CLIP STUDIO PAINT EX – REVIEW on iPad Pro! • CSP vs Procreate

CLIP STUDIO PAINT EX – REVIEW on iPad Pro! • CSP vs Procreate

Hey guys! Today I am going to be
reviewing something that has been getting the artist community
buzzing online all week long, and that is Clip Studio Paint Ex being released on
iPad Pro. If you don’t know what it is Clip Studio Paint is a digital painting
program developed by a Japanese graphics software company named Celsys (correct me
if I’m wrong on the pronunciation there). So this program has traditionally been
marketed towards digital creation of manga or comics, but it is also catered
towards illustrators and animators. So the introduction of this app on iPad Pro
has been really popular for two main reasons. Firstly, it’s a very popular
program on desktops already for artists because it’s quite affordable – compared
to, say, the Adobe products – and it’s got a lot of really great features for
creating art. And, secondly, it has the full capabilities of the desktop version
of the program, which is something that artists using the iPad Pro haven’t been
able to experience yet. The current popular drawing and painting apps on the
iPad Pro are very simplified compared to desktop programs. Before we get into
details – this isn’t really going to be an in-depth review of all you can
accomplish on this app, but more just a review on what’s to offer in this app in
comparison to other drawing apps on offer. And I’ll also just mention that
Celsys is offering six months free when you sign up for a Clip Studio Paint Ex
subscription on your iPad Pro before December 20 2017. But I’d also like to
note on that that you can download the program and try out all the features
without actually signing up for a subscription. I found that you only need
to sign up when you’re wanting to save a file. So you can download the app for
free and try it out without signing up for a subscription. So maybe keep note
you don’t automatically get that six months free just by downloading the app –
you do have to then sign up for a subscription within the app. And you can
find that in the app just by hitting the logo in the top left hand corner and
then hitting “purchase clip studio paint” down the bottom, and then it brings up
the option to subscribe. So my initial thoughts is I love the full program
capabilities of this app. It’s definitely what I was missing on my iPad Pro,
because previously I’ve been using mostly Procreate. Aince Apple advertises
the iPad Pro as a tablet as powerful as a laptop, it has felt like you should be
able to accomplish more than what had been provided by the drawing programs
I’d experienced so far. But I didn’t really buy my iPad Pro expecting full
program capabilities, I bought it more as just a simple and easy way to draw
digitally and portably. Because there’s like the Wacom Mobile Studio Pro, but
it’s portable… but it’s kind of more “portable,” like it’s really hard to lug
around, you still have to plug it into a powerpoint to use for extended periods
of time, whereas the iPad Pro, it’s really small light and you don’t really need to
plug it in to be able to use it; the battery lasts for quite a while. I have
actually done a separate iPad Pro review for artists, so I’ll leave the link to
that video down in the description box. But yeah, so I never really questioned how
popular drawing apps like Procreate, Autodesk SketchBook, and Adobe Sketch
feeling like light versions of desktop programs, but now having the option of
Clip Studio Paint is amazing because it bridges that gap between having a fully
portable drawing device, and full desktop art program capabilities. So I’m much
closer now to accessing what I can on a desktop, on my iPad…
just with a limited screen size and, I guess, processor. My initial experience of
the program has been fantastic! It feels much more
natural to draw and paint with than Procreate, which I was previously drawing
with. Now, Procreate I could sketch with fine, but line art and painting just
never felt right. It was probably to do with how the brushes performed
differently to what I was used to in Photoshop, and/or the possibility of the
pressure curve being off, or different, although I tried altering it (the pressure curve) in the
program they still couldn’t get it to feel right. In contrast, I feel like I
could very easily sketch, do line work, and colour on my iPad with Clip Studio
Paint, and it would feel much more comfortable and familiar. Whilst I love
my desktop workstation with my 22 inch Wacom Cintiq, I do feel like I’m kind of
chained to my desk a lot of the time, so this program is getting me even more
excited to be able to draw on my iPad and work portably, or not have to always
work at my desk. There is now the option of buying the Wacom Cintiq Pro 16 inch,
which is not too much smaller than the 22 inch, but it’s a lot more portable. You
still have to plug it into a powerpoint to be able to use it, but you obviously
have a greater ability of moving your workstation around. Whereas, this, it’s on
like a big stand, and it’s way too hard to move around, it’s really heavy and you
just worry about damaging it. And since the Clip Studio Paint program is a full
version on the iPad Pro, you also have the capability of taking all of your
usual desktop brushes from Clip Studio Paint, and transferring them onto your
iPad for use on that. I do own the PC version, but I actually haven’t really
used it that much, so I haven’t needed to do this. For those people who are
familiar with Clip Studio Paint, the interface might look slightly different
on the iPad Pro, but you do have the option of changing to that desktop
