Creating a 3 Panel Triptych resin art – Creating flow across 3 panels

Creating a 3 Panel Triptych resin art - Creating flow across 3 panels

hello and welcome to sue friendly designs once again thank you for your support it is very much appreciated and today's video comes from a request from Catherine bonnet she wanted to know how I created the three panel artwork that sits in my front living room and and although I haven't done a video for that one I decided to create and you want and while it's not the same as the previous one I very rarely do the same design twice I'll use the same colors and things like that what I very rarely will do the same design that try to keep it fresh all the time so this is the piece they created this week so it's quite a simple design and it just goes and shows you how I create the layers how I move the resin round to create the effect what I do to have the resin run down the sides add on the stones we know how I like to have stones in my pieces so this is one will knock the stones how I clean up the back and then yep so then it's just hot on the wall ready to go this one's going to be not for sale this one is a personal one because I used really inexpensive board for the tutorial and yeah they feel although you know it looks alright on the wall that I wouldn't be happy to sell it so so that's gonna stay in my home maybe not here I'll probably put it in a different location but so anyway without further ado let's get on with the video thank you okay so these are boards that I've already primed and they've been left to dry for quite some time as you can see a tape drums as you created down on what I'm doing now is I've pushed the boards together and I'm taping the sides together so that when we pour the resin it doesn't float in between the panels and then cause them to stick together because that can cause all kinds of problems down the line so by just taping these together it means that when if Elliott resin was to flow across it's not going to flow down the side it's just going to pour into the panels so I had a very simple design in mind so I'm just sketching out the area that I'm going to use for the design so it's going to be almost like a two-tone it's going to be blue and black with some white now the blue that I'm using is a metallic blue and just regular black acrylic paint so what I'm doing now is I'm just doing a very thin layer to just mark out the areas of where the colors are going to go so at this stage I'm not worried about you know the look of it or anything like that this is just a thin layer to start off with and use my fingers to have it moving in the same in the direction of the flow because this is metallic you get quite a bit of depth so by having it moving in this st. in the direction of the flow it gives it a really nice effect same with the next color what I've got here is I've got black acrylic paint but I've actually added some of the metallic blue to that which made it a little bit too light for my liking but it does give it a nice shimmer you can't really see that in the video just there but what I'm gonna do in a minute is pour some more layers on top and the colors will get a lot denser and but the really good thing with this is the metallic will shine through the black can also start moving things around so you'll get like a nice shimmer in the black as well as the metallic I'm gonna say turquoise but it's not turquoise is actually teal so here I've just don't gone for plain black there's no additional pigments added in here because when you move it round like I say I want the quality shine through the bottom so I'm just moving that round once again and just fill in the space I'm just getting a general idea of the shape and same with the teal adding an extra layer there just to thicken it up a bit and then moving it around but you can see what I'm doing here as well as I'm also blending the two colors slightly so don't have a hard line once we have the basic shade that's now adding definition and some interest to it so I'm just layering colors at the side of the edge really because I still want that line there that you see the the difference between the two and I'm just going to add lines and lines of resin but I mean this is not going to stay like that it's going to get manipulated but it just gives the shape on how I want it to look now initially I thought about using my hairdryer to move the resin round but it wasn't achieving the result I wanted and I have used this before and it's not well on another project but that's not what I wanted to happen in this one so I tried the stick and the bottle brush again that wasn't really working the way I wanted so I went back to the old trusty fingers and using my fingers I manipulated it now I'm not actually pulling the resin here I'm actually just doubling it with my fingers it's a little bit difficult to see here because I don't want it to pull and become muddy I'm just using my fingers to just move it slightly to get that sort of feathered effect and then using the heat gone here to do that any bubbles as we go along so using my trusty decoration fillers that I get really expensive leaf from a local craft store and some of the discount stores sell them as well these are fabulous these are actually in the shape of diamonds