Composer Jerry Goldsmith – NBC "Today" – 1990

Composer Jerry Goldsmith - NBC "Today" - 1990

never did a lead-in while I was getting a massage but even before soundtracks music was an important part of the movie experience easy down there always had that piano player down front remember that well today a movies success depends heavily on the right music and Iron Man in Hollywood Jim Brown this morning profiles one of the most successful of Hollywood's music men Jim this is becoming a rare scene in Hollywood these days pretty good for a first go at it what take ten many contemporary film composers have opted for the less costly high-tech versatility of synthesizers synthesizers that can mimic the sound of a large studio orchestra but as veteran composer Jerry Goldsmith sees it there is a way for the old and the new to co-exist and the fast things like trying for 25 years but as an adjunct to the Orcas to me it's it's an additional color on my talent and there are many things that over the years I've heard sounds and colors that I've heard in my mind that I been very difficult to try and translate that into acoustical instruments and I guess I was thinking really in that spectrum of electronic sound I think that a composer do use electronic should understand what they can do I have these instruments here because when I write for them I want to know what the sounds I had make them of you know it's gonna sound like so many fans composing will just write down synthesizer and then they will get to the recording session and say oh well give me a sound like something weird and so it was that's a little strange you have to have the idea in your head Li's I do this you take Goldsmith's electronic ideas have been put to use in several of his recent movie assignments very first film score was a picture called black patch which is a Western that George Montgomery started and produced and I was very thrilled to do it at the time of black patch what was Jerry Goldsmith doing I was under contract to CBS television I was undergraduate at CBS from 1952 to 1960 and I was doing Playhouse 90 and climax and an episode of Gunsmoke an episode of Twilight so whatever they had for me I mean I was wonderful I was getting a hundred 75 bucks a week and doing three shows a week but it was a great great training I've learned so much much more there than I did in school Goldsmith's experience in early television and his keen sense for dramatic scoring make him one of the most sought-after film composers in Hollywood what is the goldsmith star attending a certain rhythmic diversity a certain harmonic structure I think that perhaps stylistically it's the way I approach a field dramatically which really is instead of about music and style I do a lot of films a lot of very diverse subjects and I love what I do and it's a constant challenge Goldsmith has just completed the score for the spy thriller the Russia house a movie that called on his jazz capabilities saxophonist Branford Marsalis is the featured artist on the soundtrack it's it's exciting to come up with something new and different and this is my own desire not to take shortcuts but to try and stretch the imagination the Russia house with music by Jerry Goldsmith and starring Sean Connery and Michelle Pfeiffer is set for a Christmas release for today Jim Brown NBC News Colin and we're back in a moment after this


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