layout. All you have to do is go into the Preferences by hitting the logo in the
top left-hand corner of the program, then going to preferences, go into the
interface tab, and just un-tick “configure basic layout of the
palettes to one for tablets.” So if I do that there, now you can see that it
changes. But you obviously have much less drawing space, which you want to have as
much of as possible, since the iPad Pro screen is obviously much smaller
than a desktop screen. You also have the option of using the Clip Studio Assets,
such as downloading brushes, 3d model characters, and more from your peers. You
even have the capability of connecting a keyboard to your iPad Pro through
bluetooth, or for example, I’ve got the Apple Smart Keyboard. And when you
connect a keyboard you can actually use the typical desktop program keyboard
shortcuts, so this creates a much more smoother and faster workflow but also a
much more familiar workflow. Like for example, Procreate – it is a program made
just for the iPad, but you do have a learning curve of figuring out all the
new shortcut buttons that they have programmed into the app. I actually
bought this keyboard after downloading Clip Studio Paint because I wanted to be
able to access the keyboard shortcuts, and you can lean on it a bit to draw on
it. It’s just quite expensive. As for drawbacks, I think the most
obvious drawback I’ve found so far is the lack of integration with cloud-based
programs like iCloud, Dropbox, or Google Drive. Cloud-based filing systems are
very quickly becoming the norm, especially with the fact that artists
are no longer changed to the one workstation, but can work on their
desktops, laptops, or iPads, and need to be able to easily swap between one another.
This means, for example, easily taking a sketch from your iPad onto your desktop.
Clip Studio Paint works like it’s got its own file system integrated into the
program, and you have to export files to save to your iPad for external use, such
as uploading to social media, or to send or upload them elsewhere, like
Dropbox. I also couldn’t figure out how to export a PSD file from my Dropbox onto
my iPad, to then opening Clip Studio Paint, so I’m not sure whether that’s
possible or not. And if it is possible, it’s not very straightforward to work
out. In the Clip Studio Paint online tips they actually explain using iTunes as a
way of transferring files from desktop to iPad, which is actually a pretty
terrible way to work, in my opinion. I don’t think anyone actually uses iTunes
anymore… So I did find that a bit odd. These days I actually work on Photoshop
files straight out of Dropbox. This means I can open a file straight out of
Dropbox and save it while I’m working, and then if I choose to, I could then go
open the file on my laptop and make some edits save, it on there, and then I can
easily return to this updated version on my desktop without needing to physically
spend time uploading a file. So having that sort of capability on the iPad Pro
would be spectacular; it would take out a lot of steps and
save a lot of time when taking an artwork from my iPad onto my desktop.
Another point that could be a major drawback for a lot of people is the fact
that it has a subscription-based method of payment, and this is $11.49AUD per month.
I believe it’s $8.99USD. In my honest,
opinion I think this program is great and I’d get a lot of use out of it, so
the monthly subscription isn’t the biggest problem for me. I think those
artists who would have their iPad Pro as their only digital creating workstation,
it’s pretty reasonable. But it’s one of those things where it depends on how
much use YOU get out of it, and whether that makes the cost worth it. So! My final
thoughts, is this program is amazing for the iPad Pro. I know it has convinced a
lot of artists to actually go out and buy an iPad Pro, just because of this
program coming out. I think this is a game-changer in regards to having a
portable digital art workstation. I think it’s perfect for the artist
who wants a simple, easy-to-use, all-rounder program for basic digital art creation,
such as for a hobbyist. Or, for the artist who wants a portable digital painting
program with full desktop program capabilities, and/or acts like a desktop
program; therefore is familiar to use, and so doesn’t have a giant learning
curve like Procreate, if you’re used to using things like Photoshop. And as a
reminder there is a six month free trial offer going on until December 20 2017.
And just a reminder, this doesn’t automatically happen when you download
the program, you do have to physically sign up for it through the program. I
will note that I haven’t yet tested out how the program handles really large
file sizes, or files with lots and lots of layers, but I think this will also
depend a bit on which particular model of iPad Pro you have. I’ll also note that
you can go on to their website and look through all their tips for what you can
accomplish through this program, and how to use it, so I’ll leave the link to that
down in the description box. But otherwise that’s pretty much all I had
to say for my brief review on Clip Studio Paint Ex on iPad Pro. If you
enjoyed this video or if you found it helpful, then please give me a thumbs up,
and if you want to see more videos like this, then just let me know,
give me some requests and I’ll see what I can do, and if you want to see more
videos like this then please subscribe to my channel! And otherwise I’ll see you
guys in the next video. Bye! And also it’s actually a pretty good stand, like if you– ….well, that was… terrible.


