Classical Musicians React: XIA 'Flower'

Classical Musicians React: XIA 'Flower'

Jarod: Welcome to Narnia on this episode of Monday night raw Umu: XIA, I believe that's how you pronounce it is from a kpop group that was called TVXQ, and we've reacted to Umu: them before so they used to be 5 members and then 2 kept continuing as TVXQ and then Umu: three others quit and became a group called JYJ and this is a solo artist Umu: from the group JYJ Hugo: wow Umu: Yeah sorry that was a lot
Hugo: drama Gwen: yeah
Hugo: #drama
Umu: yup Jarod: alright, 3,2,1, this reminds me of SIA, the american, well not really american artist but she's pretty popular in the states Kevin: Oh
Yunyi: ooooh that's lovely typography Shimon: [munching away]
Naoki: that's kind of creepy Ben: why do you think it's creepy Naoki: [bruh] the harmony, no not even the harmony the timbre
Ben: okay Gwen: ohohohoh scary men Gwen: heyyyy they're wearing armor like girls wear armor Gwen: .. where it covers nothing Hugo: I love this Hugo: with the orchestra and the Gwen: the vibes Davis: Oh woah Davis: that's like really f*cked up— OH THEY'RE THROWING UP A HEAD
Lindsey: now they got strings it's like the obligatory little like chamber orchestra Davis: is that what it is? or is it a robot? Davis: aww that's so cool–
Lindsey: I feel like this should be melodic but he's just speaking Naoki: yeah is this like mythology? it must be Jarod: that's awesome such contrast Peyton: [singing]
Jarod: Bold visuals with these kind of subtle and very soft harmonies Jarod: melody and like it's like looking at irony and like hearing our ah whoo Fiona: strings.. kay, 'kay hello i hear you Yunyi: i like the harp <YAAAS HARP>
Kevin: oh yeah Kevin: [asdlfskd] woah Yunyi: OMG the freaking female voice Kevin: fifth element? Lindsey: yeah this is weird it's like the music makes it sound like an opera thing but then his voice is not Davis: yeah this is, this is XIA how do you pronounce it XIA?
Lindsey: nobody knows Davis: XIA featuring Jones Southerland playing, it's great Hugo: this is bad*ss as sh*t
Gwen: this is awesome Umu: Musically or the video? Hugo: [?? wait what] Umu: Musically or the video? The duo: Both!
Hugo: I love the music! Gwen: and the dancing is also like awesome
Hugo: the use of the orchestra plus the synth Yunyi: this has got some final fantasy vibes because of the harp Yunyi: oh is this where they bring the electronics into the song or is this just gonna stay fully acoustic Yunyi: esque, course not but idk
Kevin: it's esque it's not completely acoustic course not Gwen: Mustache
Hugo: this dude, is a f*cking queen Gwen: yeah I love it
Hugo: he's so cool Kevin: woah
Yunyi: also the female voice doesn't help but it has vaguely the same progression as Rachmaninoff's Vocalise Kevin: [woah] yes Emiel: his voice is good but not my type of music Kevin: but you see you compare this with EXO's mama and they're like two different types of symphonic Yunyi: yeah exactly Kevin: and so when one of them is like more Carmina Burana Yunyi: but the textures are quite like sparingly used in the song
Kevin: yeah, exactly Yunyi: which is really nice Jarod: the cinematography is really strong cause like the choreography isn't necessarily the best thing we've seen Jarod: but like the way the camera's just emphasizing it, like it's pretty awesome Jarod: and like listen to that choir in the background Jarod: [conducting the mv] Peyton: … I thought that was lil wayne for like 3 sec I was like ohhh danggg ………what is he about to eat
Jarod: [still conducting] Fiona: wait this is like
Emiel: wait is someone rapping now Lindsey: like honestly my favorite part of this whole thing was that the beginning where the guy was like just talking Lindsey: and it sounded like it should've been melodic but then Lindsey: it wasn't because that was kind of cool Yunyi: oh this kinda sounds like-
Both: woahhhh Kevin: that woke me up woahhh Gwen: i really like this, most of my faces are about the mv not the music Gwen: I love the low stuff that he does Umu: youre face is being cut off by the mv @hugo
Gwen: almost better than the high stuff Jarod: this is so dramatic I love it, i just wish I could understand what he's saying Emiel: I'm not sure about the aspect of it, not sure about that one
Fiona: [belts her opera voice] Emiel: but other than that… pretty good Fiona: this is like intense praise music Henry: AHAHAHAH
Emiel: this is like spiritual uplifting music
Fiona: alsdk that was… sorry Emiel: like if you need something to really put a fire in your blood right now then you need to listen to this Gwen: flower… oh this is a … a flower? Kevin: wow it makes me want more Kevin: what a work Yunyi: see that was also super, it was super repetitive it was like it was good it was fascinating Davis: yeah it's pretty interesting musically, with the orchestration in it and the voice Lindsey: I mean yeah I won't disagree with that Davis: but at the same time I was pretty distracted by it not having a single clue of what was going on Umu: overall thoughts of that musically Fiona: I liked it, i liked the crazy like Fiona: [opera sings]
