Creativity: Trying To Escape The Perfection Trap

Creativity: Trying To Escape The Perfection Trap

Alright so today, I’m talking about being a digital nomad and working on creative projects, because that’s what I’m doing right now. I am working on this Udemy course That I should be finished with in a few days. But here’s the thing, I thought I was finished, or about to be finished, on so many different occasions and I find that when doing something creative it happens a lot, and it’s really tricky because sometimes It’s like you don’t want to get into a perfection trap because by the way being a perfectionist can absolutely Sabotage you because if you’re striving for perfection you just might not do anything you know It’s such a high bar to achieve and I know even when I was working on my book. Oh my God I went through so many drafts. And drafts where I was literally like, and I’m finished I probably went through I probably thought I was finished with my book at least At least five times where I was like for real like where I genuinely thought I was finished and what’s not at all but with that every Draft did take me to a better place But it was also good because I didn’t just keep it going indefinitely because I couldn’t I was on a real time crunch I was actually about to leave for a trip, and I felt like I just had to publish it and get it done So that was really good and helpful with the process By the way if you haven’t checked out my book. I’m gonna put a link to my website So you can read about it. And you can also get a preview of the book on Amazon read the first few chapters if you’re interested. It’s about working in Hollywood and Working in Hollywood was kind of crazy, but anyway I’m here working on this Udemy course which is about travel stuff, and I definitely thought that I was gonna be finished days ago, but Sometimes the creative process can’t be rushed although sometimes You might really want to rush it, so anyway. Are any of you working on any creative projects? Are you sticking to your timelines? If so you can give me some tips maybe I Hope to be finished soon But yeah, let me know what’s going on. Maybe I’m alone am I alone in this creative Project taking much longer than you anticipated thing Let me know


  • Andy W says:

    Looks like you are in the Santitham neighborhood, right off of Huay Kaew Rd.

  • Unleashed Productions says:

    Make realistic milestones and calculate hiccups. External deadlines are helpful. 🙂

  • Spread Love! says:

    This is so relatable. I'm for sure a perfectionist and sometimes it does sabotage me. But I always remember the quote that we should strive for progress rather than perfection.

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