  • PukkaFactor says:

    Great video Hannah. It's easy to import and export to Dropbox. The trick is not to use the Export options when saving to Dropbox or iCloud, it won't work. Let Clip Studio save to it's own file space (wherever that actually is) once you've done that, open File Management …select the file and click Share. You will then have options to use whatever cloud service you want with the usual iOS options. If you want to import a file from Dropbox you can use the iOS 11 file browser…find your file and use the top right share icon…then select Clip Studio. Or, in the Dropbox app you can use Export…then choose the "Open in" icon to open straight into Clip Studio.

    Another hidden feature is to Swipe in from the left or right …. you get keyboard shortcuts like Shift, Alt, Control, , Command and space…as well as T1-T10 keys. This means you can use a lot of keyboard commands (Supports the same commands as full desktop) with your fingers as well as any attached physical keyboards.

    The program handles extremely large resolutions so far in my testing. I don't know what wizardry they used to code this but it hasn't crashed on me once yet

  • Alice Marshall says:

    Awesome video! I still use iTunes!!!! Haha. All the time, espcially cause I have Apple Music. This program doesn't really apply to me but I still felt you explained the program, its uses and your experience really well. Also I love your make up, your blush?!!??! Flawless! What are you wearing?

  • Chance Mcgee says:

    Excellent, thank you for this! This is me downloading clip studio pro 🚶🏾‍♂️📶⬇️✍🏽👍🏽 I think this is what I was looking for, I still haven’t gotten a feel of Procreate for exactly the same reasons you’ve stated.

  • Hey Bear - Baby Sensory Songs and Music says:

    You would’ve been much better off buying a (cheap) separate Bluetooth keyboard – one that doesn’t need to be fixed to the iPad. Then you could have the keyboard exactly where-ever is most comfortable for you. Using the set you have gave looks like it’d be cumbersome to use, especially having to always have the pad wobbling about in the standing position….haha, just saw the end of the video as I was typing! Proves my point entirely! XD Seriously, if you’ve still got time to return the keyboard, I would – cheap stand-alone Bluetooth for 30 bucks, probably save you a hundred bucks and be a much better fit for your intended use? I bought my daughter one a couple of years ago for her iPad, and am trying to get around to trying it with Clip Studio – will let you know how it goes if I get
    around to it!

