Classical Musicians React: The Unit 'Question'

Classical Musicians React: The Unit 'Question'

Kevin: Because the vocal line was minor that time, they used A minor instead of A major. Aww! Jarod: What a big unit. You've never heard that phrase? Collin: No, what the hell are you talkin' about?
Jordan: Are you talking about absolute unit?
Jarod: Absolute unit. Like basically, if there's something that's fat, like a little fat, or whatever, it's like, what an absolute unit. Collin: Is this something old people say?
Jarod: Nah, it didn't quite make its way into mainstream memeing, but…
Collin: Oh, God! Umu: So, The Unit was a rebooting program for male and female idols whose groups weren't doing very well, and in the program some groups released a music video because they won a challenge. Jordan: For the fourth mission, popular producers made songs for the show to be released as digital singles. Teams appealed to the producers to be given their song of choice. The winning performance team would have their track listed as the title track and would release a music video. Umu: So 'Question' is one of those mission songs, and it's produced by Choi Hyunjoon and Park Seulgi.
Charlotte: Who is this group? Umu: It's a bunch of different K-pop idols. So, the members are from the groups, including Bigflo, Boyfriend, IMFACT, MADTOWN, and IM as well as soloist Jungha. James: Okay. Ooh. Melissa: Choreography. Also sound. Fiona: Wow. It sounds so fuzzy. Like, warm. Round. Like the edges of all the sounds in the song.
Aaron: Wait, sorry, what? Collin: It's like, it sounds like someone's on a disk, like scratching. Jarod: Wock, wock, wock, wock. Collin: But it's deeper. Oh, shit! Jarod: Little piano splash, right there, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Collin: Yeah. He's filled. Charlotte: Who is that? Peyton: Yeah. They're like..
Charlotte: Oh!! Mmm! Peyton: Half time. Kick it up, kick it up. Both: Woo! Kevin: Nice. Oh, my God. It's got nice retro appeal. It's like is this funk, or is this a more dancehall, 70s disco, you know? I like it. Aaron: Look at that, though, that's awesome!
Fiona: Yeah. Fiona: It's amazing how sparkly. We like sparkles because it looks like water, and humans like water.
Aaron: There you go. Jarod: they back. Well, that's pretty cool.
Collin: Okay, so it went to triple. Kevin: Ooh, I like those little piano chords. Kind of not really in the beat. That's a hair. Oh, my God. Fiona: That guy was cute–rapper guy.
Aaron: Yeah, I know, yeah. Fiona: Oh, my God! He's like the greaser hottie guy. Aah! That was so cute! Because the vocal line was minor that time, they used A minor instead of A major. Awwwww!! Did I fall for it? Not this time. Even the A major and the chorus has a dominant seven quality, so it's like there's a little bit of blues influence. Maybe more than a little bit. Collin: Uh! Uh! Collin: You hear the guitar? (singing) Melissa: Ooh!
James: Oh! Melissa: This is actually cool. James: Yeah! Melissa: Ooh! Peyton: (singing) James: Nice dance break. Wow Collin: The emphasis of the last section was on two, and then they came back in on two.
Jarod: Oh, wow. Collin: So the beat was off-place. Dude, he's got a choker on.
Jarod: Yeah.
Collin: Wow.
Jarod: Oh, there go the jackets. Kevin: Ends in A. How long was that? Was that four minutes? No, it was three and a half!
Isaac: Wow!
Kevin: Ah, it felt so stretched out. It's so rich. Once you mentioned how they added, that I think, dubstep part, Kevin: Yeah
Isaac: to prolong the song. The way they transition things, it kind of, I think that enforces that a lot more, because you're so focused on oh, it's spiraling downwards, and all of a sudden we're rising up into a whole new section. So like, feeling the grains between the transitions, I think that really helps the prolongation. The audial grains? I will argue that the song is by bitonal. Is it A major? Is it C major?
Isaac: BartΓ³k? Kevin: We don't know. There are C majors hinted a few times, but the problem is the song always resolves in A major, but all the other chords are part of C major. So is the A major just a mixture or not? You know, that's almost like the Piccardy third thing that we talk about but elevated to like, three thousand. James: Interesting. Melissa: I felt like, okay, I'm gonna be mean. Ready?