Emiel: [stunned]
Henry: [bruh] Fiona: idk it was just weird and then the [bum] idk just so many weird repeated aspects that like Fiona: shouldn't really go together that were put together so I was like Fiona: confusingly like it's a spectacle it's like oh Fiona: this is fun to listen to because I'M CONFUSED Emiel: his voice was good
Fiona: yes Emiel: his voice was good, good concept, but don't think he got away with the rapping in there
Umu: okay Emiel: don't think so make that a separate song
Henry: it is the next watch Emiel: and that's good but not at all–
Umu: oh so you didn't feel like the rapping went with the background instrumentals? Emiel: It just didn't go with like what the entire song felt like Emiel: the time before and after especially before Emiel: like I was just like wait what is he rapping right now? umu: ok I see
Emiel: yeah it was just confusing put it in a different song it'll sound good Hugo: that was good I really liked that, that was f*cking dope as sh*t Gwen: multiple things that I don't get about the video Gwen: but the music was great Hugo: i really i didn't care I was like all for it like Gwen: yeah I was very like I feel like it was a video driven by the aesthetics of it Hugo: yeah definitely I mean they showed a vibe of you know people with money and power and people with Hugo: worried about it when they had like nothing but at the same time I didn't really give a sh*t Hugo: what the message was I was like this music's so cool the dancing's really good and it was just it was very well played Gwen: I think this is a good balance between the mv that is dancing and not dancing Gwen: it wasn't too not dancy, yeah their costumes were cool
Hugo: but their costumes were so cool Ben: the music was good I wish it, I kinda wish it went a little bit farther Shimon: It reminded me a bit of like super smash brothers Naoki and Ben: ohhh
Umu: AHAHAHAH [dying] Naoki: the brawl one right? [sings]
Shimon: yeah, the choir Naoki: [still singing]
Ben: yeah the choir was really cool but it felt kind of Naoki: [sings in Ben's face]
Ben: like it felt like movie musicy
Umu: [joins in singing] Naoki: is it like call me mama~ it's like a really sh*tty english translation
Shimon: call me mama [what lol] Umu: oh what were you saying, you said something about movie
Naoki: yeah Ben: yeah it's kind of like too much movie musicy? just cause it repeats so much Naoki: yeah it was, I would agree with that definitely not wired music for kpop or pop
Ben: if it had like Ben: well which is fine but like it didn't
Naoki: it's fine with rock Ben: but it like did the same thing like 4 times Kevin: it is kind of woah but I wonder what is there a concept to their album? Kevin: is there a track that like completes it? Umu: not that I know of there isn't like a part two UMu: I'm but like i'm looking up the story right now online and like there's lots and lots of theories Umu: on like how there are things and symbols and wealth and power Umu: his eyes are the only spot that expression can come through and he's like King or something like that Umu: overall you didn't really like it Davis: mmm no I mean it's riding like a strong 6/10 for me Davis: and it's only that high I think because production value I had appreciation for Davis: minus the confusion it was pretty interesting they like mentioned and crammed so much stuff into that music video like Davis: it's pretty impressive like i can't really even falter for that it's just like Lindsey: I'll give it a 5/10
Davis: it's a feat Lindsey: 3 of those points are for the creative orchestration and 2 of the points are for creativity Umu: do you like his voice at least? Davis: yeah yeah yeah
Lindsey: it's fine it kind of got lost in everything else that was happening Davis: I agree Yunyi: I really liked how it was like beatless that was, that made it more epic
Kevin: [agrees] Kevin: yeah absolutely Umu: okay so did you like the orchestral aspect of it? Jarod: yeah it's really cinematic like it was like you have choir you had you had the hollywood Jarod: solo art that was such a cool moment where it's like there's nothing just him Jarod: and you have these little diddies and just like a moment where you're just kind of just embracing everything Jarod: just feeling [whisper] Peyton: my thoughts?
Umu: yes Peyton: .. it's a little much for me, not gonna lie Peyton: call me old but it was just a lot of stuff happening Peyton: that just uh just gah made me feel uncomfortable Peyton: and it's like I think i'm okay with it but it's just like why Peyton: like why where's this have to do with what are you trying to say what like organize your thoughts my friend