  • GrutBrushes says:

    Very interesting review Hannah! This is the only art app I have yet to try on the iPad Pro. I really hope they work on the cloud integrations as I love Clip Studio on the Desktop and it would be great to switch back and forth easily

  • Andres Comparini says:

    What are your thoughs of Astropad app, do you think is better work on photoshop?

  • Roddy Alcivar says:

    Good video. I hope adobe and coral follow their lead.

  • Unknown Username says:

    You do it via the Dropbox app, select file, go to upper right top choose export then open in app then choose CSP

  • Sam Adams says:

    I wish someone would show the difference between the interface on the 10.5” vs the 12.9”… I’m torn between the two and I just want to see how much less drawing space there is on the 10.5.

  • Ali Adel says:

    so good

  • rahul dora says:

    very helpful video there. Would u say – that the brush engine of CLIP STUDIO behaves more like PHOTOSHOP, than the brushes of PROCREATE ?? I personally find the brushes of PROCREATE to be different than PHOTOSHOP and i have never used CLIP STUDIO.

  • Sonny Brown says:

    glad i found your channel

  • Ayacyte says:

    Thank you so much for showing how to change the interface. I needed that.

  • Joshua Stephens says:

    Wow, just when I was thinking of making a new art channel I find one similar to learn from. Looking forward to more vids!

  • Matt Rosiere says:

    There's an on-screen hotkey tray in Clip Studio Paint on the iPad. If you swipe from the left or right side of the screen with the app open, it will pop out. It has Shift, Space, CTRL, ESC, and some customizeable keys. It's NICE. 😀 I found it on accident.

  • Matt Rosiere says:

    Also, PaintStorm Studio and Affinity Photo are both great apps for the iPad Pro that provide a Desktop like experience. Especially Painstorm Studio.

  • Matt Rosiere says:

    Here's a video going over the Command Keyboard built into Clip Studio Paint.

  • Michael Patrick says:

    Paintstorm studio is full desktop software that has been cross platform/on IOS since 2015- it's really amazing and has stuff I have not seen done in other softwares- You should check it out. Clip is really great too, but for painting I most def prefeer Paintstorm.

  • Kevin Phillips says:

    Thanks, Hannah! Good review! Are you using iOS 11? I understand that this version has a more orthodox file system, which supposedly would help with exporting to a regular computer, over USB. (Of course, Celsys has to get on board.) I sub'd, BTW: Anyone shrewd enough to recognize just how good CSP really is, deserves following! Best of luck to you.

  • djmikio says:

    Great vid, very helpful! One correction, Dropbox (and I guess other cloud storage) is in fact useable in Clip Studio, though hardly "integrated". I installed brush files from a folder in dropbox by using the "export to app" choice from inside of Dropbox.

  • LightningStrikes66 says:

    I still use iTunes 😥… Great Artwork and luv the air quotes. Would like to see a comparison video to the medibang app. Thanks for info

  • Jack Jenkins says:

    Great job, Hannah. Thanks. I agree, this is a game changer!

  • kjbill says:

    Why the subscription model is a bad deal for consumers.

    If they are getting monthly payments no matter what, why should they work hard to make the app much better when small improvements or none is easier. After all, they are already getting the money. Besides, who wants to be paying month after month after month anyway!?
    However, if they charge for major upgrades, without subscriptions, the improvements must be very good or people will not upgrade. This forces the developer to really work hard at improving the software. We must also support them and pay the major upgrade to reward them for their efforts.

    If someone makes monthly payments, and for some reason has to stop the payments, what happens to his/her work files? He/She doesn’t have access to them anymore without the software. They are screwed. Not fair.!

    A fair upfront price is better while paying for major upgrades with good improvements is the way to go. Everyone wins!!!

  • kjbill says:

    Why the subscription model is a bad deal for consumers.