James: Oh, God. Melissa: I thought it was very generic, most of it, and I got really bored. There were some really rhythmically interesting moments in most of the song. The part with like, the crazy bass drop, where they were like, bwahh, bwahh! I was like, ooh, I'm listening. Okay, something different. But then it went right back. So I was just kind of like, I wish that they had more of the "bwahh" the whole time. James: Yeah.
Melissa: It was like, that was the exciting part. I feel like it just was very short. James: Mm-hmm.
Melissa: And the rest of the song was very long.
James: It's interesting you mention that, because I noticed – I think this is one of the first music videos we've watched today, Melissa: Yeah.
James: they've all been lyric videos –
Melissa: That's true.
James: and for some reason their dancing was so wonderful
Melissa: Yeah.
James: and on-point that I realized a minute or so in that I wasn't really listening, I was just like wow, they dance really…. So, I closed my eyes at one point, like a minute or two before the drop section happened, Melissa: Yeah.
James: to actually try to listen to what was going on, and when I closed my eyes and stopped watching them dancing – their dancing was wonderful – but when I stopped watching them dancing, it didn't sound as generic to me.
Melissa: Really?
James: Like really listening? Yeah, but that's just me. Melissa: I feel like that's partly like having your eyes closed and being like, ooh, I'm feeling the music. It just… it wasn't bad or anything, it was just kind of like… James: I'd say it wasn't as complex as some of the things that we've listened to previously.
Melissa: Yeah, we've been spoiled today. James: Yeah.
Melissa: I thought it was just a lot of like… James: The fact that I had to close my eyes and kind of dig deep to find the interesting things maybe kind of goes to that point. Like it wasn't as obvious, per se, as other songs.
Melissa: Exactly.
James: I enjoyed it though. Umu: You talked a lot about fashion. Aaron: I know, I'm sorry. I'm just on clothes right now. There was a little bit of chromaticism that I noticed.
Fiona: Yeah.
Aaron: And then how they switched. I don't know, there was a lot in like, they switched from one key to another, and changed outfits. I think that's why I focused on their outfits so much, is because that happened.
Fiona: Their outfits represented different parts of the song,
Aaron: Yeah. Fiona: or moods of the chorus vs. verses. Collin: Wow!
Jarod: So this song was written and then they chose it to perform?
Jordan: Yeah. Jarod: Cuz it's like, you can kind of almost tell because in the writing, as far as the voice parts, it's pretty generic. Collin: Yeah.
Jarod: Cuz it's like, you know, sometimes when something's written for a specific group it'll play to the strengths of its members, like if somebody's good at this, XY. It felt like everything was pretty risk-free as far as K-pop stuff goes, you know. It was interesting….
Collin: Yeah, I would agree. Yeah. But I also thought it was better than just generic,
Jarod: Yeah.
Collin: cuz it was convincing, for the most part, I think. Jarod: I think this shows that this group has
Collin: it's better than a lot for sure. potential, I guess.
Collin: Yeah.
Jarod: It would be interesting to see if they were given a song that was written for them. Pretty good. Collin: Yeah, pretty good. Pretty good, period.
Jarod: Yeah. They've earned it, You know. They took what they had and I feel like they worked well with what they had.
Collin: Yeah, for sure.
Jarod: So it's like, good luck to your future.
Collin: We should dye our hair. Hello, everyone, I'm Umu, React to the K channel creator, and I'd like to thank you for watching this video. I really hope you enjoyed or learned something from it. If you'd like to support us or help React to the K grow, you can do so by visiting our Patreon, and help us out by pledging any amount you can. 'Til next time.


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