  • Le Noir says:

    I've never listened to JYJ or DBSK and flower is actually my first song from XIA and I'm in love with the way the MV was made, his voice and the mv's symbolism. It's just amazing

  • Adagio says:

    Guuys you should do react to xia-der letzte tanz!!!

  • dont die plz levi says:

    I dont understand you guys. His voice perfect and this song amazing. Just just oky im angry bcs junsu fucking awesome but they not JXGIHXOHGOCCOCHKCOCOHCOCHC

  • A Hyun kim says:

    1:43 한국인아님? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
    isn't he korean? :)))))))))))))))

  • valjrmr says:

    It'd be awesome if you could react to Junsu's Hello Hello from this album, i find it really different and beautiful. Still to this day one of my favorite songs.

  • Stiles Kuchiki says:

    Can you have them react to Tarantallegra by XIA!!! ITS SO AWESOME!!!

  • ZERO RUM says:

    You folks are fucking dumbasses lmao, you don't know shit for fuck sake.

  • Nakiri Erina says:

    This song, for me, is definitely one of the best kpop songs of all time. The video is beautifully cinematic and amazing as well. The first time I watched this music video (and heard the song), I was blown away. Until now, actually.

  • Akihiko Fukuda says:

    Lol… u guys should stop do this kind of song, and should just go with the mainstream ones instead.

  • nemonemo y says:

    Please Korean subtitles 😢 all videos

  • Haleef Hanif says:

    I hope you guys react more to Kpop artist like Super Junior ,DBSK,JYJ ,Girl generation ,Wonder Girls . They are all really talented and more talented than 3rd generation .

  • Damlasay says:

    I’m sorry but this song is epic . With rap, scream in the background and orchestra .They said it is so complicated but also they said other kpop song so mainstream. I am really disappointed that they are interested mv more than song. As cassie I am just sad

  • Hades says:

    I wish you could react to some of Kim Jaejoong music

  • Megan says:

    One of my favorite kpop songs ever created because his voice is so breathtaking and emotional, idk its so wonderful and I love it so much.

  • s k says:

    I honestly don't understand the people who don't like this song. Its just a masterpiece. Xia sounds like an angel and Tablo's rap is amazing. And yes all of the pieces do mix together that is what makes it so good. Its not even an opinion like its a fact this song is amazing.

  • Jas lyn says:

    This song has an older kpop feel but with so much meaning

  • Deb Libra says:

    DBSK … Gods of the East … Their tongues were considered gold…3 dissatisfied members fall from grace. Fake innocence lurking (SME). Into almost oblivion still dancing fiercely (JYJ struggle in Korean music industry) poisoned, career burned to ashes. Rise to golden existence (current JYJ). Now warriors on the music scene. Junsu is the flower blooming after all that. New born … Take my hand until the end (fans) so they can live again. Read the lyrics. I ad lib the description each time I see it. Thanks for the reaction. even though I guess you would have to know them in order to read the symbolic message. You could NEVER understand.