    If they are getting monthly payments no matter what, why should they work hard to make the app much better when small improvements or none is easier. After all, they are already getting the money. Besides, who wants to be paying month after month after month anyway!?
    However, if they charge for major upgrades, without subscriptions, the improvements must be very good or people will not upgrade. This forces the developer to really work hard at improving the software. We must also support them and pay the major upgrade to reward them for their efforts.

    If someone makes monthly payments, and for some reason has to stop the payments, what happens to his/her work files? He/She doesn’t have access to them anymore without the software. They are screwed. Not fair.!

    A fair upfront price is better while paying for major upgrades with good improvements is the way to go. Everyone wins!!!

  • Abner Santos says:

    I'm impressed at how far the iPad has come, and it's also nice to see companies putting the time and effort to bringing full versions of their software to iOS.
    Procreate can be a really robust app for those willing to meddle with all the brush options but you're right, the learning curve puts people off.

  • Forwarded says:

    Given the desktop application is a one time purchase and is lifetime the iOS version is pure greed and is definitely not worth a monthly subscription.

  • Scroer Uee says:

    This or a mobile studio pro?

  • Pata MaX says:

    Seeing how professional the video look, i thought you're one of those big youtuber lol. Instant sub !

  • GoreQuill NachoVidal says:

    Wow, that is a rip off on the price when you can purchase on PC for like $59.

  • david dugger says:

    personally, i was really excited about this app but i think its one of the worst art apps ive ever used. They had a chance to be THE art app but no, instead they put a desktop experience on a tablet. WHY XD Even animating on this thing is completely counter-intuitive. I find it interesting how hannah doesnt like the brushes in procreate over clip studio. And our learning curves are opposite, ive been using clip studio since it came out and i still dont get it when i learned procreate in a day. hmmm maybe im getting old . great review tho, glad some people are liking it

  • chucky chan says:

    very good review. A question, how is the program and the ipad with large and heavy drawings? How does it work with big brushes?

  • Daniel Roller says:

    Great review, I've been using it on my desktop for a bit and have enjoyed using it. Though I'm hesitant to get it for the ipad because of the lack of cloud integration :/

  • chucky chan says:

    Now I have an existential doubt. Which is better, have a studio paint clip with astropad or with the new application for ipad?

  • Abc 123 says:

    It takes me 10 to 44 hours to draw a professional picture in the iPad Pro Procreate app,
    Is there anyway of drawing quicker? Lol
    I do use different layers, and a layer for black lines, for filling with color, and use the loop lasso tool when shading and highlighting on another layer, 🙂
    Any other tips?
    I think if I had the foreground middle ground and back ground on its own layer it would be easier to color rather than trying to color in between the characters and objects. I think the characters and objects should be on another layer ,

    Clip studio probably has ways of avoiding all the problems of shading outside the lines, adjusting black line thickness , resizing characters or objects? Etc

  • Abc 123 says:

    Are there any tutorials on how to use the 3D pose models on the app? I find it really useful but very difficult to navigate through

  • techtiptricks says:

    A nice free app to transfer on your home network is called "Documents", you can save, transfer and open files on your pc's Network shares pretty easily.

  • Gerald says:

    i hit subscribe button after watching this! thank you!

  • {Miss.Chelle.Aus} says:

    Thank you

  • Pablo Zuniga says:

    Sketchbook Pro is the first to have full paperless traditional animation capabilities on iPad or other mobiles.

  • Anney Nerd Lovely says:


  • Dream journey vfx says:

    very nice

  • Simon Wilson says:

    Great review Hannah, I have to say I am odds with clip and Procreate, obviously Procreate is not vector which is definitely a draw back but I’m finding there are very few decent tutorials on this program. Also it seems to have some serious lag when trying to rotate the canvas which is putting me off, do you have any ideas about curing this? I would love to see some proper tutorials from you when using the app. Thanks!

