Composing expressions

Composing expressions

here we have a short word problem where we need to write a formula for and solve the final answer of the question is an and our parents are going to the movie and then Anna wants to buy popcorn on top of that so we need to write a formula that will describe that total price that's what we want to find is the total price so if we write that out we can just say a number of persons times the number of the cost of the tickets so we have costs of tickets and then we also want to add on to that the popcorn all right so just the price of the popcorn and that's going to equal our total cost so from here we can just plug in the values that we're given in the problem and then we can find our total cost so number of persons is Anna and her parents so one plus two three people here times the cost of the tickets which is eight dollars plus another term here the cost of a popcorn just three dollars so we need to multiply this out and we can add these two terms together eight times three is twenty-four dollars so 24 dollars plus three dollars that gives us our final answer so 24 plus three is twenty-seven dollars so the total cost to go to the movies with a little bit of popcorn is twenty seven dollars

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  • Mr. Dan says:

    Shouldn't the equation be, ''8x + 3''?? The word ''Parents'' (with an 'S' at the end) would make it an uncountable noun. The word ''parents'' could be mean Mom, dad, granddad, grandma, step dad, etc..
    Just curious.

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