and as you can see the light bounces of these creating a marvelous effect now they do sink into the resin and so some will disappear into the resin so I'll pour a couple of layers on top so I'm actually using two bags of stones for this piece and what I'll do is I'll just go around just make sure see it I'll see some loose stones and I'll just give them a little push into the resin to just make sure that they catch in the resin and and again we just sucked this with the heat gun to want to move any pieces out the way and to make sure that they are set in the resin and there's no bubbles so this is a close-up of how it's looking so far it's still very wet and I'm hoping it doesn't move but shouldn't move too much because of the dam but I'm hoping that we don't lose any of the definition but some colors may be sinking below others and what-have-you but you can see the the that they bling their sparkle from the stones I see why I like one so much the res is being cured now for about an hour a couple of hours so now I want to separate the pieces and because I've taped across the top just using scissors they're just separate the tape so I can just pull them apart so that I can now take the tape off as you can see there's no resins wound between the center although I didn't stick the tape very well to the bottom on the right hand panel and I did get a little bit of one off but that's fine it wasn't too bad so yes our just being careful now just to remove the tape and I'll do that with all all of the sides now the reason why I'll leave the tape on for a couple of hours is to thicken the resin off on the top so we get a slow flow of resin down the sides now unfortunately sometimes it like in this case this middle board was slightly warped so the resin is a little bit thicker on one side than your there it was actually walked across the diagonal so it was it was not perfect so what I'm doing here is I'm just tilting it slightly and using the heat gun I'm using that to manipulate the resin so that it starts flowing down which in an ideal world I wouldn't have liked to have done that because obviously I don't want to have the resin on the face moving too much but just for the purposes of putting it on the sides I did need to tilt it slightly so what I'm doing now is I'm just dragging resin that has run down the sides and using it to place it in places that doesn't have any so I'll also grab a resin from any little puddle so on the table and things and help to do that now as you can see here I'm just tilting the canvas at the board slightly just to let it move and so that I've got enough for the side to run down so I do here is I'm just gonna go around the whole panel just tidying up edges and like I said just dragon resin off the table and place not on there now don't worry too much about it not been super smooth or anything at the moment see how I'm I'm manipulating the resin to get it to flow and dragon color from the runoffs because I'm going to use the heat gun slightly to warm the resin and then it will start moving a bit quicker and it will start to flow down the sides so and it will level itself out and we'll still end up with a nice smooth finish so you know as much as resin can be a bit of a pain to work with at times they can also be quite forgiving because it is self leveling so I'll just do continue that all the way around and do that with all all three panels so once all the sides are done and we're then gonna leave this to cure overnight and we'll come back tomorrow to see what else needs to be done so it's the next morning and it's all cured as you can see the resin has dribbled down the sides and we're now gonna tidy this area up as you can see the resin is quite smooth and as I mentioned earlier once once it starts level and things like that you get a nice smooth finish so all I'm doing here now is I'm just heating up the edges with my heat gun just over this nice and supple now if I'd left it longer I would use the chisel when the resins a bit harder because it's only been overnight the resin is still quite soft so it's quite easy to trim with a knife but like I say if it's left longer I will heat it and then chisel the way out with it a wood chisel but in this case I don't need to do that because the resins cutting off quite easily as you can see so I'll go around and trim all of those edges up and we're almost on them so here you can see the back or the little hand getting down bits of resin have now been cut off we do have still remnants of resin there but I'm not too worried about that because it's gonna be up against my wall and you're not going to see it but so I mean if the blobs were hanging there that it would mean that they wouldn't hang flat against the wall but as you can see the finished piece is turned out quite well all the stones in there add a little bit of interest and texture and next to the nice smooth finish as always I hope you enjoyed this video and if you have any requests like Catherine please don't hesitate to contact me in the description below you'll see some handy links to the Facebook page and Instagram and things like that so you can contact me that way and once again thank you for watching and we'll see you again soon thank you goodbye


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