• Lori Gonzalez says:

    Former con artist one a piece of shit always a piece of shit

  • Sam Fisher says:

    So is this is the Bagel guy right I got bored so I investigated his story

  • Landon Johnson and more says:

    Ummmmmm….they asked her if she had a son or daughter… then say they had “her”? Wouldn’t you know the gender of your kidnap victim?

  • karen horton says:

    So glad this turned out well❤️
    I appreciate the genius idea of having a Safety Password💗

  • Oluwaseyi A says:

    And The West states this shit only happens in Africa……..SMH

  • pauline palmer says:

    I am surprised he live to talk about it.

  • Debra Dunn says:

    I never answer my phone if I don’t know the number.

  • PlayingPickUpPickAxes WithMyFace says:

    Dumb. Son or daughter should've been the giveaway.

  • kathy brown says:

    give no answer answer them with a question. i don't know, do i?

  • kathy brown says:

    put the phone down a d call the person they say they have. they will call back they never have your person

  • Ivy Canonica says:

    Why was Jimmy in quotes?

  • Mindy Krejci says:

    Please like and share this Facebook page " Scam Company American Cosigners Exposed " about scammer Randi Dorante.

  • GrandMoff Tarkin says:

    Bc so many ppl have their credit cards either linked with google, Amazon, or somewhere on their internet use a big one lately comes in from a seemingly "official" looking 1-800 # with AUTOMATED voice saying "Verizon Wireless, your account hes encountered a security breach…" and ultimately gets to the pitch: 'we need your account security pin' …. REGARDLESS of w.e. emotionally jarring or frightening crap leads up to it, always always try to listen and focus on the action item they need you to do: go to your local CVS and get 5 $200 prepaid cards, give us ur personal username and password, security pin, etc. LEGIT companies will never act this way. And no issue, regardless of how "urgent" it may sound, cant wait an additional 6 mins for you to call the ACTUAL IRS or ACTUAL Verizon customer service line, if someone from there coroborates the cold call, then, proceed with cautoon, but if they have no clue what youre talking about, its a scam

  • Just Browsing says:

    Phone scams and sometimes they go meet you in person acting to be your friends to "get on the inside" to know everything about the victim and their family to scam them…."Criminals with no conscious! "

  • Liviu Stoian says:

    I like the music playing from 2:00 anyone know the song name?

  • Micah Carey says:

    What a dumb cunt that Luann woman is! The guy calls her up out of the blue and asks her if she has a child and she just moronically offers up that she has a daughter! Next, he asks her what kind of car she has and like the retard she is, she just hands him that information too! They were "tugging at your emotions" Luann, they were taking advantage of your limited intellect! What a stupid asshole to fall for this total bullshit! I have ZERO sympathy for this cabbage!

  • O says:

    I get so many tele marketing calls that I no longer answer calls from numbers I don't know. Same goes for grandma. Phone scam immunity.

  • Dabbin Kim says:

    Only primitive fucking idiots follow instinct and emotion

  • Tami Pe says:

    LMAO meanwhile back at the ranch, this makes me happy that I will not ever have kids and I don't like my family 😂😂😂 I'll stay rich

  • BillyBob says:

    I reported scams multiple times to the police and banks.
    They just do not care. They did nothing.

  • BillyBob says:

    In my area the con artists are Muslims (bank and credit card) and Indians (computer related).

  • Diamante Dea says:


  • Martine Pagliari says:

    "You're going to your grave a loser. A BIG LOSER" lol is that Trump?

  • pasha c says:

    tv on youtube?? 🤢🤢🤮

  • viruzman vman says:


  • Tevita Kete says:

    Ans I thought Americans were very smart

  • Laura Buska says:

    Slipping jimmy

  • skylar blusterx says:

    lmao these news clowns are the best source of memes

  • Nicaise _t_ jonah says:

    Con artist are. Low life.

