Composer Hans Zimmer Interview – The Lion King

Composer Hans Zimmer Interview - The Lion King

well first I'll absolutely pleasure to meet you thank you and a huge fan for many many years what was it about John's vision that kind of sold you to go back to this cuz I could imagine that you've you've done it once and maybe there wasn't a challenge for you but well that's what I thought that's what I thought I thought you know I was going whatever you know there was a little bit of you know ownership involved but but John was very smart all he said to me was come over I want to show you something and he should have showed me the opening I never said oh my god I thought I could imagine you know IIIi thought I knew and I didn't know and it moved me it was as simple as that I mean it astonished me and you know I thought was amazing I was looking at the technology and suddenly I wasn't looking at the technology anymore I was being moved and I thought and there was a weirdly improvisational quality about the whole thing yeah and then just talking to John you know and once you get past the let's talk about how amazing the technology is and all that stuff you're talking to somebody who's kind of huge being hard and I know who's got enormous respect of the work we have done before so it seemed inevitable that you know I had to go and do this imagine as well with that did it kind of open up your imagination even more than you thought with the story because you've seen it once before and then when you saw the technology did it kind of no idea what did I tell you it did so something happened sort of in in between all this you know I mean I never left my studio I was forever moaning about having stage fright I can't do this and Johnny man Ferrell sort of beat me up and basically said to me one of these days you have to go out there and look an audience in the eye and do things in real time and stop hiding behind the screen and one of the things we were offered most during the Coachella Festival I was going home this will be called the desert dragon Orchestra to cry out into the desert I'll be found but we're not going through the Lion King and nyle Mart on his twenty three old son said hamsters get over yourself it's the subject of my generation we are during the Lion King and we did and there's 80,000 grown men and women feeling genuine emotion or sentimentality but you know it resonated it you felt it and you felt you felt the musicians but I felt that mrs. musicians behind me really really performing it and I said to John okay if we if we do this I want to do it like this I want to do it like a performance because I don't have to explain to anybody in the orchestra any of the musicians why they are playing those notes they all know so let's just rehearse really get it under our fingers and get all the filmmakers in and do a concert amazing I'd be remiss if I didn't ask you about your career which I've followed many many years and but you've got I mean you carry on doing exciting projects I know you're working on Top Gun – you're working on dune which must be fantastic and I hope that personally that you work with Christopher Nolan again on his new movie actually I won't because you went on dude no it's alright but he's got somebody really really really really good but you've got I mean dude must be because it's a sweeping epic over two movies is that strange going him for over two parts or is it just one thing for you I have no idea I just loved the book I never saw the other movie because I loved the book so much you know and Denis and I were talking I've been talking about it for a long time he said he he's been wanting to make it for 30 years and I said to him I wanted to make it for 40 years so you know so so so I don't know you know it's like yes it's something I always wanted to do and I think everybody gets it and then this there's this weird thing this touring thing that I wasn't going to do I suddenly find there's actually really nice to look people in the eye and actually play this music and and be surrounded by these extraordinary musicians fantastic absolute pleasure to meet you it's been wonderful chatting to you thanks everybody watching hey you guys hey you guys huh is that from the Goonies [Applause]


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