings] with the strings. I: And then there's a few of them it's just like, there's like the Justin Bieber, like [sings]. I: There's that motif. There's like – Kevin: And the the parallel major's like [imitates song effect]
I: [Imitates song effect] I: No, that stuff is like interesting. K: They interrupt the course to give that to you and they resume back, you know? I: It's neat.
K: It's neat. K: I wish those stuff could be incorporated though. K: Like, maybe like the second time the chorus comes, there's a bit of ????? stuff going on in the background, you know? K: That's a little too black and white. K: And the white might be a little too generic for my liking, especially when compared to the rest of it. Fiona: I liked that.
Lindsey: That was awesome.
F: I liked the wonderful random major parts, they like kept it like fresh and light. F: And then when it started out with that marimba, like kind of creepy haunting like running melody, like underlying ostinato. F: And I loved that. And then having the little twinkles of like [sound effect] violin interspersed and then that one guy's like [crazy high singing] F: And then, just like having so many members and being able to use their different styles F: Like whether it be rapping or singing was really nice to add good variety throughout the whole thing. Yeah. L: I love that the song is called Going Crazy and throughout it, there's so much happened. It was like the song was going crazy. Katie: I thought it like, accurately reflected the message of the song, because there were these random little interludes. K: Sometimes it was ascending string scales, sometimes it was just like [sound effect], some times it went to major. K: It was just random things, and it kept saying "Going crazy" so that could be like taken as going crazy because it's just like random input. Umu: Right. Okay. Well, we're gonna move it on and compare to another B-side track from the same exact album. U: This was written and produced by LDN Noise, our lord and saviors. U: And yeah. Go ahead. Olivia: Oh. Can you stop it? Henry: That's like if you edited the end of the last song with the beginning of this song, it would be the same.
Elizabeth: That's actually correct. Peyton: Oh. Charlotte: Middle Eatstern-y? C: Oh.
P: Wow! That didn't hit the way I thought it was going to. Lindsey: What did – What just happened? [I'm confused but I'll still jam] Elizabeth: I'm a, I'm a sucker for her. E: Fast arpeggios.
Henry: Yeah. Lindsey: I was not expecting this. I was not expecting this.
Fiona: You've found the pitbull L: It started and I was like, "Oh yeah we 're gonna have like a nice song". L: And then all of a sudden, like oh yeah. F: That sound lets you know something's going to happen! Aaron: I'm not gonna lie, I like a lot –
Olivia: It kind of just sounded like you changed keys. A: I would strip to this. A: But then again I would strip to a lot of music. A But especially this. Kevin: Mmm, pretty, pretty good, it's okay. Isaac: Oh! Ho ho! I: Wow, that's, that's –
Kevin: Wow, the Major IV-VII? What? K: Is this song Dorian? K: Now it's a – K: Now the E is flat. K: The E wasn't flat last time. Henry: I do like those like, hits of harmonies. It'd be really interesting to actually see like live performances of this. H: I've thought that like a couple times. It's like I kind of wish I could see them doing this finished product all together. Lindsey: Yeah, it's 5 6 1, but in minor. It's like 5 b6 1. [Sings]
Fiona: I like that sound. Isaac: Wow. Kevin: All the, all the unexpected Dorian moments. K: Ready? Here it comes. Elizabeth: The harmonies are so close together. It gives a really cool effect. Kind of like organ pipes? Henry: Hangout on that tritone sub. #AppliedChords H: Uh. H: Minor ii-V to a Major I. H: Welcome to K-Pop. Charlotte: Ooh. Where are we going?
Peyton: It's like more of a drum sound. Kevin: Sounds like distant plastic pipes. K: I kind of like it. K: It's pretty cool. Isaac: It's just sneaking around. Uh. Ooh. I: Ooh. I: WOAH. WOAHHHHH Charlotte: Ohh! Peyton: Oh shit. He kinda sounds like Migos a little bit. C: I like him too! C: OH! Katie: Triple it bitch. K: Triple it trip, triple it, triple it. Everyone triple it, triple it, triple it. K: Triple it, triple it [X Inifnity] K: Drop. K: Ohhh. K: Two psych-outs Aaron: Oh. A: He is just up in the stratosphere.
