Creativity and imagination in christian ministry

Creativity and imagination in christian ministry

Hi I’m David Bell Creativity and Imagination in Christian Ministry. Highly desirable. Hard to achieve. It’s like the x-factor. Many aspire to it. Very few get beyond the
first round. And that’s the problem. It’s an A grade headache
for most congregations today They want their church, their congregation,
their study group, their ministry to have the x-factor. To be attractive. And it ain’t going to happen
easily. The truth is you can be highly creative in
ministry. But it’s not like the x-factor. It’s not about projecting yourself, it’s about
projecting another. It’s not who you are on stage, it’s who is
the other on the stage with you. It’s not just about being your best possible
self, it’s all about letting others be their best
possible selves. Join me each week as look at designing creativity
into work and hobbies. When we let the Christian imagination of the
other take flight, guess what? Our own imagination takes off and we all become more than we could ever
be alone with just our own personal x-factor. Over the next five weeks I will be talking about some of our most creative
writers and thinkers found in Creative Spaces from See how they do it and learn how you can to
take the first steps on the way. To help you get started you will see a download
link for a free PDF It’s in the about this video below the bottom
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  • Clive Dyson says:

    While I was watching the video I was reminded of the old indian proverb. "Help another persons canoe to reach the shore and lo, your own has arrived also"

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