Composers Eating Kettle Corn – Yotam Haber

Composers Eating Kettle Corn - Yotam Haber

so I'm here today with composer Yotam hammer and we have kettle corn and he's kind enough to let us visit his studio and talk to them a bit so thank you Tom it's a pleasure this is very delicious thank you so let's start off by talking about your relationship to kettle corn you mean to kettle corn yeah what is she tell us about your relationship to Peloquin I don't need a lot of popcorn now be honest with you but you've brought it with you today and it's good and go through this whole bag as quickly as possible great great so a kettle corn new music is about presenting music in a bit more of a laid-back environment to try to recapture the dorm room music experience like sharing music experience that we had in college and so speaking of the different musical traditions that come from your family and you've experienced throughout your life can you tell speak to some of the experiences you've had with music they were maybe outside of a concert hall but very special to you or outside of a traditional constant well I can tell you about this piece that I'm writing now this piece for the Alabama Symphony which is a long piece and evening length work and immediately from the outset I knew that I wanted to make it an experience unlike the standard classical experience because i feel like the the trappings of the orchestral world might get in the way of the message of this piece which is a commemorative work so rather than going through the tradition of having the concertmaster come out on stage and people clap with concertmaster and then there's tuning and then the conductor comes out people clap for the conductor in the Orca circumstance I up and over sits down lots of coughing and all that I've decided to start the piece so that when the audience files into the hall the work has already begun it's no longer a regular it's not your mom's orchestra concert right and so that's definitely why I think you guys are doing an interesting project I mean there's there are things to be said for the standard absolutely right absolutely that people come in and say that our attention is fully placed on this it's hard to attract new audiences when there's that expectation that a relaxed atmosphere can bring new audiences in and I think that's great so do you would you like to talk a little bit about the piece that you have on the upcoming concert Gabe Kahane Commission meet with the Nelsons he commissioned me along with a few other composers a cycle I think of 10 songs just one short song he would wanted to play the interesting thing about that song is that i had heard Gabe just fooling around piano one day and singing along and he has an incredible falsetto just an incredible head voice and I wanted to write a piece that just lay just in that ethereal high high place where where the tone is just straight and beautiful and and my friend barbara ross the poet who lives in in in texas wrote the poem that I said which is about the ocean and I thought it was nice to use this paradox about this very very deep thing and and have the whole song reside in this very very high place I'm very interested to see what it would be like with Melissa singing we we transposed it quite a bit or to make to try to kind of lift it up for her as well so it wouldn't be exactly comfortable for her but I haven't heard her yet I'm very excited to see what happens as are we your time thank you so much for having us a pleasure looking forward to the kind of see you soon okay so this is that this is what kettle gone should be like this yeah this is it's close I mean I tried what dudes my best

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