  • Arosle1 says:

    I wish you explain to them what the song and symbolic in the MV means.

  • speechless05 says:

    Interesting listening to professional musicians' opinion about this song. But that wasn't the thing that annoyed me the most. Please, at least be respectful and learn how to pronounce the artist's name properly!

  • denisse chuco says:

    XIA is the best idol singer ever

  • Juliette Reyhan says:

    React to jyj in heaven

  • Kpop plus Yaoi says:

    He is the best

  • Czycreations says:

    Please try bolero of tvxq!!!!!

  • vravelt says:

    Hi, can u react xia musical performance or jyj the boys letter / jyj fallen leaves. Thx u guys so cool !

  • Damn You Kim Taeho says:

    Junsu being my favorite solo artist, this kinds saddened me.. I feel like they should have reacted to 11am instead? Flower, even if it is one of my favorite songs, you either like it or you don't, as most of his songs are. But 11am, I feel like they might would have showed more interest?
    Also… I'm kinda pissed it wasn't mentioned that Junsu is a musical singer.. He's one of the best artists Korea has to offer..

  • Justin Kim says:

    show more of JYJ members solo songs, and for the rapper Tablo's song, please check them out

  • RomyArg30 says:

    YOu promise to show jyj dbsk 🙁

  • chan jojoonical says:

    They should listen to the live version T^T Xia's live performance is incredible

  • Dewi Fauzal23 says:

    Come on xia yesterday

  • kaori samidare says:

    if y wanna made the reaction of their old album i would really appreciate it may be bolero or wasurenaide

  • Maha Yaya says:

    "this dude is such a queen"
    yes baby he is 😍👑
    I dunno about you I study general music not classical but this classical Students are just….. they kept saying it's repeatative but to me it needs to be, because it is a song not a music track. which means that if a mixture like Flower's music become various it will be too much and it will make sense. since the vocal and the rap are too strong

  • HopeforAllKind says:

    I hope you'll react to sechkies couple (both the old ver and their current comeback ver)

  • LS7 says:

    His name is actually Junsu.

  • Mahrukh Mirza says:

    It's a shame you didn't get the meaning of the video at all, it really took away from the reaction.

  • Patata says:

    please keep on reacting to JYJ members solo and as a group..
    I would love it if you react to TVXQ old songs too (I really love them as 5), Mirotic please.. 😀

  • Monica G. says:

    Literally no effort to give them more info about Junsu (Xia=pronounced as Shia) or the song/video. You're obviously not a Cassiopeia but that doesn't mean you can't research there's so much info on the internet. Not trying to be mean, I love this channel but it's highly biased and unfair to ignore an artist like Junsu who paved the way for your faves. Was really excited to see this reaction but oh boy was I disappointed.

  • Vince Choi says:

    The guy in the blue shirt saying that tablo didn’t go with the song is ludicrous. Idk how you find such a integral part of setting the vibes and the mood for the song from the Rip is confusing to me. And you should also be telling these people what the songs About. It will leave them confused and not able to appreciate the vocals and the subtle details of the song when they have absolutely No idea what they’re listening to. I’ve noticed you do this for groups that you’re not personally invested in like BTS or MamaMoo. But I mean it is what it is I guess.

  • dis plosomia says:

    "This dude… Is a fucking queen"

  • Jeannie Sakaguchi says:

    I'm really in love with Naoki. Kyaa

  • TOHO SHINKI says:

    Kim junsu😍😍

  • DianaRoseeey says:

    I hope you can make them react to JYJ old songs.

  • Gonza MartinS says:

    1:53 they are so funny

  • Janice Cuagdan says:

    Please react to TVXQ's Love In The Ice, Tonight, Bolero and their other musics.

  • The Mariam says:

    React to jaejoong mine

  • N B says:

    should try jaejoongs mine, tvxq bolero (more vocalist). 🙂

  • Zulyana Zulkepli says:

    React to Jae Joong's MINE or Just Another Girl. But his songs are more on the rock genre. Just a suggestion though. Would love to watch your opinions on it

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