Comedians and Musicians Play "Whose Baby?" with Sydnee Washington

Comedians and Musicians Play "Whose Baby?" with Sydnee Washington

so we have a little game at close surface combining okay musicians with comedian fake baby I don't do babies babies okay okay are we excited for this game yes oh I feel like you're gonna love this baby that is just Susan Boyle today so Amy Winehouse and Alexandra dawn Wang Ali Wong there is a bit of a leap ah yeah yeah she is the diction of a fog machine ah you don't want to guess what is this Jesus Christ no I mean Wow Wow I'm able to like his nose just look over you while you sleep okay so to mom Leslie Jones and how did you know the lipstick that's a Leslie lipstick color another one just dropped an album Taylor Swift what no I haven't seen any of the people that y'all have picked individually it's just so wrong okay now we got a lot of dad it's all men mini dads they really quizzes 110 tomatoes Jesus Christ you all let her host this show anyone else disturb three dads they're all brothers that's the wind their baby brothers okay the younger Wayne we got a famous rapper and we have another comedian that looks like what cousin took honestly if I'm being really honest miss are you okay that's Kanye yeah the comedian has been on SNL you know oh I'm to show you business yes Parks and Rec Amy Poehler Amy every baby's beautiful doesn't mean I want one does I mean I want one okay this is gonna be a tough one I don't know if you're gonna get it look like a read the Franklin now had a baby with DJ Khaled younger ones got Wendy Williams wig no you think I don't yeah yesterday girl I know when he Williams wigs it's a beige woman yeah she's upset there the father he's a part of the Comedy Central family is it Fred Armas I think this guy hangs out with Fred that's hot wait do I know I love now yes oh my god first of all Keith Robinson no the dad is a drummer legendary if I get near a drumstick I'm Wanda Sykes no the hair I'm going to say it's either Juan de Orellana oh look at this baby's adorable little like chest and then the dad I feel like you know I don't know I mean I feel like he might be your emergency contact yeah it was like oh yes Ilana Glazer and disagree with that I think that baby looks like JB Smoove and Wanda Sykes ha ha ha JB Sykes it's like a big investment to have someone's baby even I'm like Oh [Applause] you


  • Hayden H says:

    44% of black babies are aborted, 100 years ago the Democrat Party, descendants of Civil War slave owners, came up with a "soft" genocide for African Americans. The goal? Be like NYC with a 60% black abortion rate. Majority of blacks SUPPORT  Democrat Plantation. Civil War lost?

  • Dubb1000 says:

    2:18 "Every baby's beautiful, ….doesn't mean I want one." Well if this beautiful thicc chick changes her mind, I'll be waiting on standby.

  • sierra collins says:

    When you wondered what happened to Quinta and she just appeared looking as wonderful and perfect as you remember her

  • Chip Walton says:

    Cousin Tookie in the house!

  • Horatio Stepanaur says:

    Those were some scary looking babies.

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