  • Ralph Moreno says:

    not exactly a sophisticated/refined con artist…

  • Herbert Chapman AFC says:

    give me just 5 mins in locked room with that xxxt … if I choose to give you life changing pain for the rest of your life so you can remember the scum you are

  • collin355 says:

    And the police dont do shit to try and stop it

  • veaudor says:

    I understand their panic, but…. firstly, don't give all that information on the phone. Secondly, verify with the Police.

  • SmokeyTheReaper says:

    These aren't con artist there just people who can pick up a phone and call an idiot

  • stryderx1 says:

    Do you guys think he got his wig split and cheeks busted in jail?

  • Robert Frate says:

    The caller didn’t say the daughters name and the mother didn’t ask!! Scam written all over it!! Mother should not have gave the make of the car, let the caller tell you!! Just my opinion!

  • JackOfAllRAIDs says:

    Really? You believe the person if the first question is "Do you have a son or daughter?" If it was legit, the caller would already know!

  • Mehmed Tiro says:

    So stupid…. if they ask you "do you have a daughter or son?", you dont tell them. Let them guess lmfao.

  • theonlyrel says:

    I've never seen a more enthusiastic high school class.

  • Chris Roy says:

    These are just run of the mill crooks! Con artists? That is a joke. Using violent language and tendencies is not what a con man does. This is just absurd and all this video is doing, like so many others, is making it pointing fingers and shining lights on the wrong group of people. A true con artist gets what he wants and leaves no one the wiser. That is why these types of things keep working, you have people looking for the wrong signs.

  • Damon Gregory says:

    Don't Answer Questions

  • boo hoo says:

    why not call ur daughter to confirm lmao

  • nolikes or subscribers says:

    I was actually scammed as a child in the summer holidays in England UK, a window cleaner knocked my door and said is your mum or dad in and I said no there at work I was about 13, he then goes oh no I'm Supposed to be collecting the window money they owe us. Instantly I'm like how much is it he says £20 but whatever you can give will help, I had like £12 pocket money in my bedroom and I went and got it for him, he left happily and my dad came home and when I told him oh I paid your window cleaner so you owe me the money, he was like Danielle we don't have a window cleaner!! Then I found out he'd knocked all the doors in our street and when a kid answered he'd say are your parents home and try that, if they were home he had his cleaning gear on and van with him so he'd just offer to do your windows for you, and one neighbour confronted him and he said no sir your right it was my brother who cleaned the windows on your road and he has written the wrong house number!! Crazy though imagine what he must of gotten away with all together with unsespecting teenagers off school at the start of the summer hols, it was very believable and even when caught he could talk his way out of it like it was a mistake!!

  • nolikes or subscribers says:

    That first part telling the mothers that there kids are captured after being in a car accident is horrific isn't it. Pretty sick fraudsters and not very intelligent either, I'd class that type as thugs or bullies and scum, the ones who scam large businesses out of millions are very intelligent people, who can hack and switch large amounts of money into a different account. That's a con man or a man who makes a woman fall. In love with him and then transfer all her money and remortgage her house etc. These new ones are just sick!!

  • Team69 Racing says:

    Yo how long ago was this 20 years ago wtf??? Why didn't they jus call there daughter wtf???

  • Nick Pastorino says:

    I've recently been applying to jobs and I had a whole bunch of fake businesses offer me "employment". Don't trust "job offers"or interviews that come immediately after you submit an application. There are a lot of "marketing consulting firms" out there that are looking for sales people with no base pay. Avoid these scam positions as they are the ones making all of the money from your sales. Also avoid anyone who wants to include you on a "business deal" where you can make "a lot of money". Any offer that seems too good to be true is a scam. My mind is blown by how many crooks are in this country right now. And if you think that a business is safe because it is well known you are wrong. If you ever sign anything, make sure you get a copy of it for your records and read all fine print carefully.

  • Jack Mundo says:

    Jesus. How stupid can you get.

  • T SMITH says:

    This guy conned me into sucking him off.

  • AJ Lethal Beats says:

    Rather have a smart mark over a dumb one everytime

  • Lilyana Rizal says:

    The guy with the red hair has the same phone cover as me

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