  • CELTIC_ FAN34 says:

    Im thinking about getting an ipad, I use clip studio on my iMac and cintiq 13hd but I dont like the monthly payments 😐 youre so beautiful 😍

  • ROYTHEBOSS says:

    Do you know if the PC version of this program works with MacBook Air?

  • ROYTHEBOSS says:

    I forgot to ask, does this program allow scanned manga art? I've been wondering so that I can color my line art pieces. And does the physical disc version require a subscription as the iPad app?

  • Rowland Wells says:

    thanks for your review! Were you drawing Megan Fox??

  • Dreams Yau says:

    Great review!

  • Tom Bombadil says:

    Im just waiting for my free trial to end. No way Im gonna support Celsys’ bullshit subscription model. I wouldve bought this in a hertbeat if its a one time purchase like I did for their Windows version. But this is just utterly disgusting!

  • Brandon Pennington says:

    Nice review. I agree that it is a great program for iPad Pro. I agree that dropbox integration needs to be there. There are workarounds, but native support is a must IMO. I also hate that it costs more on iPad than it does on PC. I would gladly pay the full PC price to won it on iPad, but the subscription based pricing is going to make me think about it after the trial ends.

  • Webdevvie says:

    How's the reaction time between sketching and the "paint" appearing on screen. I've seen some people complain about other apps having this issue. Is that the same for this app? And yeah the subscription stuff is kind of ridiculous.

    Do you see yourself doing more art on the ipad vs the cintiq?

  • ValasaFantastic says:

    I have to use iTunes to put my files from my iPad Pro onto my laptop by physically plugging it in. I still can’t figure out how to put anything FROM my laptop ONTO my iPad. I can;t afford the monthly fee what a greedy cash grab, I thought they were better than that! My desktop version was a onetime fee of $80 Cad! Forever that’s it. So what is this ‘monthly fee bs’ it should be a one time fee or a much lower monthly fee like $3 or something… I find Procreate amazing and intuitive. I’ll do what I can on my iPad then plug er in and finish on my laptop CSP. Wish it was either a reasonable one time fee or much lower monthly rate. I think it’s too much as it stands now. I’ll keep to my current transferring workflow even though I prefer the easy right on the screen of my iPad over my Cheeto Wacom intuos (small) plug in disconnect) draw on tiny tablet look at spectate screen; sigh. I still owe so much on my credit card for the iPad Pro hardware itself; can’t afford so much more. They could have kept the one time fee sigh I would have paid that right away and had this program already….

  • gimlet41 says:

    I love my iPad! I love drawing on it but every time I use Clip Studio on the iPad, it quits/crashes . It doesn't keep up with me and that is ssooooo frustrating when you FINALLY have inspiration and it cuts out, just like that!

  • theBbOoSsSs says:

    aint nobody buzzing bout clip studio paint ios except in a bad way

  • Jorge M. Cucalón says:

    I have a question, do you need to have keyboard in order to use the app? or can you use it by just using the touch screen entirely? thanks

  • Yassio says:

    This is out of topic but you are beautiful

  • Laura Price says:

    awesome review, exactly what I needed to see!! I just got an ipad pro, I’m gonna see how much I use it first then might end up subscribing to clip studio. I’ve tried out procreate before and it seemed a little annoying. Once I get past the learning curve we’ll see! thanks so much for this video!

  • Tsunni-chan says:

    I'm getting an iPad Pro for birthday (half a year ahead) and it's bugging me a lot that I wasn't able to find a good drawing app suiting my standards yet. Currently i'm using my Samsung Galaxy S6 to draw with (using only my fingers, using a stylus is weirdly uncomfortable on such a small display in comparison to an iPad). I have been using ibis Paint X so far and I was pretty comfortable with it. Unfortunately it lacks a few good tools like the gradient tool or folders where you put several layers into. The canvas size is also restricted to maximal 4096 x 4096.

