Conservative artist Joy Villa takes on 'behemoth' social media companies

Conservative artist Joy Villa takes on 'behemoth' social media companies

let's go now to joy Villa a rapper who's talking to us here joy welcome to outsiders hello joy how are you good to be here good ok joy good your sauce Angeles it's hot but it's beautiful good excellent well we wanted to we saw your video last week we spoke to Flint bedrock last week as well we saw the video of you being roundly abused on your way to LA I assume at the airport by a woman at Heathrow now you've also been involved in the social media summit you're a great advocate for free speech so talk to us about your experiences and also tell us about that summit but kick off with your experiences recently absolutely well I am an advocate of free speech like you said you know I'm a singer I'm a songwriter I came out openly for Trump I'm a conservative in Hollywood and I always say to my fans who I called joy tribe B you be bold don't be afraid to represent your values and your integrity think for yourself now being a conservative of color I'm black I'm latina I stand out a lot of people tell me I should think a certain way I should be liberal I shouldn't support the Prez I shouldn't support free speech simply because they don't like what I'm saying so I'm here to say listen as a musician free speech and stopping censorship are key to making sure we have a creative community that is free and open and the social media summit really was an incredible experience I'm still on cloud 9 the president reaffirmed he's gonna fight for free speech he said you know I'm one of the the one of the biggest influencers in Hollywood he told me to stand up he honored me he said he loves my dresses he loves what I do so it was really a life time experience fantastic right so how do you find it in Hollywood because there is this new McCarthyism there where if you're not part of the leftist tribe you are you're cancelled you're not going to have the same career opportunities as if you were part of that so have you felt your own career suffer because of that oh you know it's something that I go against every day because as an artist of course I want people to hear my music and I want people to like my music but then if I make the music that's true to me like freedom fight for it with Fred Flint then that kind of music will push buttons will stir up people that that don't want to like me because of who I am but yet if I don't be Who I am I'm not going to be creative so you me and myself other artists like myself in Hollywood find ourselves in this catch-22 we want to be liked we want to be accepted yet we don't want to have our creativity stifled and it's kind of crazy in 2019 where someone who looks like me can have all the freedoms in the world except for when I open my mouth and say I'm a conservative and I fight for free speech which I also fight for liberals as well but it's lost on a lot of Hollywood execs a lot of a lot of Hollywood you know people who run Hollywood have blacklisted me yet I'm still working and I'm still achieving success on my own terms as an independent artist they simply cannot shut me down and I think they're perplexed by me because I'm outspoken I'm smiling I'm happy about it James so when you were meeting with the president at the social media summit did he give any concrete indications about what steps he might be looking at to take against these social media platforms because obviously someone like you social media is a big part of getting your message out when all the traditional Gateway Keepers are all standing in your way because of your politics right social media is the number one tool I use to reach my fans without social media essentially I would not exist and I'm lucky I have a blue checkmark but like I said to the president I said many of my followers many people out there do not have that blue checkmark they don't have hundreds of thousands of fans so what did they do and the president said stick together because we're working on it he's going to roll out a concrete plan to stop social media from discriminating against people against our free speech now I don't want a whole bunch of legislation on it I don't want a whole bunch of you know government saying what we can and cannot do but the fact of the matter is social media is pretending to be a publisher pretending to be a platform when in fact they're acting as a publisher so they're protected under these platform room rules they cannot be sued for libel they cannot be sued for certain things like that yet if you are a publisher which they are because they're choosing who they're gonna post then they can be sued for libel and it's time I think that that's exposed there our company is publicly traded you know they're gonna have to listen to us these behemoths these big tech giants need to be held accountable and the president sort of lately he listened to what I said and what thousands of other people have been saying fantastic


  • Rob says:

    Joy is a great role model for the next generation

  • Christian Horner says:

    The fundamental problem is the lack of alternatives & therefore competition. Over time the western world has had a huge number newspapers, tv & radio stations and other publishers. We've even enacted laws to prevent monopolization of media companies. What the intelligent people need is an alternative to youtube and Twitter etc. Surely that's doable…?

  • Anthony Triff says:

    Careful sky…don't try and hitch your corporate arse licking agenda with free speech issues.

  • RedemptionSoS says:

    I love this show

  • GodBotherer1 says:

    The left-wing only like free-speech when it's the speech they like. They like their own little HUG BOX, or echo chamber.

  • Real Newsforever says:

    Thank you, Joy Villa. You now have thousands of new supporters.
    We are breaking all their molds.

  • Ja men Hej! says:

    "Sky news Australia"? More like HELL NEWS AUSTRALIA

  • ROMANE GILA says:


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