• Nagucci says:

    My mom just died, so yeah.

  • Diana Van winkle says:

    Shout out to J-Hope for reminding people that have loving moms to love their mom. 👏


    They should also react to his dance!! Can they imagine….. Hobbi could dance like tht

  • zoeelovee2 says:

    That isn’t the part where the crowd sings. That’s the part where the church choir comes in and sings it.

  • Bangtan forever says:

    Thank you!

  • Fathima Salam says:

    8:36 like I sense RM😂

  • 이선미 says:

    리액션 감사합니다! 한국어 자막 필요해요! ㅠㅠ

  • KnB's Oddball says:

    jhope's LITERALLY first sentence in MAMA: "tImE tRAvEL!!!"

    2019's BTS webtoon "Save Me" released: "…."


  • Izzy Abdulqadir says:

    Please react to more bts this was great

  • liveal says:

    react to all cypher pls

  • MissMira1122 says:

    I'll just put it out there, this is the only song in the solos that has made me cry. Given, I'm a mother, it's something every parent hopes for their children. We sacrifice for them and hope that they become successful and still love and appreciate us. Hobi's mom took a job outside of the country in order to afford his arts school tuition. It's truly a beautiful touching song, with J. Hope's signature happy sound behind <3

  • Zxero says:

    Yunyi (The girl in 7:14) is the best reactor for me. She is such an open-minded person. So broad-minded deep but she still hangs in the the surface and every small details of each point. Apart from criticizing, she is more on the appreciating and understanding side of the story. I want to see more reactions from here.

  • Jam Kim says:

    Since then, I can't freaking unhear " I'm a bartender" . Help.

  • Shai-Ann H says:

    “lil wayne of kpop”

  • 나니 · says:

    중간중간 자막없는게ㅜㅜ

  • Mean Swaeg says:

    4:14 YES EXACTLY.

  • FennXFox says:

    This is why the MAMA short film is the most haunting to me. The lyrics and actual song contradict JHope’s character so much it is almost chilling

  • Sara Robinson says:

    That girl at 3:50 is a huge mood

  • 완Zheeso says:

    This is why J-Hope is my bias…

    I can somehow relate to him with every song he sings.

    You name it.

  • Leaanna says:

    I like how they describe music as colors and textures, thats a good way to say things, i like it.

  • Elia Bano says:

    I love this song but im jealous that he loves his mom, this must mean that she is a great mom.

  • KPOP FANATIC says:

    Honestly these reactions are so satisfying because since you guys are musicians you can truly appreciate and notice the tone and music (not saying that other people can’t appreciate it just that I guess they have deeper knowledge than some other ppl)

  • I'm so PURE says:

    Yahh your right he's a robot an expressive robot and I love that part of him♥♥♥♥

    I was about to sing to my mother but I remembered I don't have my real mother with me so I decided to sing it to my auntie who's been a mother to me now.

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