    For a change i've been using MediBang, about the canvas thing it's a little nicer that you can enlarge it up to 7016 x 7016. I love the gradient tool and that i can create folders. Unfortunately the app doesn't rotate selected parts too easily, you need to distort the selected area in order to "rotate" it Yet the app is very slow working on my phone, it may be due to the fact that my Samsung isn't the newest anymore, but i would be dying to know how well MediBang works on an iPad Pro. Like if it's lagging if you use the Finger / Smudge Tool or if there are slight performance issues.

    I have absolutely no idea about Procreate I heard good and bad things about it. I guess I will try it out then.

    I will continue look for perfect drawing apps to draw manga / comics with.

  • New World Disorder says:

    Subscription ! That's a deal breaker right there. I'll stick with Surface pro.

  • yew soon fatt says:

    beautiful cartoonist. very beautiful eyes and sexy lips lol sorry i know this is irrelevant , ya this app looks cool

  • Pixelvertice says:

    I know that you maybe have dropped CSP because of the subscription price based on your comments, but now that they have announced cheaper PRO payment plan ( $4.49/month – $24.99/year = $2.08 per month) do you consider to give it a second thought?

  • anna maria surdo says:

    Hi Hannah thank for your review. It seems stupid but I can’t start using my apple pen on this app! I have updated iOS and the pen works well in other apps like Concept in iPad. Do you have any idea I can’t use, I mean Ive turned on use different tool with finger and pen and done the pen pressure setting. Unfortunately when I start drawing on the page i have this sign 🚫 when the point of apple pen touch the screen. Thank you AM

  • ZombieHoOk GamePlays says:

    U never should rewier clip studio i never aprove a monthly payment program

  • lolsa123 says:

    Bought my iPad for study at the uni, so i went for the 10.5* version but it is still fun to use to draw on from time to time

  • Luiz Paulo says:

    I loved you tips. Thanks for share with us! You really help me now!

  • John Mcguigan says:

    Looks great and thanks for the review but, as long as they keep the subscription model I won’t be touching it. They are obviously having a lot of people say the same, so come on Celsys sell the app. For now I’ll stick with Affinity photo and Procreate. Shame as I really like CSP on my Mac.

  • mikamiga says:

    CSP is awesome. I don't use anything else on iPad. None of the other apps seem to click with me, not even Procreate. I just need robust keyboard shortcuts and I can't get used to anything else. It's just unfortunate about the subscription model. I already purchased a license for desktop, why can't that carry over to iPad, or at least let me buy another license?

  • Jean-Pascal Lacasse says:

    Good day I was wondering, maybe I missed it but let's say you have the PC (or Windows) version of Clip Studio, is there a way that you don't have to pay a subscription ? Or no matter what, you have to pay a sub for the iPad version ?

  • uwu グーチ owo says:

    I think they fixed the file stuff.

  • Rec-Spectra says:

    My only issue with this is the subscription thing. Since I already own the program on my Mac and I use the key on mac and windows, I honestly can't justify buying a sub for it when I already have it in two places.

  • Carprincess says:

    Thanks for the review. I'm glad to know that Clip Studio Paint Ex on the app works with shortcuts and that Procreate doesn't. That's a huuuuuge game changer.

  • ChocoStudios says:

    I did get the free trial and so far this is convenient for me considering I enjoy drawing on the go, and while yes, I have to pay subscription to continue, at least I’ll make good use of it

  • Bubsie says:

    With clip studio you can make a cloud account for the app that makes it easy to transfer files between the ipad and desktop versions of the app.

  • Jeff Leblanc says:

    There so many bruises available for Procreate now you can even get tattoo needles which is awesome it cost money but great for the tattoo artist

  • Jeff Leblanc says:

    Also Procreate keeps adding thing such as text it will be the best out;ther eventually

  • rin 凛 sama says:

    i prefer clip studio to procreate, but the fact that clip studio chose the monthly subscription method is a huge turn off for me. it basically costs more to pay on the ipad pro version per year than to pay for the whole program on the window/macs. it would be idiotic if i agreed to subscribe to it.

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