Classical Musicians React: Sunwoo Jung A (ft. IU) 'C A T'

Classical Musicians React: Sunwoo Jung A (ft. IU) 'C A T'

so now you're reacting to some Jawas cat featuring the soloist IU from a Snoopy article it says the two burly of songwriters have known each other ever since I was 20 years old and then properly works together for one I use songs I've even said that the lyrics are interesting because if you didn't know the title is a cat at first glance even a very arrogant but once you hit this is exactly what interacting with a cat is like it's still so sparse like after the pink to know what the chords are that's like a heart feels like a friendship I'm sorry I'd like the violin has like glisten sometimes so that you know it's like real a violin and because fiddle playing relies a lot on embellishment and improvisation I think it gives this life like they're just kind of being comedic in the way like poking fun at what it's like to watch cats and to sing as a cat so this like playful vibe that the cat overarching idea is like I think having that kind of instrumentation is good and I'd like a broken glass sound like they knock something off the shelf they just like I don't care well also like the airiness in there boys yeah they like it definitely one girl and you're right you spotted before I did damn okay that's really interesting I don't know what to say Wow it's cute yeah I really enjoyed that just like that just like the tambour of their voices it was very like like kind of breathy and high and the way they were like using like vocal slides as well at some point which matched the string slides yeah it was really nice and just the guitar it was very simple it was just usually like one voice going at a time whenever there was um two voices singing at the same the same time it was mostly in octaves until the end when we actually like heard some harmony which I also thought was cool because when the harmony finally came in it was the it was the scat line but like harmonized this gallon in the background while the melody was going on it was like super cool so they kind of like put it meshed it all together at the end I think it's really cool that they had that like scat in there so jazzy I don't even know what happened at the end like I don't even know it was just like my brain was like oh it was it was really nice then there was a really fast like vocal thing at the end but it was like so casual I like I don't know I just I really liked that it was really really cool it was like super light kind of quirky a lot of like chromatic motion which kind of gives like this like unsettling feeling for some people you know like it was a lot of like kind of chromatic down like a lot of things here and like really slow bluesy jazz you know and I think it kind of fit the vibe of video for sure but they're going for like something quirky I think this is Alyssa's fall spray a little bit doesn't mean that I've criticized other music about but I wouldn't say is a super huge problem with this I think that it you have to watch this video in order to understand how the song works not that much but it adds a depth that I feel like you wouldn't otherwise get but I don't think it's necessarily a bad thing in the case of this song so yeah I mean the video itself is very well made I mean they really tried yeah they really tried to frame it in a way that you understood that like the mannerisms the women were embodying work cat-like mannerisms like there was the one shot of the woman's face like from the nose up and she was like following the ball with her eyes and just the way the light hit her face and the way that they filmed her like moving it looked exactly like when a cat does that when they're like looking at something and they're like watching it go back and forth so the video did add a lot like I would have gotten that it was a playful vibe based on like the instruments used and the like very flowing in profit or II feel of melody but I'm not sure I would have gotten the cat things out the visual tutors it was relaxing mmm everything was very laid-back like the rhythm and also the way they hold onto certain notes like duh-duh-duh it's all it's all syncopation and they're just trying to pull it back as much as possible to really create such a nice ambiance of a song yeah I really like how the song felt truly like a duet like I wasn't thinking oh this is some wood John ah oh this is uh I you I hate you felt like they were just working together and even though there are other actors doing their thing you can hear from the music that the chemistry between the two the two ladies is very good I like the use of scatting it's like you know you don't just do scatting like the blue alright because there needs to be like maybe lyrics are not able to convey your message of being free cuz scatting if you listen to there's like a lot of French scatters listening to them it's very weird cuz I could use you listen to the lyrics being being sung and all of a sudden major go on a rift right it's almost like a solo in jazz what are they just like they have their structure but then they have yeah maybe a bassline and they just kind of float on top so having the scatting was like really liberating and it was very interesting to have that texture it's it's also cool where they place the Siq Adam is the place I think somewhere after the first verse and even like I'm used to hearing scatting as sort of like an afterthought like maybe near the end of a song and if asked at the section is badly placed it could sound like the the piece is just stalling for time yeah but here we have a song that's only a little above three minutes long and yet they place the scat section right near the beginning where it feels almost crucial and like it almost is indicative of what the song is put the scatting there it describes the song and what does it epitomizes it is that the word I don't know I'm thinking of big words and it can't come up with them but it's it's one of those things where when you hear the scan you're like ah this belongs in this song this tells me what the song truly is about and it's awesome even without knowing the lyrics channel creator and I'd like to thank you for watching this video I really hope you enjoyed or learned something from it if you'd like to support us or help react okay grow you can do so by visiting our patreon and help us out by pledging any amount you can so next time


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    Her lyrics are special. I hope you could find the translations of the lyrics.

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  • cinanamon-buns says:

    YAAAAA Sunwoo Jung A!! i think she has such a distinct voice that delivers all kinds of emotions so, so beautifully. it was either Cat or Spring Girls that randomly played on spotify and first introduced me to her! she's such an amazing artist with a great discography to boot, so thanks so much for reacting to her!! in addition to 2ne1's It Hurts, she also took part in making IU's Jam Jam!

    i personally really liked a lot of the tracks from Riano Poom, an album where she collaborated with Yeom Shin-hye, a pianist! Blossom is one of those tracks that never fails to put me in a lighter mood.

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    Sunwoo JungA sings great, her songwriting is awesome and even her music videos are mesmerizing. I love how whether you know the title of the song or not completely changes how you interpret the lyrics – she also does this kind of thing in her song 순이(Sooni) which sounds like it's just about a secret crush but then you learn it's actually about being a fangirl lol It's also fun that the two singers get distinct cat personalities.
    Also every time the reactors said scat, I couldn't help but hear s-cat, thanks Elizabeth

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