Olivia: I like how sometimes the beat just like stops – O: To let the, like, melodies sing for a little. O: And then comes in, which is nice. Charlotte: Peyton's favorite part! The descant! Peyton: It is, it is. Jarod: Wow. J: Wow. J: WOW. Umu: Yeah, so. U: Summarize your thoughts. J: Well like, it's like you don't know what's going on and that's, that's the best part, you know? J: It's like, harmonically it was just really, really, really, really, really cool. J: You're in one place, and then you're like dancing with this other like upside-down kind of like wobble-wobble, it's just, I don't know, it was awesome. J: I don't even know what it was, that's the best part. J: I'm just like it sounds so cool. J: Still very unique. Umu: Yeah. So what did you think about this song overall musically and like the fun major again? Peyton: I just like, I don't know, as soon as I heard it I was like, wow, that sounds like something like if people were playing, P: Like real instruments and live, that'd be a spot everybody would fuck up. P: Lke, you just get to that section and it'd be this clash if people played in major/minor
Charlotte: Someone would miss the accidental P: Just like, the surprise on everyone's faces as soon as it happens, it's like. C: it'd be missed by five people in like the first few rehearsals. Kevin: Obviously the chorus was really cool with all those harmonies. K: There was that cool rap bridge which was great. Isaac: Pop music and its fascination for triplets.
K: Absolutely. I: It's just so, so interesting. I: But even like, even in classical music you listen to triplets like, and then hemiola, which is triplets on top of doodles. I: It's just like, ooph. I: Woah, it's kicking it up a notch.
K: For sure. I: Like even after enjoying the – it's like I feel like there's something's missing still. K: Yeah, even compared to the last EXO song I heard.. K: I think Going Crazy has an idea. It feels more fleshed out. K: It feels more like we've done, you know, this song is taking this idea and then making something out of it that's whole and complete. K: This one doesn't feel as complete. I: The use of modal mixture. I: Minor-major, was it? I: Or it's just complete modulation?
K: There's both.
I: There's both.
K: But it's always on the IV chord, which I've never heard before. I: That, that was very –
K: it's always been I, you know. I Major I minor.
I: Yeah. Elizabeth: I liked that one better than the first one. Henry: I did also like that one better than the first one, if not purely because the vocals did something interesting, because the chorus was interesting. H: It was like, harmonically cool. H: There was like a couple moments where like, they hinted at something that would just be like, kind of a – H: It would be tonacizing iv, and then it would move to V, then go to i. H: And then they like really lingered on that sort of like out-of-place harmony. It was tasty. E: It definitely was more interesting harmonically than the first one we heard. E: And like, I like how in the chorus like it starts in sort of a minor feel and then it modulates a higher Major key. E: That really like, aurally, sorta pings my interest. Umu: Okay, what did you think of this song compared to Going Crazy? Could you see how – Lindsey: I liked going crazy a lot better because it was just crazy. Fiona: I see how they like, they, their style kinda spreads over.
L: Yes. F: It's like having that kind of spooky little underground, like, establishment.
L: Like, the another one had the marimba thing and then this one had the V-I-VI-I that [sings].
F: Yeah, and this one the synth. F: I liked that. Charlotte: Forever is more R&B hip-hop, Going Crazy was more EDM pop. Umu: Yeah, and do you have a favourite? C: Whenever he's rapping. U: Whenever he's rapping. C: Personally, I liked this one better because he raps more in it. Peyton: Gonna go with you. Umu: Yeah, what did you think of Forever vs Going Crazy? U: Like musically, did you like one better or think one stood out more or they're about the same?
James: I was going crazy over Going Crazy. Hugo: Yeah. J: This I could listen to forever. [Aren't you proud of yourself] Umu: Hello everyone. Welcome to our channel. If you new, I'm the channel runner and producer of this series. Thanks for watching this video. If you enjoyed it, don't forget to subscribe. Also, if you're curious to see what else we're going to react to in the future, go ahead and check the description for a bunch of links that I have to playlists and schedules. Also, please check our Patreon if you want to support us. Patrons get access to unedited full-length reaction videos, access to exclusive content, As well as early access to all the videos posted on here, and more. So thank you so much, and I hope you have a wonderful day.


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